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Jan 14, 2005
from Nichols Leon Cripe
nickcripe50 @ yahoo.com
Entered a search for the CRIPE name and found this site. Haven't much time right now to check it out, but will be back later for a more indepth look.

Jan 14, 2005
from Margot A. Gifford
maglag @ worldnet.att.net
I was thrilled to find your web site via google this afternoon. My husband has two lines back to Ralph Earle. One is Ralph, William, Nathaniel, Patience who married Nathaniel Wallace. The other line is Ralph to his daughter Mary who married (I believe) John Wickham who was drowned at sea shortly after. She next married Thomas Cooke. However, I have not yet found proof of this. For years I have tried to learn more about Henry Lake and his wife Alice, and here you have it all laid out with also a wonderful story about Alice's trials. So many women were abused in those times.

Jan 15, 2005
from Catherine A Ritter
kitsmeow @ charter.net
I believe I am a decendant of Casper Huffert born aug 31 1762, died nov 1825; Sarah Saloma Huffert born Dec 6 1796 Rockingham, Va, died march 1 1777, husband Daniel Henricks. Daniel Henricks was the father of Leah Henricks, my great-great grandmother. She became Leah Henricks Sell, wife of Daniel D Sell. I am enjoying looking at the site to confirm dates and such. Thank you. Catherine Alice Sell Ritter

Feb 01, 2005
from Conni Riley
connir @ peoplepc.com
I'm looking for any Huffords of Hendricks or Putman Co., Indiana. My Great-great Grandmother was Mary Francis Owens who was married to George W. Hufford. She was the sister of Commodore Perry Owens, lawman of the wild west. I have some information and pictures I'd love to share. Thank you. Conni

from Alice:
George Hufford (1846-1917) and his wife Mary Francis Owens had two sons: Robert Hufford and Commodore Perry Hufford. George was the son of Henry, son of George, son of Christian.

Feb 01, 2005
from DeRay Scholz
derayandcat @ yahoo.com
I am the great-great grandson of Dora A. Hufford (Mrs. Harry Bricker) of Carroll Co., Indiana. She was a daughter of David D. Hufford, who was a son of
Andrew H. Hufford, who was a son of Abraham Hufford. Thank you so much for all of the information about the Hufford family. It has helped my research tremendously. I am now hoping to get more information / pictures etc. on David D. Hufford and his daughter Dora's families. Thanks again. DeRay Scholz

Mar 19, 2005
from Virginia Phillips Ott
dvott @ frontiernet.net
Alice, I am still looking for my Susannah or Susan Hufford who married William Phillips October 20, 1821, in Washington Co., MD. I only have date of her birth as c 1798-1802. Maybe someone will read this and have some answer for me. Thanks

Mar 23, 2005
from Jefferey L. Shields
Jeff.Shields @ troy.ohio.gov
Great Grandson of Sarah Creager who was the daughter of Gideon Creager and the granddaughter of John Carl Creager who was the son of Christian Creager who was the son of Adam Creigher and Christina Huffort.

May 19, 2005
from Conni Riley
Connir @ peoplepc.com
Hello, I have information and pictures on the Hufford family of Hendricks County Indiana. I hope to share. Thank You, Conni

Jun 01, 2005
from Ramona Hufferd Rohr
nrohr1 @ cox.net
Glad I found your site. I am a descendant of Emanuel Hufford and Elizabeth Beasley Hufford.

Jun 07, 2005
from Jyl Hufford Ravan
JylRavan @ yahoo.com
I am the daughter of James Alan Hufford. He passed away over twenty years ago. I was not raised by him so I have very little info to go on. He was the son of Ray and Everlee Hufford. His brothers are Tom and Bob Hufford.

from Alice:
Normally, with no dates and no place names, I couldn't help. However, Everlee's first name is so unusual that she pops up on the records: Everlee (24, b. Iowa) and husband R.L. Hufford (33) are on the 1925 Iowa state census, with their 11-year-old son Wm. R. According to the compilation of information from that census, Everlee's parents were Wm. Dick-Peddis (b. abt 1857 in Scotland) and Alice McGrorty (b. in Kentucky). Everlee and R.L. were living in Storm Lake, Buena Vista Co., Iowa.

Also according to the 1925 Iowa state census, R.L. was born in Iowa, and his father was Wm. Hufford (b. abt 1867), and mother was Effie Lewis (b. abt 1870, Kentucky).

There's a match for them on the 1930 census: Ray L. and Everlee A. Hufford in Iowa, Polk Co., Des Moines, with sons William R. (5) and James A. (1 year and 4 months), both born in Iowa. Date of census was April 12, 1930. In other words, son James A. was born in about December 1928. Ray reported that both of his parents were born in Iowa. Ray was working as a salesman, selling road machinery. Ray and Everlee had been married for about seven years.

Ray's WW I Draft Registration Card shows his date of birth as March 7, 1892, in Farmington, Van Buren Co., Iowa. In 1920, Ray was in Arkansas working as a civil engineer.

Ray's parents show on the 1900 census in Iowa: William, b. March 1866, Iowa; and Effie, b. Feb. 1869, Iowa. William and Effie had been married for ten years, and William worked as a teamster.

According to the 1925 Iowa state census, William's father was John, born in Indiana, and his mother was Naomi Cox.

1900 Iowa census: John W. and Naomi Hufford were in Van Buren Co. Naomi was b. Apr 1843, Ohio.

Iowa cemetery records show that Naomi (Cox) Hufford was born April 1844 and died July 13, 1900.

OneWorldTree shows William Loren Hufford, b. Mar 1865, as the son of John Wesley, born 1843 in Scott Co., IN, died 1924 in Van Buren Co., Iowa. OneWorldTree also shows John Wesley as the son of Hezekiah Hufford and Permelia Thomas Brewster. And OneWorldTree connects Hezekiah as son of John Hufford, who was the son of John who was the son of Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany. There are three generation connections in there that are not my research and that I've not checked, and I've done work only on the straight-line Hufford ancestry; however, below is what OneWorldTree shows for Jyl's father, with his mother's full name showing as Alice Everlee Dick-Peddie:

Jun 15, 2005
from Richard M. Everhart
octoberfam @ earthlink.net
I am a decendant of Christofer Christian Hofford, born 1803 and buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery at Sycamore, Ohio [Wyandot County]. The cemetery was donated to the E.U.B Church by my great-great-grandfather Conrad Hufford, son of Christofer Christian Hofford. A section of that cemetery is set aside for any decendant of Christian Hufford [b. 1803] who wishes to be interred there. I have seen one of the few remaining volumes of the 1909 Hufford family histories which is currently in my brother's possession. It is truly a scholarly and complete literary work. Thank you for the excellent compilation on the Hufford family.

from Alice:
Conrad. Page 169 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY. Here's his line: Conrad, son of Christofer, son of Casper, son of Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

The cemetery is now known as Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. It's in Tymochtee Township, on the southeast corner of State Road 103 and County Road 37, between Tymochee and Sycamore.

Jul 02, 2005
from Shellie
gorlin @ comcast.net
Alice! Glad to see the family line in such detail! I am the granddaughter of Ralph Eugene Lane. Descended from Isaac and Hannah, through their son Allen I believe. Anyway, I would love to fill in any blanks you might have about the other branches although you certainly seem to know what you're doing! Feel free to contact me anytime, Cousin! Sincerely, Shellie

Jul 22, 2005
from krista rogers
kjr39 @ aol.com
I was doing a search on Ida KITTS, and your info came up, and also your Hoosier roots, i.e. Ripley Co. and up north. Ida Bell KITTS; first married name was MURPHY; second married name was HORTON. I just found out the KITTS part. She was born in 1884, not sure where. Had a son Claude MURPHY in 1900. Then she married Cecil Earl HORTON in Indiana. His family was of the Ripley Co. area, then Jackson Co., ending up in Marion Co. (Indianapolis) where they raised their family. This had been a deadend; for a while I thought she was born a MURPHY, but I found my Uncle Claude's marriage certificate, and that's how I found the name KITTS. I may be shooting blanks, but it never hurts to look or to ask. Thanks. Krista Rogers

Aug 09, 2005
from Conni Riley
connir @ peoplepc.com
Hello, I'm still looking for information on the Hufford and Owens family of Indiana. I'd like to find out more on Commadore Perry Owens, Lawman of the Wild West. Thank you for taking the time to help me. Without you I'd be lost. Conni Riley connir @ peoplepc.com

Aug 29, 2005
from Nancy Annette Cripe
nclunaire @ aol.com
I typed "Cripe" into Google on a whim. What fun to find all this information about people related to me! I am a descendant of David Cripe, who settled in N. Manchester, Indiana, in the 1830s or '40s. I can't remember his exact lineage from Jacob Greib, but I have access to it. My great-grandfather was Henry Cripe (married Anna Long); my grandfather was John "Perry" Cripe (married Hazel Frey); my father was Daniel Cripe (married Doris Moore). I, and many of my family members, still live in the N. Manchester area. Most of them are still members of the Old German Baptist ("Dunkard" or "Old Order Brethren") church there, which was built on David Cripe's land. I have pretty complete genealogy information on my line of Cripes, if anyone wants it, but it is all in print form at this point (compiled by a relative in Goshen, IN, Dora Royer, I believe). I also have access to a number of photos of some of my Cripe, Long, and Frey ancestors.

Sep 17, 2005
from Nicholas Leon Cripe
nickcripe50 @ yahoo.com
Just stopped by for a visit.

Oct 08, 2005
from Carol
hbecae @ msn.com
I've been slowly searching for information about my Cripe family and felt like I was hitting brick walls. I am fascinated by your work. I came across this, finally, when I read several comments about your site. HOW in the world were you able to straighten out all that confusion?! Thank you for the considerable time it must have taken on your part. I have finally traced my family line back thru the generations and am working on the 'sides' now to fill them out. My family came from IN to IL in the mid-to-late 1800s (I'd have to get my Family History book to make sure) and settled in Macon & Piatt Counties. My family came from David & Hannah Replogle, Peter David & Elizabeth Saltzman, Menno & Pearly Mae Shaffer, Louis & Edith B. Wood, my dad, me. Are you too busy to answer some genealogy questions at a later time? Carol.

Oct 12, 2005
from David Norman Cripe
grumpypainter01 @ aol.com
Been doing the family for about 2 years, off and on. It is facinating but very frustrating at times. I am at a stand still for the lack of recorded family history, and my best and just about my only family source passed on a couple of months ago. Other than that, I have two left, and they are both in there 90s. The other thing is that on my father's side they were very closed mouth of the happenings of the family. I was told, "We never washed our laundry in public." So the stories never did get passed down. For instance, I just recently found out how my grandfather died. It was from a genetic heart problem, and I have the same problem. He passed in 1941 before I was born. Having that info would have helped. Any how I get a little fired up at times when it comes to my genealogy. Have a good morning. Dave

Oct 25, 2005
from Gerald F. Hufford Jr.
jhufford @ verizon.net
Just looking at some of the family names my father talks about.

Nov 23, 2005
from Mary Fran
Hi Alice, I really enjoyed the photos of your father! Especially the one where he's sticking his tongue out and the one with Fern Marie! I'm glad I wasn't just imagining the improvement I saw in his color this past June. I also enjoyed reading about the Kinyon Street days and all the friends the family had there. I call him periodically and we talk of family, old friends like Dutch and Don, the Warsaw Gun Club; he talks of Great-Grandma Beard, and he always asks me when he's going to have more visitors, and he especially asks about Aunt Naomi, which I passed along to her. Have a good Thanksgiving. Mary Fran

Dec 04, 2005
from Shirley McMahan
Shirlsgens @ aol.com
Found your site while looking up "Link" genealogy. I am a Link descendant from John Jacob Link, etc. Some of the names listed on your site are also found in the Link genealogy, such as Creager and Hufford. If you want further info. on Link genealogy, I will try to help out. Thanks again for your clever site.

Dec 07, 2005
from Sara (Hufford) Smith
SmithCajun @ aol.com
Found your site by "google-ing" my maiden name. I'll have to check my Hufford family book to see if your genealogy is related to mine. My grandfather was Paul Hufford, married to Mary Belle Rogers, who resided in Miami County Ohio at the time of his death in the late 1980s.

from Alice:
Oh, yes. Same Huffords! Here's the findagrave memorial page for your Mary Belle: Mary Belle Rogers Hufford. And here's Paul's line: Paul, son of Jacob, son of Daniel, son of John, son of Philip, son of Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany. Begin at Mary Belle's tombstone link, go to Paul's, and you can go generation by generation and see the ancestral tombstones all the way back to Philip's wife who was born in 1756 and died 1811.

Dec 27, 2005
from Bob Hukill
Bhukill @ charter.net
looking for info on George Hukill who died around 1940s in Shafter, Calif. He had four children: William, George, Opal, Bobby. Nice job on your website. Thanks for any help. Bob

from Alice
The best researcher I ever came across on the HUKILL line is Steve Dennehy. He has posted frequently on genforum.com/hukill/. Good luck!


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