Cornelius Peterson & Cilinda Lane:
19th century

Cornelius PETERSON and Cilinda LANE married on March 30, 1826, in Athens County, Ohio, and moved westward, eventually settling in Vermilion County, Illinois. They had ten children, all who reached maturity.

Cilinda's ancestors include a distant grandmother with an interesting ancestral line. That distant grandmother was Hannah BROWNE (1651-1711) who in 1669 married Isaac LANE (1639-1711). One of Hannah's lines wanders back to Scotland's William the Lion and one of his mistresses, and on thru the king of Scotland who killed Macbeth, and the king of Scotland who was killed by Macbeth, then thru England's Henry II, Alfred the Great, France's Louis the Pious, and the other usual suspects on the way back to Charlemagne and Hildegard. The distant ancestor back this line who interests me the most is Eleanor. Also along that ancestral route is the ancestor Robert de Ross, who in 1215 at Runnemede was one of the 25 elected barons who served as Sureties, holding title to some of the property of King John, so as to guarantee the king's compliance with the Magna Charta.

One of Cornelius and Cilinda's grandsons was my grandfather. He was an unschooled, poor, illiterate, frequently moving tenant farmer, born to a re-married widow woman and a Civil War deserter who hid under a bogus name. My grandfather had no illusions of grandeur and used an outhouse most of his life. He was an old man with beautiful blue eyes who called me "Morning Glory" and let me comb his hair over his bald spot. He always treated me kindly. His picture is

Below are two parts to Cornelius & Cilinda's genealogical story:
1st) family group record for Cornelius & Cilinda with their children;
2nd) Cilinda's list of ancestors, in the form of an ahnentafel.

(1st) Family group record for Cornelius, Cilinda, and children:

BORN: 5 Oct 1806, ME
DIED: 11 Aug 1877, Vermilion Co.,IL
BUR.: Fairchild Cemetery, Blount Twp., Vermilion Co., IL
MARR: 30 Mar 1826, Athens Co., Ohio
MOTHER: Susannah ---
WIFE: Cilinda LANE
BORN: 16 Apr 1810, Tioga Co., PA
DIED: 26 Feb 1849, Vermilion Co., IL
BUR.: Fairchild Cemetery, Blount Twp., Vermilion Co., IL
1.) Lydia PETERSON
BORN: 1827, Athens Co., Ohio
DIED: Vermilion Co.,IN
MARR: 9 Mar 1851, Vermilion Co., IL
2.) John L. PETERSON
BORN: 18 May 1828, Deer Creek Prairie, Tippecanoe Co., IN
DIED: 2 Apr 1894, Champaigne Co., IL
BUR.: Dodson Cemetery, Vermilion Co., IL
MARR: 21 Jul 1854, Vermilion Co., IL
3.) Elmira PETERSON
BORN: 8 Aug 1832, Athens Co., Ohio
DIED: 2 Jun 1907, Champaigne Co., IL
BUR.: Armstrong Cemetery, Vermilion Co., IL
4.) Sarah PETERSON
BORN: 1834, Ohio
MARR: 4 May 1852, Vermilion Co., IL
5.) Benjamin PETERSON
BORN: 1 May 1836, Ohio
DIED: 12 Nov 1916, Vermilion Co., IL
BUR.: Wallace Chapel Cemetery, Vermilion Co., IL
MARR: 28 Oct 1860, Vermilion Co., IL
SPOUSE #2: Margaret A. GARLAND
MARR #2: 1 Aug 1889
BORN: 1837, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH
DIED: 21 Feb 1883, Bixby,Vermilion Co.,IL
BUR.: Marysville, Vermilion Co., IL
MARR #1: 24 Apr 1855
Thomas Reed DOYLE (a.k.a. Francis REED)
MARR #2: 11 Jan 1873, Vermilion Co., IL

BORN: 1840, IL
DIED: 7 Apr 1887, Vermilion Co., IL
SPOUSE: Susan Elizabeth WRIGHT
MARR: 6 Sep 1861, Vermilion Co., IL

8.) Mary Jane PETERSON
BORN: 1842 PLACE: Vermilion Co.,IL
MARR #1: 8 Aug 1861 PLACE: Vermilion Co., IL
SPOUSE #2: Durbin GAW
MARR #2: Abt 1865

9.) Charlotte PETERSON
BORN: 14 Dec 1844, Vermilion Co., IL
DIED: 20 Sep 1873, IL
BUR.: Fairchild Cemetery, Blount Twp., Vermilion Co., IL
MARR: 3 Jan 1868, Champaigne Co., IL

10.) Selinda PETERSON
BORN: 1847, Vermilion Co., IL
DIED: 3 Apr 1882, Vermilion Co., IL
BUR.: Marysville, Vermilion Co., IL
MARR: 22 Sep 1875, Champaigne Co., IL

Grave stone says 70 years, 10 months, and 6 days.
After Cilinda died, Cornelius 2ndly married 20 May 1851 to Mary RODERICK.

WIFE - Cilinda LANE
Sources: Marriage record, Athens Co., Ohio; birth and death from gravestone.
Gravestone says 38 years, 10 months, 10 days.

Sources: death certificate, census, two marriage records.
Another source says Lucy was born in Athens Co., Ohio.
Lucy's body was interred at Potomac Cemetery.

(2nd) Cilinda's list of ancestors, in the form of an ahnentafel:

AHNENTAFEL for Cilinda Lane

: German origin, means "ancestor table." Word commonly used by genealogists for a list of ancestors for a particular person, with each person on the "table" (list) assigned a number as if it were a traditional pedigree chart.

The ahnentafel below is for Cilinda Lane. The "red letter names" have particularly interesting information (numbers 4, 33, 88, 134, 188, 529, 560):

1 Cilinda LANE:
b 16 Apr 1810 Tioga Co., PA;
m 30 Mar 1826 Athens Co., Ohio, to Cornelius PETERSON;
d 26 Feb 1849 Vermilion Co., IL;
bur Fairchild Cemetery, Blount Twsp., Vermilion Co., IL.

2 Allen LANE II:
b 1 Nov 1787 Wells Twsp., Rutland Co., VT;
d before 17 Oct 1838 Athens Co., Ohio;
died before his father's will was proved.
3 Hannah COOK:
of Tioga Co., PA.
4 Allen LANE:
b 2 Sep 1758 Middletown Twsp., Middlesex Co., CT;
m 11 May 1780 Congregational Church, Cheshire, New Haven Co., CT;
d after 22 Sep 1832 and before 17 Oct 1838 Sullivan Twsp., Tioga Co., PA;
residing in Smithfield, Lycoming Co., PA, 1812.

* Revolutionary War, Connecticut, Captain Shepherd's company;
2nd m Susanna (last name unknown).

Minister miswrote Lane initially as "Lain," then wrote over.
As result, 100 years later, copiest misread name as "Lewis."
Genealogist Donald Lines Jacobus saw only hand copy and perpetuated error in print.

5 Esther GRANNIS:
b about 1760 Cheshire, New Haven Co., CT;
d after 2 Aug 1792.
8 John LANE:
b 1 Nov 1715 Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT;
m 5 Jun 1754 Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT.
9 Lettecia HOWELL:
b about 1732;
d after 1790.
10 Caleb GRANNIS:
b 25 Jan 1723 New Haven Co., CT;
m 27 Nov 1745 Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT;
d 20 Mar 1794 Cheshire, CT;
French & Indian War, Campaign of 1759, 11th Co., 2nd Reg., Captain Thomas Wilmot.
11 Patience BUNNELL:
b 28 Nov 1726 Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT;
d 26 Aug 1788 Cheshire, CT.
16 John LANE:
b 10 Jan 1680/1681 Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT;
d 3 May 1716 Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT.
17 Anna ALLEN:
b 12 Sep 1677 Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT;
d 26 Dec 1751.
20 John GRANNIS, Captain:
b 5 Dec 1674 Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA;
m 10 Jan 1717;
d about 1740 New Haven Co., CT.
21 Mary CHUBB:
b 10 Jul 1682 Beverly, MA;
d 17 Dec 1781 New Haven Co., CT.
22 Nathaniel BUNNELL:
b May 1686 New Haven Co., CT;
m 17 Feb 1726 Wallingford;
d 4 May 1732 New Haven Co., CT.
23 Mary BROOKS:
b 14 May 1704 Wallingford, CT;
d 11 Jan 1743 Farmington, CT.
32 Isaac LANE:
b 1639 Milford, New Haven Co., CT;
m 5 Nov 1669;
d 18 Jul 1711 Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT.
33 Hannah BROWNE:
b 13 Apr 1651 Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT;
bur 18 Jul 1711 Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT.

* Pedgrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants, vol. 3, page 57. Check this page for a story about a distant grandmother of Hannah Browne: Eleanor

34 Obadiah ALLEN (ALLYN), Deacon:
b 1646 S.Windsor, Hartford Co., CT;
m 28 Oct 1669 Goshen, Litchfield Co., CT;
d 7 Apr 1712 Goshen, Litchfield Co., CT.
35 Elizabeth SANFORD:
b 27 Aug 1648 Milford, New Haven Co., CT;
d 1687 Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT.
40 Edward GRANNIS:
b about 1630 England;
m 1662 Hartford, CT;
d 10 Dec 1719 New Haven Co., CT.
41 Hannah WAKEFIELD:
chr 29 Dec 1644 Watertown, CT;
d 1711 Watertown, CT.
42 Thomas CHUBB:
b 1650/1651, of Salem, MA;
m 9 May 1672 Beverly, MA;
d Beverly, MA.
43 Mercy (Mary) PLUMB:
b 1651, of Beverly, Essex Co., MA.
44 Benjamin BUNNELL:
b 1642 New Haven Co., CT;
d 12 Mar 1697 New Haven Co., CT
45 Rebecca MALLORY:
b 11 Mar 1649 New Haven Co., CT;
d 12 Mar 1691 New Haven Co., CT.
46 Thomas F. BROOKS:
b 27 Mar 1679 New Haven Co., CT;
m 25 Mar 1702 New Haven Co., CT;
d 20 Jul 1732 Cheshire, New Haven Co., CT.
47 Martha HOTCHKISS:
b 14 Dec 1683 New Haven Co., CT;
d 1755.
64 John LANE:
d 10 Sep 1669 Milford, New Haven Co., CT.
65 Sarah ---
66 Nathaniel BROWNE:
b about 1622 London, England;
m 23 Dec 1642/1647 Hartford, Hartford Co., CT;
d Bef Aug 1658.

This Nathaniel Browne has been established by genealogists of The Baronial Order of Magna Charta as a descendant of Robert de Ross, one of the 25 elected barons who served as Sureties, holding title to some of the property of King John, so as to guarantee the king's compliance with the Magna Charta. 1215, Runnemede.

67 Eleanor WATTS:
d 28 Sep 1703 Middletown, CT.
68 Samuel ALLEN:
b 1588 Braintree, England;
d 24 Apr 1648 Windsor, CT.
69 Ann ---:
b 1612;
d 13 Nov 1687.
70 Thomas SANFORD:
b 1607/1608 Hatfield Broadoak, Co. Essex, England;
m 1641 Dorchester, MA;
d 21 Oct 1681 Milford, CT.
71 Sarah MEADOWS:
b 1615 England;
d 14 May 1681 Milford, New Haven Co., CT.
b about 1618, of Watertown, Litchfield, CT;
d before 24 Nov 1660 New Haven Co., CT.
83 Ann ---
84 Thomas CHUBB:
b 1609 probably Crewkerne, Somerset, England;
d 17 Oct 1688 Beverly, MA.
86 John PLUMB
88 William BUNNELL:
b Cheshire, England;
d after 1 May 1654.

* Deserted his wife; went on the public dole; ultimately the town paid him to return to England.

89 Ann WILMOT:
d after 27 Feb 1653 and Bef 1 May 1654.
90 Peter MALLORY, Sr.
91 Mary ---
94 Joshua HOTCHKISS:
b 16 Sep 1651;
d 22 Dec 1722.
95 Mary PARDEE:
b 18 Apr 1658; d abt 1684.
132 Percy BROWNE:
b about 1602 England.
133 Anne RICH:
b about 1603 England.
134 Richard WATTS:
b England;
will dated 20 Oct 1653 Hartford, Hartford Co., CT;
inventory of estate taken 20 Mar 1654.
The will:

October the twentieth day, In the year of our Lord one Thousand Six hundred fifty three. I Richard Watts of Hartford, upon the River of Connecticut, beaing weak and ill in my body but in my perfect memory and understanding, Doe make and Ordain this my Last will and Testament in manner and form as ffolloweth:
Imprimis. It is my will that my wiff Elizabeth Watts shall possess and inioy my whole estate during the term of her natural lif. And alsoe I will and give unto my wiff fful power and Authority toe giv & despose at her own will & pleasure Twenty pounds off the estate I leave behind mee. The Resedu of my estate That Shall be remayneng after The death of my wiff It is my will that it be Equally Divided amongst the Children of my Daughter Hubbard & the child of my Daughter Browne, I mean the children now born & that then shall be living. Also I will & give to my Daughter Browne the whole Charge of her board & the board of her child, her husband & servant, ffrom the Time that her husband went ffrom her toward England Toe the Day of my Death, with all other moneys or charges that I have Disbursed ffor her use. That Thes my last Will and Testament be truly & ffaithfully performed, I make & ordayne my wif Elizabeth my Soal Exectrix, And intreat my loving friends Richard Butler and James Ensign to be overseers to this my will.
In the presence of us:
Richard Butler,
James Ensign.
Wee whose names are heer underwritten doe witness that Richard Wats in his last sickness whereof he dyed did express that it was his will that Hana, the Daughter of his Daughter Browne, should have a duble portion off the estate that is to be divided to the children expresst in his will.
Further we witness that it was his will that his son Thomas Wats, after the Death of Elizabeth the wif of the said Richard, should have & injoy as his fforever his three acre upland lott at the Town's End.
Richard Butler.
James Ensign.

135 Elizabeth ---:
b 1592 England;
d after 28 Feb 1665/1666 Hartford, Hartford Co., CT;
will dated 28 Feb 1665/1666 Hartford, Hartford Co., CT;
inventory of estate taken 17 Apr 1666.
140 Ezekiel SANFORD:
b 20 Feb 1585/1586 Stanstead, Mountfichet, England;
m 1607 Hatfield Broad Oak, Hertfordshire, England;
d 1683 Stanstead, Mountfichet, Co. Essex, England.
141 Rose WARNER:
b 1588, of Hatfield Broad Oak, Co. Essex, England.
142 Henry MEADOWS:
b about 1585 Stowe, Gloucester, England;
d Stowe, Gloucester, England.
143 Margaret PRESTON:
b about 1593 Hatfield Broad Oak, Hertfordshire, England.
178 Benjamin WILMOT:
b 1589/1590, of New Haven Co., CT;
d 18 Aug 1669 New Haven Co., CT.
182 William PRESTON:
b 23 Jan 1590/1591 Gigglewick, Yorkshire, England;
d 4 Jan 1649 New Haven Co., CT.
183 Elizabeth SALE:
b 8 Jun 1590 Chesham, Buckingham, England;
d 22 Feb 1633/1634 Chesham, Buckingham, England.
188 Samuel HOTCHKISS:
b 1622/1623 Dodington, Whitchurch, England;
m 7 Sep 1642 New Haven Co., CT;
d 28 Dec 1663 New Haven Co., CT.

* Regarding Samuel and Elizabeth's public display, the following:
"for their filthy dalliance together, which was confessed by them both, they were both severely whipped." Then later when they came to ask for permission to get married "having entered into contract, sinfully and wickedly defiled each other with filthy dalliance and unclean passages, by which they have both made themselves unfit for any other, and for which they have both received public correction, upon these considerations, granted them liberty to marry." Samuel also was beaten for theft, and for sleeping on his watch.

189 Elizabeth CLEVERLY:
d 1681 New Haven Co., CT.
190 George PARDEE:
b 1623 England;
d before 26 Apr 1700 New Haven Co., CT.
191 Martha MILES:
b 1632 England;
d 1662 New Haven Co., CT.
264 William BROWNE, Sir:
b Snelston, Co. Derby, England;
d Aug 1610 Low Countries, The Netherlands.
265 Mary SAVAGE
280 Thomas SANFORD:
b 1558 Stanstead, England;
m 21 Sep 1581 Much Hadham, Hertfordshire, England;
d 6 Apr 1597 Much Haddam, Hertfordshire, England.
281 Mary LEWES:
b 1563;
d 19 Aug 1620 Much Haddam, Hertfordshire, England.
282 John WARNER, Jr.:
b 1555 Hatfield Broadoak, England;
m 1578 Great Waltham, Essex, England;
d 16 Jul 1614 Hatfield Broadoak, England.
283 Mary PURCHASE:
b 1556 Hatfield, Essex, England;
d 12 Mar 1627 Hatfield, Essex, England.
b about 1580 Shropshire, England;
bur 10 Jan 1665/1666.
377 Margaret NEVETT:
bur 1 Jan 1656/1657.
382 Richard MILES:
b 27 Aug 1598 Great Munden, Hertfordshire, England;
d 16 Jan 1666 Milford, New Haven Co., CT.
383 Mary ---:
d before 1641.
528 Nicholas BROWNE:
bur 15 Jan 1587.
529 Eleanor SHIRLEY:
b about 1525;
bur 28 Apr 1595 Snelston, Co. Derby, England.

* This line ultimately goes back to William the Lion, King of Scotland (born 1143, died 4 Dec 1214) and a mistress who was a daughter of Richard Avenal. William was a grandson of Scotland's King David I. David I was the son of Malcolm III and the grandson of Duncan who was murdered by Macbeth. Malcolm III later killed Macbeth in battle. Macbeth was a first cousin of Duncan. This line wanders thru Edmund II, the "Ironside King" of old England; Henry II, King of Norway; Charles IV, King of the Franks; Alfred the Great; Charles the Bald, and Louis the Pious on it's way back to Charlemagne and Hildegard.

560 Richard SANFORD:
b 1533 Stanstead, Mountfichet, Co. Essex, England;
m 1558 Much Haddam, England;
d 15 Nov 1591 Stanstead, Mountfichet, Co. Essex, England.

* According to an incorrect submission to the LDS Ancestral File, Richard Sandford born 1533 was the son of Richard SANDFORD (born 1490 in Sandford, Shropshire, died about 1532) and Maud MAINWARING (born about 1490 in Ightfield, Shropshire), a line considered proven back to the ancient lines.
The Ancestral File is wrong!

There is no proof that Richard born 1533 in Stanstead was the son of Richard born 1490 in Sandford. The connection between Richard born 1533 and Richard born 1490 is nonexistent and bogus. Carleton E. Sanford's book includes the complete 30-page report of Charles Hoppin, a noted genealogical researcher, who spent an extended period in England examining source records to trace and verify the ancestry of Thomas Sanford the emigrant. (The main part of the book is the familiar listing of Thomas' descendants.) Hoppin methodically and completely proved that there was NO connection between Richard (b. 1533) and the Shropshire SANDFORD clan, and that the resulting claim of linkage to English & French royalty was incorrect. However, the bogus myth of the Shropshire link is pervasive, and traces of it surface often.

561 Elizabeth ---:
b 1537 Stanstead, England;
d 15 Sep 1600 Stanstead, Mountfichet, Co. Essex, England.
562 John LEWES:
m 4 Jul 1564.
563 Alice CHERVELL
564 John WARNER, Sr.:
m 1554;
d 1584.
565 Margaret ---
566 John PURCHASE:
m 1568;
d 1585.
567 Margaret ---:
d 15 Mar 1585.
754 Thomas NEVETT
755 Ann TAYLOR


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