Flashback Photos

If you're identified here and would rather NOT be, email Alice.

Kindergarten, Beiger
Back row: Karen Bentkowski, Tom DeLaurelle, Virginia Omundson, Tim Nicolini, Frances Maxwell, Dale Hazen, Martha Zemialkowski, Bob Andrews; Mrs. Weiss.
Middle row: Carolyn Schwartz, Kirk Baldorf, Kay Peneton, Jim Carnes, Teresa Hess, Tom Daffron, Karen Kronewitter, Hershel Cooper.
Front row
: Greg Cook, Susie Collins, Tom Grau, Phyllis Bolantine, Jim Locke, Beverly Creech, Robert "Junior" Wilemon.
(photo from Jim Locke)

Kindergarten, LaSalle

Front row (left to right): (unknown), (unknown), Sonia Kristoff, (unknown).
2nd row: David Taylor, Connie Kelly, Tom Hayes, Rebecca Huff, (unknown), (unknown).
3rd row: Cheryl Ziegert, (unknown), (unknown), (unknown), Dennis Graham.
Back row: Marc McCray, Sharon (last name unknown), Tim McCartney, Janet Johnson, (unknown), Miss Brown.

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(photo from Connie Kelly)

Kindergarten class 1, Mary Phillips

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Front row: Sue Sierens (2nd from left); all others unknown.
Middle row, seated on chairs, from left to right: (unknown), Suzanne Green, Mark Oklak, (unknown), Cosimo Natali, (unknown), Mike Natali, Miss Nancy Hughes.
Back row: Brenda Reynolds (1st on left); all others unknown.

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(photo from Mike Natali)

Kindergarten class 2, Mary Phillips

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Front row, left to right: Diana Roberts, Danny Culp, Alan DeMaegd, Linda Noyer, Casey Major.
Seated on floor, behind front row: John Prahl, Ronny Whitney, Larry Lawson, Albert Van Laecke.
Seated on chairs: Tom Swadener, Shirley Freshaur, Ken Brugh, Peggy Huff, Thomas Szerence, Carol Ann Nix, David Kelley; Miss Nancy Hughes.
Back row, standing: Steven Zimmerman, Candice Fisher, Michael Divietro, Linda Zarochin, Doug Overman, Deborah Callsen, Dennis Drudge, Greg Lee.
Absent that day: Jerry Cavanah, Raymond Swank, and one who has asked not to be listed.

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(photo from Greg Lee)

Kindergarten class 3, Mary Phillips

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Front row, seated, left to right: Ann Finers, Gary Foution, Glenda White, Ronald Williams, Karen Nickerson, Greg Francis, Jan Miller, Joey Whitt, Maryann Barrier.
Middle row: Janet Johnson, Terry DeMaegd, Karen Dzroner, Randy Farmer, Debby Parnell, John Longraf, Cindy Waidner, Gene DeFauw, Sharon Gill, Gergory Bock, Paula Price.
Back row: Sandra Boswell, Nancy Engle, Linda Thompson, Cathy Cunningham, Phillip Hosea, Vicki Long, Christina Baker, Jackie Nelson, Miss Nancy Hughes.  

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(photo from Sharon Gill)

Kindergarten, North Side

First row, from left:
#2 Eve Thompson; #3 Bill Boler; #6 Glenda Young
Third row: #2 Bill Hickey; #3 Lois Rice; #4 Tom Robinett; #7 Marsha Brown; #9 Christina Nicholas.
Top row: #1 Bob Harringer; #2 Alice Beard; #3 Tim Farr; #5 Randy Shayler; Miss Uhrenholdt.

Kindergarten, Twin Branch

Back row:
Tom Zimmerman; Linda; Vicki Jackson; Curt Adams; Virginia Pollick; Linda; Michael; Lori Eiswald; Lauretta Mecham; T. Gates; Miss
Middle row:
Nancy Carner; Cheryl Pullin; Steven; Patty; Darrell; Carol Gramenz; William Daily; Connie Gilvin; Karen Barber.
Front row, from left:

Debbie Morse; Tommy; Patty Adams; Jerry Thacker; Linda Aspen; Gregory; Susan Lightner; Steve Wiseman; Linda Quier.
(photo from Carol Gramenz)

2nd grade, Battell

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BACK ROW: Mrs. Veevate, Kelly Guin; (UNK); Roger (last name unknown); Jimmy (last name unknown); John Martino; Dan Nicolini; and Robert Royer.
MIDDLE ROW: (UNK); Karen (last name unknown); Jackie Swonger; (UNK); Ruth Salyer; Judy Greenlee; Janis Crook; Lynn Jensen, and Theresa Uselton.
FRONT ROW: Christopher Robbins; Thomas Reith: Richard Emery; Jerry Morris (?); and Charlie Hagadorn.

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(photo from Judy Greenlee)

2nd grade, Beiger

Back row: Mrs. Lucile Wallis, Gary Derbin, Tom DeLaurelle, Billy Daniels, Wilfred Warner, Doug Colter, Kirk Bauldauf, Harold Crothers, Jim Locke.
Middle row: Becky Sprague, Susan Wardlow, Linda Hatfield, Jane Zimmerman, Bev Vance, Randi Baker, Linda Freel, Roberta Carlisle, Patty Miller, Becky Smith, Cherrie Gerard.
Front row
: Steve Burke, Jim Carnes, Ron Thibos, Tom Daffron, Tom Grau.
(photo from Jim Locke)

2nd grade, LaSalle

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Back Row – MISS CAWTHORN, Dennis Graham, Terry Crothers, Tim McCartney, Pat Mills,  Dawn Meehan, Sonia Kristoff, Michael C., Randy Marks, Bill Dunfee, Willie Dickerson.
Middle Row – Sandy Melton, Kathy Carman, Connie Kelly, Debbie Koepke, Janell Connell, Janet Johnson, Kristen Knitter, Linda White, Marie Palmer, Brenda Burkett.
Front Row – Steve Stacies, Larry Liffick, Marc McCray,  Don Hixenbaugh, Floyd (last name unknown), Randy Smith, Larry Ward, Tom Hayes, Louie Lane.

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(photo from Debbie Koepke)

2nd grade, North Side

Back row:  Randy Shayler, Mike Lachman, Jon McMann, Bev Magnuson, Patty Hall, Pam McCarter, Dave Hoskins, Jack Wilson, Rocky Reeves.
Middle row:
  Doris Kronewitter, Sarose Horvath, Alice Beard, Judy Blankenhorn, Kathy Quick, Lois Rice, Gail Myers, Debbie Alison, Janet Nihouser, UNK.
Front row
:  Bill Hickey, Alan Stafford, Mike R., Bill Boler, UNK, Tom Robinett, Al Evarts, Bob Harringer.

2nd grade, St. Joseph

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The little boys in suits and holding candles were from both St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School and from public elementary schools. It was the day of their First Holy Communion. Catholic children who went to public schools took religious instruction after regular school hours, and all Catholic children in the parish made First Communion in the spring when they were in the second grade. These were the boys; if someone has a photo of the girls, please share. The little boys and girls in the front row were 1st graders. The custom then was that select 1st graders would lead the Communion class into the church. From the left, the 3rd little girl become Mrs. Michael Bellovich 14-and-a-half years after this photo, and that day it was her mother who had created the dresses worn by the four little girls.
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(photo from Jim Locke)

4th grade, LaSalle

Top row (left to right): Rex Moss, Tim McCartney, Nancy Austin, (unknown).
2nd row: Bill Slates, Ray Wallace, Miss Olson, Mr. Tomlinson, David Williams, Dawn Meehan.
3rd row: Sam (last name unknown), Brenda Burkett, Joe Swift, Joyce Darnell, Randy Marks, Linda White, Danny Johnson.
4th row: Marc McCray, Sonia Kristoff, (unknown), Bobby Jean Pigg, Steve Banaka, Connie Kelly.
Bottom Row: Sam Litter, Debbie Koepke, Pam Connell, Tom Smith, Paulette Dickerson, Terry Crothers.

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(photo from Connie Kelly)

5th grade, Battell, Mrs. Cree, 1960-1961

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Top row: Kathy Quick, Tom Robinett, Lois Rice, Thom Reith, Karen Broomall, UNK, Gail Myers, Steve Hartley.
Second row: Cheri Frazier, Steve Van Ooteghem, Mrs. Cree, Mr. Horn, UNK.
Third row
: Connie Mullins, Ron Cosner, Cathy Boomhower, Steve Campbell, Donna Games, Gary Rhoade, Judy Greenlee, Bob Stretch.
Fourth row: Al Evarts, Patty Hall, Bob Harringer, UNK, Chuck Hagedorn, Alice Beard, Dan Nicolini, Kathy Koleszar.
Bottom row: Linnie Shriver, Craig Salyer, Gaelyn Nelson, Roger Brady, Janet Baker, Randy Shayler, Marsha Brown, Dave Hoskins.

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(photo from Bob Harringer)

5th grade, Battell, Mrs. Hatch, 1960-1961

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Top row: Pat Long, Carol Wilson, UNK, UNK, Ernie Bevilhymer, UNK, Chuck Hoffman, UNK, UNK.
Second row: UNK, Mike Lachman, Mrs. Hatch, Mr. Horn, Janis Crook, UNK.
Third row
: Dennis Seltzer, UNK, UNK, UNK, Phil Stillson, Glenda Young, Kelly Guin, Jackie Swonger, George Roelandts.
Fourth row: UNK, Tom Eberlein, Bev Magnuson, Rich Emery, UNK, Chuck Bennet, Doris Kronewitter, UNK, Pam McCarter.
Bottom row: Greg Troeger, Harry Weaver, Bill Boler, Tim Farr, Paul Hupp.

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(photo from George Roelandts)

5th grade, LaSalle

Top row (left to right): Philip Rutkowski, Dawn Meehan, Tom Smith, Linda White, Joe Swift, Connie Kelly, Harold Spider Draves, Brenda Sue Burkett.
2nd row: Shannon Rose, Randy Marks, Mrs. Steele, Mr. Tomlinson, Veronica Elliott.
3rd row: Bill Dunfee, Janet Skiles, Steve Banaka, Nancy Austin, Tom Lechlitner, Lois Swank, Bill Slates, Debbie Koepke.
Bottom row: Marc McCray, Brian Brockway, Terry Crothers, Darlene Richards, Dave Williams, Melissa Susy Smith.

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(photo from Connie Kelly)

5th grade, Mary Phillips, 1960-1961

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Top row, left to right: Doug Overman, Nancy Kraft, David Anderson, Linda Johnson, Doug Welsh, Cindy Waidner, Lester Blakeman, Cindy Trusoe.
Second row from top: Kathy Higgins, Ken Brugh, Mrs. Doan, Mr. Cox, Doris Toner.
Third row from top: Jack Rhodes, Mary Nell Brown, Dennis Graber, Vicky Long, Terry Van Gundy, Frances Barfell, Danny Culp, Glenda White.
Fourth row from top: Susie Sierens, Gary Emerick, Diana Roberts, Randy Smith, Debbie Caulsen, Terry Conway, Paula Price, Greg Lee.
Bottom row: Martin Welsh, Jerry Johnson, Jane Amos, Cosimo Natali, John Bontrager.

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(photo from Greg Lee)

6th grade, Battell, 1961-1962

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Top row: UNK, Kelly Guin, Phil Stillson, Tom Robinett, Gaelyn Nelson, Randy Kelly, UNK, Rich Emery, Margo Lee.
Second row: UNK, Alice Beard, Mr. Ward, Mr. Horn, UNK, Harry Weaver.
Third row
: Gail Myers, Mike Lachman, George Roelandts, Glenda Young, UNK, Bill Hickey, P. L. Kane.
Fourth row: UNK, UNK, Lois Rice, UNK, Judy Blankenhorn, Bob Stretch, Pat Long.
Bottom row: UNK, Dennis Seltzer, UNK, UNK, Marsha Brown, Chuck Bennet, Pat Dawson.

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(photo from George Roelandts)

6th grade, Beiger, 1961-1962 (6-1)

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Top Row: #1, Al Maeyens; #2, Martha Zemialkowski; #3, Bill Reaves; #4, Linda Howe; #5 Tom Milleman; #6, Suzie Collins; # 7, Betty Myers; # 8, Bill Groth; # 9, Cindy Parker.
2nd Row: #1, Kathy Klotz; #2, Robert Wilemon; #3, Mrs. Bodine; # 4, Mr. Russell Stout; #5, Nanette Schnaible; #6, Herschel Cooper.
3rd Row: #1, John Jones; #2, Cathy Schroeder; #3, Claude Rogers; #4, Ron Nisley; #5, Nancy Mann; #6, Doug Holland.
Bottom Row: #1, Dennis Aquirre; #2 Larry Hardesty; #3, Mark Hildebrand; #4, Carolyn Schwartz; # 5, Kerry Deardorff; #6, Don Nisley; # 7, Woods Pepperman.

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(photo from Al Maeyens)

6th grade, Beiger, 1961-1962 (6-3)

TOP ROW: Paul Jacobson; Becky Sprague; Maurice Nisley; Randi Baker; Mr. Stout; Jennifer Stebbins; Steve Hazen; Judy Maloney; Tom DeLaurelle.
2nd ROW: Jim Carnes; Glenda McClanahan; Linda Freel; Gary Derbin.
3rd ROW: Linda Hatfield; Tom Grau; Sheryl Scott; Becky Smith; Ron Thibos; Jane Zimmerman.
BOTTOM ROW: Keith Cooper; Ruth Salyer; John Polley; Rex Dickens; Tom Daffron; Beverly Vance; Harold Crothers.
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6th grade, Bingham, 1961-1962

Top row: Mary Carter, Jim Jasiewicz, Susan Peterson, Gary Nichols, Margaret Hutchison, Christopher Robbins, Sally Hysinger, George Engel, Mary Rhoade.
2nd row: David Nevel, Darla Mullet, teacher Mr. Richard Flynn, principal Ms. Lynette Pasko, Tammy Reed, Walter Eakins.
3rd row: Mary Jane Dexter, Tom Bicknell, Jim Shown, Maria Flores, Kent Carnes, Floyd Flores, Pat McGee.
Bottom row: L. Brent Ward, Pat Hayden, Tom Stuff, (Larry Winters??), (???), Richard Stuff, Barbara Hitchens, (maybe Gary Parks)
(photo from Mary Jane Dexter)

6th grade, LaSalle

Top row (left to right): Ross Perri, Veronica Elliott, Tom Smith, Linda White, Pat Semprini, Debbie Koepke, Harold Spider Draves, Brenda Burkett, Joe Swift.
2nd row: Phil Rutkowski, Mrs. Marberger, Mr. Tomlinson, Marc McCray.
3rd row: Terry Crothers, Tom Lechlitner, Connie Kelly, Randy Marks, Janet Skiles, Bob (last name unknown), Brian Brockway.
Bottom row: Dawn Meehan, Willie Dickerson, Bill Slates, Nancy Austin, (unknown), (unknown), (unknown).

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(photo from Connie Kelly)

6th grade, St. Joseph

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Top row: far left, Terry DeMaegd.
2nd row: 2nd from left, John Barnes; far right, Susan Biddle.
3rd row: 3rd from right, Gene Nicolini; far right, Keith DeLaruelle.
4th row: 5th from left, Julie (Jill) Lancaster; 3rd from right, Karen Canfield; 2nd from right, Gary Dickerson.
Bottom row: 5th from left, Hilary Asher; 3rd from right, Jim Locke; 2nd from right, Martha Jo Probst; far right, Jim or Ron Dygulski.

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(photo from Jim Locke)

6th grade, Twin Branch

Top row: Helen Flowers; unk; unk; Ricky Hopper; unk; unk; unk; Jerry Thacker; Evelyn Bennett.
Next row down: unk; Debbie Morse; Mr. Aden Horst; Mr. Glen Cunningham; unk; Andy Palatinus.
Next row down: Jacki Ludwig, Richard Barber; Carol Brown; unk; Curtis Adams; Brenda Pfaller; Paula Lampert; Tom Zimmerman; Vickie Wybrew.
Bottom row: Don Plummer; Carole Signorino; Sandy O’Connell; unk; unk; Lauretta Mecham; unk; unk.
(photo from Debbie Morse)