MHS '68 genealogies:
Genealogies of folks from the MHS Class of 1968

For many folks connected to the MHS Class of '68, there is a collection of genealogies here:
Small Trees of Mishawaka (at

For more than 420 MHS '68 folks, there is information about their ancestors at that link. For some, the information extends for several generations and has information such as ship's passage records. For a few, there is little more than the name of a parent.

The database is maintained and keeps growing. Most public libraries have free access to the site, and any person from the MHS Class of 1968 is welcome to contact Alice Beard and request an "invite." The "invites" are totally free. With an "invite," you can look at the database anywhere you have access to the internet.

The database began with three projects by AMB:

  1. Research to find contact info for all from the MHS Class of 1968.
  2. Genealogy research done by request for a few from MHS '68.
  3. The collection of obituaries begun in 1998, found here: MHS '68 obits

With those three projects, there was enough info that it deserved to be preserved. A gedcom file was created and ultimately uploaded at

Info in the database has come from public sources, including the following:

  • 1967-68 MHS student directory.
  • Published obits.
  • Marriage records from Indiana and a few other states.
  • Social Security Death Index
  • St. Joseph Co. Public Library obit index.
  • Obits at the St. Joseph Co. genealogy web site.
  • Birth records from Indiana and some other states.
  • Death records from Indiana and some other states.
  • Occasional published divorce records.
  • U.S. censuses, state censuses, draft registration cards, military records, immigration records, and other records and info found at
  • Will and probate records.
  • Old newspaper stories.

As of April 2021, the database includes over 39,000 people. The database grows when Alice is bored. This is something like an unending supply of puzzles for an obsessive-compulsive genealogist.

As the database grew, an additional challenge became seeing where trees overlap -- i.e., finding cousins. It became a genealogist's version of three-dimensional chess. Here are the results.

First, there are nine sibling sets:
Barber, Eberlein, Fisher, Jasiewicz, Locke, Natali, Nisley, Reith, Van Camp.

Then, there are the cousins, at various levels. Matches are included here only if it is what the paper-trail shows. Likely guesses are not included. See a note at the end of the list that explains terminology:

  • Kathy KLOTZ and Marty ZEMIALKOWSKI: aunt/niece (Klotz/Williams).
  • Curt ADAMS and Lewis GUSHWA: 1st cousins (Gerard/Mallory).
  • Terry DeMAEGD and Alan DeMAEGD: 1st cousins (DeMaegd/Warnier).
  • Greg BALDONI and Jimita BALDONI: 1st cousins (Baldoni/Farabegoli).
  • Debbie WERBROUCK and Larry KARNES: 1st cousins (LaCava/Arnot).
  • Connie KELLY and Randal KELLY: 1st cousins (Kelly/Long).
  • Byron ALDRICH and Walt EAKINS: 1st cousins (Eakins/Patterson).
  • Linda JASIEWICZ and JASIEWICZ twins: 1st cousins (Jasiewicz/Bujwid).
  • Bob LESE and Jimmie TROVATORE: 1st cousins (Trovatore/Iavagnillio).
  • Deborah STRETCH and Robert STRECH: 1st cousins (Stretch/Rockett).
  • Barbara RILEY and Cheri FRAZIER: 1st cousins (Riley/Haack).
  • Pam CRAIG and Cindy WAIDNER: 1st cousins (Waidner/Fleck).
  • David HAMMAN and Connie HUBANKS: 1st cousins (Hubanks/Hamman). Note that this is on David’s maternal side; David’s maternal grandmother was a HAMMAN; his paternal grandfather also was a HAMMAN; however, the two were not related.
  • Greg DEITCHLEY, Keith DeLARUELLE, Thomas DeLAURELLE, and NISLEY brothers: all share one set of great-grandparents (de laRuelle/D’Hondt). Greg and the Nisley brothers are 1st cousins to each other (DeLaRuelle/Doens). They are 2nd cousins to Tom and Keith, who are 2nd cousins to all others in the group of six.
  • May COPP and Janet JOHNSON: 1st cousins once-removed (Copp/Warren).
  • Dawn HOUSAND, Jimmie Christine HECKAMAN, Steve HAZEN, and VanCAMP brothers: all Housand/Bain cousins. Jimmie Christine and VanCamp brothers are 1st cousins; they are 2nd cousins to Steve, and Dawn’s relationship lies between that for all of them.
  • Penny REYNOLDS and Tim KOBB: 2nd cousins (Kobb/Hattel).
  • Penny REYNOLDS, May COPP, and David HAMMAN: 2nd cousins (Warren/Thompson).
  • Penny REYNOLDS & David HAMMAN are 2nd cousins once-removed to Janet JOHNSON (Warren/Thompson).
  • Joyce MABIE and VAN CAMP brothers: 2nd cousins (Webber/Funk).
  • Jerry HEISER and Claude RODGERS: 2nd cousins (Heiser/Sanger).
  • Kitty KLAER and Mike SQUIBB: 2nd cousins (Squibb/Sullivan).
  • Gail MYERS and Debbie CLAEYS: 2nd cousins (Myers/Reimer).
  • Larry GEE and Paul HUYVAERT: 2nd cousins (Pauwels/DeClercq).
  • Marie PALMER and 1st cousins David HAMMAN & Connie HUBANKS: 2nd cousins (Hamman/Booher).
  • Nancy CARNER and Keith DeLARUELLE: 2nd cousins (Wachs/Klein).
  • Marsha HONOLD and James CARNES: 2nd cousins (Newcomer/Keil).
  • Toni BEEHLER and Barry SPRINGS: 2nd cousins (Beehler/Klein).
  • Christine CARLSON and Judy GREENLEE: half-2nd cousins (Zoe Ella Johnson, dau. of Valentine Johnson & Rebecca Powlson).
  • Greg COOK and EBERLEIN siblings: 2nd cousins once-removed. (Eberlein/Gill).
  • Jan MILLER and Brenda SNYDER: 2nd cousins once-removed. (Miller/Rarig).
  • Bev VANCE and EBERLEIN siblings: 2nd cousins once-removed (Eberlein/Gill).
  • Rich PUTZ and 1st cousins Curt ADAMS & Lewis GUSHWA: 2nd cousins once-removed (Gerard/Kleckner).
  • Bev VANCE and Greg COOK: 3rd cousin (Eberlein/Gill).
  • Sharon GILL and Patrick SEMPRINI: 3rd cousins. (Soule/Hodges).
  • Greg COOK and Greg DEITCHLEY: 3rd cousins. (Deitchley/Rapp).
  • Randy MARKS and Judy GREENLEE: 3rd cousins (Berry/Cook).
  • Carolyn SCHWARTZ and Christine CARLSON: 3rd cousins (Carpenter/Hanville).
  • Rich Putz and Jan MILLER: 3rd cousins (Gerard/Bright).
  • Connie MULLINS and 1st Pam CRAIG & Cindy WAIDNER: 3rd cousins (Scheibelhut/Reichert).
  • Jan MILLER and 1st cousins Curt ADAMS & Lewis GUSHWA: 3rd cousins once-removed (Gerard/Bright).
  • Paula LAMPERT and BARBER siblings: 3rd cousins once-removed (Dreibelbis/Engle).
  • Josephine KOZLOWSKI and Jim THOMAS: 3rd cousins once-removed (Myers/Smith).
  • Nanette SCHNAIBLE and Mary RHOADE: 3rd cousins once-removed (Matz/Berger).
  • Margo LEE and BARBER siblings: half 3rd-cousins (Conrad Zimmerman).
  • Craig SALYER and Ruth Ann SALYER are complex cousins. They are half 1st-cousins once-removed, AND they are 3rd cousins once-removed. Both descend from Mary Watson b. 1882; Craig descends from Mary's 1st husband (David, who died young), and Ruth descends from Mary's 2nd husband (Grover). Mary's two husbands were SALYER 1st cousins.
  • Ken BRUGH and Chuck HOFFMAN: 4th cousins (Brugh/Workman).

1st cousins share one set of grandparents.
2nd cousins share one set of great-grandparents.
3rd cousins share one set of great-great-grandparents.
"Once-removed" means one generation off. I.e., the child of your 1st cousin is your 1st cousin once-removed -- NOT your 2nd cousin.
"Half" means sharing only one ancestor at that generation; i.e., same grandmother, different grandfathers because grandmother had more than one husband.

There are eight remote cousins whom Alice Beard found for herself among MHS '68 folks:

  • Sandy Young and Sandy Eberhardt: descent from Jacob GREIB, b. 1711.
  • Tammy Reed and Dawn Housand: descent from Johannes KEIM, b. reportedly in 1675.
  • Pat McGee: descent from Thomas SANFORD, b. 1608.
  • Ron Wise: descent from William BUNNELL, d. after 1-May-1654.
  • Sharon Gill and Pat Semprini: descent from George SOULE, b. 1595.

Totally by chance, in 2008, Alice-the-OCD-genealogist stood with three remote cousins.
At the time, the ancestral connections were unknown.
We stood together as old Camp Fire Girls,
from the Mishawaka Council of Camp Fire.
Sharon Gill, Tammy Reed, Alice Beard, Pat McGee.

The info has been evaluated in the usual genealogical ways. However, there may be incorrect conclusions, and there may be data entry errors.
If you find errors, please send email: