<<<<< The Women

Class pictures, a few years after class
Mishawaka High School, Class of 1968
~ the men ~
(alphabetical by first name as used in high school)
(Deceased are marked with asterisk.)

Al M. Al V. Alan S. Andy P. Bill D.
Bob C. Bob H. Bob L. Bob M. Bob S.
Bob V. Byron A. Chuck H. Chuck V. Cosimo N.
Dave and his daughter
Craig S. * Dan C. * Dan N. Dave H. Dave N.
Dave H. Dennis P. Don H. Don P. Doug O.
Gary M. George R. Gilbert N. Greg B. Harry D.
Jack died in 2013.
Henry C. Hilary A. Jack W. * Jerry C. Jerry T.
Jim B. Jim J. Jim L. Jim T. Jim S.
Joe S. Keith A. Keith C. * Keith D. Kelly G.
Ken and his wife
Ken B.. Kerry D. Larry H. Larry K. Larry V.
Leroy L. Marc M. Mark C. Mark H. Mark S.
Mike B. Mike C. Mike M. Mike N. Mike S.
Paul died in 2010.
Mike U. Mike V. Pat L. Paul H. * Phil S.
Randy M. Randy Sh. Randy Sm. Ray W. Rick P.
Richard B. Roger B. Ron B. Ron C. Spider D. *
Steve died in 2009.
Spiro K. Steve C. Steve H. * Steve S. Steve V.
Steve W. Terry C. Terry D. Thom R. Tim B.
Tim P. * Tom E. Tom G. Tom H. Will P.

Photos are from various times from 1998 onward. Photos from all are welcome!

<<<<< The Women