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Jan 19, 1999
from Patricia
Hi Alice. Nice job! Was great to see the story of my gggrandfather's sister,
Lucy Peterson and an actual photo of her husband, Tom Doyle! Printed them out for the family bedtime story--we're all hooked on our dead people. Anyone who wants to share info on these lines--PLEASE e-mail me.

Jan 23, 1999
from Mike Stafford
Hi Alice: Nice Web Page. Did you ever get the Earles sorted out?

from Alice
Hi, Mike, I don't have them all sorted out, of course ;-), but I've got lots sorted. I do have the Alice Lake page up now, and I have many of her descendants in a list at the web site. The Earle descendants list is something I'll try to get up within the next few months.

Jan 24, 1999
from Sue Quintana
Alice - I loved your website. I appreciate all the work you have put into this. I am of the line: Hannah Cripe b. 1835/ Enoch Reavis b. 1830. They were married in Cass Co., Ind, 15 Jan 1857. I am trying to prove her parents, who may be Samuel Cripe and Mahala Arthur. Father probably born in Montgomery Co, Ohio. I will appreciate any help I can get.

Jan 24, 1999
from Robert A. Stonerock
I enjoyed your
Cripe pages. I am also a descendant through Mary Ann Puterbaugh who married Daniel Stonerock. They were my ggg-grandparents.

Feb 19, 1999
from Joanne Chubb
Love your website. I am a descendent of the DeTurks and found your name with theirs on rootsweb. How are we related, I wonder???

from Alice
1-- Jacob DeTURK (1590)
.sp-Jacquemine RICKERBOSCHE (1595)
....2-- Johannes DeTURK (1618)
.....sp-Geertruit DeBRIER (1620)
........3-- Johannes DeTURK (1650)
.........sp-Hester (Esther) KIP (1656)
............4-- Jacomina DeTURCK (1677)
............4-- Sara DeTURCK (1680)
............4-- Rachael DeTURCK (1681)
............4-- Maria Elisabeth DeTURCK (1684)
............4-- Isaac DeTURCK (1685-1721)
.............sp-Anna Maria DeHARCOURT (1671)
................5-- Esther DeTURK (1711-1798)
.................sp-Abraham BERTOLET (1712-1766)
................5-- John DeTURK (1713-1781)
.................sp-Deborah HOCH (1721-1781)
............4-- Esther Cornelia DeTURCK (1687)
............4-- Katarina (or Bertha) DeTURK (1688-1731)
.............sp-Johannes KEIM (1675-1754)
................5-- Katarina KEIM (1708-1793)
.................sp-John Henry SCHNEIDER
................5-- Johannes KEIM (1711-1762)
.................sp-Catharine STUMP
................5-- Stephen KEIM (1717)
................5-- Hans Nickel (Nicholas) KEIM (1719-1802)
.................sp-Barbara SCHNEIDER (1727-1788)
Elizabeth KEIM (1723-1764)
Christian HOFFARTH (1716-1788)
................5-- Jacob KEIM (1724-1799)
.................sp-Magdalena HOCH (twin) (1730-1804)

Feb 23, 1999
from Patrick Davis
Thanks Alice! Your site has opened up a new branch of my tree I didn't think was there. Anyone have Mary Jane Cripe who married Cornelius Clear? I would like more details about this couple.

from Alice
Without any dates or places, here's the best match I can find: Mary Jane Cripe, b. 7 Jun 1852, on 20 May 1869 m. Cornelius C. Clear, b. 1844. Mary died 1919; Cornelius died 30-Sep-1915. Both were interred at Pleasant View Cemetery, Rossville, Indiana. Mary was the daughter of David Cripe and wife Jane F. Daniels; David was son of John Cripe and wife Isabel; John was son of Samuel Cripe and wife Catharine Nesbitt; Samuel was son of immigrant Jacob Greib and wife Elizabeth Ulrich. For a rundown of the CRIPEs, check this page: CRIPEs

Cornelius Clear and wife Mary Jane Cripe are on the 1880 Census, Indiana, Clinton County, Ross Township, Enumeration District 4; page 41, lines 21 and 22; June 30, 1880. In the household with them are daughter Anna E., age 10; son George W., age 7; daughter Sarah J., age 5; twin daughters Frances E. and Sophia A., born April 1880; and Mary Jane's widowed mother, Jane F. Cripe (born Jane F. Daniels), age 67. Cornelius was a farmer, naturally.

OneWorldTree shows that someone submitted this information:

Sarah Clear's birth is listed as 27-Jan-1822; death, 20-Jan-1911. Isaac Winebrenner's birth, 26-Feb-1821; death, 20-Jan-1898.
The 1850 Ohio census, Darke Co., German Township, Enumeration District, 27-Nov-1850, lists 28-year-old Isaac Winebrinner and 21-year-old wife Sarah Winebrenner, with children Mary E. (6), Margaret (2), and Cornelius C. (2). ... Okay, that could be a fit, if mother Sarah's maiden name was "Clear," and for reasons unknown Cornelius switched to using his mother's maiden name.

Sounds like an interesting puzzle. Good luck with your research!

Feb 24, 1999
from Karen (Luebs) Gartman
What a lot of hard work went into making this website! Alice, kudos to you. I have been able to fill in quite a few names and dates from your information as well as Elizabeth Keim's parents, grandparents,... I am descended from Anna5, Silas4, Michael3, Casper2, Christian Hufford1. Anna married Fred Silas Hart, my dad's maternal grandfather. It was very interesting to read about Christian's two wives, because in the partial documentation I have it mentions only the first wife and then there is a huge gap of 30 years during which Caspar and 14 of his siblings were born. It doesn't actually say that the wife of Christian listed is not Casper's mother, but the est. date of her death alludes to a second wife for Christian. The document I refer to is a book called THE HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY 1729---1909. Published in 1909 by Franklin Pierce Hoffert in Indianapolis, IN. I have a partial photocopy of only the pages which show my direct descent. Does anyone have this book?? I sure would love to have one or a copy and would be happy to pay for it. There was apparently one in the family which conveniently disappeared. Happy ancestor-hunting to all - keep up the good work!
Karen (Luebs) Gartman

from Alice
That book is available as a reprint from Higginson Book Company. They have a web site: http://www.higginsonbooks.com/. If you order the book, I recommend paying the small amount extra to get it with a hard cover. The reprint is excellent quality and easier to read than an old copy. Be warned, however, that the book is not 100% accurate.

Feb 26, 1999
from Mary E. Lane, nee Hukill
My father Bert Vincent Hukill (the christening certificate said Bernard) was born in Lexington, KY, 19-Apr-1889. Died in Texas, Apr-1966. His mother Mary Gormley came from Ireland when she was 19. I do not know what his father's first name was. Dad had two brothers -- William Hukill, died in Wyoming where we lived at the time, and Sylvester Hukill (Uncle Sy) who died in Hemet, Ca, in the late 50s-early 60s. There was also a sister, Susie Hukill, who was killed in an accident when she was pregnant. William Hukill had a daughter Eloise Hukill (my 1st cousin) who stayed with us after her father died. The last I heard from her was about 10 to 15 years ago. She was living in Louisville, and her married name was JUDSON; at that time she was around 68 years of age. Is there anyone out there who knows more about my ancestry on my father's side than I do. I had heard that most of the Hukills were killed in the Jamestown flood, but that two brothers did survive.

from Alice
Bert V. Hukill is on the 1930 Census in Wyoming, Hot Springs Co., Thermopolis; Enumeration District 9-2; sheet 7-B, line 89; on 5-Apr-1930; with wife Icy H.; daughter Mary E., 4 years; son Louis J., 2 years; son Bert, 2 years.

Bert Vincent Hukill registered for the military draft on 5-Jun-1917, in Natrona County, Wyoming. He was unmarried, working as a sheep herder for the Pine Mountain Sheep Company in Powder River, Wyoming. He had already served four yeras in the U.S. Navy. He was of medium height, medium build, with hazel colored eyes, dark brown hair, and no baldness. He had suffered the total loss of the 2nd and 3rd fingers on his left hand.

Mar 4, 1999
from Tom Cassidy
Thank you for providing this site. I had a great uncle, Luke Cassidy, of D company of the 35th Indiana Volunteers who fought in the
Battle of Shiloh. He must have done fairly well, because shortly thereafter he was promoted from corporal to Lieutenant. He also fought at Chicamauga and the battle of Lookout Mountain before resigning his commission in 1863 for family hardship reasons. He had an uncle and a brother in the 81st Indiana. One died of measles, the other was so badly debilitated from same that "he was never the same again" and required neighbors to help him run his farm when he returned from the war.
Tom Cassidy

Mar 6, 1999
from Patricia John
I have researched the Cripes/Ulrichs for about 10 years now, and this is the first time I knew that Stephen Ulrich's wife, Elizabeth, was Jacob Grieb's sister. I am a descendant of three of Jacob's four sons. My great grandfather, David E. Cripe, and his wife, Lydia Bigler, were both descendants of the Cripe families. David E.'s grandfather on his mother's side was Isaac Ullery, descendant of David Ulrich. Isaac's wife was Barbara Gripe, daughter of John Gripe and Elizabeth Rench. Lydia Bigler's grandmother was Catherine Cripe, daughter of Daniel Cripe and Magdalena Miller. Lydia's great grandmother was Catharine Gripe, daughter of John Gripe and Elizabeth Rench. I have several stories that David E. wrote from the 1890s to the time of his death in 1943. He had written them hoping that one of his grandsons would be interested in carrying on the family history after he was gone. My mother, Alice Cripe, was the one who ended up with all the papers that he left, because no one else was interested in the family history. Lucky for me. In the early 1900s David E. and Lydia ran a Children's Home for the Church of the Brethren in Oklahoma. David E. had written a little about each child that they had placed in homes. My mother had sent copies of these stories to the Brethren library in Elgin, Illinois. I'm sorry that I've written so much, but I get carried away when I talk about my family. If you are interested in anything I have, please let me know and I will send you copies as soon as I can.

from Alice
Don Bowman deserves the lion's share of the credit for the Cripe research.

Mar 9, 1999
from R. Bruce Earle
Alice, What a piece of work is this! I'll keep coming back until you have, as you told Mike Stafford, "sorted the Earles out." Much is already done. If you want or need anything from me, please ask. I am a descendant of John Earll and Rachel (Adams) Earll's son Benjamin > Junia (Jeremiah) > Alexander > Jesse Brown > Jesse Brown 2nd > me. I'm so pleased that you and your daughter were treated well -- finally -- by the residents of our county (Orange Co., NY), and I'm sorry that we did not know you were about and in need of temporary quarters. I live only six miles from Goshen, and my wife and I would have been pleased to have you stay with us. If you ever are in our area again, please alert us and you'll have quarters. Again, congratulations on this research, and thanks from the Earle clan remaining in Orange County.
Robert Bruce Earle

Mar 9, 1999
from Nelson L Hufford
I am a decendant of a Zachariah Hufford who died in Cooper Co., Missouri, April 14, 1905, at the age of 86 years. All we know of him was he had at least one daughter, Lucetta, and two sons: Andy J., born Sept. 24, 1870, died April 7, 1905; Henry Thomas, born April 22, 1872, died July 29, 1913. Henry Thomas is my great-grandfather. In 1851 Zachariah obtained a land patent in Scotland Co., Missouri. Does any of this ring any bells? Your site is great keep up the work!

from Alice
First, you've got one child listed as Zachariah's who was his nephew. Now, for the explanation:

Zachariah Hufford m. Elizabeth Rude in Scott Co., Indiana, on 20-Jan-1842. Scott Co. is in southeastern Indiana, near Kentucky.

On the 1850 census of Iowa, Van Buren Co., Vernon Township, there's a Zachariah Hufford (age 27) living with wife Elizabeth (24), son John (6), and son Solomon (3). Zachariah was a farmer, born in Kentucky, unable to read or write; neither could his wife read or write.

On the 1870 census of Missouri, Clark Co., Folker Township, there's a Zachariah Hufford, 48, born in Kentucky, living with a 12-year-old Rosetta Hufford, born in Missouri. Zachariah was a farmer with real estate worth $2,000; Rosetta had been in school during the previous 12 months. No wife was present.

On the 1880 census of Missouri, Ralls Co., Center Township, there's a Zachariah Hufford (misspelled "Thefford"), living with wife Nancy (27), son Henry (8), and daughter Mary (6 months).

On the 1900 census of Missouri, Cooper County, Blackwater Township, there is 78-year-old Zachariah Hufford (b. Sep 1821) living with his daughter Rosetta (b. Apr 1859) and her husband Thomas Montgomery (b. Mar 1856), and with his grandchildren Nancy (b. Sep 1876) , Cornelis (b. Sep 1876), Willie (b. May 1882), Sarah (b. Feb 1884), Minnie (b. Jul 1886), and Edith (b. Apr 1891). Zachariah was widowed, having 1st married about 1844. ... According to the 1900 census, Zachariah was born in Kentucky, and both his parents were born in Germany.

In Salt Fork Cemetery in Cooper County, Missouri, there's a grave stone engraved with the name "Z. Hufford" and "Our Dear Father." Died 14-Apr-1905, at 85 years old. That would put the year of birth at about 1820.

Likely all of those records are for the same Zachariah Hufford. Since you had his date of death, almost certainly all of those records are for your Zachariah.

According to the 1900 census, your man's parents were born in Germany. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that information was wrong. Information given to census takers was not always 100% perfect.

Three sons of
Christian Hufford went to Kentucky: (1) Daniel, who died in 1818 in Harrison Co., KY; (2) John, who died 1819 in Woodford Co., KY; and (3) George, who died 1828 in Woodford Co., KY. Daniel and John were children of Christian's 1st wife; George was a child of Christian's 2nd wife. We have had difficulties tracking the descendants of Daniel, John, and George. My guess is that your Zachariah descended from one of those three sons of Christian Hufford.

NOTE, added in 2008: It has since been established that Zachariah was the son of Solomon Hufford (b. abt 1792, Woodford Co., KY, d. 1848, Scott Co., IN), who was the son of John Hoffarth (b. abt 1758, d. 1819) and Elizabeth Stihli. John Hoffarth who died 1819 was the son of Christian Hoffarth (b. 1716) and Elizabeth Keim (b. 1723). Thus, from your great-grandfather:
Henry Thomas > Zachariah > Solomon > John > Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern.

Additionally, it appears that your information about Zachariah having a son Andy J. (b. 24 Sep 1870, d. 7 Apr 1905) is not correct. Andy was Zachariah's nephew, the son of Zachariah's brother William and William's second wife. Zachariah had six children: three from his first marriage (John, Solomon, Isaac), one from his second marriage (Rosetta Hulda), and two from his third marriage (Henry Thomas and Mary).

Mar 12, 1999
from Shirley Mofield
Verletta O'Neal Payne's brother Abijah and his wife and three of his children were on the Oregon Trail in 1852. Two of their children died and were buried beside the trail. My grandmother Anna O'Neal Butler was born in Oregon Terr. Washington Terr. Cle Elum in 1865.

from Alice
Abijah is on the 1870 census of Washington Territory, Turnwater Co., with wife Manerva J. (43), son Charles (23), dau. Margaret (15), dau. Mary Jane (13), son William (10), son John (7), and dau. Anna (4), your grandma. By the 1880 census, Abijah was a widower and had moved his family to Yakima County, Washington.

Mar 14, 1999
from Ray Beery
Alice, your outstanding writing skills are exceeded only by your admirable family life. The latter shines through page after page in the website. Thank you for one of the best hours of surfing in my experience!
Ray in Vienna, VA

from Alice
Aw, shucks. I'm blushing, Ray. :-) For those unaware, Ray is an excellent genealogist himself. Ray has done much work tracking the descendants of Nicholas BIERY (Berry), a Swiss Mennonite who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1727. Ray used to have a web site, but it's down by 2008. On his old site, there was an Anna May CREAGER, b. 19-May-1889 in Missouri, married to Harry Earl BUCHANAN, b. 28-Apr-1887 in Kansas City, MO; d. Nov-1962 in Topeka, KS. I'd bet that Anna May Creager is a "hidden Hufford descendant." My money is on her being descended from Christian Hufford's sister Anna Christina Hoffarth (b. 10-Dec-1706 Schwaigern, Germany) who m. 17-Aug-1728 in the family's Lutheran Church in Schwaigern to Johann Casper Creager, son of Ernest Kreiger. When Christian's parents made the trip to America, Anna Christina stayed behind because she was pregnant with her first child, Philip Casper Creager, b. 5-Sep-1729 in Schwaigern. Anna Christina's descendants are not well known to me, but I suspect all Creagers in the U.S.A. descend from her and her husband:
1-- Johann Casper CREAGER (abt 1697-bef 1765)
.sp-Anna Christina HOFFARTH (1706)
....2-- Phillip Casper CREAGER (1729)
....2-- John Christian CREAGER (1731-bef 1768)
.....sp-Anna Mary ABOLINA
....2-- George Valentine "Velte" CREAGER (1734)
.....sp-Maria Christina
....2-- Conrad CREAGER (1735-1808)
.....sp-Anna Marie EADER
....2-- Adam CREAGER (1737-1805)
.....sp-Christina HUFFORD (1749-aft 1801)
.....[Christina was daughter of
Christian Hufford; thus, a 1st cousin marriage.]
........3-- Daniel CREAGER
.........sp-Barbara SCHMIDT
........3-- Solomon CREAGER (1772)
.........sp-Anna Maria SCHMIDT
........3-- Christian CREAGER (1774-1800)
.........sp-Mary WOLF (abt 1778)
........3-- Peter CREAGER (1777-1849)
.........sp-Eve/Eva AILBACH ( -bef 1812)
.........sp-Elizabeth RIKE
........3-- Catherine CREAGER (1778-1833)
.........sp-Daniel LINK (1772-1857)
........3-- Anna Maria (Mary) CREAGER (1785)
........3-- Wilhelm CREAGER (1788)
........3-- John William CREAGER (1790)
........3-- Frederick CREAGER
....2-- Anna Catharine CREAGER (1740-1821)
.....sp-Jacob FOUT ( -bef 1780)
.....sp-John KALBFLEISCH
....2-- Michael CREAGER (1742-bef 1784)
....2-- Henry CREAGER (1746)
.....sp-Elizabeth BEATY
....2-- George CREAGER (1747-1748)

If someone knows of a good 'net site on the CREAGERs, I'd be happy to put up the link. . . . Another connection from Ray Berry's site is found thru Susan Hufford (1800-1849, daughter of
Casper Hufford), married 18-Jan-1818 in Fairfield Co., Ohio, to David Berry, b. 21-Jul-1797, son of John "Red John" Berry, b. 1765. Ray's site also has Abraham S. Berry, b. 1829 who married Margaret HUNSAKER b. 1835. Margaret was the daughter of the Rev. John Hunsaker b. 1811 and his wife Catharine Hufford b. 1814, dau. of Solomon Hufford and Margaret HENRICKS. Solomon Hufford was the son of Casper, who was the son of Christian.

Mar 19, 1999
from Carol Corrao
I saw your submission in Rootsweb under the name of Grannis. I am also a Grannis decendant, but didn't see the name on your web-page anywhere. A little info, please!

from Alice
Check this page: Allen Lane and Esther Grannis. Also, see Cornelius Peterson & Cilinda Lane for the ancestors of Esther Grannis, listed on an ahnentafel (ancestor). Esther is #5 on the chart; her father is #10; his father is #20, etc.

Mar 21, 1999
from Lisa Tooley
Alice, this is a great website. I believe I wrote once before to you. My father's mother was a Cripe. She was a descendant of Jacob's son Daniel. This site gave me a lot of information that I didn't have or that I had incorrect. Thanks again.

Mar 22, 1999
from Margaret Olson
I, too, am descended from Henry and Alice Lake. Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you have on them. I descend, also, from Thomas Cornell. His daughter, Sarah, married Henry and Alice's grandson, Zaccheus Butts and I descend from them. After Zaccheus deserted Sarah, she married John Cole, and I descend from John and his first wife, Susannah, also. I also descend from Winifred Holman from your non-Salem witches list, and from Salem/Lynn accused witches Thomas Farrar and Sarah (Hood) Bassett. I also descend from one of the Salem jurors - Lt. Andrew Eliot of Beverly. He later signed the document of regret.
Margaret Olson

from Alice
For those who might not know, Thomas Cornell was convicted of matricide and executed in 1673 in Portsmouth, RI. The "evidence" against him was the testimony of an old man who said that he had a dream in which Thomas' dead mother accused Thomas of having killed her. The woman was found dead and burned, in front of a hearth fire at Thomas' home. The best guess of scholars is that as she sat before the fire, the old woman had a stroke, fell, and part of her clothing caught fire. She was found by her family on the floor, dead, and partially burned. Initially, it was considered a death by natural causes. After she was buried, an old man had a dream, and Thomas' nightmare began. His final request was made by his friends after his execution. They said he had asked them to bury him next to his mother. The court denied the request but granted that "the Court consents that if his friends have a desire, they may inter the body in the land lately to him belonging, within twenty feet of the common road." Thomas' four-greats-grandson donated the original endowment for Cornell University, which is named after that descendant of Thomas. That man was Ezra Cornell (1807-1874), son of Elijah b. 1771, son of Elijah b. 1730, son of Stephen who m. Ruth Pierce, son of Stephen b. 1656, son of Thomas-the-executed and his first wife, Elizabeth Fiscock. ... Thomas Cornell's daughter Sarah (who married Zaccheus Butts) was, of course, from Thomas' second wife, Sarah Earle, daughter of Ralph Earle b. 1606 and Joan Savage b. 1609. Sarah Earle was pregnant when her husband Thomas Cornell was executed on the bogus charges. She named that daughter "Innocent," and about five years after Thomas was executed, Sarah married David Lake, son of Alice who was executed as a witch because she believed she saw her dead baby. One might wonder what Sarah Earle Cornell Lake thought of the times she lived thru.

Apr 2, 1999
from Bob Reece Creager
Alice... Thank you very, very much for responding to my e-mail. I believe I have picked up some valuable information. I'll be going to up Maryland soon and visiting my father (in Williamsport), and he and I intend to go to Westminster and visit our only other known direct relative, Betty Lou. The three of us are so disappointed that no one in our families kept track of the history prior to our grandfathers, and we're doing all we can to pass it onto my grandson, Joshua Michael, the only male to pass on our branch of the name. Thanks again and God Bless.
Bob R. Creager
Sarasota, FL

from Alice
I'm guessing Bob Reece Creager is another "hidden Hufford," descending from the sister of Christian Hufford. Christian's sister (Anna Christina) married Johan Casper CREAGER.

Apr 14, 1999
from Larry Hufford
Dear Alice, Your website is delightful and has been very helpful in learning about my ancestry. I am of the Hoffarth/Hufford lineage that goes [coming down in time]: Hans (b. 1554) > Phillip (b. 1589) > Johann Christoffel (b. 1626) > Hans Jorich (b. 1674) > Christian (b. 1716) > John (b. 1758) > John Wesley (b. 1792) > Hezekiah (b. 1821) > John Wesley (b. 1842) > Frank Donald (b. 1872) > Donald Frank (b. 1915) > Larry (b. 1958). I am especially interesting in learning more about Hezekiah and his immediate ancestors, about whom I know little. Any information about them would be appreciated. Because of your
Shiloh page, I thought you might like to know (and given your astounding expertise in this family's history, you probably do know), two of Hezekiah's sons, John Wesley and William, were in the battle. Both served in the 6th Regiment of the Iowa Infantry. William was killed at Shiloh and, at his side, John Wesley was wounded. I plan to spend some time in Europe in the next few months and hope to explore Hufford roots in Schwaigern, Germany. Do you know of local records there that might have additional details about the family history prior to emigration or have leads on contacts? Many thanks!

from Alice
I have some information of the Hufford roots in Schwaigern. I will get that up soon. I also have the name and contact information of an excellent genealogical researcher who went to Schwaigern and did some research in Lutheran church records. He is an attorney in the Washington, D.C., area who graduated from Brigham Young University Law School. He is also a Hufford descendant. That information I will send privately.

Regarding Frank Donald (b. 1872) as son of John Wesley, he's with John on the 1885 Iowa Census. There's some confusion about the mother Naomi. On the 1900 census, she said she'd birthed four children, with four still living. However, that 1885 Iowa census shows more than four children for John Wesley, and another was born after that state census. Perhaps Naomi was his second wife? Perhaps not all of John Wesley's children had the same mother?

May 26, 1999
from Carolyn (Hufford) Abolins
My father's name is Merle Calvin Hufford. Born of William Jeremiah Hufford and Maude Hay(e) Hufford in 1909 in Milton Freewater, Oregon. My dad had two sisters, Violet and Mae. His brothers were Arbie, Herbert, Albert, Carl, Normal, and Thor. I am constantly amazed how many Huffords there really are. I will be looking up the family history this summer while I'm on summer break from work. Perhaps I will find I am related to some of the folks I've been reading about.

from Alice:
According to another HUFFORD genealogist, William Jeremiah Hufford was born 1882 in Texas and died 1968 in Washington. He was the son of George Hufford and Amanda Wilson. WW II Draft Registration Card says that man was born Dec. 26, 1882

Jun 5, 1999
from Merwin Pine EARL
Alice...enjoyed your page very much. I am researching the
EARLs of Orange Co., N.Y. My ggggrandfather was Peter E.EARL (b. 21 Sept 1796, d. 6 May 1840) Bethlehem, Orange Co., N.Y. Married to Caroline BENJAMIN (b. 24 July 1798) on 19 Dec 1819. Children: Thomas, Walter, Sarah, Robert, Mary, John, Emily, Eugene, and William E. who married Maggie MITCHELL, all born in Orange Co., New York. Are we or are we not part of the BULL family? Hoping you can solve my mystery. Thank you.

from Alice
Short answer: Probably not.
As you surely know, the "Bull blue book" claims Peter Earl as a descendant, a son of Peter Earl b. about 1748, died 1819, m. 1st Elizabeth Bull. The authors of the book based their claim on some early (pre-1900) genealogies. However, there is no son "Peter" named in the will or estate proceedings of Peter Earl who was married to Elizabeth Bull. I suspect the Peter born 1796 belongs to another Earl family.

I have seen a claim by another genealogist that the gravestone of Peter born 1796 says he died in 1840 and was born in 1796. If he was born in 1796, he could NOT have been the son of Elizabeth Bull (Mrs. Peter Earl, Sr.) since she died in 1794. My guess is that the initial error in the early genealogies was made because of the name: The compiler had a spare "Peter Earl," was unsure where to put him, and placed him as a son of a known Peter Earl because it seemed to fit. Much of the genealogical research done before 1900 was shoddy; standards were pretty low. However, once the error got into print, it is more difficult to "un-Bull" those folks because of the Orange County status of being able to claim descent from William Bull and Sarah Wells.

So, Merwin, my guess is that you and I are family thru the Earls, but that you and the Bulls are not family unless you descend from them thru another line.

Jun 18, 1999
from Linda Garrett
I have enjoyed looking at your info, esp. since just returning from TN and visiting both
Ft. Donelson and Shiloh. I have recently been given info of a POWELL connection to the CRIPE family in Bond Co, IL. Wiley/Willie R. Powell b. 1837 TN s/o Eaton Powell and Mary Causey was married in Bond Co, IL, June 28, 1860, to Elizabeth Cripe, dtr. of Joseph. I would like to find more info on this line. Also his brother, Robert H. Powell b. 1839, TN, married in Bond Co, IL, to Martha Rench. They were half-brothers of my g-g-grandfather, William C. Powell, who went to Bond Co, IL, in 1840s. William's son George W. Powell married Malinda Brenneman Miller. The Millers were from Lancaster Co, PA, and her mother was Anna B. Brenneman, a line of Mennonites in Lancaster Co, PA, that has been traced to Switzerland in 1631 (Melchior Brenneman the exile) in The Brenneman Family History by Albert Gerberich of which I have a reprint. Would love to hear from anyone with connections to these lines.
Linda Garrett

Jun 20, 1999
from Ruth
My friend is a distant cousin to you, Alice:
Jacob Cripe>Daniel>Rhinehart>Jacob>John>William>my friend's dad. My friend's g-g-grandfather Jacob of Illinois is a mystery. Visiting the family cemetery after his Cripe Reunion two weeks ago, I wondered why Jacob was buried in Noffsinger cemetery, but his wife Mary, and most of their children, were not. In looking over the family history, I noticed Mary died at age 46 in August 1864. Jacob then married Barbara Beanblossum one month later. Along comes their daughter Sarah Cripe, born February 12, 1865, just 6 months after Mary died! My question: How did Mary die? Any insight or comments?

from Alice
You've got three questions there:

First question: Why was Jacob Cripe (1815-1870, 1st m. Mary Polly RENCH; 2nd m. Barbara BRANDT, the widow BEANBLOSSOM) not interred next to 1st wife Mary?
Answer: Because it would have been his 2nd wife who decided where to plant him when he died.

Second question: How did Jacob's first wife, Mary, die?
Answer: She died in the mid-1860s in Bond Co., Illinois. I've seen no official records. If someone wanted to know how she died, the information might be found in a death record in Bond Co., IL, if that county had death records as early as 1864. The information also might be found in an old newspaper obituary. However, unless there was something extraordinary or unusual about her death, there likely was no record left of her cause of death. By the time the woman died, she had born at least seven children, and probably more. She's in Bond Co., IL, for the 1850 census; in Keokuk Co., Iowa, for the 1856 state census; and in Bond Co., IL, again for the 1860 census, showing children William (b. abt 1836), Mary (b. abt 1840), David (b. abt 1841), Elizabeth (b. abt 1843), John (b. abt 1846), Jacob (b. abt 1851), and Rhinhart (b. 1860).

The most likely causes of death in that time and place for a 46-year-old woman who had borne more than seven children and who lived the life of a farm wife would be (1) pregnancy complications, (2) disease brought on by filth, or (3) worked to exhaustion with no time to get well.

Third question: Was Jacob's 2nd wife pregnant with his child when he married her, and did she become pregnant while Jacob's 1st wife was still alive?
Answer: There are various possibilities. Let's begin with what the records indicate:
(1) Jacob's second wife was born Barbara BRANDT, Dec. 1822, in Pennsylvania. She first married Peter Beanblossom, a carpenter; Peter reportedly died in 1862 in Bond Co., IL. She and Peter had at least these children by the time she was widowed: Ira (b. abt 1848), Leon (b. abt 1851), Simon (b. abt 1854), Martin (b. abt 1856), Martha (b. abt 1858), Abraham (b. abt 1862). Found on the 1850 census in Miami Co., Ohio; not found on the 1860 census.
(2) The 1870 census of Bond Co., IL, shows Jacob with his 2nd wife Barbara. Also in the household are two sons from Jacob's 1st marriage: Jacob and Rinehard; a daughter named Sarah, age 5, born in Illinois; and five children from Barbara's 1st marriage (to Peter Beanblossom): Leon, Simon, Martin, Martha, and Abraham. Two of Jacob's sons from his 1st marriage live nearby: John and David. Barbara's son Ira (from her 1st marriage) also lives nearby. ... It's the parentage of that daughter Sarah, born about 1865 in Illinois, that interests you.
(3) On the 1880 census, that child (Sarah Cripe) is found in Montgomery Co., Ohio, living with the now re-married Barbara. After Jacob Cripe died in July 1870, the 2nd-time widow married John VANIMAN, who himself had been widowed and left with children. The 1880 census reports Barbara as born in Ohio, so checking for the place of birth of Sarah Cripe does no good, since Mary Rench (Jacob's 1st wife) also was born in Ohio. Living in the household besides Barbara and her 3rd husband are four VANIMAN children from John's 1st marriage: Daniel (b. abt 1857), Sarah, (b. abt 1859), Barbara (b. abt 1861), and Rachel (b. abt 1863); and Sarah Cripe (b. abt 1856), noted as a step-daughter to John Vaniman.
(4) Barbara is found on the 1900 census, with 3rd husband John Vaniman, in Montgomery Co., Ohio. She reported that she had borne nine children, and that seven were still living. She also reported Pennsylvania as her place of birth. ... Now, if Barbara birthed nine children, let's count: We know of six born to her Beanblossom marriage: Ira, Leon, Simon, Martin, Martha, and Abraham. ... Is she counting Sarah Cripe as one of the children she gave birth to? We can't tell.
(5) I find no source for an exact date of birth for Sarah Cripe (b. abt 1865). Perhaps the birth date you saw is wrong. Without further proof, we really don't know who gave birth to that child. And, if the child knew only Barbara as her mother, the child may later have reported Barbara as her mother
(6) Not too likely, but perhaps the baby was premature and survived.
(7) Perhaps the child was born to neither Jacob's 1st wife nor his 2nd wife, but rather was a child who was taken in and raised as Jacob's child. Barbara would have been 42 in 1865; 1st wife Mary died at 46 in August 1864.
(8) You offer no primary sources.

Jun 23, 1999
from Jack D. Davis
My ggrandmother, Hannah Catherine (or Catherine Hannah) Hufford, b December 25, 1846, in Hardin Co., IL, to Abram Hufford and Betsy Patterson, both are unknowns. Hannah m. Isaac Newton Davis (my ggrandfather), November 29, 1867 in Hardin Co., IL. Moved to Cowiche, WA, in about 1883. Hannah d. July 12, 1944 in Yakima, WA, at the age of 98 and is buried in Tahoma Cemetery, Yakima, WA, with her husband Isaac Newton Davis. Our FTM site is at

from Alice:
That's an unfamiliar line. Abram may descend from Christian Hufford who was born in 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany, and who died in 1788 in Frederick Co., Maryland. However, I don't know how.

There were several HUFFORDs in Hardin Co., IL., from 1850 through 1880. Piecing together what is available in census records, there is this:
Possible patriarch of family:
William, b. abt 1795, Virginia.

Possible children:

  • Rachel Hufford, b. abt 1819, VA
  • Isaac Hufford, b. abt 1820, VA
  • Ann Hufford, b. abt 1822, VA
  • Ellen Hufford, b. abt 1824, VA
  • Elizabeth Hufford, b. abt 1826, VA
  • Cyntha Hufford, b. abt 1828, VA
  • John Hufford, b. abt 1830, IL
  • William Hufford, b. abt 1834, IL

On the 1870 census, all of those women appear to be single and living with Isaac. Also in that household was the William who was born in about 1795.

The name HURFORD also shows up in that county in that time. Is is possibile that the name was not HUFFORD, but rather HURFORD? Or, maybe HURFORD was a misreading of HUFFORD. I'll save this puzzle for someone else.

Jul 5, 1999
from Laurence G. Cripe
I found your site very interesting. I'm sure that I will visit it again in the future.

Sep 24, 1999
from Joan Taylor, Tulsa, OK
Dear Alice. It has been a number of years since we corresponded. I have just pulled off your lineage of Henry Brevard and Henry Harrison Hukill, neither of which had any descendants in my husband's line. Thanks so much for your help. I have a Hunsacker that married a Schwatka in the same Hukill lineage. Here's my web page with the Hukill family, as well as others:
Your pages are wonderful and I don't know how you did it so quickly.

from Alice:
Thanks! Answer: I'm obsessive compulsive and an insomniac

Oct 8, 1999
from Mary Beth Whitaker
I found your site extremely interesting!! Not long before I came across this site, I found out that I was a descendant of Alexander Murphy and Sarah More. This gave me a glimpse into the past. Thank you.

Oct 26, 1999
from Everett Thorpe (Jr.)
What a wonderful site. It seems to want to leap off the screen. And what's more - IT'S INTERESTING. I will visit often. Genealogy wise - I recently learned that I had a Bull connection. On page 816 of the book on William Bull and Sarah Wells, Margaret Roberson and Elmer E. Rosencrans, had three children: Vinie 1890, Harry E. 1892, and Adele B. 1895. Adele B. was my mother. Would be very interested in the Knife Factories (Companies) around Walden, NY, to include history and employment records. Will be glad to share what little data I have from my connections. Thank you.
Everett Thorpe (Jr.)
10304 Villa Milagro
El Paso, TX 79924

Oct 28, 1999
from Rodney Todd Applegate
My great grandmother was Mary Ellen (Todd) who married my great-grandfather John Pound Applegate. I am just starting the research on this side of my family. Any help would be appreciated.

Nov 1, 1999
I am a descendent of William Spencer O'Neal and Malinda Grimes; Abijah O'Neal and Manerva Underwood; Anna O'Neal and Eugene Thompson; Butler Etta Butler and Leslie E. White.

Nov 1, 1999
from Jackie D. Cripe (male)
I have a lot of my lineage back to Jacob Greib and Elizabeth Ullrich, but there are a good many gaps in between. I can get from me back through Thomas Earl Cripe, my father; Thomas Matthew Cripe, my grandfather; and Phillip Cripe, my great-grandfather. Making the connection from there back to Jacob and Elizabeth is really limited so far. I have all of Jacob's sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters and so on, but no connection as to which sons are in the direct line down to Phillip Cripe. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Alice, this is one of the finest sites I have had the pleasure to review. Thank you so much for your fine work.

from Alice
"Phillip" is not a common name among Cripes. There are only two in my data base.

One is Philip Cripe (one "l"), b. 26 May 1834 St. Joseph Co., IN, to Rinehart Cripe and Elizabeth Hetrich, married to Mary Hannah Liggett. This Philip died 2 May 1871 in St. Joseph Co., IN. Known children were Benjamin and Daniel. Rinehart was the son of Daniel who was the son of the immigrant Jacob.

The other possibility in my data base is Phillip Cripe. I have no dates on him, but I show his parents as Stephen Cripe (1834-1866, d. Clinton Co., IN) and Elizabeth Ann Gripe (b. abt 1830, m. 2ndly to Noah HENRY in 1869 Clinton Co., IN). Phillip's father Stephen was the son of Jacob Cripe and Mary Brock (this Jacob being the son of Samuel who was the son of the immigrant Jacob). Phillip's mother Elizabeth was the dau. of Daniel Gripe, Sr., and Susanna Wagner (herself a Cripe descendant thru her mother). This Daniel Gripe, Sr., was the son of Samuel who was the son of the immigrant Jacob.

IF either of these men seems like a possible match, please let me know so that I can give you the contact information for the Cripe family genealogists who specialize in those various lines.

Nov 2, 1999
from Jack Cripe
Thanks to Alice I now have no gaps back through the line to Jacob Greib and Elizabeth Ulrich. The Phillip I was seeking is the second one in Alice's information, Phillip, son of Stephen Cripe (1834-1866, d. Clinton Co., Ind.) and Elizabeth Ann Gripe (b. 1830, 2nd m to Noah Henry in 1869). Phillip was the grandson of Jacob Cripe and Mary Brock; Jacob's father was Samuel, son of the immigrant Jacob Greib and Elizabeth Ulrich. I hope this gives anyone following this particular line enough information to know which Phillip Cripe to follow. Thanks again, Alice.

Nov 6, 1999
from Suzanne
Hi Alice, I wrote to you some time ago re: Susannah Bussard/Buzzard and Levi Ulery. I did not mention the other Bussard Brethren connections that may or may not help you. Susannah's younger brother John B. Bussard (b. 1836) married Maria Weybright (b. 1849) dau of Martin Weybright and Catharine Linderman. Also, their younger brother William Bussard (b. 1849) married a Charlotte Holderman and was a Brethren minister in the Nappanee, IN, area in the 1880s, I believe. A sister to Susannah (Martha Ellen, b. about 1854) married a Jonathon Cripe. All these folks were in the Elkhart Co, IN, area in the 1850s. Don't have a clue where they went to, except my John B. Bussard + Maria Weyrbright. Hope this helps and hope to connect this Ulery and Cripe some day soon.

Nov 22, 1999
from Leigh Marvin
I am a Hufford-Creager descendent thru Sarah Creager, daughter of Henry Creager and Catherine Tipple.

from Alice
Leigh, I do not have that Henry Creager & Catherine Tipple couple in my data base. If you'd be so kind as to post Henry Creager's line back to Johann Casper Creager b. abt 1697 and Anna Christina Hoffarth/Hufford b. 1706, I'd be appreciative. Thanks!

Nov 24, 1999
from Leigh Marvin
I am a descendent of John Henry (aka Henry) Creager & Sarah A. Boward.
John Henry Creager, b. 12-Aug-1794 Hagerstown, MD; d. 1875.
Son of Henry Creager & Anna Mary (last name unknown).
John Henry m. Sarah A. Boward 7-Apr-1817 Hagerstown, MD.
Children of John Henry & Sarah follow:
i.) Jonathan Creager, b. 4-Nov-1819.
ii.) Sarah Ann Creager, b. 6-Feb-1823 Hagerstown, MD; m. David Steadman Caldwell.
iii.) Margaret Creager, b. 5-Sep-1825.
iv.) Elizabeth Creager, b. 30-Jun-1829.
v.) Ann Rebecca Creager, b. 19-Aug-1830.
John Henry Creager's father Henry Creager was b. abt. 1769; d. abt. 22-Nov-1806.
Henry Creager was son of Michael Creager, Sr., & Margaretha Albaugh.
Children of Henry & Anna Mary follow:
i.) John Henry Creager
ii.) Samuel Creager, b. 14-Mar-1798.
iii.) Susanna Creager, b. 10-Sep-1800.
Henry Creager's father Michael Creager, Sr., was b. 1742 PA; d. 30-Jan-1878.
Michael Creager, Sr., was son of Johann Casper Krieger & Anna Christine Hoffarth.
Children of Michael Creager, Sr., & Margaretha Albaugh follow:
i.) Philp Creager, d. abt. 8-Jun-1814.
ii.) Hannah Creager, m. Ephraim Crum.
iii.) Andrew Creager, m. Susanna.
iv.) Michael Creager, b. 31-Mar-1785 Frederick, MD.
v.) Henry Creager, b. abt. 1769; d. abt. 22-Nov-1806.
Michael Creager's father Johann Casper Krieger was b. abt. 1708 Klein Gartach, Kraichgau, Germany; d. abt. Jun-1765 Frederick Co., MD.
Johann Casper Krieger was son of Ernst Krieger.
Michael Creager's mother Anna Christine Hoffarth was b. 17-Aug-1728 Schwaigern, Kraichgua, Germany; d. aft 1769 Frederick Co., MD. She was dau. of Hans Jerg "Jorick" Hoffarth & Anna Margaretha Most; she was the sister of
Christian Hoffarth/Hufford.
Children of Johann Casper Krieger & Anna Christine Hoffarth follow:
i.) Phillip Casper Creager, b. 5-Sep-1729 Schwaigern, Germany; d. aft. 1790.
ii.) Christian Creager, b. 1730/31 Mt. Oley, Montgomery Co, PA; d. bef. 8-Sep-1768 Frederick, MD.
iii.) Valentine Creager, b. 9-Feb-1733/34 Mt. Oley, Pike Twp, Berks Co, PA.
iv.) Conrad Creager, b. abt. 1735 Oley Hills, New Hanover, Montgomery Co, PA; d. 24-Feb-1808 Frederick, MD.
v.) Adam Creager, b. abt. 1737 Oley Hills, New Hanover, Montgomery Co, PA; d. 4-Sep-1805 Frederick Co., MD; m. Christianna Hoffert, dau. of
Christian Hoffart/Hufford & Elizabeth Keim.
vi.) Anna Catherine Creager, b. 13-May-1740 Oley Hills, New Hanover, Montgomery Co, PA; d. 22-Oct-1821 Walkersville, Frederick Co., MD.; 1st m. Jacob Fout; 2nd m. John Kalbfleisch.
vii.) Michael Creager, Sr., b. 1742 PA; d. 30-Jan-1878.
viii.) Henrich Creager, b. 1746 PA.
ix.) Georg Creager, b. 27-Sep-1747 New Hanover, PA.; d. 31-Oct-1748.
x.) George Creager, Sr., b. 12-Jul-1752 Fredrick Co., MD; d. 14-Sep-1815 Washington, DC.

Dec 26, 1999
from Randy L. Brown
My paternal grandmother was Alice Cripps (probably from Cripe(s)); her father was Asher, and his father David. Alice's mother was Lavinia Ulery; her parents were Jacob D. Ulery and Barbara Waggoner. They are buried in the Church of the Brethren cemetery here in Marion County, IL. I know very little of this side of my family other than they appear to have migrated from northeastern Indiana with the Church. I am looking forward to new discoveries in my family and greatly appreciate the work done on this website. There are other direct descendants of the family here in Marion County, but the Church has few records that I am aware of.


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