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July 2, 2023,
AMB has rented a place and is inviting folks
who once were part of the MHS Class of 1968
and who know
all of the following:

Sunday, July 2, 2023.
Email AMB for location.
The day will end with fireworks in the evening.

Nope, this is no joke.

If you want emails and do not get them,

Mishawaka Memories
2023 Commentary, by AMB

Back at MHS, I worked on the weekly that was printed in the school basement by Mr. Kenneth Armel's print shop "boys." For nine months (1967-68), I edited the little paper and sometimes wrote "editorials." The editorials were always inane and pointless. Since 1998, I have maintained this web site, on my own time and my own dime.

Fifty-five years after I was writing those inane and pointless editorials, I see a USA in disaster. The hell has been obvious and undeniable since the orchestrated riots that began in summer of 2020. (Read up on the term "color change." It's a political term, and it has nothing to do with color.)

I am a product of Mishawaka. I have not lived near Mishawaka since 1975, but I am a product of Mishawaka, and who I am in 2023 is largely the result of Mishawaka school teachers of the 1950s and 1960s. The Mishawaka teachers who helped to shape me into who I am include Mary Hess, Ken Armel, Charles Karst, Thelma Martin, Ward Baker, August Baetsle, Marvin Wood, Bruce Chamberlin, Suzanne Kamm, Mildred Harden, Merle Blue, and Robert Heck, all from MHS; Robert Ernst, Judith Jones, Fred Buechner, and Edwin Metzler from Main Junior High; Lester Ward and Evelyn (Rarick) Isenbarger from Battell; and Margaret Schenck and Margaret (Sellers) Middleton from North Side.

Almost certainly, every one of those teachers would be shocked and horrified at the USA of 2023, where viable unborn babies are butchered, where their body parts are sold, where men pretend that they are women and show up in women's locker rooms swinging their ding-dongs and calling them "female penises," and where "journalists" gaslight us daily.

The main part of my "commentary" will be a social gathering in the summer of 2023 for some old 1968 Cavemen, 55 years after high-school graduation. (See info here.)

No, I'm not going to stand on a soapbox and preach to anyone. Rather, I have rented a place for the day, and I am inviting others from the MHS '68 group who also know that killing viable babies is wrong and that biological sex is a reality and that the main-stream media have been lying to us and gaslighting us about all sorts of things.

I'd like to share a meal, and a day, and some visiting back in Mishawaka with such folks, just one last time. Potluck, with my treat on the space. I'll provide a few roasted chickens for lunch, some delivery pizza at supper time, and some fireworks in the sky to say goodbye. It's potluck, and I'll count on others to add to the day.

I recall my Mishawaka teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade. Those teachers would be horrified by the USA that has been delivered upon us by totalitarian leftists who call themselves "liberals" and who push the insane agenda of baby-killing, tranny-crap, and lies pushed by a leftist oligarch media.

I'd like to see some folks from the old MHS '68 group one last time. I've arranged for the space, Sunday, July 2nd, in Mishawaka.
I'll keep my fingers crossed and see who shows up.

Y'all know how to contact me if you have a question or wonder whether my invite is legit.

July 2nd:
Moms, apple pie, and the American flag


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