Henry Mullan Griffith, 1848-1900

Henry Mullan Griffith Henry Mullan GRIFFITH was 26 when he married Evaline HUKILL in Ripley Co., IN, in 1874. Henry never reached 52. Before he died, he buried a daughter, a son, and his 39-year-old wife.

He is listed on the 1870 census in Center Twp., Ripley Co., IN, as a 21-year-old farm laborer, living with his mother and two brothers. He is on the 1880 census in the same township, listed as a farmer.

Henry and Evaline's children are listed on Eveline's page:
Evaline Hukill

His middle name, "Mullan," is from his father's stepfather, Henry MULLEN. Unless there is some not yet found link, Henry Mullan GRIFFITH and his father were not MULLAN descendants.

Henry's parents and siblings
in a family group record:

HUSBAND: George Ancil Clark GRIFFITH
BORN: abt 1820, Washington Co., Pennsylvania (Previously reported exact date was unsourced and has been found to be incorrect.)
DIED: 31 Mar 1869, Yuba Co., California
MARR: 27 Mar 1845, Ripley Co., Indiana
FATHER: Alexander M. GRIFFITH [b. abt 1789; d. 14-Nov-1821; will probated 6-May-1822 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania; worked as a shoemaker.]
MOTHER: Sarah "Sally" DAVIS [b. 28-Feb-1801; 2nd m. Henry Harvey MULLEN]

WIFE: Eliza Jane KITTS
BORN: 4 Mar 1819, Kentucky
DIED: 15 Mar 1888, Indiana
FATHER: Jacob KITTS [b. Dec-1790; d. 13-Mar-1865]
MOTHER: Jane HARRIS [b. 8-Oct-1792; d. 18-Jan-1872]

1) Sarah Jane GRIFFITH
BORN: 12 Jan 1846, Indiana
DIED: 26 Dec 1925
SPOUSE: William Stokely GRAY
MARR: 30 May 1867

2) Jacob Kitts GRIFFITH
BORN: 10 Feb 1847
DIED: 5 Feb 1935

3) Henry Mullan GRIFFITH
BORN: 30 Dec 1848, Indiana
DIED: 15 Jun 1900, Locheil, Benton Co., Indiana
Evaline HUKILL
MARR: 22 May 1874, Ripley Co., Indiana

4) George GRIFFITH
BORN: 12 Dec 1850, Indiana
DIED: 8 Nov 1934
MARR: 24 Aug 1890


There were other GRIFFITHs in the Ripley Co., IN, area. To date, the relationships (if any) are unknown:. Henry Griffith purchased land in Ripley Co., IN, on 11-Jan-1836 [tract book #3, page #36]. Elias Griffith purchased land 9 Jan-1837. Wesley Griffith purchased land 20-Aug-1838. Asbury Griffith purchased land 13-Aug-1836. Elizabeth Griffith purchased land 4-Nov-1836. An intriguing Griffith is John Griffith who married Elizabeth Overturf in 1827 in Ripley Co.; that is especially intriguing because Henry Griffith's wife Evaline Hukill's father first had been married to an Overturf.

THANK YOU to Kerry Joan Griffith (b. 1948) for finding the name of George Ancil Clark Griffith's father, the marriage date for George A.C. Griffith's parents, the death date for George A.C. Griffith's father, and the will anf probate record for George A.C. Griffith. The name and marriage date came from old records of the Rev. Charles Wheeler, first pastor of the Baptist Church of Washington Co., Pennsylvania. The date of death came from two sources: (1) the man's will, also found in Washington Co., Pennsylvania. The will was dated 11- Nov-1821 and probated 6-May-1822, and (2) the man's obituary, as published in the Dec. 12, 1812, "Republican Compiler" of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. From the obituary: "Died on the 14th ult., at Washingtion [Pennsylvania]. Mr. Alexander Griffith, shoemaker, aged 32 years, having a wife and two children to mourn their loss. The deceased had accidentally cut a piece off one of his great toes with an ax; the wound had nearly healed up, when he took a cold in it, and lock jaw ensued, and terminated his life in about two weeks after the accident."



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