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Jan 13, 2002
from Christina Evelyn (Beard) Woodworth
I was very interested in the "Beards" and the "Moores." I have only been able to trace my family background as far as William Harrison Beard from IL, and his wife Mary Ann Ellizabeth Smith, PA. There were my great-grandparents. I was hoping to find a connection, but I am not sure if there could be a connection since I don't have any idea who my g grandfather's parents were. I don't even know when my g grandfather was born. I'm still gathering all of the information about the "Beards," no matter where they are from, hoping for a connection. My grandfather, John W. Beard, was from Joplin, MO; b.1862 d.1925 in CO and buried in the Divide Creek Cemetery at Divide Creek. He was married to Laura Elizabeth William from MO. After my grandfather's death, the rest of the family -- g grandmother and her three sons and one daughter -- moved to Oregon. My g grandmother is buried in Grants Pass, Josephine Co., Oregon. My father (Percy J. Beard), Merritt Everett Beard, Glen Vernon Beard, and sister Myrtle Clarissa Beard Jones, Peterson, Hulse are all deceased. My mother Ruby Myra Hulse Beard and my only sister, Elmina Clarissa Beard Spring, Prague are all deceased as well. I am the last living link to this family of Beards, and I am 65, so there are no people alive can give me any information about either side of my family. It certainly be greatly appreciated if somewhere along the line there is somebody that may know something about other relatives. I have the names of my father's aunts and uncles, but not much else.
Christina Woodworth

from Alice
Christina, begin with the known, and move back into that which is now unknown, piece by piece, and clue by clue. You know the names of those great-grandparents. Do you know about when and where they died? If so, get copies of their death certificates. Find obituaries in the local newspapers. You might learn a parent's name; you might learn a place of birth. Do you know where they were at the time of the 1920 census? (In April 2002, the 1930 census will be released.) Do you know where they were for the 1910 census? Check them, and see what you find. Try to find a marriage license application for them. Check for church records for baptisms of their children. Some of those records note other family members. Look for land records to see from whom they bought their land. People often bought land from other family members. Any chance he served in the military? Get those records. It's a puzzle; the fun is in piecing it together. Best wishes!

Jan 18, 2002
from Erin Doyle
I'm taking a genealogy class right now at Augustana College and was researching my father's side of the family. My grandfather (Willis Doyle) told me of his great-grandmother (
Permelia Ann Payne) who remarried and became a Malcolm. I decided to look her up because she supposedly knew President Lincoln. The internet took me to this website, and there it was -- a huge article on my great-great-great-grandmother.

from Alice
Before Joseph MALCOLM, Permelia was married to the man she knew as "Thomas Doyle." Permelia had two children with Tom Doyle, and five children with Joseph Malcolm. Yes, Permelia claimed that she once danced with Abraham Lincoln. My connection to Permelia is that she was the sister of one great-grandfather, and the first wife of another great-grandfather. By the way, you're not a "Doyle"; you're most likely a "Reed," because your great-grandfather's real name was "Francis REED." He changed it after he went A.W.O.L. from the Union Army during the U.S. Civil War. But, he must have been a nice guy because, after all, four women married him!

Mar 4, 2002
from rhonda davis
I'm the great granddaughter of Alice Hufford Tate.

from Alice:
Likely the reference is to Alice Hufford (1885-1980) of Kansas who was the daughter of Emanual, who was the son of Abraham Sr., who was the son of Casper, who was the son of Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany. Alice married Luther TATE in 1902 in Anderson Co., Kansas. The couple's children were Nellie, George, Roy, and Maxine.

Mar 8, 2002
from Betty Grove
I married Charles Grove, son of Arther Hufford Grove. We had two children: Charles William and Lora Jean.

from Alice:
I'm guessing that was Arthur H. Grove, son of Frank Grove and Sadie Bell Hufford (born 1876). Sadie was the daughter of Emanuel, who was the son of Elias, who was the son of Solomon Sr., who was the son of Casper, who was the son of Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

Mar 15, 2002
from Donald L. Hufford
Alice: I'm the son of John Lee Hufford, son of Jess Hufford, all from Rossville, IN. I'm interested in information on the Lancaster covered Bridge located just below the Beard farm at Owasco. I'm also interested in the Adams Mill and the Adams Mill covered Bridge at Cutler, IN. Do you have any information on these 3 sites, such as date built, etc.? My son Joe Hufford has purchased the Old Hufford Brick House and Barn on the north side of St. Rd. 421, just past the Wild Cat Creek, north of Rossville. If you have any history on that property, I would appreciate some help. PS: I work at Purdue Univ. with Charley and Linda.

from Alice:
Jess was Jesse Newton Hufford (1872-1928), son of John, son of Samuel, son of Solomon Sr., son of Casper, son of Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

Mar 16, 2002
from Mary Burrier

Mar 29, 2002
from Nancy Bousquet Monk
My great-great-great grandfather was Christian Hufford. His daughter Catharine and Jacob Reynolds were my great-greats.

from Alice:
Jacob Reynolds' wife Catharine Hufford (born about 1803) was the daughter of Christian III, who was the son of Christian II, who was the son of Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

Apr 6, 2002
from William Garard
I recently started researching my third-great-grandmother Sarah Hufford, married (1813 KY) to Jonathan Spaulding. After locating them in Woodford County, Kentucky, then moving to Scott County, Indiana. I was unable to find any records on them after 1850 and beat my head against that wall until I wore out and started looking for their ancestors. Then I found your web pages, besides being very interesting and informative, I discovered many more ancestors to align with. It was like finding a gold mine. I went to the
Higginson Book Company site and searched for The Hufford Family History, but was unable to locate it; maybe they don’t provide this book any longer.

from Alice
I wrote to Higginson Book Co. at orders@higginsonbooks.com and got a response within the hour. Here was my question: "Do you still sell reproductions of the book 'Hufford Family History,' published in 1909, authored by Franklin Pierce Hoffert?"

And here was their answer:

Subj: Re: Hufford Family History?
Date: 5/17/2002 4:57 PM EDT
higginsn@cove.com (George)
To: Alice Beard

Yes, it's still available at $41.00 softcover and $53.00 hardcover.

However, if you'd like, you can make it known on your website that family members can get the book at the discounted rate of $36.00 plus $6.00 shipping. They just have to mention that they saw the special price on your website.

We accept mastercard, visa and checks.

Because we do print to order, delivery time is about 8 weeks.

Higginson Books

My experience with this company has me saying that they are EXCELLENT and 100% reputable. The reproduction of the book is easier to read than any of the original copies that I've seen over the years. The original book printed rather "muddy." Higgonson has managed to clear up much of the muddiness in their reproductions.

Franklin Pierce Hoffert produced an amazing book, filled with hundreds of face photos and thousands of dates. He depended in large part on dates provided by others. There are some date errors in the book -- not many, but there are errors. There is no index. In order to understand the way the book is organized, one needs to understand the branches of the family tree. Here's some help: "
Reader's Guide to Franklin Hoffert's Hufford Family History."

And, William's third-great-grandmother Sarah (1792-1870) was the daughter of John, who was the son of
Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

Apr 29, 2002
from Wayne Borden Bardsley
My maternal grandfather, Raymond Clifford Borden (1885-1964), and grandmother, Lillian Keziah Smith (1884-1964), were furious when the Chad Mitchell Trio had their hit song about "their cousin," Lizzie. They were all residents of Fall River; Raymond's father was Eugene Albert Borden (1847-1920), and his grandfather was Philander Borden (b. 1814?). The actual precise connection to Lizzie is unknown to me.

from Alice
The Chad Mittchell Trio recorded "Fall River Hoedown." They were not the first to sing the song. It was originally a production number in a group called "New Faces," in 1952. Below are the words, found amid the treasures of the internet:

One hot day in old Fall River,
Mr. Andrew Borden died,
And they booked his daughter Lizzie
On a charge of homicide.

Some folks say, "She didn't do it."
Others say, "Of course she did."
But they all agree Miss Lizzie B.
Was quite a problem kid

'Cause you can't chop your poppa up in Massachusetts,
Not even if it's planned as a surprise.
No, you can't chop your poppa up in Massachusetts;
You know how neighbors love to criticize.

Now, she got him on the sofa,
Where he'd gone to take a snooze,
And I hope he went to heaven,
'Cause he wasn't wearin' shoes.

Lizzie kind of rearranged him
With a hatchet ,so they say,
And then she got her mother
In that same old fashioned way.

But, you can't chop your momma up in Massachusetts,
Not even if you're tired of her cuisine.
No, you can't chop your momma up in Massachusetts;
If you do, you know, there's bound to be a scene.

Oh they really kept her hoppin' on that August afternoon,
With both down and upstairs choppin'
While she hummed a ragtime tune,
And her maw, when Lizzie whacked her looked an awful lot like paw,
Like somebody in a tractor had been backin' over maw.

But, you can't chop your poppa up in Massachusetts,
And then blame all the damage on the mice.
No, you can't chop your momma up in Massachusetts;
That kind of thing just isn't very nice.

Now it wasn't done for pleasure
And it wasn't done for spite,
And it wasn't done because the lady
Wasn't very bright.

She had always done the slightest thing
That mom and poppa bid.
They said, "Lizzie, cut it out,"
And that's exactly what she did.

But you can't chop your poppa up in Massachusetts,
And then get dressed to go out for a walk.
No, you can't chop your poppa up in Massachusetts;
It's a far cry to New York
A far cry to New York.

May 15, 2002
from Marilyn Furzeland
I am the 7th generation descendant of John Borden who was a member of Colonel Noble's Command when it was attacked by Indians and French in the Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada (where I currently live). The Nova Scotia family are always proud of their cousins Sir Robert & Sir Frederick, but they denied being related to Lizzie!

May 16, 2002
from Larry McCune
I was very pleased to find this site while searching for information on Schwaigern, Germany. Solomon Hufford was the great-grandfather of Catherine (Berry) McCune who was my great-grandmother. I had found the connection between Catherine Beery and the Huffords through the Keim Family Tree site maintained by Kie Zelms.

from Alice
Kei Zelms wrote in the year 2000. E-mail address then was zelms@apci.net. I do not know the web site URL; I'd be happy to share if I knew.

Your closest ancestor born with the Hufford surname was Catherine Hufford (1814-1873), daughter of Solomon Sr., son of Casper, son of Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

May 21, 2002
from Robert Marshall
My Grandfather was Fred Cripe, My great Grandfather was John Sumner Cripe, and Great Great Grandfather was Rhinhart Cripe. I don't know much about the Cripe family and would like to learn more.

May 29, 2002
from Debra Lynn Earle
This is a very interesting site. I was just surfing for Earle ancestors, and it brought me to here. I had no idea the "Earle" name was linked to Lizzy Borden in anyway.

Jun 3, 2002
from Mari Moore
Found out about your site through the Reeder Forum. They spotted the entry for Matthew Borden and Joan Reeder. Always fascinating to see a family name tied in with notorious people...My mother is a Reeder, from the W. Texas line.

Jun 13, 2002
from Gary Lane Cripe
I am a direct descendant of all of Jacob Grieb's children. I know, but it happened before my time. Nevertheless, I am proud of that fact.

from Alice:
Jacob Greib (or Cripe) (born 1712) and his wife Elizabeth had ten children -- four sons and six daughters. Just to set the record straight: NONE of those ten children interbred! However, many of Jacob and Elizabeth's descendants did intermarry. First-cousin and second-cousin marriages were very common among their descendants. Thus, many of Jacob and Elizabeth's descendants are able to claim descent through more than one of their ten children. This, however, is the first time I've heard from someone who descends from all ten children

Jun 26, 2002
from margaret (DEXTER)
i really am a cousin of Lizzy Borden and of thomas cornell through ralph earle's daughters, mary and sarah. martha earle wood was my ancestral grandmother.

Jul 6, 2002
from Jane E Morse
Thank you for helping me finally find the name of the Morse who was tried for witchcraft. I knew there was a house in Salem called the Morse House, but had researched that a long time ago, and have since found out that Morses are not ones to talk about their relatives who are accused of such. I just happened to stumble upon the Lizzie Borden data tonight. I wonder what the stuffy Morses think of having her in their ancestry!

Jul 10, 2002
from Merita (Sanford) Stormzand
I enjoyed reading the lineage all the way back to Thomas Sanford. My DAR ancester is Capt. John Sanford, whose wife was Rebecca DeBow.

Jul 10, 2002
my wife, Lee F. Fowler, is 13th generation descended from Alice (Mrs. Henry Lake).

Jul 11, 2002
from Mark A. Smith
Alice, I have yet one more interesting Cripe-Studebaker link-up: My great-grandfather's sister, Sarah Smith, married Jacob Cripe, who is buried in the Hoover-Snider Cemetery in Deer Creek Township in Cass County, Indiana. Sarah was the daughter of Lydia Studebaker and her husband Jacob Smith, and the granddaughter of Abraham Studebaker, from Miami County, Ohio. My great-grandfather was Sarah's brother, Artemas.

Jul 30, 2002
from Bruce Dale Clear
Son of Ervin A. Clear; grandson of George Clear; great-grandson of Cornelius Clear.

from Alice
Cornelius Clear married Mary J. Cripe 20-May-1869. Mary was a daughter of David Cripe (1808-1865) and Jane F. Daniels (1814-1882). And Mary was the younger sister of Sarah Catherine Cripe who married Andrew Hufford.

Aug 18, 2002
from Kristi Stafford
I believe my family line to have also come from Ralph Earle and Joan Savage, their daughter Sarah Earle married David Lake (Alice's son).

Aug 23, 2002
from Mary Haines Eavenson
Alice, I was looking up Elinor Newton and came across your Payne story & since I have a Quaker Payne in N.J. thought it wise to check yours out. We aren't related thru Paynes, but we're related thru James Adams' brother John and his 2nd w. Elizabeth Russell who moved to Flushing, L.I., then to N.J. where their dau. Elizabth Adams m. my ancestor William Hollingshead! A long way around, but there is a connection. Be delighted to hear from you. Mary

from Alice
Elinor Newton was born 1598 in England. Some researchers have wondered if, perhaps, she was "the widow Newton." Her parents are unknown; however, better researchers than I have found indications that she might have been married before she married John Adams. (James arrived in America 19-Nov-1621 on the ship Fortune; he was a carpenter on the ship.) Your ancestor was their son John; my ancestor was their son James. James was born in 1627 in Plymouth, MA; in 1646 he married Frances Vassell; James and Frances had a son Richard. Ultimately that Richard Adams had a great-great granddaughter born in 1775 in Orange Co., NY; she was Hannah Earle, who married John Payne.

This Adams family is NOT descended from the family that produced two American presidents. Seeing as how they are my relatives, they're more likely related to the Adams family that produced Gomez, Thing, and Cousin It. :-)

Aug 24, 2002
from gregory cripe
Just looking to see what i can find out about my family history

Aug 26, 2002
from Ruth Barnes Bemiller
Thank you for your interesting information. I am a decendent of Adam, Solomon, Jacob, Jasper, Montie Alice Creager. I am a member of the D.A.R. Early members were allowed unproven records, but the requirements are more strict today in proving your linage. Sincerely, Ruth A. Bemiller, 59035 C.R. 7, Elkhart, IN, 46517-9229

Aug 30, 2002
from Carl N. Henry
I appreciate the information you have on Christian Hufford.

Aug 31, 2002
from Keith Cripe
I grew up in Frankfort, IN. My parents were from Rossville, IN. It was interesting to see all the names listed that were associated with the Cripe name, that were from people that were my parents' friends from Rossville, i.e. Gochenour, Blickenstaff, Shivley, Yoder, etc.

Sep 17, 2002
from Gerald Simmons
I am the g-grandson of Thomas Jefferson Simmons and Rosa Anna Cripe, daughter of Christian Cripe (b. 1821) and Catherine Replogle (b.1826). I am also the gggg-grandson of Susannah Cripe (b. 1747) and Christian Shivley (b. 1745). T.J. Simmons was a Church of Brethern minister in Osceola, MO. His father, John Hiram Simmons, was also a Brethern Minister.

Oct 3, 2002
from Corey Spencer Earl
Hello, my name is Corey Earl, and I am quite positive we are directly related. My brother Kevin has done some research on the Earl family and has reached somewhat of a dead end. My gg grandfather Arthur Griffith Earl emmigrated from Michigan to Saskatchewan, Canada, around 1913. We know his father was Leeman, and Leeman's father was Harmon. We believe Harmon's dad's name to be Nathaniel, son of Daniel Hukill and Mathidable Watson. Daniel's father, call him Nathaniel Sr., was the son of William, son of Ralph Earle, and we are now in your direct line. My question is, do you have any records on the younger Nathaniel? we are sure this is our link, but we can't find records of his children.

Oct 15, 2002
from James M. Copeland
Do you know what his middle name was?

from Alice
I'm guessing that you're asking if I know the middle name of James Copeland, b. 1797, Franklin Co., KY; d. 1861, Jefferson Co., IN; son of Samuel COPELAND and his wife Margaret (last name unknown). I do not know the middle name of James Copeland; I don't know the middle name of his father either. Samuel's will is filed in Jefferson Co., IN (1821); the will named his children. The dates for James came from Mr. Morton L. King of Modesto, CA. Mr. King is another genealogist who contacted me in May 1997. Samuel Copeland also was the father of Rachel Copeland (b. 1805). This Copeland ancestral line is shown on this page: Henry Brevard HUKILL and Rachel COPELAND. The line goes back to the 1500s. The research on that line should be credited to genealogist Martha (Mrs. Rev. James) Copeland, of Indiana. Here's Mrs. Copeland's e-mail address: jam51@urhere.net. She may have additional information.

Oct 17, 2002

from Alice
My guess is that we are related, and my guess also is that the last name you are spelling as "Gribe" was actually "Greib," which later mutated to CRIPE and to GRIPE. I have been told by excellent family genealogists that all Cripes ever found in this country descend from Jacob Greib/Cripe.

Oct 31, 2002
from Lana Jean Campbell Lundt
Your site is so very interesting! I am a decendent of John and Emily Campbell. I was told about your site by Evelyn Hare, a cousin of mine. Thanks. Lana Campbell Lundt

from Alice
Mrs. Lundt is a PAYNE descendant. See below for the connection.

Nov 8, 2002
from Pat Earl Mitchell
Wonderful site. Enjoyed it immensely. Learning that I connect through Ralph Earle. Thanks Much

Nov 14, 2002
from Lara
Hey, I stumbled upon your page while looking for something else. I'm also a Cripe and my dad's family lives mostly in Indiana. I was wondering if I might be related to your line of Cripes. Do you have anything mapped out further? Thanx :)

from Alice
That would be a definite that your Cripe ancestor is related to the Cripes detailed at this web site, because all Cripes in the USA share a common ancestor: Jacob Greib/Cripe.

Nov 27, 2002
from Francis Ross Payne, Jr.
I hope to learn more about my family. My grandparents are buried at Hugo, Oklahoma. They are Mr. and Mrs William Sherman Payne. He worked for the St. Louis-San Fransisco Railroad. He died in 1956. My father, Francis Ross Payne, Sr. died April 21, 1961, and is buried at Fort Smith, Arkansas, where I now live.

from Alice
Your Payne ancestor might be related to the Paynes at this web site, or maybe not. Not all Paynes are related, and your grandfather's name is unfamiliar to me. If you find a link, write back and let me know!

Dec 1, 2002
from Bryan Hufford
Hello, I recently came across
roots.com and found my family listed on the Chenowith family tree. I have a lot of current information on the family that is carrying my last name (Hufford). I don't know how to share this information. Eli Eldo Hufford would be my great-grandfather. Thank you. Bryan Hufford
...... 1 Eli Eldo Hufford b: Sep 21, 1869, Clinton Co., IN; d: Mar 18, 1935, Los Angeles, CA
......… + Hanna Elizabeth Chinworth b: Dec 19, 1870, Wabash Co., IN; d: 1960, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA
........ 2 Russell Myrle Hufford b: Oct 27, 1896
........… +Gladys Wilson b: Dec 20, 1896
.......... 3 Dorothy Jeannette Hufford
..........… +Sidney Green
.......... 3 Warren Ernest Hufford
.......... 3 William Vance Hufford
..........… +Joyce Holt
............ 4
Bryan Hufford
........ 2 Rettger Schuler Hufford b: Dec 21, 1897
........… +Esther Bergman b: Mar 4, 1898
.......... 3 Robert Russell Hufford
........ 2 Justin Vernon Hufford b: Aug 13, 1905, IN; d: Oct 3, 1908, CA
........ 2 Lois Jeanette Hufford
........… +Chett E. Glass
.......... 3 James Clifford Glass

Father of #1 is David HUFFORD
Birth: 17 Sep 1837, Clay Twsp., Carroll Co., IN
Death: 7 Apr 1919, Clay Twsp., Carroll Co., IN
Burial: Hufford Cem., Clay Twsp., Carroll Co., IN
Father: Abraham HUFFORD b: 8 Mar 1788, Frederick Co., MD

from Alice
Bryan, you shared that info just fine! I recognized no names until the bottom of your list, where you have Eli's father, David Hufford. David Hufford is the brother of Andrew Hufford. Both are sons of Abraham Hufford, son of Casper Hufford. Your great-grandfather Eli is 3rd cousin to George Irvin Beard. Your dad and I are 5th cousins; you and I are 5th cousins once removed. ... So, I'll be expecting you to add me to your Christmas gift exchange! LOL! ... We're related, but I don't expect either of us will ever be setting a place for the other at the Thanksgiving dinner table. ;-) Best wishes, and thanks for writing.

Eli E. Hufford appears on the 1870 census of Indiana, Carroll Co., Clay Township, Pyrmont, on the 20th of July, with parents David (32, b. abt 1838) and Susan (27, b. abt 1843), and with sisters Mary E. (4) and Mahala C. (2). Eli was listed as 10 months old, born in Indiana, in September 1869.

Please be aware that Eli's wife is listed on the 1910, 1920, and 1930 censuses as "Anna," and Eli appears as "Eldo E." Eli Eldo Hufford was a veterinarian, probably a graduate of Purdue University.

p.s. Bryan, I removed the names of your siblings and first cousins because there's a good chance those people are alive, and I never want to list names of living people without their permission.

Dec 4, 2002
from Jeff Runner
I beat you at the "Lizzie Borden's my cousin" game! Okay, only by a little bit: I'm descended from Ralph Earle and Joan Savage AND William Earle and Mary Walker. :-) My Earle is William and Mary's son Ralph.

Dec 10, 2002
from Randy Stonerock
I am a descendant of Daniel Stonerock/ Mary Ann Puterbaugh pg.23.

from Alice
Randy is a Cripe descendant. His ancestor Mary Ann Puterbaugh (wife of Daniel Stonerock) was the dau. of John A. Puterbaugh and his wife, Mary "Polly" Wise, who was the dau. of John Wise, Jr., who was the son of John Wise, Sr., and his wife, Mary Cripe (1756-1786), who was the dau. of the immigrant Jacob Greib/Cripe.

Dec 12, 2002
from Lana Lundt
I found your stories and web site to be amazing! Capt. Morgan Lewis Payne (b. 1805) would be related to me by his daughter Anna Payne who married Frederick Samuel Campbell. Fred and Anna were my Grandpa Leslie Campbell's parents. My dad who is 87 is Dale Campbell. I was wondering in your research if you ever saw any pictures of Morgan Lewis Payne's family. Thanks.
Lana Campbell Lundt
1581 Woodbury Avenue
Cushing, Ia 51018

from Alice
Capt. Morgan Lewis Payne's story is elsewhere at this site, but it's worth repeating. From Beckwith's 1879 "History of Vermilion Co." comes this information:

During the Black Hawk War in 1831-32, Morgan L. Payne became Captain of a Militia Company from Vermilion Co., IL. Men from the county were called out to the village of Chicago (then a part of Vermilion Co.) to protect it from Black Hawk's Indians. The men went to the settlements at Naperville, Joliet, and Kankakee because the settlers had fled those areas and gone to Chicago. After the area had been cleared of Indians, Capt. Morgan Payne was stationed in the Naperville-Joliet area to erect a fort and to return the settlers to their homes. He and his men spent 30-40 days there before they were discharged from duty and were able to return to their homes in Danville.

In 1836, Morgan Payne became involved in a law suit over a right-of-way dispute. The dispute developed into a fist-fight between him and the landowner. Abraham Lincoln of Springfield, the Circuit Judge for this District, was the presiding Judge over the trial that was held in Danville. [Lincoln had also been a captain during the Black Hawk War. Whether Payne and Lincoln had met then is unknown, but both were officers.]

Morgan and his younger brother John, Jr., both went to Texas and fought in the Mexican War. Captain M. L. Payne commanded a company in Texas until his enlistment ended. He returned to his old Indiana home where he raised another company, remaining in the conflict until Texas was "liberated" from Mexico.

When the Civil War broke out, Morgan Payne raised a company to serve in the Union Army. Once when home on furlough, he did not get back to his company on time; consequently, he was mustered out of service. He immediately began working to get the mustering out order set aside by getting all the signatures of the officers on his petition, a petition that he sent to Washington, D.C. , to his old Danville friend, Ward Hill Lamon, Lincoln's former law partner and his personal body guard. When Lincoln saw the petition, he asked Lamon if this was the same Payne who had been in the law suit in Danville years before. He learned it was, and Payne was restored to this former rank and commission.

Dec 12, 2002
from Brian Edward Cripe
How interesting to finally find out the origin of the Cripe line in America! I'm 25 years old; I live in Macon, GA, and never (until now) thought much of inquiring about my roots. I just knew that my grandfather's family was from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Dec 18, 2002
from kathleen hoffarth alfano
My maiden last name is Hoffarth, and I was wondering if somehow I was related. My grandfather's name was Joseph Hoffarth and his father's name was Gusta Hoffarth

from Alice
Not all Hoffarths/Huffords are related. I'd need more information to be able to help, or to be able to determine any relationship. In the world of genealogy, it's always best to include with a person's name, all known dates, places, and siblings. Dates and places are crucial. Details are needed to pinpoint the person in time and space.

Dec 20, 2002
from Cindy Ogden
I have my mother's father's Creager family tree all the way back to Ernst Creager/Kreiger. I've come to the conclusion that ALL Creagers are related to each other. It's funny that I went to school with a Hufford in high school, and we probably are related to each other. Actually, I think that almost everyone in Frederick Co., Maryland, is related to everyone else, if they are from old, original families. I haven't done any genealogy work for a couple of years, and it's just amazing what additional information is out there now that wasn't there two years ago. Could I possibly get your file in GEDCOM format to load it into Family Tree Maker and extend my Hoffart family line?

from Alice
Check this page for my gedcom file information: GEDCOM

Dec 27, 2002
from janet kauffman
My husband's grandmother was Ollie Hufford. I believe her father was Daniel, and his dad was Joseph. Ollie married Robert Aaron Newell, Jr.

from Alice
There's a female Ollie M. Hufford (b. Aug. 1889, IN) on the 1900 Census, Indiana, Carroll County, Clay Township, with her father Daniel (b. March 1860, IN), mother Henriette (b. April 1867, IN), and brother Harry V. (b. Feb. 1892, IN). Her father Daniel's father is listed as born in Ohio; his mother, Virginia.

Ollie's father Daniel was probably the Daniel Hufford b. 9-Mar-1860 in Carroll Co., IN, to Joseph Hufford (b. 11-Jul-1844, Ohio) and his wife, Eva S. NEHER (b. 7-Mar-1833, d. 3-Aug-1892, IN). Joseph & Eva married 3-Nov-1849 in Clinton Co., IN. Joseph was a son of
Abraham Hufford and wife Elizabeth Plank.


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