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Try prayer! Even if you are a minority of one,
the truth is the truth.
-- Mahatma Gandhi

resources for HUFFORD genealogists
Hufford genealogy
Dead folks
genealogy stories & research
Not a journal
Justice Clarence Thomas, in 2000.
Not a law journal!
Camp Fire
Worship God! Seek beauty, give service, and knowledge pursue ...
2011 trip
2011: A  month in Europe
autumn in Europe
Live folks
Once upon a time ...
'Lois Lane' days
Mishawaka High, Class of 1968
the Class of '68
my 'one hell' year of law school
a journey into law
for when milk & cookies will solve your troubles
cookie recipes
Letters home
and a kiss goodbye
and a kiss goodbye
stories for children
from about 1981
All the dolls I ever wanted  :-D
playing with dolls

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Admitted to practice in the DC Courts, the US District Court for DC, and the US Supreme Court.
Member of the D.A.R., descent traced from
Christian Hufford.
This site is maintained for the same reason some women do needlepoint -- purely for pleasure
about Alice

AliceMarieBeard [at] gmuAlumni [dot] org