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Because of this web site, some lovely stories have come my way:
  • In a city somewhere across America is a bench dedicated to a Camp Fire Leader. As a young woman, she bicycled each way to and from the school where she taught and where she held her Camp Fire meetings and where she ran Camp Fire summer day camps. As she got a little older, she gave up the bike and walked over two hours, each way, to and from the school. As she grew old, and tired, she would say that there was no place to stop and rest, but she never stopped walking back and forth, every single day. When she passed away, the community put up the bench and a memorial plaque.
  • An executive director for a Camp Fire Council got a phone call one day from old Camp Fire alumna. The alumna wanted to be reminded of the words to the "Camp Fire Prayer." She was old, and ill, and planning her funeral. She was remembering the Camp Fire Law as a "prayer," and she wanted to have it sung at her funeral. Her memory had lost the words from all the years ago when she was a young woman, and she wondered if the lady at the Camp Fire office could help. The "Camp Fire lady" began singing:
    "Worship God ... ... ... Seek beauty, give service, and knowledge pursue. Be trustworthy ever, in all that you do. Hold fast onto health, and your work glorify. And you will be happy, in the law of Camp Fire."
    And the old lady began to sing as if she'd sung the words only the day before. Camp Fire had been everything to this woman; as she neared the end of her time on earth, she wanted to leave those words with others who would be at her funeral.


The drawing of the Camp Fire Girl, above, is from a cookbook
created for Camp Fire Girls by Kellogg's Cereal many, many years ago.

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