Mishawaka High School
Class of 1968

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Dan Nicolini, leading MHS '68 folks
in the MHS fight song,
at the 50-year reunion.
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COMING: Commentary, by AMB

Back at MHS, AMB worked on the weekly that was printed in the school basement by Mr. Kenneth Armel's print shop "boys." For nine months (1967-68), AMB edited the little paper and sometimes wrote "editorials." The editorials were always inane and pointless. Since 1998, she has maintained this web site for and about MHS '68 folks, entirely at her expense and effort.

At 71 years old, with the USA in the disaster of 2021, AMB has decided to offer up her opinions of 2021, opinions influenced greatly by Mishawaka school teachers of the 1950s and 1960s. Those Mishawaka teachers who helped to shape AMB were Mary Hess, Ken Armel, Charles Karst, Thelma Martin, Ward Baker, August Baetsle, Marvin Wood, Bruce Chamberlin, Suzanne Kamm, Mildred Harden, Merle Blue, Robert Heck, and John Chelminiak, all from MHS; Robert Ernst, Judith Jones, Fred Buechner, and Edwin Metzler from Main Jr. High; Lester Ward and Evelyn (Rarick) Isenbarger from Battell; and Margaret Schenck, from North Side.

Almost certainly, every one of those teachers would be shocked at the USA of 2021, where viable unborn babies are butchered, where their body parts are sold, where men pretend that they are women and show up in women's locker rooms swinging their ding-dongs and calling them "female penises," and where "journalists" gaslight us daily. In a few weeks, there will be a link here to AMB's commentary on the USA of 2021. Perhaps I'll be talking to a wall, but the words will appear, and I'll recall my Mishawaka teachers and growing up in Mishawaka as I assemble the words.


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