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Feb 04, 2007
from Patricia McGarry
Dear Alice,
I was helping my grandson with his family tree report for school and came across your site. I am
Permelia Payne's (1843-1935) and Joseph Malcom's (1835-1914) great-great grandaughter, descending from their son George William Payne who married Minnie Humphrey.

There is a family rumor that Joseph Malcom also had a Souix Indian wife from his days as a guide and that George William Malcolm is actually a child of that union. I have never been able to verify this and wondered if any one else has mentioned this.

Thank you.
Patricia McGarry

from Alice:
I had also heard some rumors about Joseph Malcom's involvement with an Indian woman at the same time he was with Permelia.  However, I'd never heard that George might have been anything other than Permelia's child.   ...   Without proof, I would not accept the story about Permelia being anything other than the mother of George. It's possible, but what you suggest is not something I would accept without proof. ... Ah, but those are good stories to follow!  They make the genealogy hunting interesting. :-)

Joseph Malcom and wife P.A. (Permelia) are on the 1880 census in Iowa, in Pottawattamie County, York Township, District 181. Children listed are Addison (16), Frank (14), Clara (11), William (10), May (8), Charles (6), Leonore (2). Addison and Frank are correctly listed as born in Illinois, but they are incorrectly presented as sons of Joseph Malcom, with father's place of birth listed as New York. It is well known that Addison and Frank were NOT the children of Joseph, but rather the children of Permelia's first husband -- the man who lived most of his life under the assumed name "Thomas Doyle."

The other four children (Clara, William, May, Charles, and Leonore) are listed as born in Iowa. For clarification, "William" is George William; "May" is Harriet May; "Leonore" is Lenore.

What you're looking for is some misrepresentation about who George William's real mother was.

1895, Permelia and Joseph are in Iowa, in Woodbury Co., Miller Township, for the 1895 Iowa census.

1900, Permelia and Joseph are in Iowa, in Woodbury Co., Kedrow Township, Anthon Town, District 153, living with daughter Lenore and Lenore's husband, Otto Jorgenson. Permelia is listed as having birthed seven children, with all seven children still living. Permelia and Joseph are reported as having been married for 31 years, which would take their marriage back to about 1869, the year of the birth of their first child, Clara, who was born in Montgomery Co., Iowa. No marriage record has ever been found for Permelia and Joseph. (In fact, no divorce record has been found for the divorce of Permelia and her first husband. However, her first husband did marry again, three more times, and records have been found for all of those marriages, all in Vermilion Co., Illinois.)

1910, Permelia and Joseph are in Iowa, in Woodbury Co., Oto Township, District 172, living with daughter Lenore and Lenore's husband, Otto Jorgenson. Again, Permelia is listed as having birthed seven children, with all seven children still living. It would seem that George William was included in the count. Joseph and Permelia were reported as having been married for 47 years, which would go back to about 1863, about the year Permelia married her first husband (1864). In other words, there was a misrepresentation to the census taker, and Permelia was presented as always having been married to Joseph Malcolm.

By the 1920 census, Permelia no longer was living with daughter Lenore and Lenore's husband. I have not found where she was.

On the 1930 census, Permelia is widowed and living with daughter Clara, in Nebraska, in Burt Co., Decatur Village, District 5.

According to Permelia's obituary in The Anthon Herald, Permelia died December 14, 1935, in Iowa, at the home of son George William Malcom

George William Malcom is in Woodbury Co., Iowa, for the 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 census reports. On all, he is listed as "white," and his mother is listed as born in Illinois (as was Permelia). ... George was born in December 1870. The prior-born sibling was Clara, born January 1869. The after-born sibling was Harriet, born May 1872. There is nothing suspect about a woman birthing in January 1869, December 1870, and May 1872. The first and second are 23 months apart; the second and third are 17 months apart.

Anything is possible, but I find no evidence that George was anything other than the real son of Permelia: He was always listed as white; he always reported his mother as born in Illinois; in both 1900 and 1910, he was included in the total count of children Permelia had born, and his birth would fit with the other known children of Permelia.

Jun 14, 2007
from Constance Waid
I discovered your site by accident and spent a few happy hours browsing through the pages. Very interesting information.

I originally was seeking to learn more about my Stutsman genealogy.

I am descended from Rinehart Stutsman (son of John C. Stutsman and Esther Cripe) through his second marriage to Nancy Witter. Their daughter, Malinda Stutsman, married Albert Osburn and settled in Newaygo County, Grant, Michigan. Albert and Malinda had 12 children. Among them my grandmother, Geneva Helen Osburn.

I would appreciate any information you can share about the Stutsmans. I see also that I have a Cripe connection, through Rinehart's mother, and your site has much information in that line. I just am not able to sort it out. Again, any information you care to share on that line I would appreciate. I see mention on your site that these people were part of the "Brethren." I will be digging in to find out more about that as well.

I have been in touch with Jeanette Done of Tuscon, Arizona, who descends from Rinehart Stutsman through his first marriage to Hannah Ingle. They had a daughter, Lovina Stutsman, who married Charles Criger. Jeanette has shared quite a bit of information with me including Family Group Sheets for Rinehart Stutsman, an obituary for Lovina Stutsman, death certificate for Lovina Stutsman, photos of Lovina and Charles Criger and Lovina and her children. She also sent a work begun by her mother called "Descendents of Jacob Stutsman" taking the lineage of the Stutsmans I was seeking to know more about back to Jacob Stutsman b. about 1711 in Germany or Switzerland. The paper says he died on 2 Jan. 1776 in Peters Township, Cumberland, PA, USA.

Thank you so much for posting your information for others to see. I enjoyed browsing through it and am certain there are connections to be made there, I am just not good at figuring them out.

Connie Waid

from Alice:
The Brethren are a religious group. They are Anabaptists, a term used for Protestant Christians who practice adult believer-baptism only, who advocate nonresistance, and who advocate strict separation of church and state. Mennonites and Quakers are also Anabaptists. To learn more about the Brethren, check this web site:

And, here is an ancestor chart for your Rinehart STUTSMAN:


1 Rinehart STUTSMAN: b 1815 Ohio; d 8 Jul 1872 Indiana

2 John STUTZMAN: b Jan 1782; m 1 Mar 1810 Montgomery Co., Ohio; d 1862 St. Joseph Co., Indiana
3 Esther CRIPE: b Abt 1785 Pennsylvania; d Abt 1855 St. Joseph Co., Indiana

4 David STUTZMAN: m Abt 1782
5 Ann NESBITT: b 5 Mar 1764
6 Daniel GRIPE Sr.: b 15 Mar 1752 Bedford Co., PA; m Abt 1775 Bedford Co., PA; d 23 Oct 1823 Montgomery Co., Ohio
7 Levina Barbara REPLOGLE: b Abt 1757; d Abt 1804

10 Nathaniel NESBITT, Jr.: b 16 Jun 1725 Drumballyoney, Co. Downs, Northern Ireland; m 18 Nov 1761 Lancaster Co., PA; d 20 Jul 1807 Clear Spring, Washington Co., MD
11 Veronica Frenny WITTMER: b 31 Aug 1743 Lebanon, Lancaster Co., PA; d Abt 1781 Clear Spring, Washington Co., MD
12 Jacob GREIB, Sr.: b Abt 1712 Germany; m Abt 1742 York Twsp., Lancaster Co., PA; d 1802 Frankstown, Huntingdon Co., PA
13 Elizabeth ULRICH: b Abt 1724

22 Peter WITMER: b 4 Jun 1712 Zurich, Switzerland; m 2 Mar 1738 Lebanon, Lancaster Co., PA; d Jan 1795 Lebanon, Dauphin Co., PA
23 Anna BAUGHMAN: b 1720 Conestoga, Chester Co., PA; d Abt 1786 Lebanon, Dauphin Co., PA
24 ___ GREIB
26 Stephen ULRICH, Sr.: b 1680 Germany

44 Michael WITMER: b 14 Feb 1668 Zurich, Switzerland; m 7 Apr 1701 Switzerland; d May 1763 Lancaster Co., PA
45 Anna ROTH: b 1678 Switzerland; d 1735 Zurich, Switzerland
46 Michael BAUGHMAN: b Abt 1700; d 28 May 1756 Manheim, Lancaster Co., PA
47 Katharine STEINER: b Abt 1698

88 Christopher WITTMER: b 1646 Liesthal, Baseland, Switzerland; m 11 May 1666 Hersfield, Nassau, Germany; d 1726
89 Agnes BROICH: b Abt 1646; d 1732
90 Ulrich ROTH

176 Michael WITTMER: b 3 Jan 1603 Muttenz, Baseland, Switzerland; m 17 Dec 1645 Liesthal, Baseland, Switzerland; d 4 May 1646 Liesthal, Baseland, Switzerland
177 Margaret WOLF: b 1625 Liesthal, Baseland, Switzerland; d 18 Sep 1669

Aug 26, 2007
from Debra Meek
Debra (Pringle) Meek, great-great granddaughter of Alexander and Lydia (Hufford) Pringle. On the Pringle side that's as far back as I've gotten.

from Alice:
Here's all I have on Alexander PRINGLE: b. 1834, Canada; m. Lydia HUFFORD 4 Mar 1865, Wood Co., Ohio; d. 16 Jun 1890, Perrysburg, Wood Co., Ohio; bur. Hufford Cem., Perrysburg, Wood Co., Ohio. The children of Alexander and Lydia were (1) Isaac Calvin, b. abt 1867; (2) Irene Rena E., b. abt 1868; (3) Jacob Joe, b. Aug. 1869; (4) Mertie, b. abt 1873; (5) Sanford, b. Nov. 1877; (6) Delia E., b. abt 1878; and (7) Olive Pearl, b. 1890.

Alexander and Lydia are on the 1870 census in Muskegon Co., Michigan, in Ward 3 of Muskegon; Alexander (listed as "Alex" on the census) was working in a saw mill. They're on the 1880 census in Wood Co., Ohio, in Perrysbury. Alexander's father is listed as born in Canada; mother, in Pennsylvania. By the 1900 census, Lydia was 53, widowed, working as a carpet weaver, and living with her half-sister Sarah (same father, different mothers); she was in Wood Co., Ohio, in Troy.

As you know, Lydia was the daughter of Jacob HUFFORD (b. 1798), who was the son of Casper HUFFORD (b. 1762).

Nov 18, 2007
from Sherri Feller

I found your site while researching my great-grandfather, David William Kitts. He was born Feb 24, 1842, in Ripley County, Indiana, son of John Kitts (1815-?) and Julia Ann Overturf (1820-1854). He married Mary E. Heaton (1843-1926), April 19, 1866, in Jennings County, Indiana. Thay were divorced in June 24, 1897. (Second marriage to Mary Barrows, August 12, 1897, in Sabula, Jackson County, Iowa) He died March 04, 1905, and is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Maquoketa, Jackson County, Iowa.

I have a copy of the will of Jacob Kitts (1793-1865) and was trying to determine if Jacob's son John was my David William's father. Your site shows that is correct.

This is the family of David William Kitts:

1 David William Kitts b: 24 Feb 1842 d: 04 Mar 1905
+Mary E. Heaton b: 08 Apr 1843 m: 19 Apr 1866 d: 11 Jul 1926
2 Gertrude Kitts b: 18 Apr 1867 d: 18 Jul 1907
... +Andrew S. McComb b: 14 Feb 1854 m: 15 Mar 1889 d: 16 Jan 1928
2 Clement L. Kitts b: 19 Aug 1868 d: 10 Jul 1935
... +Martha E. J. Thompson b: Abt. 1867 m: May 1916 d: Aft. 1935
2 Elizabeth P. Kitts b: 09 Jan 1870 d: 1956
... +Lee Otis Sheets b: 1865 m: 25 Feb 1891
2 Viola P. Kitts b: 31 May 1872 d: 21 Jun 1945
... +William Elrick m: 10 Apr 1900
2 Lela Kitts b: 12 Jul 1874 d: 27 Jun 1965
... +Sherman Paup b: 23 Jun 1867 m: 25 Dec 1893 d: 06 Feb 1945
2 William Kitts b: 28 Mar 1876 d: 19 Jan 1908
... +Jennie Campbell b: Dec 1881 m: 30 May 1900 d: Aft. 1930
2 Daisy Caroline Kitts b: 25 Mar 1878 d: 12 May 1946
2 Ralph Kitts b: 28 Jan 1881 d: 16 Nov 1931
... +Flora Miller b: 1862 m: 12 May 1904 d: 1936
2 Grace Kitts b: 04 Jan 1883 d: 17 Feb 1930
... +Harry W.H. Ripple b: Abt. 1880 m: 07 Apr 1910
2 [1] Nellie Kitts b: 10 Apr 1884 d: 08 Jan 1965
... +Joseph Walter Starr b: 20 Nov 1884 m: 02 Mar 1910 d: 20 Sep 1962
*2nd Husband of [1] Nellie Kitts:
... +George Wesley Ketchum b: 10 Aug 1888 m: 04 Nov 1943 d: Abt. 1952
2 Jo Kitts b: 21 Dec 1886 d: 30 May 1977
... +Ray Sanborn Stone b: 25 Mar 1879 m: 19 Aug 1910 d: 28 Jul 1972
*2nd Wife of [1] David William Kitts:
. +Mary Barrows m: 12 Aug 1897

Thanks again for all of your hard work.
Sherri Feller

from Alice:
Regarding Ralph KITTS b. 1881, he is listed on the 1920 census for Perry Twp., Jackson Co., IOWA, with his mother and some of his siblings.  He is listed as single.


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