MHS Class of 1968, 40-year Party Weekend:
October 10 & 11, 2008
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Friday night football. MHS vs. Clay. MHS won. Above, a bunch of MHS folks gathered at the south-end 20-yard line.

photo by Keith Cooper
Above are the other bunch of MHS '68 folks who gathered at the north-end 20-yard line. About half-way through the game, some folks decided, "Something's not right. Suppose there are more folks gathered at the other 20-yard line?" They went exploring and found the other island of MHS '68 folks; then the two islands visited back and forth for the rest of the game. You can see Eve Thompson in both photos.

Keith Cooper was on the field taking photos for the MHS football team.

photo by Keith Cooper .
Three folks arrived with some old maroon & white: Alan Stafford wore his letter sweater; Mary Rhoade wore her cheerleader sweater; Tom Grau wore his letterman's jacket.

Pizza after the game, at Pasquale Rulli on Division Street.

photo by Alan Stafford
Saturday at Castle Manor. For one day, anyone who ever had been part of the MHS Class of 1968 had a home to come to. In the months before the party day, printed invitations had been postal mailed to everyone with a known address. Postal mailings were done by 11 volunteers. The rent for the day was paid by AMB.

photo by Bobbie Sue Phillips
Early comers shared coffee, donuts, and Alan Stafford's freshly baked cookies, baked on site. That's Don Plummer hunting for munchies.

Bob Van Arsdale organized a six-car classic car show for us. He brought his 1947 Ford Tudor sedan.

George Roelandts brought his 1970 Corvette.

photo by Keith Cooper
Terry Conway brought his 1937 Chevy sedan.
The other cars:

Chuck Hoffman's 1965 Pontiac GTO.

The Van Arsdales' 1972 Nova SS,
driven by Bob's wife Debbie.

The Conways' 1950 Ford,
driven by Terry's wife Vickie.
Their Ford is black
and decorated with flames.

photo by Alan Stafford
Judy Greenlee arrived, from California, and was greeted with great joy. Judy is on the right.

photo by Alan Stafford
The Camp Fire Girls: Sharon Gill, Tammy Reed, Alice Beard, and Pat McGee. When we were children, the Mishawaka Council of Camp Fire Girls owned Castle Manor. It was used for sleepovers and for summer day camp. As children, over 55 women from the MHS Class of 1968 were involved with Camp Fire Girls (or Blue Birds). Sharon's Camp Fire leader was her mother; others in her group included Debbie Callsen, Vicki Long, Jan Miller, Diane Roberts, Peggy Sinkovics, and Cindy Waidner. Tammy and Pat's Camp Fire leader was Mrs. Hysinger; others in their group included Mary Carter, Pat Collins, Mary Jane Dexter, Pat Hayden, Barb Hitchins, Margaret Hutchison, Sally Hysinger, Susan Peterson, and Mary Rhoade. Alice's Camp Fire leader was Mrs. Blankenhorn; others in her group included Judy Blankenhorn, Donna Games, Bev Magnuson, Pam McCarter, Gail Myers, Gaelyn Nelson, and Lois Rice. From a young age, we were taught the Camp Fire motto: GIVE SERVICE! Before lunch, some of the Camp Fire Girls joined in singing the Camp Fire Law:
Worship God. ... ... ...
Seek beauty;
Give service, &
Knowledge pursue.
Be trustworthy ever, in all that you do.
Hold fast onto health,
And your work glorify,
And you will be happy, in the law of Camp Fire.

photo by Alan Stafford
photo by Alan Stafford
Midday potluck. Folks brought baby back ribs, soup, pasta, chicken, meatloaf. Someone grilled hot dogs. The food appeared like "fishes and loaves."

photo by Alan Stafford
Lunch: Vickie and Terry Conway with Debbie and Bob Van Arsdale. Debbie is Debbie Schmidt, MHS '69. Table covers and paper products came from Rose Wilkins.

Lunch alfresco: Some ate outside under the pavilion. From left are Randy Smith, George Roelandts, Keith Cooper, and Dan Nicolini who flew in from Arizona. Chuck Hoffman can be seen at the next picnic table.

photo by Alan Stafford
After lunch: Time for talking. At far left table, Kelly Guin talks with Chuck Hoffman (back to camera) and Chuck's wife Carol Jojo (MHS '69). At the table in the front, Nanette Schnaible stands and talks with Pam Craig (center) and Martha Zemalkowski (far right). Standing in the center are Darlene Lennox and Don Plummer. Nanette flew in from Mexico.

Siesta: Alan Stafford flew in from North Carolina and was tired.

photo by Bobbie Sue Phillips
Lois Rice with her husband and their grandson. Lois and her husband flew in from New Mexico.
photo by Keith Cooper
Old Buddies: Phil Stillson, Dave Hoskins, and Bill Hickey. Bill lives in Arizona. As boys, they used to play kick-the-can and dig tunnels together. They grew up within a block of each other in Normain Heights.

photo by Alan Stafford
Next generation: Becky Smith's daughter got to meet Randi Sue Baker's daughter. Becky is the red-headed "Cave Mama." Becky's daughter is in front. Randi's daughter is next to Becky. Randi's daughter flew in from California and joined her mother who flew in from New York City.

photo by Alan Stafford
Old friends:
Tony Marando & Judy Greenlee
had not seen each other
in over 40 years.
Tony's in back;
Judy, on the left;
Marsha Honold, on right.

From left: Pat Long, Paula Lampert, Bob Lese, and Spider Draves. Bob drove in from Cincinnati.
photo by Alan Stafford
Two educators:
Mary Rhoade.
Tim Bess.

photo by Keith Cooper
Three monkeys:
Becky Smith, Pam Craig, Marsha Honold.

photo by Alan Stafford
Chef arrives: Henry Catalino arrived to cook the evening meal on site. With him is Bob Lese.
photo by Alan Stafford
While Henry worked,
Steve Cunningham and Alice Beard
floated on an inner tube.
Mike Morrison brought the tube.

photo by Alan Stafford
Happy Birthday! We sang Happy Birthday to Henry Catalino and Eve Thompson. Birthday cakes were made and decorated by Donna Games' sister, Bobbie Sue Phillips (MHS '70). Eve turned 58; Henry turned 59.

photo by May Copp
Birthday kiss! Eve, the legal secretary, got birthday kisses from Dr. Alan Stafford and Dr. Steve Cunningham.

photo by Alan Stafford
Supper time: Supper was Henry's Italian garlic roasted chicken with potatoes & green peppers, and pasta on the side. Lined up for food are (from left) Martha Jo Probst, Becky Smith, Dan Nicolini, and Michael Morrison.
photo by Alan Stafford
Paula Miller collected $5 from everyone who joined for supper, to reimburse Henry for the cost of the food. The $70 that was left over was donated to St. Monica Catholic Church the next day
After dinner fun: Spider Draves, a professional pyrotechnician, brought some toys to play with. He had a stack of paper hot-air balloons, rigged with wax plates at the bottom, and he had a blow torch. Tony Marando held a balloon as Spider heated the wax, which heated the air inside the balloon. We released a series of hot air balloons and watched the lighted globes float in the sky over the river.

Party continued with Dave Hoskins' band in downtown Mishawaka, at the corner of Main Street and Lincoln Way, at "The Phoenix" bar and grill. Dave's band is called "M.G.B." The band is recognized as the best bar band in the greater Michiana area. Above, Dave is on the left. He plays bass guitar, and he has played with various bands for over 40 years. Back in high school, he formed a group called "The Apple & the Cookie." They would practice in the family garage on Bastogne Avenue, in Normain Heights.

photo by Alan Stafford
It was hot, and Jim Shown stripped off some clothes.

Mary Rhoade, Tom Grau.

Joyce Darnell.

Alan Stafford, Dan Nicolini, Janis Crook.

Dave Hoskins and his band played until after 1:30 a.m. High energy from 9:30 onward, with several shout-outs to MHS '68.
May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Alice Beard and Pat Long

The party weekend was put together with zero budget. It was an all-donor weekend. After money was collected to reimburse Henry Catalino for his food costs for Saturday supper, $70 remained; Henry would not take it. The $70 was handed to Alice Beard, who handed it to a priest at St. Monica Catholic Church the next morning. Leftover paper supplies were donated to Steve Cunningham for use by the children at his school in southern Indiana.

Photo credits:
Photos by Alan Stafford, Keith Cooper, May Copp, Bobbie Sue Phillips (MHS '70), and AMB.