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Jan 3, 2001
from Judy Hufford-Diederich
Going back to Wyandot Co., Ohio, Christopher Hufford & Cathrine Corfman. I think Coonrad Hufford was a son. My parents always told me Christopher gave the land to the Mt. Zion Church for the cemetery; it's west of Sycamore, Ohio, and that they are buried there. Many other HUFFORDs are buried there too. My father was Merle Hufford, son of Harley and Corabelle. Coonrad was father to Harley, Harry, Homer, and I don't know if there were any more children.

from Alice:
Yes, Conrod (or Coonrad) was a son: Conrod, son of Christofer, son of Casper, son of Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

The cemetery is now known as Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. It's in Tymochtee Township, on the southeast corner of State Road 103 and County Road 37, between Tymochee and Sycamore. CLICK HERE for a photo of his gravestone.

Jan 6, 2001
from Nancy Sparks Frank
Alice, we communicated a long time ago. I am descended from Rebecca Hufford and John Burrier. Just visited your site again and found lots of new relatives. Thank you!

from Alice:
Rebecca Hufford (1778-1848) was a daughter of Christian (b. 1716) and his second wife. Rebecca married John BURRIER on April 19, 1803, in Frederick Co., MD. The couple moved to Fayette Co., Kentucky. CLICK HERE for a photo of her gravestone.

Jan 6, 2001
from Judith Goodwin
I'm related to Hukills, but can't find the connection to your family yet. My Hukill family "starts" with Richard C. Hukill II who was born in 1765 in Cecil Co, MD. Most of this family went to Fayette Co, Ohio, and later, to Illinois. His wife was Letitia Parr and the story goes that they met inside a fort in MD while seeking protection from Indian attacks. I'm really happy to have found your website. Thanks, it's great. Just great. Judi Goodwin

from Alice:
The farthest back HUKILL I have on this web site is the father of Henry Brevard Hukill who was a Circuit Court judge of Ripley Co., IN. His father was Henry Hukill who was born about 1768 and who died before 24 Jul 1798, and who was married to Elizabeth FOSTER. The father of Henry Hukill b. abt 1768 was Richard Hukill, Sr., b. 1733 Cecil Co., MD. That man's father was Richard Hukill b. 1699 Cecil Co., MD. That man's father was Daniel Hukill II, b. 1674, in MD, with records found in St. Stephen's Anglican Parish, Cecil Co., MD. That man's father was the immigrant: Daniel Hukill b. abt 1640 in England. He was transported to Dorchester Co., MD, in 1666 by John Felton and in Dorchester Co., MD, by 1672.

To see where your Richard Hukill b. 1765 fits in,

As you know, genforum.com has an excellent message board, well used by Hukill researchers:
http://www.genforum.com/hukill. The best of all Hukill genealogists is Steve Dennehy, and you'll find many of his posts at that site.

Jan 7, 2001
from Tom Hufford
Hi. I have visited here several times and left messages. People have replied, and I tried to answer but did not always get the info out that some wanted. A few years ago my mother had almost completed a genealogy that dated back to the late 1400s when she passed away. My oldest son is starting to take over on some of the work she did, and he has posted it at http://www.hufford.org. If you excuse the rantings of a college student still trying to find himself, you will find the information somewhere on his site. It lists a lot of the Huffords that ended up in the Toledo-Perrysburg, Ohio, area, and the information was up to date through about 1995. I also see that cousin Douglas from Columbus has been here since I last was here. Hey, cousin, say "Hi" to your dad Doug and Mom Barb for me. I last saw them about a year ago up here in Oregon, Ohio.

from Alice:
Unfortunately, the hufford.org site has gone dead. If anyone knows where (or if) that information has migrated on the internet, please let me know.

Jan 10, 2001
from Lester W. Doyle
Dear Alice Marie: You put a lot of time and effort into your web site. It's great! I'm your cousin from Mishawaka (Vicki's father). Keep up the good work.

from Alice:
Thank you! Here's the link to our grandparents: Itha and Mary

Jan 13, 2001
from Norman Elliott Lawrence, Jr.
My ancestor John E. Lawrence was married to
Lizzie Borden's fifth cousin Martha May Borden. John died in 1866 from tuberculosis he contracted while in the army during the Civil War. Martha remarried next year to a John Shaw. I am looking for more info on the Shaw family.

Jan 16, 2001
from Elmer Itha Doyle

Jan 21, 2001
from Tina Earl
Yes, that Earl family [the one with
Lizzie Borden]. No murders in recent history! Putting together our genealogy and this was somewhat helpful. Could you reveal the sources of the one listed on your web-page? Thanks!

from Alice:
So many web pages, so many sources, so many itty-bitty bits of information pieced together to give the whole. You'd have to tell me exactly which itty-bitty piece of info you are interested in.

I spent from 1986 until 1997 researching before I began writing. I spent hours, days, weeks, months in court houses, specialty libraries, archives, cemeteries, and attics reading from microfilm, microfiche, aged paper, cemetery headstones, old Bibles, old letters, books by others; learning how to read some basic words in German, Dutch, French; learning old handwriting; decifering poor handwriting; learning how to make faded print visible. I would discover new information and decide instantly to make an onsite visit to the original records in New York, Indiana, wherever.

I was an at-home mom. It allowed me amazing freedom, and my kids learned to be quiet while sitting beside me in a library, and they learned how to line up a row of library chairs to form a bed to sleep on after driving all night with Mom, and they learned how to play in cemeteries.

The writing began on Veteran's Day 1997 when I wrote two pieces, one for each of two ancestors who served in the Union Army during the Civil War:
George Hooker and Tom Doyle/Frank Reed. I put them online, linked them, and was thrilled with my tiny, itty-bitty contribution to the information highway. Since then, no one's been able to shut me up, and my web site just keeps growing.

So, which itty-bitty piece of info are you interested in?

Jan 21, 2001
from Cassidy Cripe
nice site

Jan 21, 2001
from John A Songer
Trying to find a link to Ada Mariah Payne who married Robert Cox on Oct 28, 1875. Robert Cox was my Grandmother's father. Also curious that the Songer Cemetery in Vermilion Co., IL, has the same name as I do.

from Alice:
Your Ada was the daughter of John Davis Payne (1836-1878) and wife Mary Ann McCrachen (b. abt 1841). The couple married 4-Jun-1857 in Livingston Co., IL. John Davis Payne was the son of Squire Lee Payne (1811-1884) and his 1st wife, Charity Reynolds (1812-1850). Squire Lee Payne was the son of John Payne, Sr., and wife Hannah Earle.

Jan 22, 2001
from Jaime Cripe
Very interesting! My father-in-law had always talked about
Jacob Greib; your research verifies his stories. I didn't know we were related to the Studebaker family; that is quite the honor in South Bend, Indiana!

from Alice:
It is not my research, and the connection is remote. ... Let us begin with Stephen ULRICH, born about 1680. He had six known children: Stephen b. abt 1710, George b. abt 1724 , Daniel b. abt 1726 , Elizabeth b. abt 1724 , John b. abt 1728, and Susanna. (Yes, the dates look odd with a span of 14 years between children.) ... Stephen the Jr. married Elizabeth Cripe (sister of Jacob Cripe the immigrant). Stephen the Jr. and his wife had a son Samuel (m. Mary Brumbaugh). Samuel and his wife had among their daughters Mary b. 1783 (who m. David Studebaker b. abt 1780) and Hannah b. 1789 (who m. John Studebaker b. 1787). ... Mary Ulery b. 1783 (name had mutated by then) and her husband David Studebaker had a son Samuel Studebaker b. 1814; Samuel m. Mary Metzger who was herself an Ulrich/Cripe descendant. ... That Samuel and Mary had definite connections to Carroll Co., IN, since they had a daughter who died and was buried there. ... Now, back to John Studebaker b. 1787 & David Studebaker b. abt 1780 who were brothers; they had at least one other brother, the Rev. Jacob Studebaker. Those three were the children of Jacob Studebaker who was the son of the immigrant Peter Studebaker, b. 1695, Solingen, Germany. ... Peter Studebaker is the patriarch of the family that produced the 19th century brothers who founded the wagon making business that became the Studebaker car making business. ... Whether the Studebaker brothers who founded the Studebaker business had among their ancestors any descendants of Stephen Ulrich (the ultimate progenator of all the Cripes since Stephen's daughter Elizabeth married Jacob Greib/Cripe and Stephen's son Stephen married Jacob Greib's sister Elizabeth) I could not tell you! ... These people were Brethren, German Baptist. The Studebaker brothers of fame had roots in Carroll Co., IN. These folks were WELL intermarried, and sorting their lines is challenging. ... In short, don't expect any invites to Thanksgiving dinner from the folks with the kind of money that produced the Studebaker mansion in South Bend, IN! The familial connection is remote.

Jan 23, 2001
from Ron Wiandt, Jr.
Just started researching my great grandmother's family, the Bullas. My great grandmother was Nancy E. Bulla b. 1882 where unknown d. 1966 in Decatur, Illinois. Her father was William Wilson Bulla from Carroll Co, Indiana. Nancy's grandfather is Uriah K. Bulla. I see he is buried @
Beard Cemetery in Owasco, Indiana. Thank you. Ron Wiandt, Jr.

from Alice:
Uriah K. BULLA's wife (Jemima, d. 6-Dec-1857, age 37 years 11 months) was buried with William NICE and his wife Lydia (Weaver) on one side, and Erastus Nice's first wife, Priscilla (SHOEMAKER), on the other side. These are not my people, but Uriah Bulla's wife Jemima was a daughter of William NICE and Lydia WEAVER. I know that land, that cemetery, and that community; there's no other reason she'd have been buried where she was. ... The information is at the Beard Cemetery page, but you've got to read both the list of burials as listed alphabetically, and the list of burials listed by "body placement," and being familiar with these old families helps also. ... My connection to these people is that Wm. Nice and wife Lydia had a son William Nice who on 13-Oct-1842 in Carroll Co., IN, married Sarah BEARD, b. 12-Jan-1825 in Darke Co., Ohio. Sarah Beard was a daughter of John Beard and Sophia More. Sarah Beard (Mrs. Wm. Nice) died 10-Apr-1912 in Miami Co., Indiana, and was buried there in Chili Cemetery.

Jan 23, 2001
from John List
Hi, I was browsing your site, and a piece from the diary of
Elizabeth Oliver took my notice. She mentions a Mr. List. An extreme long shot, but do you have any other info on this LIST? Regards, John

from Alice:
The only clue is that Elizabeth Oliver was living in Cleveland, Ohio, at the time. She mentioned Mr. List on Jan. 6, 1867, and again on Jan. 31, 1867. How he fit into her life is unclear. Whether she spelled the name correctly is unknown.

Jan 26, 2001
from mark davis
I research burial sites of Civil War veterans and was checking your info on
Beard Cemetery. Thanks for posting it. I have Nathaniel Campbell, C.W. veteran, and John Brackney, War of 1812, listed from Beard Cemetery. If you have any more Civil War burial site info, I would be glad to receive that. I pass this info on to websites, query pages, and C.W. researchers and authors. Mark Davis, Hartford City, Indiana

Jan 28, 2001
from Vicki Doyle Franks
Loved you website, Alice. We appreciate all the hard work you've done!

Jan 31, 2001
from Laurie and Devon Mercer
Hello! Just browsing, and we found that we are descended from Jacob Greib [CRIPE] through his son Daniel, daughter Esther who married John Stutsman, son Rinehart, and his daughter Lovina. Devon's 4g grandfather is Lovina's husband Charles Criger. Been unable to trace back on Charles' side as he came over from Germany too. It was interesting to see Lovina's side of the family. Love your site!

Feb 3, 2001
from Tom Hufford
Hufford.org is up and running, and the genealogy is posted; you just have to look around the site to find it. Pat, my son, has already received requests for info but currently has nothing more than what is listed in the posted genealogy.

from Alice:
By 2008, the hufford.org web site has gone dead. However, the information once at that site showed that whoever put it together had access to Florence Grove Woods' newsletter from the 1980s, and to Franklin Pierce Hoffert's 1909 Hufford book, and to the "basics" for anyone working this family. Florence's newsletter benefitted greatly from research by two of the best modern-time researchers the family has produced: Shirley Hufford Hegeman and Barry Wood, a legal secretary and a lawyer. At my site, the family begins here: Christian Hoffarth.

Any HUFFORD cousin want to take on the project of making PDF scans of Florence's old newsletters? It would be a tragedy for her work to be lost.

Feb 4, 2001
from John Hazelbaker
How interesting and awe inspiring it was to find my Great-Grandfather Sidney Hazelbaker. He married Maria Aletta Shellenberger 8 Aug 1864. She died 27 Jan 1912, and he died 23 Sep 1912.

from Alice:
Your Sidney Hazelbaker served in the Civil War in K Company, 8th IL Regiment, Infantry. He served with a man he knew as Frank Reed; the man changed his name to Tom Doyle after he deserted. ... And, John, I notice that you descend from a SHIVELY: Elizabeth Shively who married Peter Hazelbaker (1761-1800). Elizabeth Shively descended from a man named Durs SCHAEUBLIN; name mutated to SHIVELY. I am not a Shively, but the Shivelys are much married into the CRIPEs.

Feb 5, 2001
from Tom Hufford
Currently in San Diego, from Frankfort, IN

Feb 8, 2001
from Martha Copeland
Your web site has been most interesting! I certainly did not intend to spend all these hours today on the internet. After going through all of your genealogy (all because you are related to Samuel Copeland!) it just got better and better! I am really interested in the reasons
women don't have to change their names -- just because they got married! (I tried to convince my daughters they should keep their surname of Copeland!) But the icing on the cake was when I found your journal while attending law school! All I can say--you are one hell of a lady! (And, I'm a minister's wife . . .) Being in genealogy, I am appalled how women's maiden names are forgotten and not easily traced. I've enjoyed the biographies of women you wrote. In fact, I've enjoyed the entire website so far -- and am anxious to read it in its entirety. My husband, Jim, and I live in White County, IN, between Monticello and Monon, on Lake Shafer. He is a retired United Methodist minister. He works part-time at Monticello United Methodist Church. He is a distant cousin of yours, through Thomas Copeland, a brother to your Rachel Copeland.
Martha Walker Copeland
6114 N. Bedford Bay Ct.
Monon, IN 47959, ph. 219-253-8188

from Alice:
Samuel COPELAND's basic facts are these: b. abt 1758; d. 30-Aug-1831, Shelby Twp., Jefferson Co., IN; will in Jefferson Co.; m. 1st Margaret (last name unknown) who d. 30-Dec-1811, KY; m. 2nd Delilah PLUMMER 27-May-1815. Eleven children from 1st marriage:
1) Thomas Copeland, b. 19 May 1795, Franklin Co., KY; d. 17 Apr 1797, Jefferson Co., IN.
2) James Copeland, b. 14 Apr 1797, Franklin Co., KY; d. 9 Apr 1861, Jefferson Co., IN.
3) John Copeland, b. 22 May 1799, Franklin Co., KY; d. 3 Sep 1882 (date from list of burials for cemetery); bur. Methodist Cem., Cross Plains, Ripley Co., IN; m. Elenor (last name unknown).
4) Wesley Copeland, b. 7 Aug 1801, Franklin Co., KY; d. 7 Apr 1851, Jefferson Co., IN.
5) Sarah/Sallie Copeland, b. 1797, Franklin Co., KY; d. 9 Apr 1876, Jefferson Co., IN.
6) Mary Jane Copeland, b. 24 Aug, Franklin Co., KY.
7) Polly Copeland, b. 4 Jan 1805, Bourbon Co., KY; d. 18 Jan 1894, Jefferson Co., IN.
8) Elizabeth Copeland, b. 1793, Franklin Co., KY; d. Jul 1829, IN.
9) Rachel Copeland, b. 4 Jan 1805, Franklin Co., KY; d. aft 1850; m.
Henry Brevard HUKILL (Judge, Ripley Co., IN) 3 Jan 1823, Jefferson Co., IN.
10) William Copeland, b. 1791, Franklin Co., KY.
11) Milton Copeland, b. 15 Aug 1810, Franklin Co., KY.

Feb 11, 2001
from Harald Hoffarth
Hi! Greetings from a name-relative, living in Germany

Feb 14, 2001
from missy lawson
I have been looking all over the internet for a site on
Lizzie Borden. ... I am a relative of hers. My uncle was the last male to carry on the Borden name: Alfred Borden Johnson. My great-grandmother used to romp around in the Borden house.

Feb 15, 2001
from Charles Stutsman
WONDERFUL site! I'm just starting to get things together so I don't know how we connect, but among others I have Cripe, Plank (from Blankenship, I'm told, yet to be confirmed), Ullery, Studebaker, Mast, Miller, Keim, Hochstetler, Hertzler, and Brumbaugh. The main claim to fame right now is I'm a direct decendant of the first (and probably the second too) Amish Bishop in North America: Jacob Hertzler. I think one of your Ullerys was a brother or sister (but I'm not sure it wasn't in-law). I still have trouble picturing it all, but my girlfriend is good at it. Anyway, I hope to be back and discover how we connect and if I connect to the Todds or Bordens. I'm looking for sites for Amish, Mennonite, and Brethern information and hope to hear from others with similar connections. Elkhart County, IN, has quite a bit on the web. That's where I grew up and all my relatives are. The Stutsman cemetery (previously owned by my Uncle) has just been turned over to the county with the understanding that the county will build an access road and do some basic maintenance on it, but we fear it will only open up more opportunities for vandals. Sorry to ramble; it's 4:30 am, and I've been mostly here or at a link since before midnight. I'm getting tired. Again, thanks for the wonderful site and devotion to it.

Feb 15, 2001
from Joanne Hufford McKee Moody
I am also a straight line descentant of
Casper Hufford. My relatives are the Indiana branch. If you have any questions you think I might be able to answer, please feel free to email me. Sincerely, Joanne

Feb 20, 2001
from Judy Richards
I am a descendant of Casper Hufford & Catharine Stihli, then Abraham Hufford, Sr., & Elizabeth Plank, then Abraham Hufford, Jr., & Elizabeth Michaels, then Andrew Jackson Hufford & Mary Francis Oliver, then Bertha Elertsen McIlrath who is my Grandmother. I would like Diana Lewis to write me when she gets a chance. Her grandmother is my grandmother's sister. She wrote you Sept 20, 2000. [The e-mail address she listed is no longer good.] If anyone else is a descendant of brothers or sisters to Gladys or Bertha, please write me. There are 11 children for Andrew. Thank you, Alice, for this wonderful site. I have enjoyed it, & so has my mother.

Feb 23, 2001
from Deborah George
Although my Beard family hales from VA, I enjoyed your site very much. Its love of family history shines and warms one's heart. You are to be commended for making genealogy more that names and dates. Sincerely, Deborah George

from Alice
In one of my side trips when I was CONVINCED I had found the right Beard family to hang my Beard ancestor on, I did a good bit of primary research on a Beard family that migrated from Frederick Co., MD, to Virginia. Augusta Co., as I recall. These people were descendants of the immigrant Peter BARTH, from Germany. Oddly, descendants of one of my ancestors -- Christian Hoffarth/Hufford -- married into that Barth/Beard line. However, so far as my research shows, my Beard ancestor is not related to the Beards coming down from Peter Barth.

Feb 27, 2001
from Ellwood Stafford
Just found your web site while trying to get some info on George Soule, Jr., and what did I see but Sarah Earle who is a distant relative of mine thru Josiah Stafford. Josiah was Sarah's second marriage. I do have some info on
Alice Lake being hanged as a witch if you would like it. E-mail me and let's exchange info. My lines are Brownell, Soule, Warren, Cooke, Tripp, Cranston, Munro, Macomber.

Mar 1, 2001
from Joan Taylor
Hello Alice: You have always been much help to me with the Hukill line. Now I have one more request: Your
ahnentafel report for Henry Harrison Hukill goes back to John Brevard b. abt 1665, France d. abt 1730, Cecil Co., MD, and Katherine McKnitt, b. 10 Aug. 1689, Somerset Co., MD. Apparently I am missing a link as I cannot find a spot to add these people. The earliest I have is Daniel Hukill & Elizabeth Guilder. Any help will be much appreciated.

Mar 4, 2001
from Barry Wood (Hufford descendant)
Will be emailing you separately with some comments & corrections. Hope you are well. BW

Mar 8, 2001
from Linda Prince Smith
Hi Alice. We made contact several years ago since you share Lake ancestors with my husband and I am researching his genealogy. There is a good chance that Lizzie Borden has a connection to my husband's Burdens, but that is something that I am still trying to prove. Linda

Mar 9, 2001
from Kari Earl Park
I just began my studies of my family's genealogy. Many before me had done much work and had hit an end with the last direct ancestor being Joseph Earl, Sr., and we had scant information at the time about him and no name at all on his wife. I am descended from his son Joseph Earl, Jr., of Logan Co., Ohio. I was astonished to find that someone had broken through the barrier and there is all new information. Thanks.

Mar 10, 2001
from Jackie D. Cripe
no comments at this time

Mar 13, 2001
from Jodi Nasser
I come back again and again, Alice; your site just has so much to offer a new genealogist. I e-mailed you a short time ago. (I'm the one who gets the stuff mixed up.) How do you keep so organized? I am related to the Borden family by John Borden and Sarah Earle's daughter Elizabeth who married William Wordell (Wodell). So somewhere, Alice, I think that we are related. I thank you for the site. I love finding stories about my family. They make them live for me.

from Alice:
The ancestors we share are Ralph EARLE (1606-1678) and Joan SAVAGE (1609-aft 1699). I descend from their son Ralph's son William. You descend from their son William's daughter Mary's son John BORDEN who married Sarah Earle. Now, the interesting thing is that, so far as I know, no one has successfully placed Sarah Earle on that Earle tree. The assumption is that she belongs on it, but no one has found her parents.

Mar 25, 2001
from Julie Malcom
I received your website address from a distant relative also researching our family tree. I found it quite interesting and a wealth of information. Thank you so much!

Mar 27, 2001
from Vern Juchau
Looking for information on the family of Nicholas Browne, b. abt 1525 of Snelston, Derbyshire, England

from Alice
Mr. Juchau, the chances are good that you're hunting for Nicholas BROWNE who was buried 15 Jan 1587. His wife Eleanor SHIRLEY was born about 1525, and was buried 28 Apr 1595 Snelston, Co. Derby, England. Eleanor's line ultimately goes back to William the Lion, King of Scotland (born 1143, died 4 Dec 1214) and a mistress who was a daughter of Richard Avenal. William was a grandson of Scotland's King David I. David I was the son of Malcolm III and the grandson of Duncan who was murdered by Macbeth. Malcolm III later killed Macbeth in battle. Macbeth was a first cousin of Duncan. This line wanders thru Edmund II, the "Ironside King" of old England; Henry II, King of Norway; Charles IV, King of the Franks; Alfred the Great; Charles the Bald, and Louis the Pious on it's way back to Charlemagne and Hildegard. The information is on this page: alicemariebeard.com/genealogy/maternal/corncili.htm

Mar 29, 2001
from Pat Lane
I am most interested in all this data on the
Lane line. This is the first we knew of the Rev. War linkage for this line.

Mar 31, 2001
from Barbara Fetzer
Truly enjoyed your information about Allen Lane and Esther Grannis. Thank you.

Apr 8, 2001
from Fran Mowery Ash
Hi Alice, I am doing the Mowery family line. There are a lot of Huffords in it, and someone sent me your site. Fran

Apr 15, 2001
from Jerry Young
I wish I could make the connection. My great-grandfather was James William C(r)umbley born 1858 died 1928; on his death certificate it lists his father as William "Bill" Crumbley and his mother as Jane Hufford; they were of Pike Co., MO. I had another gentleman e-mail me, and he thought that Jane could possibly be the daughter of John Hufford born abt 1790 son of Daniel (son of Christian). Jane was supposed to have died young, possibly at childbirth of William? If you have anything you could share with me, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jerry

from Alice:
Jerry likely is talking about James W. Cumbley who married Rosa B. ROBERTSON. They married in 1890:

Ralls County, Missouri: marriage license No. 3639:
James W. Cumbley of New London, Ralls Co., Missouri, over the age of twenty-one year, and Rosa B. Robertson of New London, Ralls Co., Missouri, under the age of eighteen years. Rosa's guardian, Ezemiel F. McSutyee, was present and gave consent.
License dated the 3rd of May, 1890, and was signed by James W. Lear, Recorder.
James Lear also signed as Justice of the Peace who performed the ceremony, also on the 3rd of May, and James Lear signed again on the 5th of May as the County Recorder who recorded that the marriage had taken place.

The couple show on the 1900 U.S. Census in Randolph Co., Arkansas, with James born July 1858 in Missouri and Rosa born Sep. 1875 in Illinois; married 10 years; James was a stove maker. By 1910, they're in Tulsa Co., Oklahoma. James consistly reports his mother as born in Indiana.

Wish I could help more, but this time all I can do is preserve the information for a future genealogist.

Apr 19, 2001
from Judy Loftin
I am a direct decendant of John and Sophia (More) Beard through their son William.

Apr 26, 2001
from Royce Peterson
Common ancestors are Vassalls.

Apr 29, 2001
from John BURDEN
Interested in the BORDEN family and to see that some of them came from Tiverton, RI. Tiverton, Devon, is about 15 miles from where I live. The Burdens have lived in this county for centuries. Many of my ancestors are alleged to have emigrated to the east coast of the USA.

from Alice
Mr. Burden is posting from the other side of the big pond; he's in the UK.

May 1, 2001
from Patricia Ulrey Hoke
Still searching for parents of Susanna Shivley who married David Ulrey. My GGfather was their son John J. Ulrey.

May 2, 2001
from Laurence G. Cripe

May 4, 2001
from Kathryn Hufford
I believe we may be connected to this family although I do not have all the verification on my side as yet. My great-grandfather was Charles Gilbert Hufford from Indiana. My grandmother tells it like this: It was just amazing that young Charles came to Texas. He had been visiting three maiden Aunts who lived on Grant Place in Chicago, IL, with his sister Florence when he became bored. He ended up in Texas. In or near Denton Co./Dallas Co. is the small town of Little Elm where he met and married my great-grand mother Katie Izora Shaw. They were married 20 March 1904. My grandfather Eugene was born 24 December 1904. About mid 1905 Katie went to Ft. Worth to buy clothes for the growing baby. When she returned to the farm the next day, it was to find Charles very ill. He had been stringing barb wire when it came back on him. Katie sent for the Doctor. The next day Charles died. They were both still in their teens. I don't know if it was months or a year later that Katie went to Chicago to visit her sister-in-law and the three maiden Aunts. She stayed for a few months then returned to Texas where she re-married. My grandparents were called when Annie (the maiden aunt) passed away. My grandmother thinks it was in Lebenon, Warren Co., Ohio, where there was a little cabin back in the woods that had belonged to the family. It was sold to settle all debts before my grandparents arrived. Annie had left a trunk of old clothes, letters, etc., which have been lost since 1971, so our info went with it. My grandfather had a degree in Architecture from A&M. Kathy

from Alice
It's 2011, and my answer to this question has changed since I first answered it. Kathryn is hunting for a brother/sister combo of Charles and Florence, with an Indiana connection, born in mid-1880s into a family where the "Charles" got lost to the family. I am unable to place him. I find Charles' widow remarried by 1920 when she is listed on the census in Denton County, Texas, with her 2nd husband, Will M. CARTWRIGHT. Next step would be to check for a death certificate for Charles Gilbert Hufford who died in about 1905 in Texas, probably in Denton County. Kathryn mentions a connection to Warren Co, Ohio. The Warren County Huffords whom I have found are not connected to the Huffords whom I research.

May 8, 2001
from Pat Cripe Manning
I am going to Germany June 13-27 to try and find out any info. on our ancestor Jacob Greib, and if he did in fact come from Amoneberg, Germany. If anyone can give me a name of a German Genealogist, with an email if possible, to help me in the quest, I would certainly appreciate it. Pat Cripe

May 10, 2001
from Eleanor Rudy
I am a Borden & Hathaway descendant and am interested in any history pertaining to these two families.

May 10, 2001
from Kevin Hufford

May 16, 2001
I am related to
Alice Lake via David Brayton (b. 1796, m. Charity Chase) > Celestia Brayton (m. Samuel Martin Roberts) > Emily Greene Brayton Roberts (m. Joseph Turner Records) > Gertrude Celestia Records (m. Early Edgar Darling) > Thalma Meda Darling (m. Reginal Paul Mitchell) > Janet Ann Mitchell, b. 1949 in Urbana, IL. How wonderful to be a descendant of a woman who stood by what she believed rather than recanting. But what a waste to have died so young, not by disease or accident, but because of the narrow-mindedness of those around her. Jan in Champaign, IL.

May 17, 2001
from Susan Nash
My husband is descended from Deborah C. Garst, daughter of Joseph H. Garst and Mary Jane Smith. She married Mathew A. Clark on Aug. 9, 1885 in Carroll Co., IN.

from Alice
I've cleaned the grave stones of Joseph Garst and his wife Mary Jane Smith more than once. They were buried in what is now known as "Beard Cemetery," in Owasco, Indiana, just north or Rossville. Mary Jane was the sister of my great-great-grandmother -- Rachel Smith, who married John Beard and had three sons (Frank, Charlie, and Jesse) and a daughter (Dora).

May 18, 2001
from Tom Midlam
I am descended from Stephen Ulrich, Sr., through Daniel Ulrich, brother of Elizabeth who married Jacob Greib. Tom Midlam

May 19, 2001

May 28, 2001
from Charles L (Charlie) Cripe

Jun 1, 2001
from Patricia Ann Cripe
I have two cousins who have been working on the Cripe family history. We are comparing what you have with our own research. I will have to say that Annie Oakley is a new one on us. Thanks, Pat

Jun 1, 2001
from Zelda Foster-Hewitt
I too am a Mayflower and a Peterson descendent.

Jun 2, 2001
from Nancy Barnes Thorne
Alice, I hadn't been able to get beyond my ancestors Arthur Knowles & Abigail Hamlin. I had his mother as Innocent Phillips (not Butts as was her maiden name). I was so happy to find your site and discover a wealth of information on that side of the family. I really appreciated all the research you had done on Alice Lake and her sad ending. It makes some of my Puritan heritage more alive, and now I wish I had paid more attention when I read The Crucible in high school. It is not too late to pass on the information to my kids (age 13 and 15), which I have already! Hopefully, it will make history "come alive" for them knowing their 10 x greatgrandmother, Alice Lake, met such a fate. I also thank you for the information on Thomas Cornell and Lizzie Borden who are also some type of relations to me. I am related through Thomas Cornell/Rebecca Briggs and their son John Cornell who married Mary Russell. Nancy B. Thorne

Jun 3, 2001
from Joe Ulrich
I am a descendant of:
1) Stephen Ulrich, Sr. (whose daughter Elizabeth married Jacob Cripe);
2) Daniel Ulrich (Daniel married Christina (Holsinger?);
3) John Ulrich & Christina Brumbaugh;
4) Jacob Ulrich and Mary Hoover;
5) John Ulrich and Lydia Brewer;
6) Charles E. Ulrich and Margaret Rebecca Eberhart;
7) Everett C. Ulrich and Helen Coley.
I have been compiling an Ulrich family history, primarily covering my descendants, but have included many collateral families, concentrating primarily on the families from an historical perspective, ie, how and where they lived, failed, prospered, successes, failures, accomplishments, etc. I have also included many pictures including as many old ones as possible. I started it as a chronicle of my immediate family for benefit of my children, grandchildren, and future generations, but my interest grew, and I started delving further into the family background and discovered some wonderful ancestors, most of the Brethren faith. I am willing to share with any seriously interested. It presently consists of almost 200 pages, most of it historical data. It presently costs me at least $10 to reproduce at Kinko's and the cost of mailing so I must charge that amount to cover my expenses. I use Family Tree Maker and can send a disc at no charge for those interested. Joe Ulrich

from Alice
For any who might wonder, Mr. Joe Ulrich is for real! He learned a while back that my father had a stroke, and Mr. Ulrich has been sending cards to his distant Ulrich cousin, my father, since then. Dad's "thing" was always stamps, not genealogy, so Dad's a little fuzzy on how the Ulrichs connect. I say, "You know your great-grandma was born a Hufford. Well, HER mom was born a Cripe, and the Cripes descend from the Ulrichs." And Dad says, "Uh-huh," and gives me one of those looks. ... Thank you, Joe!

Jun 3, 2001
from Sheila Jane Cowan Camp
I'm a decendent of Margaret Borden, daughter of John Borden, Sr., son of Benjamin Borden born 1675 Winchester, VA, son of Benjamin Borden, Sr., b. 1649, son of Richard Borden born 1595 Headcorn, Kent, England.

Jun 5, 2001
from Fran Ash
I got interested in the Huffords thru some Mowery relation. My g.g.grandfather's sister married a Hufford, but the name escapes me right now. She was Catherine Mowery, and he was a minister. Her brother was John Mowery(Mowry) married to Lucinda Redd, and he died in the Sultana Tragedy at the end of the Civil War. She later married Andrew Blosser, and they had twins: Lucy and Andrew. Her sons from her marriage to John Mowery came west to Iowa, and I think several of the Huffords did also as I find several at the cemeteries in Tama County.

from Alice
Your g-g-grandfather's sister was Catherine Mowery b. 1849. In 1869, she married the Rev. Caleb Hunsaker b. 1848. He was a twin; he was a son of the Rev. John Hunsaker and Catherine Hufford b. 1814. She was the dau. of Solomon Hufford, Sr., b. 1786, who was the son of Casper Hufford b. 1762, who was the son of Christian Hoffarth b. 1716. There also were intermarriages among the Blossers and the Huffords.

Jun 8, 2001
from Patricia Hufford
My husband comes down thru Christian Hufford's line. His line follows the John Hufford (b. 1792 in Woodford Co., Kentucky) that moved to California. Thanks for sharing. Patricia

from Alice:
John Hufford (b. 1792, Woodford Co., KY) was the son of John (b. abt 1758) and his wife Elizabeth STIHLI (b. 1764, Frederick Co., MD). And John who was b. abt 1758 was the son of Christian, born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

Huffords of that line are not well researched or well documented. I would appreciate any hard info anyone has on those descendants. Please cite wills, land transfers, military records, vital records, and the like wherever possible so as to establish the links.

Jun 10, 2001
from Kathryn Snider
Am looking for information on Benjamin Franklin Hufford (son of Samuel Hufford) (son of Abraham Hufford Jr.). Need information on both of his wives. Thank-you

from Alice:
Benjamin Franklin Hufford, b. 1879, Clinton Co., Indiana; son of Samuel b. 1855; son of Abraham Jr. b. 1821; son of Abraham Sr. b. 1788; son of Casper b. 1762; son of Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

First wife: Otta May THOMSON (b. 1883, Carroll Co., IN). They married April 11, 1899, Clinton Co., Indiana; he married as "Frank."

He appears on the 1900 census in Carroll Co., IN, as "Frank." He's on page 75 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY as "Benjamin Franklin Hufford, listed with his wife Otto May and children: Mary Lavina, Jesse Samuel, Roy Lee, Agnes, Iona, and Eva Eliza. Note that there is an error in that listing. From what I can determine, there was a daughter named "Agnes Iona," not one daughter named "Agnes and another named "Iona." According to the HUFFORD book, the family lived in Colburn, Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, on Route 19. There is a photograph of Benjamin F. on that page, with his parents and his sister Elizabeth.

By 1910, Benjamin Franklin's children Roy and Agnes are living with their Hufford grandparents in Tippecanoe Co., Indiana. By 1920, Eva is also with the grandparents.

Benjamin Franklin (B.F.) is with his second wife on the 1910 census in Tippecanoe Co., Indiana. She is listed as "Melzora." Her full name was Lillian Melzora GOLDEN. She was the widow of Jacob DAVIS when she married Benjamin Franklin. In the household are a mix of children in a "yours, mine, ours" kind of situation, and the census taker got the last names and the relationships wrong on some of those children. Here are the children who were in that 1910 household:

  • Harry Davis (correctly named; from Melzora's 1st marriage)
  • Lucy Davis (correctly named; from Melzora's 1st marriage)
  • Jessie Hufford (correctly named, from Benjamin's 1st marriage)
  • Bessie Davis (incorrectly named Hufford; from Melzora's 1st marriage)
  • Emma Davis (incorrectly named Hufford; from Melzora's 1st marriage)
  • Eva Hufford (correctly named, from Benjamin's 1st marriage)
  • Joseph Hufford (correctly named, child of Benjamin & Melzora)

Harry Davis (b. abt 1896) and Lucy Davis (b. abt 1898) show on the 1900 census in Burnettsville, White Co., Indiana. Their father was Jacob Davis. Their mother (Lillian Melzora) is listed as "Millie."

Benjamin Franklin and his first wife (Otta) divorced and each remarried. Their divorce became final on February 2, 1909. On February 6, 1909, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, each married again. Benjamin Franklin ("Frank") married Lillian Melzora GOLDEN, the widow DAVIS. Otta married Abraham Franklin "Jim" HUFFORD, Frank's first cousin. It was a double wedding, with Frank serving as the witness for Jim while Jim married Frank's former wife, and with Jim serving as the witness for Frank as he married again. There must have been some major gossip in that neck of the woods back then.

First, there was the marriage between Benjamin and Otta, on 11-Apr-1899, when Otta was about 16 years old and Benjamin was almost 20. That marriage quickly produced five children: Mary Lavina, Jesse Samuel, Roy Lee, Agnes Iona, and Eva Marie. (Note, however, that the HUFFORD book incorrectly lists Agnes Iona as two individuals.)

That first marriage ended, and both Benjamin and Otta remarried:

  • Benjamin 2ndly married Lillian Melzora GOLDEN (b. 25-Sep-1875, IN, the widow of Jacob DAVIS).
  • Otta 2ndly married Abraham Franklin "Jim" HUFFORD (b. 15-Feb-1885, IN, son of David HUFFORD and Sarah E. FELTHOFF).

Benjamin and Abraham were first cousins; their fathers were brothers. And, it is likely (but not yet proven) that their mothers also were related, perhaps cousins: Benjamin's mother was Elizabeth FELTHOFF, b. 24-Oct-1857; Abraham's mother was Sarah Elizabeth FELTHOFF, b. Feb 1858, IN.

Benjamin's second wife, Lillian, had herself been previously married to Jacob DAVIS (b. April 1858, IN; d. 1907). With Mr. Davis, Lillian had five children: Harry, Lucy M., Grace M., Betty "Bessie" Leona, and Emma R..

With Lillian, Benjamin had four more children: Joseph F. (b. 26-Jan-1910), Cecil O. (b. 25-Feb-1912), Alice Elizabeth (b. 21-Oct-1913), and Virgil Willard. All four of those HUFFORD children were born in Indiana.

Sorting out the children is something of a mess because of the 1910 census for the household of Benjamin and Lillian. The wrong last names were listed for some of the DAVIS children. Here's a list of the children in the household, by correct name and with notations to show which ones the census taker got correct:

  • Harry Davis (correctly named)
  • Lucy Davis (correctly named)
  • Jessie Hufford (correctly named, from Benjamin's 1st marriage)
  • Bessie Davis (incorrectly named Hufford)
  • Emma Davis (incorrectly named Hufford)
  • Eva Hufford (correctly named, from Benjamin's 1st marriage)
  • Joseph Hufford (correctly named, child of Benjamin & Melzora)

Benjamin and Otta's son Jesse died in March 1918 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Indiana. He was about 17 years old and died of appendicitis.

Benjamin died by his own hand on 16-Jun-1921, in Indiana, probably in Tippecanoe Co.

As Benjamin's widow, Lillian married a third time, to Frank RINIER, on 9-Nov-1925, in Tippecanoe Co., Indiana. She had no children by her third husband. Lillian died in March 1946.
Her burial site in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Cass County, Indiana, is marked with a gravestone that says "Lillian Hufford, mother."

Otta and her second husband, Abraham Hufford, had four children: Esther Leona (b. 28-Feb-1910, m. Alvie ALLEN), Roscoe David (b. 3-Feb-1912), Chester Abraham. (b. 6-Aug-1914), and Sarah Mae (b. 6-Nov-1921; 1st m. Carl SUMMERS; 2nd m. Charles COOK). Otta and Abraham were buried at Davis Cemetery, Cass County, IN,
under a shared headstone, near their sons Roscoe and Chester.

Jun 12, 2001
from Dianna Arthur King
Great site. I just picked up 4 generations. Idido Butts mar. Martha Church, dau Innocent Butts sp. Elisha Phillips, John Philips mar. Ann Burden. I descend from son Ziba (Ezra) b. 1762. Would like more info on Butts and Church surnames. I can give on the Phillips.

Jun 13, 2001
from Karen Gartman
I, too, am a Hufford descendant (through Casper and his son Michael William). If you are still up to adding more people, e-mail when you've got some time on your hands!! Karen Gartman

Jun 16, 2001
from Eugene Tidwell

from Alice
That was a line that I thought I'd worked the kinks out of. If you'd let me know where you think the break is, I'll look again, or, we could at least note that someone else is of another opinion. Genealogy can be tricky, and I know I'm not infallible. Please let me hear from you.

Jun 17, 2001
from Bob Earl
Alice, You are a true inspiration in many ways. I first communicated with you several years ago regarding Alice Lake, from whom I'm descended. Thank you again for your excellent research on that poor woman. ... I revisit your web page every so often to receive additional inspiration. I feel like I've known you all my life, and I wish I had. Please keep up the excellent work. Bob Earl

Jun 17, 2001
from Zelda M. Foster-Hewitt
I love the stories and now feel more than ever that they are a very important way to get to know our ancestors. I can only say thank you.

from Alice
Zelda connects on my Peterson line.

Jun 19, 2001
from Tina Schadeberg
I love your site. From the research done by myself and others, we may be related through Richard Hukill (1733-@1800) so howdy cousin! I just wish I had the ambition to set up a wonderful site like this one. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Jul 4, 2001
from james michael cripe

Jul 8, 2001
from Karen Nice Neryan

Jul 17, 2001
from Dottie Hufford Kearton
So many Huffords, but I don't seem to find mine. Joseph Dematrus Hufford born about 1852 in Ohio to George Hufford? and Hester Jellison?

from Alice:
George and Hester Hufford are on the 1850 census in Guernsey Co., Ohio. That George was born about 1821 in Ohio; Hester was born about 1825 in Pennsylvania. Children John D. (5) and William H. (2). At this point, it does not appear that this line descends from Christian Hufford b. 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

Barry Wood's analysis in 2000 is better than anything I could offer:

Jul 31, 2001
from Joan Feistel Griffis
I am a descendant of the murdered Rebecca (Briggs) Cornell, (through her daughter, Rebecca Woolsey) & my husband is a descendant of John Borden (1662-1684)who's son, John, had a daughter, Sarah, who married into our Griffis line. Wonder if my husband and I are cousins. Does anyone have info on this Borden line? Happy to see so many references to Vermilion County, IL, in your guest book. I have been writing a weekly genealogy column for Danville's "Commercial News" for over 26 years; queries are free. If anyone wants to submit a query, I'd gladly publish it. HOWEVER, a mailing address must be included, since many of my readers do not have Internet access. This hobby of genealogy certainly is wonderful! I graduated from Cornell University, never dreaming that some day I'd learn that Ezra Cornell (the university's founder) and I are fifth cousins, six times removed. I wonder what "surprise" I'll discover next.

Aug 9, 2001
from Nell Bates
You have a nice display of names. There was only one that might be my family: the "Bates, son of A. and A." The A is likely for Adam. Adam Bates is mentioned in the Carroll Co., Indiana, history as being one of the first settlers. Nell Bates

from Alice
Ms. Bates is talking about a name found on the listing for the Beard Cemetery, and she's probably correct on that name. Beard Cemetery. The grave stone was for a one-year-old boy who died in 1840: "James Bates, son of A. and A." Here's a photo of that gravestone: CLICK HERE

Aug 11, 2001
from Nancy
Hello! I might be part of your family. Conrad & Mary (Housouer) Plank were my G.G. GreatGrandparents. Nancy

Aug 23, 2001
from Bonnie Ossa
Time to air the dirty laundry.....I'm related to Lizzie Borden through two different lines! What fun!

Sep 1, 2001
from Syver W . More
Thank you! All this information will go into my building of the More family history. Syver More, Tucson, AZ.

Sep 18, 2001
from Giles Hufford
I didn`t realize there were so many other Huffords about! Is this line in any way related to my family which originates from the village of BARAHAM in Cambridgeshire, UK?

from Alice
No, but thank you for the question. It allows me to point out that the surname HUFFORD has more than one origin. My research has me saying that the Hufford line that is part of this web site has no relationship to a Hufford line that originated in the UK. When my Hufford line came to America, the name was spelled "Hoffart." The German pronounciation had that "t" sounding like a cross between a "t" and a "d." The name mutated into several forms; the most common one (or the one that produced the most name-carrying descendants) was "Hufford." Best wishes!

Sep 22, 2001
from Thomas Dale Howes
My sister (Linda, lives in NYC) told me about your site, specifically, regarding
Alice Lake. I'm an avid genealogist, and am currently up to my ears in BUTTOLPH research. I live in Michigan, in Grand Blanc, which is south of Flint, north of Detroit. My mother is Alice Helen Belford. Her grandmother on her father's side was Alice Annette Butts. I'd love to know about your Butts research, the Alice Lake lines, and those back from Elizabeth Lake, m. Thomas Butts.

from Alice
I've done little research on Thomas Butts. So far as I know, no researcher has yet found his parents.

Sep 28, 2001
from Lorene Webster
Thank you for sharing the information. I am a decendent of William Nice and will probably never get to visit the
cemetery so it was great getting the tour. Thank you again. Lorene

Oct 1, 2001
from Gary Lane Cripe
I am always interested in learning more about my family tree. Thank you for the chance to search your information. My dad was Clyde S. Cripe, the son of Ezra J. and Orpha (Shuman) Cripe. Dad was the first generation of our family to leave the German Baptist Church, as did his two brothers Oris Eldon Cripe and Herman S. Cripe. Dad and Herman both had the initial "S" for a middle name only because the Army insisted that they had to have middle names, according to family lore. The "S" is supposed to stand for my grandmother's maiden name of Shuman. I could go on and on for a good long time about the recent family history. Since they are all dead now, this is something that needs to be recorded as well.

Oct 4, 2001
from Merrell Kenworthy
I am descended from Rachel's youngest brother, Milton Copeland. I have been trying to validate the sources for Samuel Copeland of Halifax Co, NC. I found a will for Samuel Copeland, Sr., in Halifax Co, NC, dated 1786, but the will gives names different from the siblings listed from your sources for Samuel Copland, Jr. The will names Sam Copeland, Bolding Copeland, Ann, Martha and Mary Copeland to the best of my recollection. I am writing this from work and don't have the photocopy in front of me.

Oct 21, 2001
from Charyl Erickson
I am adopted and found out that my grandmother was born Emma Cripe in Indiana. She married David White and had my father Herman in 1913. He also had four older siblings: Hallie, Nellie, Goldie, and ? I am trying to find out anything I can on who I am. Thank you.

Oct 23, 2001
from Susan Ann (Cripe) Taylor
I am a descendant of Adam Cripe and Susan Jacobs. At the moment I am trying to find information on Susan Jacobs, but I am having difficulty. I will keep trying.

Oct 28, 2001
from Merilyn Romani
Researching Selina Hukill, born 1844, married William Henry Cramer in West Alexandria, PA, December 9, 1862. Selina was from Ohio County, VA. Anyone have her listed in your genealogy? Merilyn Cramer Cargo Romani, e-mail

from Alice
There's a Selina Hukle, 9 years old, on the 1850 census of Virginia, Ohio County, City of Wheeling, 1st Ward. She is with parents Nathan and Anna, and siblings Sarah, John, and Catora (female).

Nov 3, 2001
from Christy Fern Cripe
I am interested in corresponding with any Cripe family members

Nov 8, 2001
from Sherry Lake
I enjoyed your information about Alice Lake. I came across it researching my family and found that she might intersect with my ancestor Patience Gifford. Thanks so much for your efforts.

Nov 19, 2001
from cindy hufford
Christian Hufford II is my tree limb.

Dec 6, 2001
from Nicholas Saylor Hufford
My father: Howard Saylor Hufford, married Caroline Augusta Muhlenberg in the 1940s. His sister was Clara Louise Hufford. His mother was Mary Saylor Hufford. His father was Henry K. B.(Baumgartner?) Hufford. Mostly of the Berks Co., Pennsylvania, area. Nicholas Saylor Hufford

from Alice:
Nicholas is a descendant of Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern:
Nicholas > Howard > Rufus > Thomas > Peter > Christian II > Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern.

For my analysis, check this:
Hufford puzzle #2


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