1998 Photos

From left: Steve Cunningham, Tom Grau, Mary Jane Dexter.

From left: Andy Palatinus, Paula Miller, Debbie Koepke, Cheryl Bobson.

From left: George Roelandts, Craig Salyer's wife, Craig Salyer, Phil Stillson.

From left: Mike Bellovich's wife, Mike Bellovich, Jerry Cavanah, Mary Ann Pechi.

From left: Jane Zimmerman, Beth Otterstein,
Nancy Kraft, Jimita Baldoni, Susan Hess.

Joyce DeNeve and her husband.

From far left: Spider Draves (standing), George Roelandts,
Pam Craig, George's wife, Debbie Parnell, Chuck Hoffman's wife.

From left: Larry Karnes, Randy Smith, Rick Paridaen, Jim Jasiewicz, Steve Saros.

From left: Henry Catalino, Henry's wife,
Martha Jo Probst, Martha's husband, Mark Hildebrand, Connie Kelly.

From left: Keith Albright, Andy Palatinus, Mike Campbell.

From left: Ken Brugh, Chuck Hoffman.
Ken and Chuck are 4th cousins!

From left: Fran Barfell, Alice Beard, Eve Thompson.

~ photos above provided by Pam Craig ~

From left: Judy Greenlee, Bob Mead, Pat McGee




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