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Jan 25, 2004
from Carol Butterfield
CButterfield @ comcast.ent
I am a descendant of Jacob Keim and Katarina DeTurk. Johannes Jacob Keim 1724-1799 had a son, Samuel (1769-1843) had a son, William 1794-1843 had a son, William 1830-1865 had a son, Israel (dates unsure) had a son, Thomas Elwood, who was my mother's father. I would like to know if you have more information between Johannes Jacob Keim and the present. We have had a hard time finding it.

Jan 31, 2004
from Leland Eugene Hufford
lhufford1 @ cox.net
Was just surfing; need to get my genealogy in shape; had to start all over with a new pc after losing all in the old machine.

Feb 03, 2004
from Michelle
gorlin @ comcast.net
hello LOVE your site!!! Isaac Lane and Hannah Browne were my great great (you get the idea) grandparents. I have really enjoyed your site. If you need any more recent info on that Lane family, perhaps I could help.

Feb 06, 2004
from Donna Shryne
dshryne @ aol.com
Alice, I have truly enjoyed your site and learned much about my family. You have done a wonderful job. I have been researching family information off and on now for three years as time permits. I am also a descendent of William Bull and Sarah Wells (an 8th great-granddaughter). As you have shown through your research, Emily Jane Douglass married John Campbell. In addition to the children you show, they had two others: Thomas Andrew born October 1856, and Emily A. born April 1861. Thomas Andrew Campbell then married Alice Patience Musgrove on March 4, 1898, and they had 12 children. Their daughter Hester was my great-grandmother. Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful research. I will visit again and again.

Feb 21, 2004
from David K. Hufford
biosolids @ earthlink.net
I have one of the orginal Hufford books by Franklin. My father, Verne K. Hufford was born in Grand Rapids, MI, and my grandfather was Charles Hufford. Both were in the book. Thanks for the web site. I live in University Place, WA.

from Alice
"The book" is the Hufford Family History, published in 1909.

Feb 23, 2004
from Roberta Lynn Cripe
Jamerican21557 @ hotmail.com
Wife of Randy Russell Cripe. Our Children: Bradley Gene and Amanda Lea (Randy's father is Harry Gene Cripe; Randy's mother is Beatrice Elaine Cripe)

Feb 25, 2004
from Kathryn Earle
kearle @ berg1.demon.co.uk
Just following a trail sent by my sister, Madeline Earle.

Mar 03, 2004
from Amanda
Mandy0147 @ aol.com
Hello. I stopped here for some research on the Cripe family. Clara Mae Cripe, married Thomas Evan Goff; she was my 2nd great grandmother.

Mar 12, 2004
from Maureen (Earle) Landress
rmlandress @ juno.com
I am a direct lineal descendant of Ralph Earle and Joan Savage. My great-great-great-great grandfather was Charles Clifford Earle whose wife was Mary Jane Shepherd. Would love to exchange information with anyone else who is related to this line. Would love more information on their lives in Massachusettes.

Mar 15, 2004
from Francis & Cheryl Deal
francis.deal @ verizon.net
Thanks so much for constructing this website! Our Deal line are descendants of Barbara Hufford, daughter of John Hufford, grandaughter of Abraham and great-grandaughter of Casper Hufford. I knew that there was a book written on the Huffords, but the Hufford relative who had the information passed away before anyone could get the information. Your site filled in many questions we had from the information we were able to find online. You've done a wonderful job! Thanks! Francis & Cheryl Deal

Apr 10, 2004
from Virginia Chase
vchase7 @ hotmail.com
Great site! I descend from the Earle / Borden line on both sides and several times. My cousin and I have been doing research for a number of years. In fact, Alice, you were in contact with my cousin a few years back trading information. So it was a pleasant surprise to find this site. I haven't worked on the Earle line lately, so I guess I better jump back in!

May 23, 2004
from Bill Jones
mrbluestreak @ earthlink.net
I am the 4th great grandson of Lucy Jones. I am so glad that you did the work involved in recording all the information from
Beard Cemetery. This is the first documentation I have been able to find on Lucy, other than the mention of her in Harrison Jones' biography. Thanks so much. Bill Jones. Winfield, KS

from Alice
Lucy's maiden name was Lucy THOMPSON. According to her gravestone, she died 20-July-1850, at the age of 65 years and 9 months. She was the mother of Resin V. Jones, Harrison Jones, and Angeline (Jones) More. Lucy's daughter Angeline was the wife of Eli MORE. Eli More was a brother of Sophia More (1801-1879); Sophia married John Beard and brought forth nine Beard children: John M., Sarah, Permilla, Mary Jane, Rachel, William, Eli, Jermima, and Alexander.

May 23, 2004
from Dick Holmes
dholmes2 @ earthlink.net
Two of my ancestors married Hufford daughters. It's great to see all the hard work you have put into your family history and GED. Regards, Dick Holmes.
Studying Hufford, Reedy, Leonard, Corfman, Showalter

May 27, 2004
from Tara Hufford Walker
taralynn1 @ cox.net
Thanks for the hard work keeping our family alive. My father is Donald Earl Hufford, his father was Earl Leslie Hufford, his father was Jesse Hufford, his father was Emanuel Hufford, his father was Abraham Hufford Sr. (1788-1859).

Jul 02, 2004
from Jill Miller
Reverie @ nwlink.com
I would like to contact Glenn McGeath who posted here regarding more info on the McGeath Families & Descendants, but Glenn's email address is no longer viable. Does anyone have a current email address for Glenn? I have lots of info on the descendants of John Nickel Miller by Margaret McGeath.

Jul 13, 2004
from Marilyn Riordan
Fari42 @ aol.com
You have a great web site. As soon as I can, I am going to join, for I am on a limited income, and trying the best I can. Wonderful site. Thank you. Marilyn

from Alice
Everything at my web site is free, Marilyn. You're welcome to as much genealogy info as you'd like, and you're welcome to right-click on any photos and save for yourself. Genealogy is about sharing: The more we share, the more we have. Best wishes, and thanks for stopping by!

Jul 21, 2004
from Jill Goodwin
cjgoodwin32 @ hotmail.com
Awesome! I really enjoyed the blurb about Samuel Hotchkiss and Elizabeth Cleverly. I am related though the Johnson-Botsford in Connecticult line. Thank you so much!

Jul 27, 2004
from Merrell Kenworthy
merrellken @ aol.com
I am descended from Samuel Copeland, Jr., who died in 1821 in Jefferson Co, IN, through his youngest son, Milton. Court records indicate that Milton was 10 years old at the time of his father's death. I have been unable to connect Samuel, Jr., and his father with certainty. Do the Franklin County, KY, deed records indicate that he went to Kentucky from Halifax Co, NC? Thanks for your contribution to the Copeland puzzle. Merrell

Aug 26, 2004
from Larry James Hufford Jr.
hufford2000 @ yahoo.com
Just checking on the Hufford family history. I can only remember back to Sara Hufford (maiden name Dunagen), my great Grandmother. My Grandfather was Donald R. Hufford; my father, Larry James Hufford, Sr.

Aug 27, 2004
from Debra Hobson
chobson @ mcihispeed.net
Your history was very interesting. I ran up on it because my mother's mother was a Payne, and I think her parents were Malinda and Joseph, not sure, and there were many John Paynes in the family from way back. My grandmother who was a Payne had several Payne brothers; they were all from Springfield. My grandmother was known for having a pastry business where she would bake everything and sell to factories in the '50s. My mother is now 76. While we were on the phone tonight, she asked me to look up Paynes in Springfield. I said, "Mom it doesn't work that way." Sure enough, I typed in "Paynes in Springfield" and chose your web site with much surprise to see a history of a Payne family. It would be a real kick if you were part of my mother's family. We are an African American family, but there are many whites still in our family today on my mother's father's side. My mother's mother did not know much about her people. She lived with a stepmother, but my mother always said that she only remembers her mother's mother's name as Melinda or Amanda. My grandmother's name was Chloe Payne; she had a sister named Lula Payne and brothers John Thomas and George Payne. It was nice reading your family history. God bless you and your family. Debra

Aug 29, 2004
from Ernest Lansford II
ernestlansford @ comcast.net
Great website. And we haven't even seen it all. Please feel free to contact us for any reason.

from Alice
Thru his mother, Earnest descends from Itha Elmer DOYLE and Mary Louise PAYNE.

Aug 30, 2004
from Betty Ann Doyle-Avery
btavery @ iasinternet.com
To once again thank you for the hard work putting together the DOYLE (Elmer) & PAYNE (Mary Louise) Genealogy. "Poppy" & our Grandmother would be so proud of your accomplishment in the research you have done. The Beard Family should be as proud, also. Every word of description for these families was a labor of love, giving us all the time to stop & reflect in looking back to yesteryears, renewing lost memories. Life will always be in the words you have written to share with us all.
Your Cousin,
Betty Doyle-Avery

Aug 31, 2004
from Florian Cripe
Carolync @ locl.net
I live near Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have enjoyed doing genealogical reaearch and have been to Pennsylvania several times, looking for ancestors and their places. Lots of fun. Lots of work has gone into your list. I had never heard before that Jacob Greib's sister came over, too. I have a copy of the ship list of the Richard and Elizabeth with Jacob's signature.

Sep 19, 2004
from Charlene Cripe Turner
cturner @ insightbb.com
Just curious as to if these are my ancestors or not. I can't trace my family very far and was just wondering. My grandfather was George F. Cripe, son of Earl Cripe. Anyone know?

Sep 27, 2004
from Eva Myrick
jambucketchucker @ wmconnect.com
I am a descendant of Christian Hoffarth and Elizabeth Keim. Through their son Johannes (John); through John's son Solomon and Solomon's wife Priscilla; through Solomon's son Andrew Jackson and Andrew's wife Catherine; through Andrew's daughter Mary Medora and her husband William Englehardt.

Christian and Elizabeth's son John moved to Woodford County, Kentucky, where he died. He can be found in the census records there. Solomon and Priscilla moved to Scott County, Indiana, where they died. They are listed in census records there. He died about 1848, and she by 1860. Andrew and Catherine moved to Crothersville, Indiana, where their children were born. In 1872 they moved to Hannibal, Missouri. Andrew died in 1879. As the family moved, the name change from Hoffarth, Hoffert, to Hufford.

from Alice
Christian and Elizabeth's son John was born 1758 in Frederick Co., MD. He married Elizabeth STIHLI on Dec. 2, 1783 at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Frederick, Frederick Co., Maryland. The couple moved to Woodford Co., KY. He died there in 1819, murdered by robbers.

Eva Myrick has done enormous research sorting out the descendants of John Hufford b. 1758.

Sep 28, 2004
from Dorothy
huffy49 @ msn.com
Oh what a delightful surprise your site is for me. I have been searching my husband's side of the family, (HUFFORD). And then I found your site. You have a wonderful site here. Thank you for all the great work you have done. Dorothy

Nov 04, 2004
from Debbie Farrow
contrary52 @ yahoo.com
Great work! Has all the makings of a great movie.

from Alice
Any cousins have Hollywood connections? LOL! ;-)

Nov 04, 2004
from Phyllis Cress
pcress @ niu.edu
Very, very interesting and very confusing but was fascinated while reading this.

Nov 04, 2004
from Catherine
pedanica @ bigpond.net.au
A very interesting and involved story. Congratulations in sorting it all out!

Nov 04, 2004
from Robin Carroll
cinnamonice @ optusnet.com.au
A thought. Is it possible that Frank Reed/Tom Doyle was in touch with his mother, or his sisters, and possibly through them found out that his mother had re-married, hence the change in her surname between 1886 and 1893? Good luck. Robin.

from Alice
The sudden spate of guestbook entries had me confused. Then I learned that cousin Fran Patton's note to a rootsweb.com mailing list was in Myra Vanderpool Gormley's weekly newsletter: ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/review/20041103.txt. Fran and I descend from the fascinating Frank Reed, who changed his name to Tom Doyle after walking away from the Civil War.

Nov 04, 2004
from Sidney R. Kime, Jr.
sidneykime @ aol.com
Hello. I am just getting started researching my family genealogy. After visiting Salt Lake City and the Family History Library this past week, I was able to trace my family (except for one short gap) back to Ludwig Harcourt Keim (1598-1660). I found your website by doing a search for Speier, Germany. It seems Abraham Hufford Sr. and I are both descended from Johannes Keim (1675-1753); however, Abraham descended from Johannes and Katarina's fifth child (Elizabeth, born in 1723), while I descended from their second child (Johannes, born in 1711). This is fun. Your site has provided me with a few more details. Thank you.

from Alice:
That line back to "Ludwig Harcourt Keim" is not proven. In fact, better genealogists than I have said that everything above Johannes Keim who died in Reading, Berks Co., Pennsylvania, is fabricated.

Nov 07, 2004
from Anita
davidc @ napanet.net
Dear Alice, Just discovered your wonderful, informative web site. My great (8 times) grandmother was Alice (Mrs. Henry) Lake. What a sad story that is. It would make a great movie! Thanks.

Nov 21, 2004
from John Cripe Griffith
john_griffith82 @ yahoo.com
Thank you for the website; very informative.

Dec 14, 2004
from Mike Scott
mscottml @ yahoo.com
Thanks for all the work you have done. I am a descendant of Daniel Cripe. Mike Scott, Franklin, Ohio

Dec 14, 2004
from maggie lyons
goddessw @ comcast.net
The Grannis family originally came to England from Denmark and possibly Norway. We are Viking decendants. I am the grandaughter of Frederick W. Grannis.

Dec 16, 2004
from Conni Riley
connir @ peoplepc.com
I enjoyed looking at your site. My Huffords are from around Hendricks Co., Indiana. Good luck with your search. Conni


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