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Nov 17, 1998
from Sally HEMPHILL DuBray
The dead people I'm looking for would be the family of a "deadend" I have, who was supposed to be a cousin of "U.S." Grant. She was Amelia Jane Grant (b 8 Feb 1832, d 20 May 1875), married 18 Jun 1854 (a June wedding!) to Jacob Merkle Troxell (b 1828 AL, d 10 Nov 1905), who had moved with his family to Carroll Co., married Amelia, they moved to AL and had their only child, Eva May Troxell, then moved back to Carroll Co, IN. Amelia only lived to the age of 43, and has proven to be a challenge to find. I hope to find some clues in Carroll Co! Please e-mail any leads or suggestions! (haven't found her on any of several Grant genealogy sites yet). Thanks!

from Alice
Anyone doing genealogical research dealing with Carroll Co., IN, should contact the Carroll Co., IN, Historical Museum in the Courthouse in Delphi, IN. The phone number is 317-564-3152. The woman with the best advice on researching in that county is Phyllis Moore, curator and manager at the museum. There is no one who knows how to do genealogical research in that area better than Mrs. Moore.

Nov 19, 1998
from Catherine Hufford, Triem
Great web site. Looking for all of the information I can conjure up regarding the
Hufford Lineage. I am a Hufford from the Oklahoma, Texas, area and would love to find out about my heritage. I am the mother of 7 so I guess we Huffords do plan to keep our line expanding.
Sincerely, Catherine

Nov 27, 1998
from Bill Creager
Hi Alice. Just wanted to thank you for the fine Web Page and the great information. I am a descendant of Adam Creager and Christiana Hoffart [daughter of
Christian] and as such found a great deal of valuable information on the Hoffart line. Many thanks. Happy Holidays and God Bless all at the Beard home.
Bill (Defiance, Missouri)

Dec 19, 1998
from Thomas Hufford
I am a direct descendant of Christian Hoffart who came from Germany in the mid 1700's and lived in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The branch of the family I am from came to northwest Ohio in the early 1800's and I know we had relatives in Indiana. My late mother traced the family linage back to 1554 in Germany where records before that time were destoyed in a fire. I am willing to pass on info and receive the same to/from those who need it to complete their work. She also discovered the family shield from the days of Heraldry, and as soon as I get a scanner I will be able to pass it on. This is not a come-on for money, only a son completing the work someone else started and had a dream to complete. Only requests through my
hufford@eudoramail.com will be answered as postage can get extremly expensive. All requests will only be replied to an email site to keep my cost down as well. Abraham Hufford and Elizabeth Plank are just two of the many Huffords mom found and has records of. The information she has appears to be more complete than the info listed on this site.
Thomas Hufford

Dec 29, 1998
from George S. Payne
Great web page, I was just contacted by Barbara Barrow, a descendant of
John Payne, Jr., and second wife Priscilla Beasley Nixon. She joins us in the search beyond Prosper, Sr.

from Alice
George Payne passed along to me one woman's account of her parents traveling on the Oregon Trail. The account was found in a genealogy. Thank you, George! For folks who'd like to see that account, it's right here:
Wagon Train

Dec 31, 1998
from Ruth Rosencrans
I found your site so very interesting. I was introduced to this site by Barbara Barrow who is seeking the "PAYNE" family for her husband, the same as I. I am researching the PAYNEs also on my husband's line. He enjoys what I find and I enjoy doing the research and the find. My husband's line goes as follows: Prosper Payne, Sr., b England (don't know his wife's name) >
John Payne Payne b Orange Co., NY, m Hannah Earl > Peter Earl Payne b Orange Co., NY, m Elizabeth Ague (a brother to your John Payne Jr. who m Verletta O'Neal & 2nd wife Priscilla Nixon Beasley) > Squire Lee Payne b 17 Jul 1830 Vermillion Co., IL, m Susan Elvira Donahoo > John Henry Payne b Ringgold Co., IA, m Mary Ann Taylor > John Alven Payne b Harrison Co., MO, m Elzada Florence Barrett > Beulah Myrle Payne b Harrison Co., MO, m Wm. M. Rosencrans > Marvin Rosencrans b in Colorado m Ruth Hightower (me). I would love to hear from you when you have the time. Thanks so much for having me as your guest.
Ruth Rosencrans
(snail-mail address: P. O. Box 6325; Brookings, OR 97415)


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