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July 2, 2009
from John R. Reed
I was searching for information on the Cragun family and noticed that for Zechariah Cragun (married to Elizabeth Shideler) you have only 2 children listed: Dora E. [Shanklin] and Ella M. They also had a son, Sylvester Shideler Cragun, born 1852, married to Candace S. Marshall 11/29/1877.

Sylvester and Candace had 5 children, the youngest of whom was Margaret Elizabeth Cragun, born 9/17/1894, my grandmother. Since my grandmother was the only one of the five to have children, the “Cragun” surname for this branch of the tree ended with Sylvester.

Margaret Elizabeth Cragun married Merritt Wright Reed and had 2 children: Harry John Reed (my father) and Margaret Jean [Reed] Sheldon.

The Shideler Cemetery just south of Logansport, IN, is where many of the Craguns and Shidelers are buried, including Zechariah and Elizabeth Cragun, Sylvester and Candace Cragun, Sylvester’s sister Ella Cragun, and 3 of his children -- Margaret [my grandmother] and her second husband [Earl Danforth], Ruth C. [died in infancy], and Harry M. This is also where my father is buried.

I have photos of these gravesites if you are interested. Let me know, I’d be happy to hear from you.

John R Reed

from Alice:
My connection to these people is remote: Zechariah and Elizabeth Cragun's daughter Dora married a SHANKLIN. Dora and her husband had a daughter who married a BEARD. The Beard man she married was the first-cousin of my grandfather. It's unusual that you found those folks in my database because I do not work at filling out the extended family of extended family.

However, I've checked the information you offered against the various census records and have added the information to my database.

If you have grave site photos that you'd like to share, you can upload them at All of the names that you mentioned as being at Shideler Cemetery have already been entered in the findagrave database. You can begin here:
Sylvester S. Cragun and his wife Candace (Marshall) Cragun
Margaret (Cragun) Danforth
Harry John Reed

You can also add photos of the people to those memorial pages at findagrave. Because those pages are for your father, your grandmother, your great-grandparents, the person who entered them will transfer them to you if you request a transfer. Then, you can add whatever information you would like to add.

Sep. 2, 2009
Hello Alice, I have quite a bit of information about the Griffiths in Ripley County, Indiana and how they are related. I see where others have inquired about these families and would like to try to tie these together.

from Alice:
Thank you for writing. I have limited information on the GRIFFITHs whom I work. The bulk of what I know can be seen here: Henry Mullan Griffith, 1848-1900. Henry was one of four children born to George Alexander Clark GRIFFITH and Eliza Jane KITTS. I've never learned when or where Henry's father died, and I've never found where Henry's mother was buried. Henry's grandfather died young, soon after marriage, and Henry's grandmother married again before moving to Indiana.

June 16, 2011
I have not seen any recent entries to the guest book, so I am not sure if it is active but thought I would try. I can trace my line down from Adam REPLOGLE b aprx 1762 Pa. Married to Laviana METZGER b 1755 Pa. Catherine Metzger REPLOGLE b 1813 Oh married to Samuel R MILLER b 1812 Oh. John R MILLER b 1831 Oh married to Sarah WRIGHT b 1837 Ind. Othar MILLER b 1856 Ind married to Elvira GARNER b 1860 Ind. Clyde L. MILLER b 1880 Ind married to Trella M Truex b 1883 Ind. Retha J MILLER b 1918 Mi married to Melvin M McENTIRE B 1913 Oh. Melvin and Retha are my grand parents.

from Alice:
Thanks for writing. I don't find those particular people in my database, but the names REPLOGLE and METZGER sure are familiar and married into many of the families that I work.


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