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Some folks collect toy trains. Others collect comic books. I collect the stories of dead people. The stories keep best if shared, and the people stay with us if we tell their stories.

Most of the dead folks I've written about are my direct-line ancestors.

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Eleanor of Aquitaine
She was a 12th Century lady who first wore the crown of the Queen of France, and then wore the crown of the Queen of England.

Tom Doyle/Frank Reed
Frank Reed,
a.k.a. Tom Doyle
Frank Reed was a poor, illiterate immigrant from Quebec. During the Civil War he was a soldier in the U.S. Army; he missed getting on a boat and trapped himself in a lie for the rest of his life. He lived out his life hiding under a false name and died in a state institution for the insane, with folks believing he was someone other than who he was. Read his story and learn how his secret was finally uncovered eighty years after he died.

John Payne, Jr.,
& his Mrs., Virletta O'Neal
He was a veteran of the U.S. Army and had sons fighting for the Union during the Civil War. In August 1863 he was on the courthouse steps in Danville, Illinois, with a "butternut pin" pinned to his lapel. It incited a riot, and he was shot. His brother, the sheriff, came to the scene to find John mortally wounded.

Virletta was a bride at 16. She was dead at 27. When she died, her baby was buried with her, and she left six children with the oldest only ten. Three of the little boys she left behind grew up to fight with the Union Army in the Civil War.

Abel Payne
& his "Roll Call of Heaven"
Abel Wade Payne survived Andersonville. As an older man, he wrote a poem about the passing of the Civil War Veterans. Read his poem, and learn the basics of the man behind the words.

George Hooker
George Hooker
George Hooker came to the U.S.A. when he was three. He was in the Union Army during the Civil War. On the day Abraham Lincoln died, George lost his hearing as a result of firing cannons in a salute to the dead president.

Andrew Hufford
Andrew HuffordWhen George Hooker needed a job after his stint in the Civil War, Andrew Hufford hired the returning veteran. Hufford was Brethren, and his church opposed all wars. However, Andrew's own father had been both a Brethren and a veteran of the War of 1812.

Alice (Mrs. Henry) Lake
In about 1651, the people of what is now Boston, Massachusetts, executed a grieving mother because she imagined she saw her recently deceased baby. Her accusers said the devil was coming to her in the form of her beloved child.

John Hockertz & Margaret Hames:
a case study
John and Margaret were a Catholic couple who left their native Germany and came to America in 1847 with their two young children. This case study will show how a genealogist separates the wheat from the chaff. Which stories are true? Which stories are just stories? What do the documents turn up on this family? The page will be updated as new information turns up.

Master Sgt. Miles Griffith Beard
Miles Beard was a man who livedwith regrets, a man who made some wrong choices Miles G. Beard
and spent decades paying the price for those wrong choices. He also was a man who served honorably for five years during World War II, a man whose proudest time was as a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army. He was my father, and he is now one of "Alice's interesting dead folks."

Abraham Hufford & Elizabeth Plank
Abraham and Elizabeth moved with their children from Fairfield County, Ohio, to Carroll County and Clinton County, Indiana. They were Brethren, but Abraham fought in the War of 1812 anyway. He had 1,900 acres of timber land in the two Hoosier counties. He and Elizabeth had a dozen children. Eleven reached maturity: six sons and five daughters. When each child turned 21, Abraham gave the child 160 acres of land.

Sarah Catharine CripeSarah Catharine Cripe,
Mrs. Andrew Hufford

Sarah had her 13th child at 43. At 48, she had her 14th child. Eight months later, her husband died in an accident. Suddenly, she not only was 48 with a little baby, she was a widow in rural Indiana. Nonetheless, she didn't turn to drinking or drugging. She kept on keeping on. She did what had to be done, and on Sundays she went to the Middlefork Brethren Church to pray with her family.

Travelers on the Oregon Trail
In 1851 a train of covered wagons drawn by oxen left Vermilion County, Illinois, headed for Willamette Valley in Oregon. Read about the journey.

Beard Cemetery
There's a pretty little spot secluded in the woods behind a corn field in Carroll County, Indiana. Buried there is a second-cousin to the only American First Lady who was ever legally declared insane. Check this page to see a list of the other nice folks buried along with that second-cousin and to read the story of how I began my genealogical research.

Genealogy shorthand

My DAR-established Patriots (10):
George BUCHANAN, #A-016392: Paid supply tax, 1779, in Pennsylvania; 4th Pennsylvania Regiment. (DNA verified.)
(George > Martha > Nancy McLAUGHLIN > Mary WISE > Evaline HUKILL)
John BULL, # A-016788: Signed the Association of the Committee of Safety and Observation, Hamptonburgh, Orange County, New York, 1775. (DNA verified.)
(John > Elizabeth > Hannah EARLE > John PAYNE Jr.)
John EARLE, #A-035451: Signed association test, Cornwall Precinct, Orange Co., New York. (DNA verified.)
(John > Peter > Hannah > John PAYNE Jr.)
Peter EARLE, # A-035462: Signed association test; Cornwall Precinct, Orange County, New York, 1775. (DNA verified.)
(Peter > Hannah > John PAYNE Jr.)
Christian HUFFORD (HOFFART), # A-056231: Furnished supplies, Frederick Co., Maryland. (DNA verified.)
(Christian > Casper > Abraham > Andrew > Elizabeth)
NOTE: Christian is my entry line for the DAR. If this is your line, you need only prove back to our shared ancestor. Proof for my line has been accepted by DAR genealogists (April 2011). Email me telling me your connection, and I will send you a PDF copy of my verifed application, which you can use to apply for DAR membership.
Allen LANE, # A-212951: Served from Connecticut with Captain Shepherd's company. For further information, CHECK THIS. (DNA verified.)
(Allen > Allen II > Cilinda)
Nathaniel NESBITT, # A-082383: Took oath of support and fidelity, Washington Co., Maryland. (Connection to daughter Catherina DNA verified.)
(Nathaniel > Catherina > John CRIPE Sr. > David > Sarah Catherine)
John "Jackie" O'NEAL, #A-084079: Served from Jefferson Co., Virginia, with Capt. Charles Polk, Col. Cox, Col. John Floyd, and Gen. George Rogers Clark. (DNA verified.)
(John > William > Virletta > William PAYNE)
David TODD, # A-114274: Served from Pennsylvania, in the Lancaster County militia. Served with Capt. James McCreight, Capt. Daniel Bradley, and Col. John Rogers. (DNA verified.)
(David > Hannah > Elizabeth SMITH > Hannah JACK > Rachel SMITH > Jesse BEARD)
Thomas WISE, # A-208470: Oath of Fidelity, Prince George's County, Maryland. (DNA verified.)
(Thomas > William > John > Mary Ann WISE > Evaline HUKILL)

My Mayflower ancestors (4):
Cornelius PETERSON (1806-1877) was my two-greats grandfather. Through his father (Abraham Peterson b. 1769), I track to four men who came over on the Mayflower: William Bradford, Edward Doty, George Soule, and Richard Warren. (Ancestors in red have been DNA verified.)

Abraham Peterson b. 1769 > Patience Baker b. 1749 > John Baker b. 1719 > Kenelm Baker b. 1695 > Sarah Bradford b. 1671 > William Bradford b. 1624 > William Bradford b. 1590, d. 1657.

Edward DOTY:
Abraham Peterson b. 1769 > Patience Baker b. 1749 > John Baker > 1719 > Patience Doty b. 1697 > John Doty Sr. d. 1701 > Edward Doty d. 1655.

George SOULE:
Abraham Peterson b. 1769 > Abraham Peterson b. 1745 > Joseph Peterson b. 1705 > Joseph Peterson b. 1668 > Mary Soule b. 1644 > George Soule b. 1595, d. 1679.

Richard WARREN (route #1):
Abraham Peterson b. 1769 > Abraham Peterson b. 1745 > Joseph Peterson, Jr. b. abt 1705 > Sarah Jones b. 1671 > Patience Little b. 1639 > Anna Warren b. abt 1612 > Richard Warren b. 1583, d. 1628.

Richard WARREN (route #2):
Abraham Peterson b. 1769 > Patience Baker b. 1749 > John Baker b. 1719 > Patience Doty b. 1897 > Sarah Jones b. 1671 > Patience Little b. 1639 > Anna Warren b. abt 1612 > Richard Warren b. 1583, d. 1628.

My Plantagenet connection:
Hannah BROWNE, born 13-Apr-1651, Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut; buried 18-Jul-1711, Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut. Daughter of Nathaniel BROWNE and Eleanor WATTS. (DNA verified to Hannah Brown.)
(Hannah > John LANE > John > Allen > Allen II > Cilinda)

DNA info:
GedMatch number: M591138
Maternal haplogroup: V
Father's paternal haplogroup: L-M20
Father's Y-DNA info at E39JE
Father's Y-DNA info at ftDNA: kit # 345857

My Ancestry:
Of my 16 great-great-grandparents,
  • 13 were born in the USA. (Their predominate ancestry was English and Western European.)
  • One was born in Germany.
  • One was born in Quebec.
  • One was born in Ireland.

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