Mishawaka High School Class of 1968

News & notes:

Pat Adams retired from teaching little children. She and husband Al Marchant have three grandchildren.

Denny Aguirre wrote in 2008, "After 30 years as a police officer, I reinvented myself as a wine buyer for a small market in Chelsea, Michigan."

Byron Aldrich spent many years as a volunteer fire fighter and saved several lives while giving service to the community. His working years were as a journeyman sheetmetal worker. In 2003, Byron was inducted into the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame.
In August 2023, Byron and other one-time MHS wrestlers who had been coached by Al Smith gathered to honor Coach Smith at a restaurant in Osceola. About three-dozen one-time wrestlers from various classes were there.
Below is Byron visiting with Coach Al Smith:

Ellie Allen died in 1996.

Dave Anderson died in 1985.

Hilary Asher spent his working years as a corporate vice-president. To relax, he pilots his maroon & white airplane above Michiana. He and wife Tamara Reed have three daughters and (at last count) six grandchildren.

Gregg Baldoni died in 2017. His working years were as a journeyman sheetmetal worker. Greg did two years in the U.S. Army and served in the 82nd Airborne. He was boots-on-the-ground for a year in Vietnam, in an infantry unit. He survived things that he never wanted to talk about, for which the military gave him medals and ribbons. Greg just wanted to forget it.

Jeff Barcus died in 1985.

Alice Marie Beard reared children in her 30s and 40s. She wrote law review articles in her 50s and 60s. She taught 1st graders in her 70s. She's a genealogist, and she may have info about your ancestors. September 2023, she was in Poland. The horse's name is "Glitter." Glitter works every day in Old Town Warsaw:

Toni Beehler completed her bachelor's at IU and spent her working years as a sales manager at a Fortune 500 company. She and hubby have a son. Toni enjoys gardening, traveling, crocheting, and working on various community service projects. She has been a lifelong Michiana resident.

Mike Bellovich had a long career in human resources. After 30 years with the Marine Corps (active and reserve), he retired as a Lt. Colonel and served on the Mishawaka Common Council.
Mike shared this photo, taken in late August 2018 in northern Canada, with Will Pooley. Fifty-one years earlier, Will and Mike took their first camping trip to northern Minnesota.

Tim Bess retired as an elementary school principal in Minnesota. He built a house in Arkansas and divides his time between Arkansas and Minnesota.

Judy Blankenhorn died in 2009. She was a career U.S. Army civil servant, working for the Soldiers Support Institute and was constantly doing volunteer service for soldiers.

Greg Blimling retired in July 2016 after a long academic career. In his last years in the academic world, he was professor in the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers. Previously, for 36 years he was a student affairs administrator. In 2014, he completed his seventh book. Greg and his wife have moved to Colorado to be near their daughter and granddaughter. 

Cheryl Bobson retired after many years as Chief Financial Officer for an Elkhart company. She and her husband bought a 49-foot Bavaria sailboat and sailed between Florida and the West Indies.
Here was Cheryl's view in April 2023:

Pam Bollaert and Penny Reynolds, in about 2000 (Pam on the right):
Pam and Penny

Paul Boudreau served as an Army M.P. in Vietnam before returning stateside and completing his enlistment at Fort Hood in Killen, Texas, where his son Paul Jr. was born. In the mid-1990s, Paul was working as a federal corrections officer in New Orleans. There is no current information about Paul.

Roger Brady, architect, has been a continuing education consultant to the design and construction industry.

Alecia Brazeau died in 2016.

Neil Brioli is active with American Legion Post 297, in New Carlisle. He served 24 years in the U.S. Navy. In 1996, he retired from the Naval Reserve as a lead Chief Petty Officer.

Karen Broomall died in 2014. Her life was as a high-school chemistry teacher, a mother, a Realtor. She enjoyed RV-camping along the Pacific Ocean and watching dolphins and seals. She was survived by a son and a daughter.

Ron Brooks and Pat DeLaurelle, long married, are in Florida. Ron spent 20 years in the Air Force, retiring as a Senior Master Sergeant in 1989.

Marsha Brown has had her own software business for several decades, and she recently has become a deputy township trustee.

Ken Brugh spent decades in the corporate world. When he was 23, he opened a bar & restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana. For 23 years, he was with Golfsmith, serving as a V.P. for many years. Then he became a V.P. for real estate & store environment for Performance Bike. At 70, he moved to Panama. At 71, he moved to Medellin, Columbia, where he did his own version of Taco Tuesday: He made tacos and gave them to poor people who survived on the streets.
In June 2022, Ken moved on to the Philippines. Early 2023, he took a trip to Camotes Island where he jumped off a cliff and lived to tell about it:

In the Philippines, a beautiful young woman came into Ken's life. They married in January 2024. Ken shared photos of their wedding and from their trip after their wedding. Here's one of Ken, walking towards the water, with his wife and the two little children who are now part of his life.

Cathy Bupp is a psychotherapist. In 2004, she was living in central Florida, in one of the counties declared a disaster area after the hurricanes of 2004. Check Cathy's description of what the hurricanes of 2004 did to her community.

Brenda Burkett, Toby Roose, Debbie Koepke, and Sonia Kristoff all looked beautiful at a church event in 2010:
four beauties!

Denny Cackowski moved to Florida after a career as coordinator of elementary enrichment programs schoolwide for P-H-M schools. Denny died in Naples, Florida, July 26, 2020.

Debbie Callsen has worked as an R.N. and supervising nurse on the open-heart team at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.

Chris Carlson is director of Busy Hands of Michiana, a group of charitible people who crochet, knit, and sew for people in need.

Nancy Carner retired after years of helping young people battle cancer. She worked in an office of oncologists.

Mary Carter died in 1993.

Henry Catalino manages properties, does business consulting, and is a continuing education instructor for Indiana real estate. In the past, he had his own Sicilian-Italian restaurant in South Bend.

Jerry Cavanah and Mary Ann Pechi are among the nine married couples from the Class of '68. Two daughters; nine grandchildren.

Vicki Christman died in 2015.

Patricia Collins died in 2008.

Debbie Claeys was an R.N. at Memorial Hospital. She died in 2021.

Suzy Collins and Don Plummer are another of the MHS '68 couples.

Keith Cooper put many of his photos online. Included are pictures of Beutter Park and the Riverwalk and various Mishawaka events. For those gone from the area, Keith's photos will let you see your old hometown. Keith died in December 2022.

Ron Cosner taught German at LaVille High School.

Diana Costa retired after years of teaching 3rd graders at Holy Family in Rochester, Michigan. She's enjoying time with her grandchildren.

Jean Craft retired in 2015 after years of training and supervising bus drivers. She had a crew of over 150 drivers. Before that, for several years she was a professional truck driver, and before that, an accountant. Jean also has a airplane pilot's license. She has moved back to the Michiana area, to enjoy Indiana's winters. ;-)

Pam Craig retired after 37 years as a "tooth fairy." She owned and rented many houses, raised her five children, has nine grandchildren, and still looks like a homecoming princess. In 2013, she was in Africa volunteering in an orphanage for a few months. In 2015, she was in Alaska for three months and worked at the Iditorad; she was there again in March 2017. Here's Pam at her daughter's 2009 wedding, and dancing with her son at his 2011 wedding:
Pam and daughter Pam and son
In August 2023, Pam was among the many who gathered to honor one-time MHS wresting coach Mr. Al Smith. Photo below shows Pam with Mr. Smith:

Mark Crocker died in 2023. He spent the last decades of his life, with his wife, in rural Carstairs, Alberta, Canada. Population: 2,654. He wrote in December 2009: "Susan and I live on a small farm, enough for about 30 cow/calf pairs. We enjoy membership in the local Mennonite Church. We have no grandchildren and enjoy inflicting ourselves on our nieces and nephews. We have been blessed with world travel -- myself with 6 yrs in the US Navy and Susan with her position at Nexen, an oil company. I am semi-retired and enjoy driving a school bus part-time, creating fixes on the farm, and bugging my wife of 31 years."

Janis Crook was among the many who gathered in August 2023 to honor one-time MHS wrestling coach Mr. Al Smith. Photo below of of Janis and Mr. Smith:

Terry Crothers died in 2013.

Danny Culp died in 2015.

Cathy Cunningham died in 2021. Professionally, she was an emergency room R.N.

Steve Cunningham retired from the New Albany - Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation after a long career working with adult education, teaching at a college, and being a high-school principal. Then he worked with the state of Indiana's GED program; in Steve's words, "GED can be the ticket out of poverty."

Tom Daffron is a retired electrician.

Bill Daily is a retired engineer and a grandfather to three.

Cheryl Davis worked as Executive Director of Voluntary Action Committee in Blacksburg, Virginia. Cheryl died in June 2021.

Colleen Deal died in 2010.

Kerry Deardorff died June, 19, 2023. He was a social worker who specialized in assisting developmentally disabled adults.

Gene DeFauw died in 2012.

Greg Deitchley retired as Captain with the Indiana State Excise Police. He graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, in 1999. Greg was President of the FBI National Academy's Indiana Chapter from 2013 to 2015.

Alan DeMaegd is a retired machinist.

Terry DeMaegd retired after a government service career that included two years at the American Embassy in New Delhi, India, as Officer in Charge of the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. Terry also spent time in Washington, DC., with Department of Homeland Security, and before that he was a Federal Investigator with Immigration Service and with Defense Investigative Service. These days, Terry's back in Mishawaka and enjoying his granddaughter.

Linda DeMeulenaere died in 2024.

Joyce DeNeve died in 2020.

Stan Denney (now known as Stan Leslie) has a band called "Stan Leslie & In The Pocket Band." The band has performed several times at the Mishawaka Summer Fest, and Sundays at East Race in Seitz Park. You can hear Stan making music in this video from 2012. There's also some of his music at Stan's personal facebook page.

Gary Derbin has been the contractor behind Riverside Construction of Mishawaka.

Mike DeVliegher died in 2019. Professionally, Mike was a mechanical designer with an electronics firm in Indianapolis.

Gerald DeWulf has been an engineer in charge of hospital construction.

Mary Jane Dexter retired after a long career as a pharmacist. In 2015, Mary Jane and her husband traveled to Dubai to see their young grandson; since then, there are two more grandchildren. Photo below shows Mary Jane and hubby in 2008 in Hawaii.
Mary Jane and husband

Spider Draves was a career pyrotechnician and made trips to China to buy fireworks for his Mishawaka business. In the summer of 2010, Spider's business collected enough food donations to provide over 3,000 meals for the Penn Township Food Pantry. He was boots-on-the-ground in Vietnam and spent many years helping other veterans. Spider died June 10, 2022.

Jim Dygulski retired after years of owning and operating "Zimmy's Tavern" in Union, Michigan.

Walt Eakins died in 2008.

Sandy Eberhardt and hubby live near Tampa, Florida. She's still working, selling at a flea market in Webster, Florida, where she's known as "the birdhouse and fairy garden lady."

Clara Eberlein says her joy in life has been her eight grandchildren.

Tom Eberlein lives in Auburn, California. He works at the Armed Forces Pavilion and Community Garden in Auburn as the Community Liaison of the Forgotten Soldier Program. The program helps vets with PTSD. The vets work in the garden and grow food for vets and their families. Tom can be seen and heard in a video from October 2019: Forgotten Soldiers Program interview. Slide the bar to 02:32.
Tom with some hiking companions in 2021:

Steve Egendoerfer retired after decades as an electrician.

Janice Einfalt has been a marketing representative for a Michiana business that provides non-medical care for elderly people living at home.

Lori Eiswald has nine grandchildren.

Judy Emmons put hubby Gerald DeWulf through Purdue, raised their three children, and has been active in charity work.

Al Evarts was a musician, until the end. He died in 2018.

Tim Farr died in 1968.

Frances Fisher died in 1971.

John Fisher is an ordained minister, affiliated with South Side General Baptist Church in Mishawaka. John has married and buried several Mishawakans over the years.

Cheryl Frazier died in 1968

Randy Frederick died in 2018.

Tom Fry was a vice-president with Frontier (formerly Verizon in Indiana). Tom and his wife have two grandchildren.

Donna Games and her husband travel the world frequently. Among her many trips, she was in Israel in 2012, in London in 2017, on a cruise from Denmark to Russia in 2018. In spring of 2023, she was on a cruise across the Atlantic, headed to Portugal, then Spain, then the French Riviera, then Italy, and ultimately Rome. For a recent cruise, Donna was able to have together all but one son. Photo shows Donna with husband, two daughters, son and daughter-in-law, and four granddaughters:

Sharon Gill, grandma, is a genealogist. In addition to doing her own research, she maintains an excellent web site for genealogists researching St. Joseph County connections:

Kathy Goeller died in 2018.

Dennis Graham died in 2015.

Tom Grau, attorney, retired after a career as a partner at the firm of Drewry Simmons Vornehm. One of his clients was the civil engineering firm FRP, where, among the engineers, were Mike and Cosimo Natali.

Becky Greene died in 1980.

Judy Greenlee died in 2011. After completing her Ph.D. in molecular genetics at Notre Dame, she did post-doctoral work at Stanford U. and at U. of California. She was a professor of biology at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California, before retiring because of ill health.

Frances Grisham died in 2015. She lived in Arkansas after high school and retired after 34 years as an elementary school teacher. Francie was survived by three grandchildren.

Kelly Guin plays in the Michiana band "Cousin Vinny" on weekends. In the past, Kelly played bass guitar with Davey Jones of "The Monkees." Kelly's first band was back in 1964. He, Doug Overman, and Jerry Cavanah were "Cause and Effect," and their first gig was at Bock's Roller Skating Rink.

Jim Hallaert died in 1983.

Paul Hupp attends worship services at Broadway Christian Parish's United Methodist Church in South Bend.

Danny Joe Harbin died in 1969.

Bob Harringer, grandpa, managed environmental, health, & safety for a campus of six buildings at a plant southwest of Chicago; he retired after over 50 years with the same company. Bob teaches an earth science class to home-schooled high-school kids. For a few years, Bob served as elected president at his church, Our Savior Lutheran in Joliet, Illinois. The photo below shows Bob (far right) and his wife after some rock collecting at a copper mine in Michigan:
Bob Harringer, wife, and friends

Steve Hartley died in 2014.

Mike Hass' first grandchild was born in January 2016, a grandson named Joseph Samuel Hass.

Linda Hatfield died in 1983.

Steve Hazen died in 2009.

Chris Heckaman has been an interior designer.

Margie Hesch retired after 34 years as a public school teacher. In the past, she was an elected member of the Yorktown School Board (Delaware Co., Indiana).

Susan Hess has three grandchildren. In Susan's words, "We are thrilled, of course." For many years, Susan's "baby" was the Michiana Home Show, where Michiana area building contractors, builders, and suppliers gathered once a year to show what they had to homeowners hunting for designs. Susan arranged the three-day event, year after year.

Mark Hildebrand retired after 40 years with the accounting firm of Crowe Horwath; he was CEO for eight years. He also has retired from Crowe Horwath International where he was Chairman of the Board. September 2013, Mark wrote, "I am proud that Crowe Horwath grew from 50 people when I started to become the 9th largest certified public accounting firm in the U.S." Mark and his wife (Teresa Anderson, MHS '69) have two grandchildren.

Barb Hitchins died in 2016, in Arizona, where she had moved after decades as a Hoosier school teacher.

Chuck Hoffman is married to his childhood sweetheart, Carol Jojo. Chuck spent his working years helping people stay safe in their homes, managing a home security business in Mishawaka.

Cindy Hoffman retired after a career as a special education teacher in Kokomo and moved to Florida.

Dana Holycross lives in Lafayette. She has been active in VFW and served as auxiliary president of Mishawaka's VFW Post 360 and as 3rd district president. She's mom to two daughters and grandma to six.

Linda Howe died in 1998. She retired from the U.S. Marine Corps as a Master Sergeant.

Dave Hoskins retired from Mishawaka Utilities in January 2021. He and his wife of 50+ years moved to Bradenton, Florida. Dave has been a performing musician since before he was 16 years old. These days, he plays with the Cruise Control Band. If you're in Florida escaping the cold, check the group's Upcoming Events calendar.

Until Dave retired and moved from Mishawaka, he was booked most weekends performing with MGB, considered the best bar band in Michiana. Photo is from January 2020, in Steger, Illinois. By chance, the photo shows Dave between images of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

Back in high school, Dave and two others from MHS '68 played with "The Crystal Thread." The others from MHS '68 were Rich Gottman and Al Evarts:

Cindy Houghton retired after a long career as a music teacher at Pierre Moran Middle School in Elkhart.

Linda Howe died in 1998.

Peggy Huff died in 2017. She had lived on the West Coast since the mid 1970s.

Robert "Tom" Hummer retired from a long career in sales with CIM Technology Solutions. He and his wife moved back to Mishawaka and live near Wilson Park. They have three children and four grandchildren.

Larry Humphrey is still working full time at 76 years old (in 2024): He repairs broadcast transmitters for FM radios. When he was about 70, he kayaked down the Mississippi River. He loves to travel and was in Panama in December 2023. Photo of Larry is from 2010, on the beach in Florida.
Larry Humphrey

Margaret Hutchison retired from her career as a registered nurse. After retiring, she road-tripped with her husband for a few years before setting down in the north woods.

Paul Huyvaert died in 2010.

Vicki Jackson wrote, "I worked ten years in the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office.  I worked there when the Prosecutor's Office took on Ford Motor Company and filed criminal charges over the Pinto rear-end accident that killed three girls."   When she left the county prosecutor's office, she moved on to being a legal assistant in a private law office in Elkhart.

Jim Jasiewicz was Executive Director of Facilities at Ivy Tech Community College's three campuses for several years. Previously, for 20 years, he was facilities manager for ten South Bend schools.

Joe Jasiewicz moved to Florida after retiring from teaching. As a teacher, he taught many Michiana young people how to build houses.

Linda Jasiewicz died in 2008. She was a registered nurse.

Linda Jensen is a registered nurse.

Sharon Johnson died in 2002.

Marilou Karst, grandma to five, retired in 2016 after a career of teaching 2nd graders in rural Wisconsin. She enjoys sewing, making special costumes for her grandchildren, needlepointing, and cross-country skiing.

Joe Kleindinst died in 2000.

Kathy Klotz' passion is ballroom dancing. She has had instruction from two dance teachers from the TV show "Dancing with the Stars" and has competed in local dance contests.

Kristine Knitter died in 1974.

Tim Kobb retired after a career of working for the city of Mishawaka, making sure that, when folks turned on the lights, they got light.

Kathy Koleszar raised her grand-niece (granddaughter of her sister Maryann, who died in 2009). Kathy worked for many years at St. Joseph Mishawaka Medical Center in patient financial services, and she has enjoyed working with Afghan Hounds over the years.

Debbie Koepke had a birthday party for her mom on her mom's 101st birthday. Mrs. Koepke's 101st birthday was Feb. 5, 2021; Mrs. Koepke died in October 2022.

Jo Kozlowski is an active family genealogist.

Spiro Krekelas is a jewelry designer, making one-of-a-kind pieces in gold and silver.

Becky Kuhn served for several years as president of the VFW Post 360 Auxiliary, in Mishawaka.

Richard Kunkle died in 2013.

Paula Lampert has been a long-time fan of the M.G.B. band. In August 2018, she was in Mishawaka enjoying their music. After the performance, from left, Spider Draves, Doug Overman, Alice Beard, Paula, and Dave Hoskins.

Linda Landaw worked with deaf children. She learned to communicate in sign language after her first grandchild was born deaf.

Bob Lese has been playing music professionally since he was a teenager. Sound clips from Bob with the group Magnolia Mountain are HERE and HERE. The other side of Bob is that he was a Carpenters Union organizer and was executive director of a coalition of groups that worked to help illegal aliens.
Bob Lese

Larry Liffick is a retired machinist.

Sue Lightner died in 2019.

Connie Lively died in 2016.

Jim Locke lives in Texas in the Dallas area. In 2017, he became semi-retired after a long career in customer service and purchasing. Jim and his wife have two sons and a grandson who was 21 in 2023. Here's a photo of Jim and his wife from 2023:

Patrick Long retired from NIPSCO in November 2010, after 30 years of service. He spent many months traveling across the United States and Canada. He was in the Canadian Rockies, followed by Oregon and Washington. He traveled the Alaskan Highway. In 2013, NIPSCO asked Pat to come back for a while. Here's Pat in the Canadian Rockies:
Patrick Long

Vicki Long has moved to Florida. Summer 2023, she made a trip to Michiana for girlfriend-time with her forever-friend Peggy Sinkovics. (See Peggy's entry for a photo.)

Joyce Mabie has a horse farm called "Spring River Ranch."

Al Maeyens had a long career as an engineer at Pratt & Whitney, then spent a few years giving folks smiles as an Elvis impersonator. More recently, after a good bit of formal study, Al is active as an Eastern Orthodox minister. You can see and hear Al in his YouTube videos.
And you can hear Al here:
O Gladsome Light
Aside from that, Al has a story to tell everyone:
In November 2012, he awoke from a nap unable to move or feel his right side. He'd had a stroke. His wife immediately sought help. Within two hours, Al was in surgery and a clot was removed from the back of his brain. Al considers it a miracle from God that he has fully recovered. He was hospitalized for one week. By early December, he was back on stage performing. In Al's words,
"The key to a stroke is quick action and do not delay in calling 911. There is a small space of time when the stroke can be reversed."
Here's Al one year after the stroke:
Stroke Anniversary Al Maeyens 1-year

Jim Manis died in 1968.

Elinor May worked for the Davidson County Register of Deeds, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Janice Matz died in 2001.

Pamela McCarter died in 2014.

Becky McCoy moved back to Mishawaka after many years in Florida.  

Marc McCray wrote in December 2010: "Still living in Mishawaka. I left the Mishawaka Street Department after 22 years. I'm currently working in Elkhart, truck driving for C&J Steel. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, having a cold beer, and running into old friends."

Pat McGee was a judge for several years in Arizona and has done criminal defense work. These days she's active in the Tea Party of Scottsdale, Arizona. Pat has two daughters and three granddaughters. Photo shows Pat and her daughter (on right) riding horses.

Gary McGillem has three granddaughters, all beautiful!

Bob Mead began "Bob Mead Interiors, Inc." in 1983, and he has been doing interior design work ever since. Bob's favorite charity is Indianapolis' St. Margaret's Hospital Guild's Decorator's Show House and Gardens. Some of the finest interior designers in the Indianapolis area join forces to redesign an entire house. The money raised is donated to Indianapolis' St. Margaret's Hospital.

Michael Merritt died in 2023. He retired as an environmental engineer for Norfolk Southern.

Connie Micinski lives in Colorado. She co-founded Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, a 501(c)(3) rescue group for golden retrievers. Since 2001, the group has placed over 5,000 dogs into permanent homes.

Paula Miller lives in Minnesota. She was widowed in 2013. God smiled, and Paula found love again. She married again in August 2023.

Patti Morissette loves cats. For many years, she raised and showed pedigreed Norwegian Forest Cats.

Michael Morrison was Special Forces during his military days. These days, he's a licensed ham radio operator with the call sign W9MLM. He has volunteered with A.R.E.S. (Amateur Radio Emergency Service), with National Weather Service as a SkyWarn Observer, and with Project Lifesaver International with the Mishawaka Police Department.

Debbie Morse joined the Air Force after high-school graduation and served four years. While stationed at McChord Air Force base, she met her husband. They live in Indianapolis where Debbie is a realtor. Both their son and their daughter are active duty in the U.S. Army. Debbie has two grandsons.

Charles Mott died in 2011.

Jim Muhme moved west, where he did an associate's in fire science and a bachelor's degree in business sociology. He was a firefighter in Montana and Colorado and was a National Certified Fire Codes Inspector. After retiring from the fire service, he moved back to the Mishawaka area, attended culinary school, and now works part-time as a chef at Four Winds Casino/Dowagiac.

Betty Myers is a registered nurse in Tennessee.

Gail Myers lives in the mountains of Colorado and enjoys mountain hiking and snowshoeing with her husband. She does lots of knitting and lots of shopping for the perfect yarn. Her yarn collection continues to grow. Gail retired after many years as a Montessori teacher.

Mike Natali retired in 2016, after a 44-year career as a structural engineer -- 39 years with FRP, a structural engineering firm in Indianapolis. For 12 years Mike was president of FRP. He had a role in engineering many of the big buildings in downtown Indianapolis.
Mike has put in writing the story of his family's roots in Plati, Reggio de Calabria, Calabria, Italy:

Cosimo Natali retired after a career as an engineer at FRP. In September 2010, he sent word that both of his sons are married and that he has two young grandchildren.

Gilbert "Mike" Needham sent a photo and wrote, "I celebrated 30 years of marriage with this lady, Kathy, in May 2016. We live in Frankfort, Indiana, and are retired."

Dave Nevel is an optician, with his own business in Columbus, Ohio, and he's active in community service. He's also a grandpa.

Chris Nicholas and Eve Thompson had some visiting time in summer of 2017:

Dan Nicolini prosecuted major felonies for over 18 years in Arizona before beginning private practice doing criminal defense and then serving as the South Tucson City Public Defender. He retired in 2020. Music is still a big part of Dan's life. In addition to playing the balalaika, Dan plays his clarinet and his violin with various music groups.
Dan Nicolini

Donald Nisley died in 2015. He was a mechanical engineer out of Purdue. He was awarded 30 patents and was named Rockwell Automation Engineer of the Year for 2004.

Maurice Nisley died in 2005.

Carol Ann Nix was a prosecutor for 20 years before teaching criminal justice at Valparaiso U. Then she moved to the other side of the world and taught English to Chinese graduate students in Beijing. She has written about her experiences in China. Her first book came out in 2014: DRAGON HEARTS: LOVE IN CHINA. Book 2 in her Dragon Heart series debuted in 2015: EAGLE IN CHINA.

Sandy O'Connell died in 2012.

Doug Overman has been making music since he was a kid. In recent years, he performed with Dave Hoskins in the MGB band. In 2013, Doug joined Dan Nicolini for some Russian music.
Photo shows Doug with the MGB band. Doug is on the far right; Dave Hoskins is next to him:

Andy Palatinus owned his own machine repair shop in Loomis, California, for 31 years. He helped with small engine classes at the local high school by donating motors and helping students find parts. Andy sold his business in 2009 and moved to Cassopolis where he had built a house on Diamond Lake.

Rick Paridaen is a grandpa.

Cindy Parker has eight grandsons and two great-granddaughters. In 2013, "Grandma Cindy" was parasailing on Macinac Island. Her first time parasailing was in 2008 in Jamaica. This photo shows Cindy in 2013:

Debby Parnell has designed office space, outdoor spaces, backyards, and decorated interiors. She's grandmother to five.

Jerry Parrish died in 2018. For 26 years he got kids safely to and from school as a PHM school bus driver.

Mary Ann Pechi retired in 2013 after a long career as a banker. She and Jerry Cavanah are among the long-married MHS '68 couples. Retirement allows Mary Ann time with their nine grandchildren.

Susan Peterson, grandmother of two, has moved back to Georgia after a few years in Denver. She's an attorney and has practiced labor and employment law, and divorce law. Photo is from September 2017, when Susan was backpacking in southern Ireland.

Brenda Pfaller retired after 29 years as an award-winning teacher at Emmons Elementary School.

Don Plummer headed the machine shop at Plymouth Foundry before retiring:
Don Plummer

Will Pooley was a counselor at an alternative high school in Wisconsin. He is dad to two daughters and grandpa to four. His daughters' mother is MHS '68er Marilou Karst. In 1967, Will, Hilary Asher, and Mike Bellovich took their first canoe trip together. Since then, they've taken many such trips. In summer of 2008, they were canoeing in northern Ontario:
Hilary, Mike, Will

Timothy Przygocki died in 2014, three years after retiring from the San Francisco maritime National Historical Park, where he had served for 34 years. He was Safety Manager when he retired. His children gave him a retirement party, and his son Augustino arranged for a trip up the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge as part of his present to his dad. Tim's photos from over the years are HERE.
Timothy Przygocki and the Golden Gate Bridge

Richard Putz and his wife, Marcia, celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary in May 2023. Here's a photo of them from 2021, as they vacationed in Panama Beach, Florida:

Tammy Reed retired after many years as a librarian for the St. Joseph County Public Library. Tammy and Hilary Asher are another of the long-married MHS '68 couples.
In May 2017, Tammy was the center of a mini-reunion in Mishawaka. Gathered at the Beiger House were Mary Rhoade, Tammy, Pat McGee, Alice Beard, Margaret Hutchison, and Mary Jane Dexter:

Brenda Reynolds died in 2010.

Penny Reynolds has four grandsons and two new hips. Autumn of 2012, she and her husband vacationed in St. Lucia:

Mary Rhoade has two sons and seven grandchildren. She retired after a career as a K-8 elementary school teacher and librarian. In April 2010, Mary was in California for a mini-reunion with Pat McGee and Sara Hysinger:

Lois Rice has had a long career managing dental offices, and she's still at it in 2023.

Bill Richter died in 1991.

Diana Roberts is an artist. She paints under the name "Diana Roberts-Paschall" and signs her art as "D. Roberts-Paschall." Found online:

Sue Robinson died in 2017.

Claude Rogers died in 2013.

George Roelandts retired in July 2013 after a long career as principal at NorthWood Middle School in Wakarusa. In 2023, George and his wife cruised around the Mediterranean, stopping in at Dubrovnik and other cities in the Adriatic Sea, before spending time in Athens.
Below, is George (on left) with Byron Aldrich in August 2023 at a gathering to honor one-time wrestling coach Mr. Al Smith:

Toby Roose has three sons and has worked for Meridian Title in South Bend. She still live in Mishawaka.

Bob Ruthrauff died in 2007.

Craig Salyer died December 16, 2020.

Steve Saros spent his working years as a journeyman plumber.

Nanette Schnaible is a missionary in western Mexico. In 2009, she was in Kenya, Africa, on a religious crusade.

Carolyn Schwartz and Steve Van Ooteghem, long married, have three sons. Their oldest son is a physician. One of Carolyn's pleasures is creating detailed dollhouse miniatures, complete with minature dishes and utensils, miniature-scaled wallpaper, and Victorian clothing on tiny dollhouse dolls.

Terry Schwier was a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy. He retired in 1991, after 21 years of military service.

Sheryl Scott died in August 2022. She spent her professional life working with the mentally ill and teaching others how to work with the mentally ill. She was especially proud of her work that helped military veterans who were dealing with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Suhaila Shamsuddin has six children. The oldest -- a daughter -- is a physician. August 2009 she wrote, "Latest news is that I've got two grandchildren, a girl (2 years) and a boy (2 months). I'm enjoying them thoroughly!"

Randy Shayler has been the mayor of Wellsville, NY, since 2016. It's a small village with a downtown area reminiscent of Mishawaka of the 1960s. In 2023, Randy is working towards securing a large grant for Wellsville. In addition to being village mayor, Randy has been Director of Resource Management for Otis Eastern Service for many years.

Jim Shown served with the Indiana National Guard in the Middle East from Feb. 2003 until Feb. 2004. He retired from the Reserves after 30 years of service. Jim has three grandchildren.

Peggy Sinkovics and Vicki Long took a wandering roadtrip in summer of 2023 and ended up near where Alice Beard has lived for almost 50 years. Peggy and Vicki met as little girls at Mary Phillips. They met Alice in 7th grade at Main Jr. High. The three visited at a little restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland, and a kind stranger snapped a photo before the goodbyes:

Rebecca Smith retired from teaching music in the PHM schools.

Tom Smith died in 2000.

Brenda Snyder was still working in 2023, making offices run smoothly. She's grandma to 15. One grandson served in the U.S. Army and spent 9 months in Kuwait; another is a U.S. Marine, and a third studied religion before joining the Navy as a chaplain. Brenda has lived in Florida since 1996.

Mike Squibb lives in Florida and is out fishing every day possible.

Alan Stafford began as a dentist and moved into business consulting, motivational speaking, and life coaching -- helping people through transitions. For pleasure, he would fly his own plane. Two of Alan's three sons served in Iraq. Alan has six grandchildren.

Mike Stickles died in 1992.

Phil Stillson retired in 2013 as assistant principal at Elkhart Central High School. He was with Elkhart Community Schools for 37 years -- a teacher, a coach, and an administrator. He and wife Barb (Kleiser, MHS '69) have four grandchildren: two girls and two boys.
Christmas of 2019 delivered a miracle for Phil -- a new heart and a new kidney. Here's Phil four weeks after those surgeries -- up, walking, and smiling:

And by 2022, Phil was celebrating his 52nd wedding anniversary, going to the theater, bicycling, and golfing with friends. In June 2022, Phil hit a hole-in-one at 142 yards.

Bob Stretch, psychologist, retired from the Division of Scientific Review at Nat'l Inst. of Child Health & Human Development. Bob studied post-traumatic stress among soldiers. He retired from the Army Reserve as a Lt. Colonel and has four grandchildren.

Richard Stuff died in 2008.

Sandy Stutzman worked as a social worker in Texas and spent a quarter of a century working in hospice care.

Mary Ellen Sweeney retired after many years as Mishawaka's Chief Deputy Clerk.

Wava Marie Sweet died in 2014. Wava was named after her maternal grandmother. Wava's father died when she was nine, and she began waitressing when she was only 14 years old to help support herself. At the end of her life, she was supporting herself as a taxi cab driver.

Joe Swift and Spider Draves joined forces with the Marine Corps League for Christmas 2019. The League spent $10,000 on Toys for Tots. Spider said, "The Meijer store had to restock all of the toy aisles. It seems we made an impact on the toy department." Both Joe and Spider were boots-on-the-ground in Vietnam:

Jackie Swonger died in 2005.

Jerry Thacker has been superintendent of the P-H-M schools since 2006. Before that, he was superintendent of Logansport schools for eight years.
In 2023, Jerry handed Debbie Koepke's grandson his Penn High School diploma:

Ron Thibos is Assistant Professor and Chairman of his department at IVY Tech in Kokomo. He teaches industrial & occupational safety.

Jim Thomas lives in southeast Arizona. He retired as Director of Public Works, in Willcox, Arizona.

Eve Thompson moved to Arizona to be near her son and grandson after a long career as a legal secretary.

Jimmie Trovatore died in 2001.

Mike Unruh's oldest grandchild completed his J.D. at U. of Arizona. A few years back, Mike restored a Christmas mural that his own father made in 1953. The mural has been used as a Christmas greeting from Mishawaka firefighters for decades. Here's the story from the South Bend Tribune: Son restores his father's mural.

Leonard Vallance died in 2016.

Bob Van Arsdale spends some of his free time with three old cars: a '72 Nova SS (original), a '47 Ford Tudor Sedan (street rod), and a '36 Ford three-window coupe (street rod). Here's Bob with his '47 Ford:
Bob Van Arsdale, and car

Beverly Vance died in 1991.

Steve Van Ooteghem is a management consultant and is Chairman of an executive round table for Christian business owners and CEOs. He and Carolyn Schwartz have been married forever and have three sons.

Ray Wennerstrom lives in Texas, near his son who is a police officer. Ray also has a daughter and five grandchildren.

Debbie Werbrouck has a dance studio. She began her studio right out of high school with nothing more than the ability to dance, the courage of youth, and her beautiful smile. She has also taught dance at Saint Mary's College. In 2022, she was recognized for her 50 years with the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, an organization that promotes education in the world of dance. Here's Debbie's photo from 2022:

Glenda White wrote in April 2009: "I married Ted Morgan, was widowed, and moved back to my birth place -- Waterloo, Alabama. I now own and operate the Riverwalk Cafe in Waterloo." Glenda served as an elected member of the Waterloo Town Council. Here's Glenda at her cafe in 2009:
Glenda White

Rosemarie Wilkins retired as secretary in the Buildings & Grounds Department of the School City of Mishawaka, after decades of service.

Ronnie Williams died in 1994.

Jack Wilson died in 2013. As a young man, he served two tours in Vietnam. Back home, he married, worked research & development for Uniroyal, and then worked for the Mishawaka Housing Authority until retiring. He loved motorcycling, competitive fishing, and his wife of 41 years.

Ron Wise died in 1987.

Debbie Young (Mrs. Greg Deitchley) retired after years as a school teacher and began working at a teacher supply store, helping to keep teachers supplied with their magic tricks.

Glenda Young raised her three sons while teaching school. She retired in May 2012 after 40 years of teaching 5- and 6-year-olds in West Lafayette. She has two grandchildren.

Karen Young retired after 35 years as a teacher in Mishawaka, the last 22 years teaching 2nd graders at Battell.

David Zeigler died in 2007.

Marty Zemialkowski is a watercolor artist.

Cheryl Ziegert died in 2015.

Tom Zimmerman died in 1988.

There are memorial pages for the known MHS '68 dead at,

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