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Feb 8, 2008
from Ethel Beard Simons
Bboopbeard @ aol.com
I'm beginning to find more things in the West Virginia area [on
John BEARD and Sophia MORE].  If I have Rachel COMBS right, she was a daughter of Jonathan COMBS of Monmouth Co., New Jersey.  I've had the information on the will of her father for a long time, but lacked the connection.  The GANDYs and CAKEs were also from that region of New Jersey, I am sure.  The name CAKE was sometimes KEECH or KEEK. 

I think our BEARDs were from the Harrison Co. region [now in West Virginia] as I mentioned before.  And, someone has John MORE as a son of Rilly MORE, which my son suspects.  They were a German family.  If I could travel, I could probably get the proof for some of these things, although new Jersey didn't record marriages in their courthouses in the time period we are working.  Some were published by the New Jersey Archives though.

Have you anything new?

from Alice:
Oh, I always wish I had something new for Ethel, but I never do. She is the master researcher on our BEARD line. Like me, Ethel descends from John BEARD and Sophiah MORE. John died in 1854 in Carroll Co., Indiana. No one has ever been able to connect him with any relative other than his wife and their children.

John's wife, Sophia, was a daughter of John MORE (b. 1772, Virginia) and Sarah GANDY (b. 1778, Maryland).

John MORE (b. 1772) was a son of John MORE (b. 1714, Germany) and Sophiah CAKE (b. New Jersey).

And Sarah GANDY was a daughter of Samuel GANDY (b. 1745, England) and Rachel COMBS (b. 1752, Maryland).

Feb 22, 2008
from K. J. Griffith
Lilrotty2 @ aol.com
My name is Kerry Griffith. I am a direct descendant of George Alexander Clark GRIFFITH. I would very much like to learn of any relationships he has in the Ripley, IN, area. You have mentioned the Griffiths who purchased land in the 1830s. I am quite curious about them. I would love to uncover the story behind G. A. C. Griffith and the move from Pennsylvania to Ripley. Does anyone know the county of his birth? K. J. Griffith

from Alice:
Kerry did more research and wrote to me privately in April 2008:
I've been searching through Washington County, PA, records, online, and I found some interesting information. The site is Washington Co. PA GenWeb Genealogy Project. I found information in the Marriage Register of Rev. Charles Wheeler. He was first pastor of the Baptist Church of Washington Co., PA. The record lists a marriage for Alexander Griffiths and Sarah Davis on Feb. 15, 1820. Wheeler also married Sarah Griffiths to Henry Mullen on Nov. 13, 1823, in Wash. Co.

And less than a week later, Kerry wrote again:
I have another find on Alexander Griffith. I have found that his wife, Sarah, was called Sally. I put Alexander Griffith in Roots web and up came a page of all sorts of Griffiths, and in less than 5 min., there it was, Washington County, PA, Griffith wills, Alexander M. Griffith's will, Dated 11 Nov. 1821, Probated 6 May, 1822 7 PM, Exec. John R. Griffith, Bene: wife, Sally,  Bro: John R. Griffith to have charge of the children.

Here's the family group sheet for George Alexander Clark Griffith, with Kerry Griffith's new finds:
HUSBAND: George Alexander Clark GRIFFITH
BORN: abt 1820-1821 (perhaps 14 Mar 1821) Washington Co., PA
DIED: aft 1860
MARR: 27 Mar 1845, Ripley Co., IN
FATHER: Alexander M. GRIFFITH [d. bef 6 May 1822]
MOTHER: Sarah DAVIS [b. 28-Feb-1801; 2nd m. Henry Harvey MULLEN]

WIFE: Eliza Jane KITTS
BORN: 4 Mar 1819, KY
DIED: 15 Mar 1888, IN
FATHER: Jacob KITTS [1793-bef 23-Mar-1865]
MOTHER: Jane (unknown surname) [abt 1794-aft 1860]

1) Sarah Jane GRIFFITH
BORN: 12 Jan 1846, IN
DIED: 26 Dec 1925
SPOUSE: William Stokely GRAY
MARR: 30 May 1867

2) Jacob Kitts GRIFFITH
BORN: 10 Feb 1847
DIED: 5 Feb 1935

3) Henry Mullan GRIFFITH
BORN: 30 Dec 1848, IN
DIED: 15 Jun 1900, Locheil, Benton Co., IN
Evaline HUKILL
MARR: 22 May 1874, Ripley Co., IN

4) George GRIFFITH
BORN: 12 Dec 1850, IN
DIED: 8 Nov 1934
MARR: 24 Aug 1890


There were other GRIFFITHs in the Ripley Co., IN, area. To date, the relationships are unknown: Mr. Henry Griffith purchased land in Ripley Co. on 11-Jan-1836; Mr. Elias Griffith, 9-Jan-1837; Mr. Wesley Griffith, 20-Aug-1838; Mr. Asbury Griffith, 13-Aug-1836; Ms. Elizabeth Griffith, 4-Nov-1836. An intriguing Griffith is Mr. John Griffith who married Ms. Elizabeth OVERTURF in 1827 in Ripley Co.; a relationship is likely since the father of Evaline Hukill (Mrs. Henry Griffith) had first been married to an Overturf.

Ancestry.com allows for some fast at-home hunting. Here are the other Griffiths in Ripley Co., Indiana, for the 1850 census:

  • In Versailles, Johnson Township: William Griffith (41, b. KY), a cabinet maker, with wife Mary (49, b. KY), and five Griffith children, all born in Indiana: John Westley (17), Mary Jane (16), James William (14), Albert (9), Almira Dane (6).
  • In Johnson Township: Five GRIFFITH children: George L. (15), Lydia Ann (13), America (11), Henry Harrison (9), Hesterann Matilda (6). These five children are living in a household headed by a 39-year-old woman named Sarah HILL; she was born in Kentucky. Also in the household is a 2-year-old child named Lucy Jane Hill, born in Indiana. ... The woman head of household was first married to a Mr. GRIFFITH before 1835; with him, she had those five GRIFFITH children. He died after 1843; she married again in 1847 to Joseph HILL, and she was widowed a second time after having one child by Mr. Hill. ... The early Indiana marriage database shows Sarah GRIFFITH (widow) married to Joseph HILL in Ripley Co., IN, on June 23, 1847.
  • In Johnson Township: Emily Griffith (12, b. IN), living with David Smith EAST (27, b. KY), his wife Mary (28, b. IN), and two EAST children: William Anderson (9) and George Alex (9 months). How does Emily Griffith fit in? She's Mary's daughter from an earlier marriage, one that happened before 1838. The early Indiana marriage database shows a marriage between David S. EAST and Mrs. Polly Griffith, on Feb. 24, 1847, in Ripley County. "Polly," of course, is a nickname for "Mary." ... And, on Dec. 19, 1838, in Ripley Co., was a marriage between Wesley Griffith and Polly O. COLLICOTT. ... Emily Griffith on the 1850 census no doubt was the daughter of Polly Collicott and Wesley Griffith, and Wesley Griffith likely died before 1847. The older of the two EAST children likely was from a previous marriage of David East.
  • In Brown Township: Asbury Griffith (34, b. KY), a farmer, with wife Elan (33, b. KY), and four Indiana-born Griffith children: Amos (13), Martha (8), Sarah (8), Nancy (6). ... Likely the wife's first name was "Eleanor." On Aug. 15, 1835, in Ripley Co., there was a marriage between Asbury Griffith and Eleanor KELLY.
  • In Brown Township: Elias N. Griffith (24, b. IN), a carpenter, wife Minerva (25), and son William E. (1). ... Elias Griffith and Minerva YOUNG married June 12, 1843, in Ripley Co.
  • In Shelby Township: George Griffith (32, b. KY), a teamster, with wife Polly (30, b. KY), and three Griffith children: Eliza J. (10), Phebe (9), Elizabeth (2), all born in Indiana.

Are they related, or how are they related? I wish I knew. In 1850, the population in all of Ripley County was 14,820. In 1840, it was 10,392. In 1830, it was 3,989.

Our George A. C. Griffith was in Johnson Township, Ripley Co., for the 1850 and 1860 census. Even in the year 2000, the population of Johnson Township is only 3,400. Three of those above six entrees are from Johnson Township.

Mar 19, 2008
from Deborah (White) Collier
oaktondeb @ yahoo.com
I am a decendent of Elizabeth Hufford (b-1/15/1832) and Andrew G. Jackson (b-4/11/1828) (found on page 180 of the Hufford family book), through their son Daniel E. Jackson, and his son, Charles C. Jackson and his wife Minnie Bigham.  One of their daughters was my grandmother, Beatrice Jane Jackson, who married Virgil White of Sugar Grove, Ohio.  How far back have you traced the family?  Did any members of the Hufford family participate in the Revolutionary War, and are there any records with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)?  Also, we had heard at one time that we are part Native American through the Hufford/Jackson line; however, in looking through the Hufford family book, we are hard-pressed to find any native American in our lineage.  Do you know anything about this? 

from Alice:
Last question gets the first answer: Almost certainly, the rumor is false. Rumors like that spring up, and they're hard to put down because people want to believe what they want to believe. Almost always, such rumors are nonsense and a complete waste of a genealogist's time. Because I've worked this family pretty well and pretty hard, I'd say that such rumors are b.s.

Among your direct HUFFORD line, no, there was no Revolutionary War service, and that line would not get you into the DAR.

Your Elizabeth Hufford (1832-1915) was a daughter of David Hufford (1807-1882) and wife Sarah BEERY (abt 1811-bef 1870). That David Hufford was a son of Casper Hufford/Hoffert (1762-1825) and wife Catharine STIHLI (1767-1840). Since all of Casper's children were also Catharine's children and all of Catharine's children were also Casper's children (no halvsies in the bunch), all of their children have the same ancestor chart, and here is it:

1st GENERATION (the children of Casper HUFFORD & Catharine STIHLI)
1 Solomon (1786-1876); Abraham, Sr. (1788-1859); Elizabeth (1790-1876); Catharine (1792-1853); Daniel (1795-1795); Sara Soloma (1796-1877); Jacob (1798-1884); Susan (1800-): John Johannes (1801-1825); Christopher (1803-1887); Michael (1804-1875): David (1807-1882); Rebecca (1813-1882).
2nd GENERATION (parents of above children):
2 Casper HUFFORD:
.....b 31 Aug 1762 Frederick Co., MD;
.....m 21 Mar 1786 Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Frederick Co., MD;
.....d 28 Nov 1825 Fairfield Co., Ohio
3 Catharine STIHL:
.....b 1 Oct 1767 Frederick Co., MD;
.....d 11 Jan 1840 Fairfield Co., Ohio
4 Christian HOFFARTH:
.....b 5 Jul 1716 Schwaigern, Neckar, Wurtemburg, Germany;
.....d 1788 Monacacy Manor, Frederick Co., MD
5 Elizabeth KEIM:
.....b Feb 1723 Oley Valley, Berks Co., PA;
.....d Bef 1764
6 Christoph STIHL:
.....d Oct 1782 Frederick Co., MD
7 Catharina WINE:
.....d 15 Mar 1814 Fairfield Co., Ohio
8 Hans Jorich HOFFARTH:
.....b 15 Feb 1674 Schwaigern, Neckar, Wurtemburg, Germany;
.....m 24 Aug 1702;
.....d America
9 Anna Margaretha MOST:
.....b 7 Sep 1675 Schwaigern, Germany;
.....d America
10 Johannes KEIM:
.....b Abt 1675 Speier, Germany;
.....m 15 Sep 1706 Germany;
.....d Bef 1 Jan 1754 Reading, PA
11 Katarina (or Bertha) DeTURK:
.....b Abt 1688 Frankenthal, Germany;
.....d Bef 1731 Berks Co., PA
14 Johann Georg WEIN:
.....b Rittershoffen, Alsace;
.....m 8 May 1741 Worms, Germany;
.....d 1797 Frederick Co., MD
15 Margaretha HORN:
.....b Worms, Germany
16 Johann Christoffel "Stoffel" HOFFARTH, Judge:
.....b 20 Dec 1626 Schwaigern, Germany;
.....m 7 Feb 1665
17 Anna Sibylla HOELL:
.....b 1645 Schwaigern, Necker, Wurttemburg, Germany
18 Marx MOST:
.....b Abt 1640 Bavaria;
.....m 9 Jun 1672 Schwaigern, Germany
19 Susanna SAUER:
.....b 25 May 1642 Schwaigern, Germany
22 Johannes DeTURK:
.....b 30 Jul 1650
23 Hester (or Esther) KIP:
.....chr 28 Aug 1656
28 Jacob WEIN:
.....b Mar 1680 Germany;
.....m 5 Apr 1701 Waltenheim, Germany;
.....d 21 Sep 1739 Germany
29 Eve SUSS:
.....d Germany
30 Heinrich HORN
32 Phillip HOFFARTH:
.....b Abt 1589 Schwaigern, Necker, Wurttemburg, Germany;
.....m 17 Aug 1614 Schwaigern;
.....d 10 Aug 1635 Schwaigern
33 Katharine KNEER:
.....b Abt 1590
34 Hans HOELL:
.....b Abt 1607;
.....m 19 Jan 1640
35 Margaretha KUECHLER:
.....b 1616 Brettach, Germany;
.....d 31 Jan 1676 Schwaigern, Germany
38 Bernard SAUER:
.....b Switzerland; m Germany;
.....d 31 Dec 1684 Schwaigern, Germany
39 Margaretha ---:
.....b Abt 1622;
.....d 8 Feb 1657 Schwaigern, Germany
44 Johannes DeTURK:
.....b 1 Nov 1618
45 Geertruit DeBRIER:
.....b 1620
46 Hans Pieter KIP
47 Rachel ROYERS
56 Nicholas WEIN:
.....d 1712 Waltenheim, Germany
57 Margaretha WAGNER:
.....d 22 Feb 1724 Waltenheim, Germany
.....b Abt 1554 Schwaigern, Necker, Wurttemburg, Germany
66 Joerg KNEER:
.....b Abt 1565
68 Quiri HOELL:
.....b Abt 1580
69 Anna ---:
.....b Abt 1585
70 Endress KUECHLER:
.....b Abt 1590
88 Jacob DeTURK:
.....b Abt 1590
89 Jacquemine RICKERBOSCHE:
.....b Abt 1595
112 Albrect WEIN
113 Eve ---
.....b 1566
179 Elizabeth KUCKELIER:
.....b 1570

May 13, 2008
from Tom Hufford
phototom @ peoplepc.com
My name is Tom Hufford, and I am trying to trace back my ancestors. My father was Alvin Ray Hufford. My mother's first name was Inez. My Grandmother was Agnes Curtis, and my grandfather was Dr. Hufford. I forgot his first name. My dad's side of the family is from Ohio. Thank you.

from Alice:
Starting to help Tom find his answers required getting Tom's best guess about his father's year of birth, but then I was able to find his dad on the 1930 census in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. The detail about the grandfather being a physician persuaded me that I'd found a match.

We begin with Ray Alvin Hufford, found on the 1930 census in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, with his parents; his father is listed as a physician. Ray is listed as "Ray A.," age nine, born in Indiana. His father is listed as "Alvin R," age 32, born in Pennsylvania, a physician in general practice. Ray A.'s mother is listed as Agnes, age 32, born in Indiana. The couple had married in about 1920.

Some confusion comes from the fact that there was also an Alvin Charles Hufford: b. 13-Aug-1899; d. 5-January 1973; last residence: Grand Rapids, Kent, Co., Michigan, also found in Grand Rapids on the 1930 census. In other words, two different men, about the same age, in the same area, with very similar names. One was a physician; one was a manager in a store. One had a wife named Agnes; one had a wife named Florence.

Alvin Ray Hufford is found on the 1920 census in Chicago. Age 23, born in Pennsylvania, a medical student. He is living in a boarding house with another medical student and a few dental students. He reported himself as married.

There is a World War I draft registration card for an Alvin Ray Hufford, born in Amity, Pennsylvania, on May 22, 1896. Amity is in Erie County. However, the registration card was filed with the registrar in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, in West Bethlehem Township, on June 5, 1917.

There's a likely match for Alvin Ray Hufford on the 1900 census, Amwell Township, Washington Co., Pennsylvania: Alvin R. Hufford, born May 1896 in Pennsylvania, with parents Dennis and Mary. Dennis was born Sept. 1852, Pennsylvania. Mary was born October 1855, Pennsylvania.

Dennis shows in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, on the 1860 and 1870 census with Levi and Hannah Hufford. Other census records show that Levi Hufford was born in Pennsylvania in November 1816, to parents born in Maryland.

The 1860 census shows Levi and Hannah with Levi's father living in their home: David Sr., age 84 and born in Maryland (thus, born in 1776). The "Senior" may not mean that he had a son named "David"; it might come from the fact that Levi had living in that same household his own 15-year-old son named David. Levi's other sons on the 1860 census were George (13), James (11), William (9), Dennis (7), and Levi (4).

Any HUFFORD born in 1776 in Maryland likely would have been a descendant of
Christian Hoffarth/Hufford. Only four of Christian's sons were born early enough to have had a son born by 1776: Christian Hufford II, b. 1746; Philip Hufford, b. 1750; Daniel Hufford, b. 1756; and John Hufford, b. 1758.

Almost certainly, it was not Daniel or John, both who moved to Kentucky. That leaves Christian II and Philip as possibilities. Christian II had a son named David, and there's a guestbook post from 2006 that is on point:

Jul 30, 2006
from c hufford
christieanna @ webtv.net
I hail from the Washington County, PA, branch of the Huffords. Christian the II settled here. There is a copy of his will at the court house. He settled on Daniels Run. He had a son name David who was married to Elizabeth Russel. They had five children, one of whom was Levi who had nine sons, one whose name was George Washington Hufford. They had another son named Levi Madison Hufford. Levi and his wife Hannah must have liked those two presidents. Hannah Hufford's father and grandfather were in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. I just wanted to let you know about the Washington County, PA, branch. Please write if you are interested in swapping family history.

Assuming that writer had correct information, here's your line:
Tom > Alvin Ray > Alvin R. (physician) > Dennis > Levi > David > Christian II > Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern.

May 15, 2008
from Charlie Clauser
Charlie.Clauser @ thomson.net
Hello, I just ran across your web site today (May 15, 2008) and found my grandfather Guy Clauser listed. My name is Charles Clauser, and I am the son of Alvin Clauser. Alvin Clauser was the son of Guy and Anna Clauser, and they lived in Rossville, IN, on a small farm just north of town. Guy and Anna had three children: Alvin, Mary and Caroline. Maybe I can add more when I have some time. Charles Charles Clauser - Field Support Engineer - Thomson Inc. - Indianapolis, IN

from Alice:
Guy Clauser (b. 1885) was the son of Dora Beard and her husband, Charles E. Clauser. Dora died when her only baby was just over a month old; she died the day before her first wedding anniversary. According to family history, it was a particularly difficult first birth, and Dora never recovered from the delivery. Dora was the only daughter of John M. Beard and his wife Rachel Smith.

Guy's father, Charles E. Clauser, served as the Representative for Carroll County in the Indiana State House from 1892 until 1898. He was elected 1892, 1894, and 1896. Charles Clauser died by drowning on June 9, 1909.

Aug 24, 2008
from Debra Ann Bass
I am the granddaughter of Mabel Hurley and Dallas Claude Ruch. My mother is Ruth Marie Ruch Kuipers.
Debra Ann Baas née Kuipers

from Alice:
Mabel Hurley was a daughter of Rosa Ellen Hooker (b. 1874) and Clyde P. Hurley (b. 1872). Rosa Hooker was a daughter of Elizabeth HUFFORD and George HOOKER.


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