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Jan 6, 2000
from Paul H. Replogle
I have some genealogy data concerning the Replogle family. I call my project "descendents of Matern Reblogel." My home page is named "Replogle-Reprogle Genealogy."

from Alice:
By 2008, Paul's web site is down. However, another Replogle genealogist has picked up the results of much of Paul's work and has included the information in her database at WorldConnect. Here's the link:
Check for Replogles in that database, and you'll be finding much of Paul's work. It's a massive database, even by my standards.

Jan 9, 2000
from Suzanne Neely Burden
Before I discovered all the information you provided, I was against a brick wall (all too familiar territory). Now it's a barbed wire fence! I feel sure my line is correct from
Christian Hoffarth and Elizabeth Keim; through Daniel Hoffart and Elizabeth Cassel; through Jacob H. Hufford and Mary Link; to Mary Ann Hufford and Daniel Boone McMillan. From that point I have traced their daughter, Mary Elizabeth McMillan, through two husbands and 6 more generations including myself.

On another side, I think I can trace from Johann Casper Creager and Anna Christina Hoffarth; through Conrad Creager and Anna Marie Eader; through Elizabeth Creager and Jacob Link - but this is the sticky part. Is Mary Link (who married Jacob Hufford) the daughter of Elizabeth Creager and Jacob Link? I keep running into a Maria Hufford Link listed as their daughter. Can you enlighten this poor lost soul? I have obviously gotten misinformation from one source or another. Willing to share any information I might have that would be interesting to anybody. Keep up the great work! Thanks - and have a nice day!

from Alice:
Short answer to your immediate question:
Mary Link (who married Jacob H. Hufford) was the daughter of Elizabeth Creager and Jacob Link.

Until Larry Bowles wrote in December 2000 (see below), I did not know the answer. However, Larry is a LINK researcher, and he claims that the answer to your question is yes -- sort of. The "sort of" is that in Larry's note, he wrote, "Regarding Mary Link who married Joseph Jacob Hufford. Mary Link was the daughter of John Jacob Link, and Mary was born 21 Oct. 1792 in Frederick Co., Maryland. She married Hufford on 18 July 1811 in Bourbon Co., Kentucky.

The name Larry wrote was "Joseph Jacob Hufford," not "Jacob H. Hufford."

I listed Mary Link (who m. Jacob Hufford) only as the sister of Eli and Israel Link, with no dates on any of the siblings.

The oldest LINK in my data base is John Jacob Link b. 1682 Grossgartach, Germany, who m. Anna Magdalena Neuwirth, b. abt 1692 Biberach, Germany. One descendant of this couple is President Eisenhower. This couple had six children whom I know of: John Adam b. 1721, John Jacob b. 1724, Rosina Elizabeth b. 1726, Mary Katherine b. 1728, Anna Maria Magdalena b. 1731, and John Matthias b. 1737. The dau. Mary Katherine LINK b. 1728 m. Hans Peter BARTH (a.k.a. BEARD), b. 1730 Freinsheim, Germany. Among the children of Mary Katherine and Hans Peter was Jonathan Andrew Barth (a.k.a. Beard), b. 1755, who m. Anna Margareth Hoffarth (a.k.a. Hufford), b. 1754. Anna Margareth was dau. of
Christian Hoffarth and Elizabeth Keim; she and her husband's first child was born pre-1780. So, we've got the LINKs and the HUFFORDs intermarrying before 1780. (When I found this Beard/Hufford intermarriage, I was sure I'd found my ancestral Beard line. So far as I can tell, there is no connection to my Beard ancestors.)

On another note, there is conflicting information about your line. You say that your HUFFORD line is this:
Mary Ann (b. 1810) > Jacob H. > Daniel > Christian b. 1716.

However, I believe that your line is this, which would mean no LINK ancestry:
Mary Ann (b. 1810) > David > Daniel > Christian b. 1716.

For sure, Mary Ann b. 1810 was the granddaughter of Daniel and the great-grandaughter of Christian b. 1716.

I have Mary Ann (b. 1810) in my database as the daughter of David; however, I include a note saying there is conflicting information. Check here:
Mary Ann HUFFORD (1810-1891).

Here's my logic: If Mary Ann was born in 1810, then she was not the daughter of Mary Link who 1st married Joseph Hufford (in 1811) and 2nd married Jacob Hufford (in 1817). Mary and Jacob did have a daughter named Mary, but their daughter was born in about 1822. The tombstone of your Mary Ann has been found; there is a photo of it at findagrave.com, here:
Mary Ann "Polly" Hufford McMillan (1810-1891). Here's a closeup of the gravestone:
Mary Ann Hufford McMillan tombstone
You can see the gravestone clearly says, "Mary A., wife of Daniel B. McMillan. Born Mar. 22, 1810." The tombstone appears to be from the era of her death -- 1891. It is reasonable to believe that whoever arranged for the tombstone knew her date of birth. Also, 1810 as a year of birth fits with information from the census (1850, 1860, 1880, Platte Co., Missouri). Here is the information at findagrave:
Mary Ann "Polly" (Hufford) McMillan

So, I don't think you are a LINK descendant at all. Rather, your ancestor Mary Ann Hufford was the daughter of David HUFFORD and Sarah HENSON, who married April 16, 1801, in Harrison Co., Kentucky.

Here is Suzanne's HUFFORD line, beginning with her father:
Thomas Dixon NEELY (b. 1909, TX) > Vera Ann HORN (b. 1889, TX) > Susan Ann DAVIS (b. 1855, MO) > Mary Elizabeth McMILLAN (b. 1838, IN) > Mary Ann "Polly" HUFFORD (b. 1810, Bourbon Co., KY) > David HUFFORD (b. abt 1781, MD) > Daniel HOFFART (b. abt 1755, PA) > Christian HOFFARTH (b. 1716, Schwaigern, Germany).

Jan 20, 2000
from debra carson
Alice -- I believe we wrote to each other in the eighties. My mother is Delores Cripe Carson, the daughter of Dean and Cornelia Wolfsen Cripe. I have collected much on my own Cripe line; however, my aunt on the father's side was also a Cripe. Her mother and father divorced back in the 1940s, I think. What I have been trying slowly to do is to find out which line she is related too. Her father came from northern Indiana and southern Michigan and for some reason came to visit family or friends in Newaygo County, Michigan, which is near Muskegon and north of Grand Rapids. Her father's name was John, and her grandfather's name was Bert, I believe. I was wondering if you had ever heard of this family. thanks debbie

Jan 22, 2000
from Nelda Spicer Farrow
Alice-I wrote to you this past year, wondering if Rollin Hughes Hufford could be part of your Fairfield County Huffords in as much as the county was close to Coshocton County, Ohio, and we could not find a connection. BIG THANKS TO BARRY WOOD! I Am connected through Peter Hufford/Catherine Myers, Rollin being their son. You people are great; I have never been so fascinated in my life. I may have even softened in my attitude toward him, having been furious with him for leaving my great-grandmother (whose mother had died) at the age of 7 mo to be raised by her grandparents, taking their name, Williams. Barry sent a chill thru me when he asked if her name was Josephine Brown, she having sued for part of Rollins estate. That tells me that there was some kind of contact through the years, I should think. Now you can add him to your list. I don't know exact details but couldn't wait to send my admiration.

from Alice:
Rollin > Peter > Christian II > Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern.

Josephine is on the 1860 census in Ohio, Coshocton Co., Keene Township, as "Josephine HUFFORD," age 8, living with her maternal grandparents. Grandparents were Joseph Williams, b. abt 1804, Ohio, and Sarah, b. abt 1805, Pennsylvania.

Jan 27, 2000
from Patricia Hufford
We've been working on our Huffords; my husband's line comes down thru Christian and is a branch that eventually went to California.

Feb 5, 2000
from Nathan D. Smith
I too heard the story of a long lost cemetery located somewhere near Cutler, Ind. My 2nd cousin was researching the Nice family in Indiana and discovered this cemetery which she went to go see. I personally thought that she was crazy when she told me the story, but I later found out that I would do some crazy things also, just to get cemetery info. I can't remember all the details of her adventure at the
Beard Cemetery near Owasco, Ind., something she said about being out in a field and that an old lady came out with a gun to chase her and her husband off the property. My 2nd cousin had to end up showing her their drivers liscenses to prove their names were really Nice, and that they had relatives in that cemetery. So once I eventually caught up to her research, I discovered your site and thank goodness! All the names are listed right here, and I am free to look at it from the comfort of my dorm room. Thanks again for all your work in posting this information; the NICE and SMITH families thank you for it. I might get out to that cemetery myself sometime, but I might want to take a bulletproof vest, ha haa!!! God Bless. Nathan Smith (descendant of Alston Wyatt)

from Alice
The folks in Owasco are protective of that little cemetery. If you're family, or a legitimate researcher, or even some honest person just hunting for a pleasant place to sit and think, you'll have no problem. My understanding, however, is that there had been a minor problem with vandals. The problem has been taken care of. Any time one is doing cemetery research, even if the LAW says you have a right of easement to pass over land to get to a cemetery, it's always wisest to knock on the closest door and announce your presence. If I can't find a door to knock on, I always park my car so it can be seen easily, and I leave identification and a note to be seen thru the front window of my car. Something such as, "HUFFORD descendant visiting grave sites."

May 12, 2000
from joe ulrich
Hi: I am a descendant of Stephen Ulrich, born in Germany, arriving in America in early 1700's. Stephen's sister was Elizabeth, wife of famous Jacob Cripe (Greib, etc.) and great plus grandmother of Annie Oakley as I understand it. I would be interested in communicating with any of the hundreds of cousins, descendants of this great family. Joe Ulrich

May 20, 2000
from Lillian Durfee Borden Crawley
We do, indeed have common ancestors.

Jun 6, 2000
from Amy Hufford
just browsing

Jun 25, 2000
from Teri Needham
What a fabulous website.........lol I guess we are even cousins :-). I typed the name Isaac Manchester in a search engine and it led me to your site. He married Hannah Cundell who goes back to poor Alice Lake. I learned a lot and will be back often. Teri

Jul 7, 2000
from Lura Kelley
My great-great grandmother was Catherine Cripe Walker, one of the many children of John Cripe and Rachel Fouts. Thanks for all of the great info.

Jul 16, 2000
from Kyle Hufford
My family is originally from Logansport, IN. Thanks for all of your help. My dad's name is Steve, and my grandfather's name was Rossco.

Steven > Roscoe D. > Abraham F. > David > Abraham Jr. > Abraham Sr. > Casper > Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.

Jul 29, 2000
from Earl and Virginia (Ivie) Huffman
I enjoyed your site very much. William B. Wise, was my Ggg-grandfather and was a brother to Mary Ann Wise.

Jul 30, 2000
from Marilyn Marshall Brantley
OWASCO!! I lived east of there in a big 2-story brick house from 1967 to 1969. The house is gone now; I'm told it burnt. And another new home was built in its place. My Maternal Grandfather and family (Jess Leslie, his wife Stella, and 4 children) lived just south of there on a farm. Stella (my step-grandmother) later lived in Owasco when Grandpa had a stroke and passed away. We will be having a Leslie/Yost Reunion Aug. 13th at the Rossville Park. Yes, I am related to Wagoners and Cripes and all the rest too! Perry Wagoner was father of my Maternal Grandmother who was married to Jess Leslie (his 1st wife). This is a GREAT website!! Thanks.

Jul 31, 2000
from Kie Entrikin Zelms
My ancestors are the Henricks, several of whom married the children of Caspar and Catherine Stihli Hufford/Hoffart. My great grandmother, Rebecca Henricks Entrikin was the daughter of David Henricks and Malinda Humbarger. David was born in Perry Co. Ohio. Daughter Rebecca was born in Sandusky Co. Ohio. They married in 1851, but I am not sure where. David and Malinda are both buried in Kingston Cemetery, Caldwell Co., Missouri, near where my grandfather, Frank Entrikin was born. I have been unable to ascertain the parents of David, but believe they might be Sarah Saloma Hufford and Daniel Henricks. Sarah Saloma is buried near Hamilton Missouri. I am looking for confirmation or any other information regarding descendents of Sarah and Daniel.

from Alice
Your Rebecca Henricks is on page 145 of "The Hufford Family History" book. She is pictured with her husband William ENTERKIN and their five children. Her birth is noted as July 11, 1859, Sandusky Co., Ohio. William's is listed as July 24, 1862, Columbiana Co., Ohio. Married Feb. 12, 1885, by Rev. Zacheus Henricks at Cadwell, MO. Children: George L., Charles O., David W., Frank, and Grace, living in Abilene, Kansas, in 1909. Rebecca is listed as the third child of David HENRICKS and his wife Malinda HEIMBARGER. David is listed as b. Dec. 24, 1826, Fairfield Co., Ohio. Malinda as b. April 6, 1834. David is listed as the second child of Sarah Saloma Hoffert and Daniel Henricks. Sarah Saloma was the sixth child of Casper Hufford and his wife Catharine Stihli. Thank you for writing, and best wishes!

Aug 8, 2000
from Mike Kelley
I found your webpage during a search for information on Elizabeth Cleverly. I read the paragraph on Samuel Hotchkiss and Elizabeth Cleverly, and their "public display." Could you indicate the source of that paragraph? Was it the New Haven Records? A message on an Internet message forum mentioned that Elizabeth Cleverly came from Virginia on a ship with Samuel. Do you have any information about that possible place of origin for Elizabeth? Thank you, Mike Kelley

Aug 11, 2000
from Roberta Williams
I am descended from John J. Cripe through my grandmother Minnie May Cripe who was the daughter of John J.

Aug 11, 2000
from Patricia Cripe Manning
Alice, we have emailed before. I haven't done much with my Cripe line; we have moved from the beach back to Titusville and into a house after living in a condo for three years. Hopefully, I can get started once more on my family history. Our line, my grandparents, Thomas Matthew and Lulu Pittser Cripe's descendents had their annual family reuion in Frankfort, Indiana, last June but I couldn't go as we were in the midst of moving. Take care. Pat

Aug 19, 2000
from Shane Smith/Ullery
VERY good job on this site! I want to come back and see if I fit into this somehow. I have a pretty good list of Ullerys, 6 or 7 generations, but it's one in the morning, and I must put the "genealogy bug" to bed! (I recently got it and can't quit researching.)

Aug 22, 2000
from Nareen Lake
I am descended (on my father's side) from Elijah Smith, David Todd, and Robert Todd, all "distant cousins" to Mary Todd Lincoln as you are. Thank you for providing this interesting information.

Aug 23, 2000
from Pat Mote
Thank you for including me as a link to Jacob Grieb. I did that research in the early 1980s before computers. I am sure there is much newer information. My brother and I are presently working on our father's side, Long and Edson. Yes, the bug hit him too. He devised our website,
jimlong.com/genealogy. We have found many interesting relatives (royal ones). Now where is our castle!! Someday, I hope to get on the Cripe side of our family. Thanks for the great website. Pat Mote

from Alice:
And here's Pat Mote's web site about the Cripes:

Aug 27, 2000
from Harold M. Kaysen
I have enjoyed searching your site in regards to the CRIPE family and all its branches. I am 99% sure that Daniel Wagoner (#958 on
the list) (1792-1856) and Catherine Shively (#965 on the list) (1798-1866), the parents of David D. Wagoner born August 1838 and married Esther Wolfe March 1857, are the ancestors that I am looking for. The family history of "Descendants of Leonard Wolf and Catherine Cripe" connect with your line and shows more children of this marriage. I have been able find more information on David D.Wagoner and Eliza Jane Horner and their family and descendants. I am still searching for David D. Wagoner's Probate or an obit to verify my family connection. David, based on Census records, may have been married 4 times. Only two records are found that show his first and fourth marriage. The 1910 census says he was married only twice. [This could be an error.] Would be interested in exchanging information once I verify my family link. Hal Kaysen

from Alice:
Author of "Descendants of Leonard Wolf and Catherine Cripe" is Ardelta Delores Wolf Baker. Her research was excellent.

Sep 5, 2000
from Virginia (Ivie) Huffman
Have been going to finish what I started last month. John B. WISE & Nancy McLAUGHLIN [parents of
Mary Ann WISE] are my family. Their son William B. WISE, b. 17 Oct 1826 Hamilton Co., Ohio, d. 9 Dec 1912 Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS, m. Eliza Jane MILLER abt 1847 IN; she was b. 1 May 1826 IN. Their children were Mary, Eliza Jane, Lutetia, Louisa, Silas, Harrison, and William. Eliza Jane WISE m. Benjamin Russell BERKSHIRE abt 1873 IN; he was b. 19 Jun 1852 Ohio, d. 20 Mar 1930 Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS; both Eliza Jane and Benjamin are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Wichita, KS. Their children were William, Laura Ella, Anna Viola, and Rue L "La Rue." Laura Ella BERKSHIRE b. 4 Oct 1885, d. 14 Mar 1931 Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS, m. Walter Leroy BRIGGS 24 Feb. 1908 Wichita, KS. From this union came my mother, Lela May BRIGGS b. 16 July 1911, d. 21 May 1999. Lela May BRIGGS m. George Willard IVIE 24 July 1929 in Wichita, KS. They Had 3 children.

Sep 6, 2000
from Laurence G. Cripe

Sep 12, 2000
from James A. Quinn
Hi Alice. Got several new Ulrich and Shively names from your postings on the Brethren genealogy site. Thanks. Had less luck with the Stutzman line; wish you were descended from them too!

Sep 13, 2000
from Ruth Coles
I'm so glad I found this site. It answered all my questions about
Alice (Mrs.Henry) Lake who was executed as a witch. My grandmother was Della Adelia Lake Cooper; and now I am able to have a complete story of the family from Mass to NY to Kansas to Colorado and to California. Thanks!

Sep 20, 2000
from Diana Lewis
My grandmother is Glady L. Hufford (Lewis). I don't know if anyone is related to me or not by Hufford, but she was a Miami princess of an Indian tribe. Her husband was Ray Lewis; he was the chief of Blackfoot tribe. I am trying to find out more how to locate anyone who knows a lot about these people. Thank you so much. Diana

from Alice
Anyone who has worked American genealogy any length of time has come across more than one "old Indian story." Most are false. Now, you are speaking of your grandparents. That is a close relative, and you would know better than I. However, do you know for SURE that Mr. Ray Lewis was a chief of the Blackfeet nation? If so, it should be easy to establish. The name doesn't "sound" Amer-Indian, but that wouldn't rule out the possibility.

I may have a match for your grandmother. If so, she was not a Miami Indian. I have in my data base Gladys Lucinda Hufford, one of 11 children born to a couple who married in 1884 in Lebanon, IN. Parents of Gladys were Andrew J. HUFFORD and Mary F. OLIVER. Andrew was the son of Abraham Hufford, Jr., and his wife Elizabeth MICHAELS. Abraham, Jr., was the son of
Abraham Hufford, Sr., and his wife Elizabeth PLANK. (Check the link for that pedigree.)

1900 U.S. Census: Gladys is in Lauramie Twp., Tippecanoe Co., Indiana. Listed as born in Indiana in December 1899. With parents Andrew and Mollie, and with siblings Rosetta, Mabel, Ross, Troy, Ivy, Jesse, and with maternal grandmother Lucinda Oliver. ALL are listed as "white."

1910 U.S. Census: Gladys is in Jefferson Twp., Pulaski Co., Indiana; Enumeration District 124; sheet 6-B, line 96. The census taker wrote her name "Gladis L." She was 10 years old, listed with her parents; with her brothers Ross, Troy, and Jesse; with her sisters Ira, Emma, Bertha, and Alice; and with her maternal cousin Wilson Oliver. All were listed as white, born in Indiana, and English speaking. They were living in a community where everyone was white.

1920 U.S. Census: Gladys is in Owen Twp., Clinton Co., Indiana, as a married woman, with husband Ray A. Lewis, and children Troy and Alberta. Ray Lewis is listed as a laborer on a farm. Listed next to them are Ray's parents: Isaac and Delila, aged 63 and 59, born in Indiana. Two families away is Ray's brother, Alvie LEWIS, age 32. ALL of those folks are listed as "white." The relationship of the Lewis family members can be detemined from the 1900 census of Ross Twp., Clinton Co., Indiana; on the 1900 census, Ray's father is reported as working as a farm laborer. Ray's father is listed as born in Indiana; place of birth for his parents is blank. Ray's mother is listed as born in Indiana, with her father born in Virginia and her mother born in Pennsylvania.

1925 Iowa Census: Gladys is found in Washington Twp., Jasper Co, Iowa. She's 24 years old, has an 8th grade education, is living with husband Ray LEWIS and their children: Troy (6), Alberta (5), Lela (3), and Russell (2). Both husband and she are noted as "white." Husband also had an 8th grade education.

1930 U.S. Census: Gladys is back in Indiana, in Owen Twp., Clinton Co. With husband Ray and children Troy (12), Alberta (10), Lela (8), Russell (7), Maxine (6), Robert (4), and Pauline Gene (1). Ray is working as a "paper hanger" putting up wall paper. They'd been married 12 years.

Gladys is listed with her parents and siblings on page 75 (in Part I) of THE HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY, which you can find
HERE. Right click, and save to your computer. It is in pdf format; the file was created by Brigham Young University.

I have also come across the rumor that Elizabeth Plank (Mrs. Abraham Hufford, Sr.) was native American. I am convinced it is one more bogus, nonsense "old Indian story" running around in genealogy circles. I have checked extensively with the Miami. There is absolutely nothing, not the slightest shred of evidence, to suggest that the story might have even the barest amount of truth to it. Sometimes with such rumors, it becomes a case not of tracking a person's genealogy, but rather tracking the "genealogy of the rumor." ... I may be wrong. Your Gladys L. Hufford might be someone else. Or, maybe it's the same person, but my genealogical research is wrong. THAT is the problem with one of the "Indian ancestor" rumors: They just won't go away.

Sep 20, 2000
from Dottie Hufford Kearton
My family comes though Joseph Demetrus Hufford born about in Ohio about 1852 died in Athens Co., Ohio, May 20, 1925. I still have to get his death certificate. Anyone else related to him? Glad to find this site.

Sep 23, 2000
from William Ellis Cripe II
Please forgive me, but I am a newbie at the genealogy bit. I have recently gotten interested in the
Cripe family history but know very little about it. Neither my parents nor grandparents seem to be able to offer anything more. My grandfather (living) is John Caroll Cripe, Jr. My great Grandfather (obviously) would have been John Caroll Cripe, Sr., but I can find no mention of this person. I don't know his wife's name either. The only thing that I DO know is that they are from the "Indiana" Cripes, but then it seems that they are all "Indiana" Cripes. Are we a burr on this family tree or a branch? Curious in Georgia, Billy Cripe

from Alice
It is accepted as fact that all CRIPEs in this country descend from the common ancestor Jacob Greib, whose surname mutated to "Cripe." A few descendants followed the spelling "Gripe." There are a few who carry the name who carry it by adoption, but all I've ever found or heard of connect one way or another to that list of descendants. You'd have to begin with the genealogy basics and work back document by document, link by link, generation by generation until you came to a known connection.

Sep 28, 2000
from Russell Metzger
Hi, I'm from Bellingham, WA, and was excited to run across this site. I must be related to somebody in here somehow. This is the first site I have seen my g-grandad Samuel S. Metzger in. His dad was Daniel Metzger 1831-1913. Daniel's dad was John E. Metzger, and his dad was Andrew Metzger 1785-1848. I have him (Andrew) as marred to Mary Ulrich, but in a letter my grandmother wrote, she has Andrew married to Elizabeth Wolf. Any way you could help me out on this one? I have good info from Daniel Metzger married to Catherine Ulery (1837-1924) on to the present, but before that it's a little sketchy. Anyway I wanted to say Hi from the West Coast! Russ

from Alice:
Andrew Metzger (1785-1848) was the son of John Valentine METZGER (b. 1741) and Catherine HOOVER (1745-1807).

Oct 12, 2000
from Anne Marie Webster
Alice, I have read your
Christian Hoffarth family information with interest. My GGG Grandfather was Joseph Hoffarth who was born in 1799 in Steinmauern, Germany. He & his wife Franziska Kolmel Hoffarth & 4 children arrived in New York aboard the vessel Metoka on June 10, 1850.Their eldest son, Conrad, is my GG GRandfather. I do not believe we are connected to Christian. Anne Marie

from Alice:
Your Joseph Hoffarth may descend from one of Christian's ancestors. Christian's ancestors are here: Hoffart ancestors. Christian was born in 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany. His father was born in Schwaigern in 1674. His grandfather was born in Schwaigern in 1626. His great-grandfather was born in Schwaigern in about 1589. His great-great-grandfather was born in Schwaigern in about 1554.

Oct 16, 2000
from Barbara (Lynn) Schulik
Your Eliza Jane Kitts (mother of
Henry Mullan Griffith) was a sister to my John William Kitts. Both were children of Jacob and Jane Kitts of Ripley Co., IN. My John William m. Mary Jane Kelley Dec. 2, 1854, in Ripley Co. I do not have b. & d. dates and places for John William. Do you have any info on him or other siblings? Barb

from Alice
I show your John b. 1815 KY, on the 1850 census in Ripley Co., IN, and named in his father's will. Siblings David, Eliza Jane, Nancy, Julia, Jane, George, Joseph, James.

Nov 14, 2000
from Thomas Hufford
My mother managed to find most of the information that you have posted. I am also a descendent of Christian-Casper and am not quit sure of the rest of the linage before it gets to me, simply because at this moment I am too lazy to get it out and look it up. Mom, before she passed on, had traced the family as far back as the 1500s where the trail ended. It is known that all of the records before that time were destroyed in a fire at the church in which they were kept. Mom told this to me, but I do not have written proof of this. Except for a few letters to and from distant relatives, I do not have any records of her work, only the completed genealogy that she has from the 1500s till around 1995. However, in her work there are more complete burial records as to county and even cemetery for some of the family in Maryland that you do not have listed. I wrote you an email a long time ago and at that time you did respond, but I had only just acquired info Mom had and was having trouble figuring it all out. She found a family coat of arms; it is not near as fancy as some, but we do have one. She had a multi-color print of it that my Dad (still living) seems to have lost. However, Dad did make a wood plaque out of various types of wood that faithfully reproduced it, except for color scheme. I have a close relative that has an electronic camera. As soon as I am done here, I will e-mail her and ask her to send me a picture via e-mail next time she goes out to see him. If you want, I will forward a copy of it to you. Your Toledo area cousin.

from Alice
Update 2009 -- Check this:

Hufford descendant Jim Hufferd drew that from a photograph that was taken at the Lutheran church in Schwaigern. Here's the info:
Hoffart crest
And here's a photo of the crest as painted a few hundred years ago:

Nov 18, 2000
from Douglas Joseph Hufford
Hello, I am very interested in learning where I came from. My father Douglas Foster Hufford has traced our history back to
Christian Hufford. However, on the tree, there are many branches that split off into the void. I am from Columbus, Ohio, and my father from Perrysburgh, OH. All of his lineage tracings concern Ohio and PA. I know there are Huffords living in many other states throughout the country, and I would love to know how we fit into the picture. If anyone has any information, please feel free to contact me at the above email address. Thank you

Nov 29, 2000
from Herb Scott
Richard Borden - Joan Fowle are my 9th great grandparents.

from Alice
They're not my ancestors, but I've worked many of their descendants because of intermarriages with Alice (Mrs. Henry) Lake's descendants. Some Borden descendants are listed here: descendants of a woman executed as a witch. Then there is their infamous descendant: Lizzie Borden. I'm related to Lizzie. Our common ancestors are Ralph Earle 1606-1631 and Joan Savage.

Dec 5, 2000
from Bob Vincent
I am a descendant of Resolved White & Judith Vassall. Trying to trace families back as far as possible.

from Alice
Judith Vassall was another daughter of William Vassall b. 1592 and Anna Kinge b. 1594. I descend from their daughter Frances who married James Adams. They are listed on this page: John Payne & Hannah Earle. They were ancestors of Hannah Earle, thru her father.

Dec 7, 2000
from Larry Bowles
Regarding Links, Huffords, and Creagers.....let me know how I can help.

from Alice
Mr. Bowles sent this message privately:

I have the Link family back to 1300 in Grossgartach, Germany along with several collateral lines of Creager (Krueger). The Hufford line is another line that ties in with the family, and I have several of those lines as well. Several people have left messages on Huffords and Links. I am attempting to answer as many of these folks as possible.

Hans Jakob Linck died in April of 1738 and was buried in Oley Hills, Berks Co., Pennsylvania.

Regarding Mary Link who married Joseph Jacob Hufford. Mary Link was the daughter of John Jacob Link, and Mary was born 21 Oct. 1792 in Frederick Co., Maryland. She married Hufford on 18 July 1811 in Bourbon Co., Kentucky.

John Jacob Linck and Elizabeth Creager had 10 children, and I have found the birth records of 9 of them in the German Church records of Frederick Co., Maryland, and in the Link family Bible from Bourbon Co., Kentucky. Eli, for example, was born 13 Jan. 1808 in Bourbon Co., Kentucky. The first 3 children were born in Frederick Co., Maryland; then Elizabeth was born 2 Jan. 1795 in Jefferson Co., Virginia, as was Catherine Link (born 3 Feb. 1798). From Susannah Link on, the children were all born in Bourbon Co., Kentucky.

I can provide much information on this family and some on the Hufford family. If I can be of any help to you in your research of this family, please let me know. You can reach me at lbowles@pe.net.

Dec 11, 2000
from Gregory J. Cripe
just trying to find out some of the history of where my ancestors came from

Dec 27, 2000
from Larry Thurlow
I am the great-great-great grandson of Jacob Hufford and Catharine Asmath. Great-great Grandfather and grandmother are Isaac Hufford and Adaline Baker.

from Alice:
Correction: You are the great-great-great grandson of Jacob HUFFORD and Catharine VAN HELLEN. Catharine had acquired that "Asmath" surname from a first marriage. Her marriage to Jacob Hufford was her second marriage. No known children from her first marriage.

Here's your Hufford line back, from Isaac:
Isaac > Jacob > Casper > Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern.

Dec 29, 2000
from Ronald M. Hahn
My mother was Lucille Mitchell, and her father was Lewis Mitchell. His photo appears on page 150 of the Hufford Family History Book. For some reason his name was not listed in the family list at the bottom of the page. His father was Rev. David Mitchell, and his mother was Rebecca Mowery. On her bible it is spelled "Maurer," and I believe that Maurer is correct as I have found the family on the Salt Lake City site. Rebecca's mother was Elizabeth Henricks. Elizabeth's mother was Saloma Huffert or Hufford, and Elizabeth's father was Daniel Henricks. The Hufford Family History Book was given to my Grandfather Lewis Mitchell by his mother Rebecca in 1910. In the book is a ribbon and on it it says: SEVENTH NATIONAL HUFFORD REUNION, FAIR GROUNDS, TROY, OHIO, AUGUST 24-25, 1921. I remember attending a reunion with my grandparents that was held in Midland, MI, when I was just a young fellow; I am thinking it would have been 55 or 57 years ago or so. Do they still have the Hufford Reunions? I have the Mitchell Family History back to 1764. Ron

from Alice
To my knowledge, there have been no all-family or all-descendants Hufford Family reunions in recent times. It would be a MASSIVE project! Any volunteers? ... Your ancestor Saloma Hufford (1796-1877) is listed on this page: Hufford descendants. She is also known as "Sara Saloma."

Sara Saloma was, of course, a daughter of Casper (b. 1762), who was a son of Christian born 1716 in Schwaigern.

Dec 30, 2000
from Debbie Duren Legault
Hello cousin! Enjoyed your site, lots of good info. I am a descendent of John Bull and Hannah Holly via John and Hannah's son John (m. Milla Brewster). This past summer went to Bull reunion, and had a great time!

from Alice
John BULL and Hannah HOLLY can be found on this page: Payne & Earle
They are listed in the 3rd generation of the ancestor listing, numbers 6 and 7.



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