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Jan 15, 2006
from Patricia Van Remortel
Pattyjo98 @ aol.com
After years of searching, your site has helped me find and confirm my grandfather's family. I KNEW my great-grandmother's name was Permelia, from Potomac, IL...that was pretty much it! Permelia "Millie" A. Payne, b. August 13, 1859, married William M. Howell September 5, 1876. My grandfather, John Clarence Howell, is one of their two sons. I hope to hook up with other descendents of
William O'Neal Payne, Permelia's father. Thanks, Alice!

from Alice:
You descend from William O'Neal PAYNE's first wife; I descend from his second wife. His second wife was (I suspect) crazy and probably abusive. ... William and his second wife had two daughters who survived. I descend from their daughter Mary Louise PAYNE, born 1883. In 1900, Mary married Itha Elmer DOYLE. ... Mary Louise and Itha Elmer were my maternal grandparents. ... I think that would make you and me half-second cousins, once removed, with me one generation above you. But don't quote me on that; it's just a quick calculation. ... Glad you found some info!

Jan 20, 2006
from Nancy Hufford
dnhufford @ hotmail.com
I find your site very informative. I was looking for any Huffords that live in the Orlando, Florida, area. My husband and I would like to chat about genealogy and with any Huffords near by. Thanks!

Jan 28, 2006
from DeVon J. Cripe
fidi122004 @ yahoo.com
Like your site. I have done extensive research on the Cripe line and also the Wise line (ancestry of Annie Oakley). This includes the Wise family coming over on the same ship as Jacob Greib. Jacob Greib's daughter Mary married the son of Michael Wise, John Wise, Sr. Have you done any research in this area? I have a number of publications I have put together on this research, and it includes the Wises, the Brumbaughs, the Moseys, the Wagamans. Thanks! DeVon J. Cripe

Mar 26, 2006
from Ann Galster
Well done, Alice! A lot of work is represented here. Thanks to you, and your collaborators, I have one of my lines back as far as you published it. The Vermilion Co., IL, was of particular interest as Delila Payne is one of my great greats, and I was getting more confused with all the Paynes. Now, I realize that they were siblings, and that has helped me tremendously. Thank you for putting this out for the rest of us. Profound thanks. Ann

Mar 27, 2006
from Mary Jane Lansford & Melody Lansford
Just want to tell you how really sorry we are. I loved how Uncle Miles kept me laughing. Will dearly miss him.

Mar 27, 2006
from Mary L. Avery
Hi Alice. Just going into this site and checking it out. Guess I was trying to find the site Mary Jane signed in at. I doubt she has a computer but probably the daughter that lives across the street from her. Love Mary

from Alice:
Dear Cousins,
Thank you for kind words upon the passing of my father, Miles Griffith Beard. His life story and old photos can be found here:
Miles Beard

May 06, 2006
from Roseanne (Ulrey) Brown
digioia46 @ yahoo.com
There is a family reunion at Rend Lake, Illinois, June 24, 2006. Anyone related to Ulrey, Cripe, Wells, Clampet or friends is invited. Call Barbara Henson in St. Louis, MO, for more info. She's in the phone book.

May 22, 2006
from Ken Congrove
kwcongrove @ aol.com
I am a Keim decendant, a descendant of the Keim grandfather on your tree.

May 27, 2006
from Vickie Andreassen
tlwp4u @ gmail.com
On a whim, I typed in "Thomas Payne born Nov. 13, 1833," which was the name and birth date my grandfather always told me was his father's. Couldn't believe my eyes when I found all the info, and links to Squire Lee Payne. We're from Missouri, so an Illinois link is probable. Was told that Thomas' wife was Mary. If anyone has any other info or links I could check, I would appreciate it. My grandfather was James Albert Payne, born June 13, 1888. Any info or advice appreciated. Vickie

from Alice:
Squire Lee PAYNE, born 1809, was the 9th born child of John PAYNE and his wife Hannah EARLE. That family's information is found at THIS PAGE. Squire and his first wife had five children; Thomasa was the first born. Squire's first wife (Charity REYNOLDS) died in January 1850, leaving Squire with five children: three sons (16, 13, and 10) and two daughters (six years oldand less than one year old). Squire took a 2nd wife (Margaret CRAYCRAFT) less than six months after wife #1 died; Margaret was about the age of Squire's on Thomas. Squire and his 2nd wife had eight children, five who survived to maturity. Squire married a 3rd time sometime after the 1870 census; he is on the 1880 census with wife #3, Eliza B., who entered the marriage with a daughter named Mabel BURKEY (age 19 on the 1880 census, noted as Squire's stepdaughter).
Thomas was born September 7, 1834, Vermilion County, Illinois. In 1850, he was with his father, siblings, and young stepmother in Vermilion Co., Illinois. I've yet to find him on the 1860 census. On March 16, 1867, Livingston Co., IL, he married Ellen Merrit "Nellie" COOK, who was the widow of James Osborne HULL. Nellie entered the married to Thomas with three children: Lenora, Harry, and James. Thomas and Nellie's daughter Harriet was born in October 1868 in Linn Co., Kansas. In 1870, Thomas was in Mound City, Linn Co., Kansas, living with his wife Nellie, their daughter Hattie (Harriet), his stepchildren Nora and James, and with an unknown 15-year-old William Payne. In 1880, Thomas was living in Bloomington, McLean Co., Illinois, with wife Nellie, daughter Hattie, and stepchildren Nora, Harry, and James. In 1900, Thomas was in Chicago, Illinois, living with wife Nellie, daughter Hattie (Mrs. REMSEN), and granddaughter Helen REMSEN. In 1910, Thomas was in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, living with wife Nellie, daughter Hattie (incorrectly listed as Mary), son-in-law Walter DIXON (Hattie's 2nd husband), and granddaughter Helen REMSEN. Thomas died September 10, 1910, in Chester Co., Pennsylvania. His death certificate named his father as Squire L. PAYNE.

My 2016 conclusion is that your James Albert Payne's father was not the son of the Squire Lee Payne whom I have researched.

Jun 30, 2006
from Arthur R.Small
arsm3363 @ verizon.net
Thanks for the excellent Lizzie Borden stories. I see you are also related to her; so am I, FROM Mary Gifford to Edward Perry and Mary Freeman. My ancestor is Mary's brother John Freeman. Both Mary and John had the common ancestor Edmond Freeman. I live a short distance from the Rebecca Nurse House in Danvers (formerly a part of Salem). She was hanged as a witch, believed to be buried on her property, but attempts to find her remains have not been successful thus far. Regards, Art Small, Danvers, MA.

Jun 30, 2006
from Earl Phipps
efphipps @ yahoo.com
I am a grandson of Earl John Hufford, Perrysburg, Ohio. Thank you for your efforts and spirit in compiling the Hufford work.

Jul 12, 2006
from Joyce Cripe
jmcripe @ verizon.net
Jacob Grieb is also a relative of mine.

Jul 16, 2006
from Michael Earle
michael.earle @ gmail.com
great website, thanks for filling in some holes & confirming others. I am 12 generations (IIRC) from Ralph Earle & Joan Savage. I am on the Canadian side of the genealogical fence

from Alice:
For those as clueless as I was, "IIRC" stands for "if I remember correctly."

Jul 30, 2006
from c hufford
christieanna @ webtv.net
I hail from the Washington County, PA, branch of the Huffords. Christian the II settled here. There is a copy of his will at the court house. He settled on Daniels Run. He had a son name David who was married to Elizabeth Russel. They had five children, one of whom was Levi who had nine sons, one whose name was George Washington Hufford. They had another son named Levi Madison Hufford. Levi and his wife Hannah must have liked those two presidents. Hannah Hufford's father and grandfather were in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. I just wanted to let you know about the Washington County, PA, branch. Please write if you are interested in swapping family history.

Aug 04, 2006
from Tom Hufford
A few years back I referred you to information my son had posted on his college web site, and you replied that you had no last name at that time for Elizabeth Keim and no reference to it other then what my mother had come up with. I do not have the reference to it directly in front of me, but mom had found it through the "Daughters of the American Revolution" and had listed, I believe, volume and page numbers to her name -- just another source of reference someone had used and come across. She had used a lot of information from the Wood County Ohio Historical society, and the man she received a lot of information from was also a Hufford but did not carry the Hufford name; I do not know if he is still living. Funny thing, every time I come across this site, the whole of her research is stored away and a bit difficult to get out. Someday I will end up on here and will have all of it available. I seem to remember that she had burial sites as far as cemetery for Christian and Elizabeth; I hope I can find it. The sad part of the matter is that my brother has the hard drive from her computer, and I have the results of a lot of paper research. When Mom passed about 10 years ago, Dad was so busy getting rid of things that he gave anything on hand to whoever was visiting that day, and most collections and other things that should have stayed together did not. I know that some of her work is lost to us forever.

Aug 18, 2006
from Conni Riley
I have information on the Hufford and the Owens families of Hendricks Co., Ind. I also have some pictures. I'm looking for the names and any other information on the grandparents and great-grand parents of Mary Frances Owens, married name Hufford. She is the sister of
Commodore Perry Owens, sheriff of the old west. Any help would be great! This has been my brick wall. Conni

from Alice:
Conni, you wrote privately and gave some additional information. No doubt your Mary Frances Owens is the Mary F. Hufford (59) on the 1910 Census, Indiana, Hendricks Co., Liberty Township, Enumeration District 41, on May 5th, 1910 (sheet 11-B, line 95). She's with husband George W. Hufford (63), granddaughter Geraldine P. Hufford (12), and mother Fanny Owens (88). The 1910 census says she was born in Indiana, of Tennessee-born parents. By 1910, Mary's mother was widowed and described as born in Tennessee, of Virginia-born parents.

Mary is on the 1900 Census, Indiana, Hendricks Co., Liberty Township, Enumeration District 34, on June 11th, 1900 (sheet 7, line 79). Her birth shows as June 1850, Tennessee. She is with husband George Hufford (b. Sept. 1846, IN) and their granddaughter Geraldine Hufford. By 1900, Mary and George had been married 31 years; Mary had birthed two children, one was dead by 1900. Their granddaughter was born Dec. 1897, IN. George was born in Indiana; his father was born in Kentucky; his mother, Indiana. Living in their household was William Owens, listed as working for George and Mary. Living next door was an Owens family headed by J. Clinton Owens, b. Aug. 1847 in Tennessee.

1880 Census, Indiana, Hendricks Co., Liberty Township, Enumeration District 142 (page 9, line 13), has Geo. Hufford (age 34, born in Indiana, of Kentucky-born parents) with wife Mary F. (30, born in Tennessee, of Tennessee-born parents), son Robert (10), son Commodore (9), and niece Rosa M. Owens (8). Three nearby families are of interest:

(1) Henry Hufford (66, b. in KY, of Maryland-born parents), wife Sarah J. (56, b. KY), and dau. Amanda (19).
(2) Harrison Hufford (21), with wife Flora (19), son Raymond (2 months), and brother-in-law Ollie Mendenhall (24).
(3) The widowed John C. Owens (33), with father Perry (56), mother Fannie (56), son John (1), and niece Linnie (11).

The 1870 Census of the same township shows George Hufford and wife Mary F. with nine-month old son Robert, born August 1869 in Indiana. Listed next door is a family headed by 67-year-old Henry Hufford, born in Kentucky. Living with Henry Hufford are Albert Hufford (15), Polly A. Hufford (13), Henry H. Hufford (11), Amanda Hufford (9), Sarah J. Hufford (39), and Margaret Hufford (72).

1850 Census of Washington Township, Putnam Co., Indiana, shows 37-year-old Henry Hufford, b. KY, with Huldah Hufford (28), John W. Hufford (9), Margaret J. Hufford (6), George Hufford (4), and Caroline Hufford (2).

There was a 70-year-old George W. Hufford of Liberty, IN, who died 18-Jan-1917.

Now, matching up with my records, there's a Henry Hufford, b. 12-Dec-1812 in Woodford Co., KY, who d. 6-Mar-1898 in Cartersburg, Hendricks Co., IN. His first wife was Hulda SNODGRASS (m. 13-Sep-1837, Hendricks Co., IN); 2nd wife was Sarah WALDON, m. 17-Mar-1851, Putnam Co., IN. ... Henry Hufford (b. 1812) was the son of George (Jorick) Hoffard (b. 1766, MD) and Elizabeth CASTLE. George (Jorick) was the son of Christian Hoffarth/Hufford (1716-1788) and his 2nd wife, Anna Catharine

Thus, Mary Frances Owens' husband George W. Hufford (b. Sep. 1946, IN) was the son of Henry Hufford (b. 1812 KY, d. 1898 IN) and Henry's first wife Hulda Snodgrass (d. abt 1850, IN), who was the dau. of Robert Snodgrass and wife Lucretia SIMMONS.

However, what you are looking for are the parents of Mary's parents: Oliver Perry Owens (b. 1822, TN) and Fanny CARRON (b. 1822, TN), and the hump you've got to get over is the fact that by the 1850 census, they were already married and therefore not listed with parents or siblings. Because the 1850 census was the first every-name census, there names are not likely to show on the 1840 census. The couple show on the 1850 census of Hawkins Co., TN, with children Nicholas (6), Jane (4), Clinton (2), and Mary (3 months). Census was dated Nov. 1850; Mary's father's first name was listed as "Perry." ... In order for you to get over that 1850 hump, you're going to have to start looking in sources other than the census. If I were you, I'd start checking land records in and around Hawkins Co., TN, and I'd start checking for wills and estate settlements. Good luck!

Nov 01, 2006
from Kate Renner
Hi Alice, I turned up your site on Google while researching my great grandfather Smith Hampton Matlock whose 2nd wife, Mary Ann HUFFORD was my great grandmother.  Their son Charles Augustus Matlock 1864-1926 was my grandfather.  My father Clifton left home (Indianapolis) when his father died, and we had virtually no contact with his side of the family so although I have just started this research, I don't have contact with any family members who might know more.   You may know all this, but I found the following about Smith Matlock on

SMITH HAMPTON, born 12 June 1831 in Tenn. (Prob. Overton Co.), son of Thomas Simpson and Mary Alexander Matlock.
Married (1st) Lovina Siders and had two children: twins James E. and William E.;
married (2nd) Mary Ann Hufford. Nine children were born to them: Daniel F., Thomas Benton, George W., Jennie F., Charles A., Belle, Maxie M., Octave Lewis;
married (3rd) Laura S. Levi and had one child: Viola;
married (4th) Elizabeth L. Leisure and had no children by her.
Smith Hampton died Oct. 6, 1924.

His obituary gives additional information:

S.H. MATLOCK, 93, dies at Hemlock. died at 8:10 yesterday morning at his home in Hemlock of diseases and infirmities of age. Funeral services will be held at two o'clock Wednesday at the Baptist Church in Hemlock conducted by the Rev. Mr. McCoy of Greentown and followed by burial at Sharpsville, former home of the deceased. Grandsons and great grandsons will be pallbearers. Mr. Matlock had been in ill health several years but did not become bedfast until about four months ago. He was born June 12, 1831, in Tennessee but came with his parents to Rush County, Indiana, when he was two years old.

Thirty years ago he moved to Sharpsville, and a few years ago removed to Hemlock. Mr. Matlock was a member of the Baptist church. Although he was a man far advanced in years when he came to Howard County, Matlock became widely acquainted among the people of the southern part of the county. He was a man of unusual mental equipment as well as great physical vigor, and retained an extraordinary grip of memory until practically the end of his life. Most of his active years were spent in Rush county and it is said that there was a time when he was personally known to more people than any other man in the county. [Note: Smith H. also had by Laura, Levi Deward B. b. Jan. 21, 1876 - deceased.]

His is an odd name; I suppose that the "Smith" and "Hampton" are family surnames, but I haven't tracked that down yet.  It does fit with what little my father told me about his grandfather (married multiple times, lived in Hemlock, IN, and that my father had twin uncles who were farmers near Kokomo). 


from Alice:
Smith Hampton ("S. H.") Matlock shows on the 1880 census in Rushville Township, Rush County, Indiana, with his #3 wife and ten of his children: Daniel, George, Jennie, Charles, Belle, Maxie, & Smith; and Deward, Viola, & an unnamed baby. The mother of the first seven children in the list was Mary Ann Hufford, born about 1832 in Indiana; she was the daughter of William David Hufford, Sr., & Elizabeth STONE.

One family away on the census is the family of William D. Hufford, Jr., age 43, born in Indiana of Kentucky-born parents, & William's 40-year-old wife, Mary E., and children Melissa J. (20), Omer (19), Elmer (8), and Robinson (5). William's wife was born Mary GRUNELL. William was the brother of Mary Ann Hufford, Smith Hampton's #2 wife.

And, next to that family is the family of 57-year-old Hiram Hufford (Kentucky born, of Kentucky-born parents); his full name was "John Hiram Hufford." He was with his wife Rhoda (49) and children Lauran (23), John (20), Amanda (18), Lot (16), William (14), Benjamin (12), and Edward (7). Hiram was the brother of Mary Ann Hufford and William Hufford.

The parents of those three Hufford siblings were William David Hufford, Sr., (1799-1867) & Elizabeth Stone (1803-1873). William David Hufford, Sr., was a son of Daniel Hoffart (1756-1818) & Elizabeth CASSEL; Daniel was a son of Christian Hoffarth (1716-1788) & Elizabeth KEIM (1723-1764).

The 1860 census of Rush Co., Indiana, shows your ancestors. I've sent you a copy.

On the 1850 census of Rush Co., Smith Matlock is a 19-year-old, living with his parents (Thomas & Mary). Living next door is 21-year-old John Hiram Hufford.

You'll want to read Barry's Wood's analysis: genforum.genealogy.com/hufford/messages/262.html.

Nov 09, 2006
from Hollis Hufford
Good evening, Alice.
My name is Hollis Gilbert Hufford, and I am the son of Wesley Charles Hufford, the oldest of six sons born to Gilbert Isaac Hufford and Lena Hufford (née Bickford). My dad was born May 11, 1918, in Artesian, South Dakota (Sanborn Co). He was followed by Frank, Burt, Chester, Lewis, and Donald (but I'm not sure if Burt preceded Chester or vice versa). My dad was a member of the South Dakota National Guard when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. His unit was "Federalized," and he was subsequently inducted into the US Army. My uncle Frank joined the US Navy where he served aboard the USS Willard Keith (a destroyer, I believe). My mom (Selma Naomi Katz) and dad met at a USO dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey, in April 1943 and were married about six weeks later. When my mom passed away on April 24th, 1987 (her 74th birthday), they had been happily married for almost 44 years. After the war, my mom and dad settled in Philadelphia, PA (her hometown), where I was born on March 31, 1953. I served in the US Navy from 1970 until 1976. I have one son, Jarred Andrew Hufford, born August 25, 1986, also in Philadelphia. He currently resides in Boynton Beach, Florida, and I have relocated to Fairhope, Alabama, where I hope to spend the rest of my days. I wish I could be of more assistance in finding other members of the clan, but I haven't seen any of them since 1963 when we visited Artesian on summer vacation when I was 10. Even though my dad was the head of the household as the eldest son after his father's untimely passing before my dad graduated from high school, none of the family came east to attend his funeral or even send flowers. I guess some families are just closer than others. Thanks for caring enough about genealogy to maintain your site.
Hollis G. Hufford
Fairhope, Alabama

from Alice:
Your father shows on the 1920 census in Diana Township, Sanborn County, South Dakota, on Jan. 19, 1920; I've sent you a copy. Your father is listed with his parents (Gilbert & Lena Hufford), his brother Chester.

In 1900, your dad's father is in Cass Co., Iowa, working as a farm laborer for the Fred & Jennie Kirkman family.   He is the "G. Hufford" in Edna, Cass Co., Iowa, on the 1880 census. That census taker used initials only. ... "G." was son of 34-year-old I.W. Hufford (b. 1846), and 31-year-old M.J. Hufford (mother)   Father "I.W." was born in Illinois, and HIS parents were both born in Indiana. With lots of figuring, I've been able to determine that "I.W." was "Isaac Wesley," and that "M.J." was "Martha Jane."

Isaac Wesley was the son of James (b. abt 1822), who was the son of George (b. abt 1795), who was the son of John (b. abt 1758), who was the son of Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern.

Social Security Death Index shows that your dad died June 6, 1989, in Philadelphia. Veterans Day will be this coming Saturday, and it's a good time to remember your dad and all the other WW II veterans.

Dec 09, 2006
from M Kilburn
I'd like to sign the guest book which I found while trying to research information for my relative, Samuel Allen b. 1588 in Essex, England. If anyone has information to share, I would be happy to receive it.
Thank you,
M. Allen

from Alice:
Samuel ALLEN (b. 1588 in England, d. 24 Apr 1648 in Windsor, Connecticut) was married to Ann (last name unknown, b. 1612, d. 13 Nov 1687). They had a son named Obadiah who was born in 1646 in South Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Obadiah was named as their son in the book "The Allen Memorial. Second Series, Descendants of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Conn., 1640-1907."

Obadiah spelled his surname alternately "Allen" and "Allyn." He was a deacon in his church. Obadiah married Elizabeth SANFORD on 28 Oct 1669 in Goshen, Litchfield Co., Connecticut.


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