Beard Cemetery, Owasco, Indiana
- information presented by Alice Marie Beard


I began my genealogy research in earnest in this cemetery the Thanksgiving weekend of 1986. My favorite brother had told me about a visit he had made to the cemetery sometime after 1982. I suspect that my brother was looking for something of his past because his "future" had been taken from him, but I did not know that then. He said that he had visited the house near the cemetery, the house where our father had lived for a year as a toddler, the house where our grandfather had grown up, the house where our great-grandfather had lived until he died, the house that our two-greats-grandfather had built in about 1880.

At the house, he found someone who showed him a box of old photos. The photos had been in the house when the man acquired the house. My brother offered the man a few hundred dollars for the photos, but the man refused, saying that he felt the photos should be part of the house. When I told my brother that I would be visiting, he told about the old photographs and advised that I try to see them. By the time I arrived for my visit in November 1986, the house had changed hands. However, the person who'd had possesion of the old photos had kindly delivered them to one of my second-cousins who lived in Owasco, and I was able to see the photos.

When I began my search, I was tracking down "an old Indian story." I have never found an Indian, old or otherwise, but in my tracking, I have found some wonderful people. That first weekend I met the wives of a second cousin and a third cousin, and in them I found two women I have been delighted to befriend. They greeted me with polite Hoosier hospitality, but they didn't think of me as family as they walked me back to the old family cemetery I'd visited since I was a little girl, but could no longer find in the woods. Since it was late November, the spreaders had been out, and the air was ripe with the odor of Indiana's finest hog manure. I stepped over a clump of dirt, gagged a bit on the air, and said, "Oh, no. Hog sh*t," and was immediately embarrassed by my words since I hoped to win over a couple of women who might have genealogy info for me

As we walked, I wanted somehow to let them know I really belonged on that land, in the cemetery, and that the people were my people too, even tho I had been gone a long time. When we got to the cemetery, I found myself saying the words my own father had told me when I was little, the words about a distant grandfather who had buried an unknown traveler who had died in his barn. As I got half way thru the story, I paused, and the story was picked up by a man who had joined us, one of the cousins. He had heard the same story growing up. His great-grandfather and my great-grandfather were brothers, and they had played where we stood, and suddenly -- with that old story -- we were family. When it was time to leave, one of the wives asked, "And where will your family eat this evening?" I assured her we would find some place as we drove the two hours back to our hotel. "Nonsense! You'll eat with us." And my family joined hers for dinner and a prayer. In the years since, she has been in my home, and I have been in hers, and I have slept at the home of the other cousin's wife, and we have dug for grave stones together.

Then one sad day, a brother and his wife lost a tiny baby too early, and they wanted to make a visit to the old family cemetery for some comfort. The day was rainy, and the road back to the cemetery in the woods was muddy on the Sunday afternoon the young couple made the trek, and I was far away and couldn't help the little boy who had grown up and now grieved a grownup's grief. All I could do was call one of the wives and say, "My baby brother and his wife lost a baby. They'll be at the cemetery this afternoon." And the two wives walked back thru the mud and hugged my brother and helped him push his car out of the mud.

The cemetery is located in Owasco, Clay Township, Carroll Co., IN, north of Rossville; east of U.S. 421, and south of Wild Cat Creek. For a history of Owasco, click here:

red letter-number code is explained after the alphabetical listings. All dates have been standardized: day month year. Where known, I have added additional family connection information about the person.

Thanks to Rex Irvin Beard for assistance in reading the stones.

A list of burials is below.

Links are to findagrave; those with tombstone photos are marked with tombstone graphic.


  • Sarah Ann Ashba, wife of Jonathan; C-2
    d. 9-Nov-1859; 19 yr 10 mo 3 d. (born June 6, 1840)
    Daughter of Uriah K. BULLA and Jemima NICE.


  • James Bates [previously misread as John, son of A. & A; D-11
    d. 28-Aug-1840; age 1 yr. 3 mo;
    son of Adam and Ann (Bulla) Bates.


  • Amanda J. Beard, dau. of J.M. & L.A.; J-4
    d. 17-Oct-1850; age 1 yr. 4 mo.
    dau. of John M. & Lydia A. (Brackney) Beard.
  • Calvin Beard, son of J.M. & L.A.; J-3
    d. 16-Mar-1848; age 1 mo 17 ds.
    son of John M. & Lydia A. (Brackney) Beard.
  • Diantha Beard, dau. of J.M. & L.A.; J-5
    d. 4-Nov-1853; infant
    dau. of John M. & Lydia A. (Brackney) Beard.
  • Hulda Beard, dau. of J.M. & L.A.; J-2
    d. 4-Nov-1859; age 5 yrs. 2 dys
    dau. of John M. & Lydia A. (Brackney) Beard.
  • infant Beard, no grave stone
    stillborn 25-May-1997; premature son of R. & M. Beard.
  • John Beard; H-3
    d. 23-Sep-1854; ag 59 yrs 10 mo 2 dys;
    "These are those which came out of great tribulations and . . .
    Rev. 7, Ch. 14"
    husband of Sophia More.
    (For biography, see
  • John M. Beard; J-1
    son of John Beard, died 1854, and wife Sophia More.
    (For biography, see
  • Lydia A. Beard, wife of John M.; J-1 and Right Fence-1 [two stones]
    born 16-Aug-1825.
    1st wife of John M. Beard
    born Lydia A. BRACKNEY, dau of John Brackney & wife, Mary.
    None of Lydia's children survived beyond young childhood.
  • Marvin Beard, son of J.M. & L.A.; stone found in 2011.
    d. 26-Apr-1853; age 10 mo 26 dys
    son of John M. & Lydia A. (Brackney) Beard.
  • Rachel Beard, wife of John M.; J-1
    2nd wife of John M. Beard
    born Rachel SMITH; dau. of
    Richard H. Smith & wife, Hannah Jack
  • Rachel Beard: see ST. JOHN, Rachel


  • Francis M. Brackney; Left Fence-3
    d. 26-June-1850, age 15 yrs.
    Son of John Brackney & wife Mary Wilson; brother of Lydia Brackney.
  • infant son Brackney, no marker found
    d. Feb 1849; age 3 mo; cause of death was "influenza of lungs."
  • John Brackney; A-9
    d. 20-Mar-1856; age 67 yrs 3 mo.
    Metal stake marker shows him as War of 1812 veteran.
    This man owned land where cemetery is before John M. Beard owned it.
  • John W. Brackney; B-10
    d. 28-Aug-1852; age 25 yrs. 4 mo. 14 dys.
    Husband of Rebecca;
    John was a chair maker; full name was John Wilson Brackney;
    son of John Brackney & wife Mary Wilson.
  • Julia Brackney, dau. of J. & M.; B-9
    d. 11-Aug-1840; age 11 yrs.
    Dau. of John Brackney & wife Mary Wilson; brother of Lydia Brackney.
  • Lydia A. Brackney: see BEARD, Lydia A.
  • Lucinda Brackney, dau. of R. & E. Brackney; B-8
    b. 17-Oct-1838; age 6 yrs; died a month before her 7th birthday.
    Daughter of Reuben Brackney (b. 1817) and Elizabeth Bulla (b. 1814).
  • Mary Brackney, wife of John; A-10
    d. Mar 1849; age 52 yrs.
    Wife of John Brackney who died 20 Mar 1856.
    Maiden name: Mary Wilson
  • Reuben Brackney; E-2
    d. 1-May-1857; age 39 yrs 11 mo
    Husband of Elizabeth Bulla (m. 7 Sep 1837);
    father of Mary, Reason, Melissa, Charity, Isabelle;
    son of John Brackney who d. Mar 1856.
    Reuben was a wagon maker.


  • James Bulla; E-3
    d. 22-Feb-1852; age 73 yrs 8 mo
  • Jemima Bulla, wife of Uriah K. (born Jemima Nice); D-3
    d. 6-Dec-1857; age 37 yrs., 11 mo
  • Sarah O. Bulla, wife of James; E-4
    d. 1-Aug-1866; age 79 yrs
    born Sarah O. Carlyle.


  • William T. Butz, son of S. & C.; stone not found 1988
    d. 21-Aug-1868; age 2 yrs. 8 mo


  • George W. Campbell, son of Albert. M. & Mary Jane; D-10
    d. 28-Nov-1877; age 7 yrs.
    Son of A.M. Campbell & wife Mary Jane Smith
  • Mary J. Campbell; D-9
    d. 31-Aug-1898; age 59 yrs 5 mo 28 dys.
    Born Mary Jane SMITH; dau. of Richard & Hannah (Jack) Smith;
    1st m. to Joseph H. Garst; 2nd m. to A.M. Campbell
  • Pvt. Nathanial R. Campbell, Member Co. A. 116th Reg., Ind. Vol.; B-1
    d. 17-Jan-1864; age 40 yrs, 8 mo
    1st husband of Eliza Smith (who was bur. as Eliza Guinn);
    Father of Howard Campbell (b. 1865)
    Civil War Veteran


  • Daisy D. Dawson, dau. of Z. & M.C.; E-1
    d. 9 Sep 1872; age 1 yr.
    Dau. of Zachariah Dawson and wife Malissa Brackney;
    sister of Mary A. Dawson (b. 1867).
  • Zachariah Dawson; E-1
    d. 14-Sep-1874; age 30 yrs. 9 mo.
    Husband of Malissa Brackney (who was dau of Reuben Brackney & Elizabeth Bulla).
    Zachariah had brothers George (b. abt 1834) and Hezekiah (b. abt 1839) and sister Eliza (b. abt 1836). The sibling group is listed on the 1860 census of Clay Twsp., Carroll Co., IN, on the same page as Eli Beard, brother of John M. Beard (1823-1904).


  • Jerry Fritz (Jeremiah S. Fritz); stone not found 1988
    b. 9-Aug-1845; d. 7 May 1913
    Born in Pennsylvania.
    In about 1880, Jerry married Catherine (b. Oct. 1857 in Indiana).
    An old cemetery list prepared in about 1960 reported his month and day of birth different from the date reported here. However, a book produced by the Indiana Works Progress Administration reports his date of death as 7 May 1913, in Clay Township, Carroll County, and reports that his death record is in the City Health Office in Delphi. Since no stone has been found, it is reasonable to list the May 7 date as the correct date of death.
    Son of Solomon and Theresa "Rosy" Fritz.
  • Rosy Fritz, wife of Solomon; C-1
    b. 6-Feb-1821; d. 12 Apr 1871


  • Annie May Garst, dau. of J. and Mary J.; D-7
    d. 16-May-1864; age 2 yrs. 2 mo.
    Dau. of Joseph H. Garst & Mary Jane Smith
  • Joseph H. Garst; D-8
    d. 1-Sep-1864; age 26 yrs.
    First husband of Mary Jane Smith


  • Eliza Guinn, wife of Thomas W.; B-2
    b. 14-Feb-1828; d. 4 May 1880
    Born Elizabeth SMITH; dau. of Richard Smith & Hannah Jack;
    also called "Louisa"


  • Hernando Cortez Hannum, son of John C. & Sarah; B-11
    b. 21-Dec-1851; d. 25-Sep-1853
    1870 Census shows a J.C. Hannum (age 45) and wife Sarah (49) with children Otis (16) and Orpee (age 11) living in Delphi, Carroll Co., IN, just a few miles north of this small cemetery. J. C. Hannum's occupation is listed as "Postmaster."
    Indiana marriage records show a marriage between Sarah Collenwood and John Hannum in Carroll Co., on 31-May-1848. However, another genealogist claimes that John Hannum's wife Sarah was the daughter of John BRACKNEY. Burial in the same cemetery as John Brackney (1788-1856) and immediately next to other Brackneys says that is a reasonable conclusion.


  • Hannah Jack: see SMITH, Hannah
  • Joseph Jack; no stone ever found
    b. 1822; d. 18-Mar-1906; age 84 yrs
    Information on burial from Carroll Co. Historical Society's obit file;
    brother of Hannah Jack;
    son of John Thomas Jack & Elizabeth Todd Smith.


  • Angeline Jones: see MORE, Angeline
  • Lucy Jones; A-6
    d. 20-Jul-1850; age 65 yrs. 9 mo.
    Born Lucy Thompson; married William Jones;
    mother of Resin V. Jones, Harrison Jones, & Angeline Moore.
    Lucy's daughter Angeline was Mrs. Eli More.



  • John McCouch; F-3
    d. 17-Dec-1874; age 68 yrs. 11 mo.
    (b. Feb-1806; on 1860 census in Delphi, Madison Twp., Carroll Co., Indiana, listed as born in Pennsylvania; with 56-year-old wife Sarah who was born in Ohio. His wife was born Sarah Jack; she was the sister of Hannah Jack Smith and Joseph Patterson Jack; she was the grandmother of Josephine St. John. John's wife Sarah had first married Reuben St. John; John married Sarah after she was widowed.)


  • Peter Mentzer, born Lancaster Co., Pa.; F-1
    Jan 28 1853
    47 ys 8 ms 2 ds
    Listed on 1850 Census in Indiana, Carroll County, District No. 9; handwritten page number 557; stamped page number 279; line 3. Date of census: August 22, 1850. Peter is listed as head of household; occupation was "farmer." He is reported as 45 years old, born Pennsylvania, with real estate valued at $500. Living with him is Frances A. Mentzer, 47, b. Pennsylvania; she likely was his wife. Also in the household are Catharine Nahn, 13, b. Ohio; and Rebecca McConch, 72, b. Ireland.
    By calculation, Peter's date of birth would have been May 26, 1805.


  • Flora Bell Mooney, dau of J.E. & M.J.; Right Fence-2
    d. 12-May-1863; age 1 yr. 8 mo.
    Dau. of John Edmond Mooney & Mary Jane Beard;
    granddau. of John Beard & Sophia More.

MORE [or MOORE; in this cemetery, it's the same family; spellings vary on 1 or 2 stones]

  • Angeline More, wife of Eli; A-5
    b. 4-Jul-1814; d. 12-Nov-1871
    born Angeline JONES; daughter of Lucy (Thompson) Jones.
  • Arthor A. More, son of S.G. & M.S.; A-3
    d. 26-Aug-1873; age 10 mo.
    Son of Shelby "Shebb" More & Mary Sophia Murphy;
    grandson of Eli More & Angeline Jones;
    grandson of Alexander Murphy & wife #2 Mary Ann Dunn.
  • Eli More; A-4
    d. 27-Sep-1872; age 68 yrs. 10 mo. 2 dys.
    Brother of Sophia, Sarah, & Samuel More;
    son of John More & Sarah Gandy.
  • Elizabeth G. More, wife of Samuel More; B-5
    d. 31-May-1856; age 56 yrs.
  • Harry E. More; A-2
  • Rosey E. More, dau. of J.M. & Josephine; A-8
    d. 3-Nov-1860; age 2 mo
  • Sally More: see STEWARD, Sally
  • Sarah More: see MURPHY, Sarah
  • Samuel More, Esq.; B-4
    d. 23-Dec-1856; age 56 yrs. 3 mo. 8 dys.
    born in Monongahala Co., Virginia (now Monongalia Co., WV)
    Brother of Sophia, Sarah, & Eli More;
    son of John More & Sarah Gandy.
  • Samuel L. More, son of J.W. & S.J.; B-3
    d. 6-Mar-1865; age 6 yrs. 10 mo.
  • Virgil R. More, son of E. & A.; A-7
    d. 16-Aug-1847; age 6 mo.
    Son of Eli More & Angeline Jones.



  • Alexander Murphy; F-9
    b. 22-Nov 1803; d 25 Mar 1871
  • David Alvin Murphy, son of Alexander Jr. & Abigail; F-5
    d. 1-Aug-1863; age 1 yr. 7 mo.
  • Francis M. Murphy; F-4
    b. 3-Sep-1837; d. 4 Apr 1872
  • Isaiah Murphy, son of Alexander & Sarah; F-10
    d. 29-Jul-1841, infant
    Son of Alexander Murphy (d. 1871) & Sarah More.
  • Joseph R. Murphy, son of Alexander & Mary Ann; F-6
    d. 4-May-1849; age 9 mo.
  • Leota J. Murphy, dau. of William P. & Sarah A.; G-1
    Granddaughter of Alexander Murphy (d. 1871) and Sarah More.
  • Rachel Murphy, dau. of Alexander & Sarah; stone not found 1988
    d. 2-May-1840; infant
  • Sarah Murphy, wife of Alexander; F-9
    b. 24-Nov-1807; d. 29 Aug 1847
    Born Sarah MORE; sister of Sophia, Samuel, & Eli More;
    dau. of John More & Sarah Gandy.


  • Isaac Nice; stone not found 1988
    d. 19-Jul-1852; age 33 yrs. 22 dys.
    Son of William Nice & Lydia Weaver.
  • Lydia Nice, wife of William; D-2
    28-Jul-1862; age 71 yrs. 3 mo.
    Maiden name: Lydia Weaver.
    Mother of William Nice who married Sarah Beard, dau. of John Beard & Sophia More; also mother of Rebecca Nice who married James Smith, brother of Richard Smith.
  • Priscilla Nice, wife of Erastus Nice; D-4
    d. 16-Dec-1853; age 21 yrs.
    Maiden name: Priscilla Shoemaker.
    1st wife of Erastus; Erastus was son of William Nice & Lydia Weaver.
  • Sara C. Nice, dau. of Erastus & Catherine Nice; Left Fence-1
    d. 29-Sep-1855
  • William Nice; D-1
    d. 29-Jan-1871; age 85 yrs.
    Father of William Nice who married Sarah Beard, dau. of John Beard & Sophia More.


  • Heaster L. Pippinger, dau. of Daniel & Mary; Right Fence-3
    d. 17-Nov-1846; age 4 mo., 4 days
    Heaster's mother was Mary Ganger/Gangwer, b. abt 1803 in Pennsylvania.
    Heaster's father was b. abt 1806 in Ohio.
    Heaster had a brother, James, b. abt 1839 in Ohio.


  • David W. Ridgill, son of D.G. & S.J.; F-7
    d. 9-Dec-1861;
    b. 25-Dec-1860;
    son of Daniel C. Ridgill & Sarah Jane Widner;
    grandson of Theodore Ridgill & Hester Bulla;
    great-grandson of James Bulla & Sarah Carlyle.
  • Elmira Ridgill, dau. of D.G. & S.J.; F-8
    d. 9-Sep-1862; age 1 yr. 3 mo;
    b. 22-May-1858;
    dau of Daniel C. Ridgill & Sarah Jane Widner;
    granddau of Theodore Ridgill & Hester Bulla;
    great-granddau of James Bulla & Sarah Carlyle.
  • Hester Ridgill, wife of Theodore; B-6
    d. 22-Jul-1876; age 67 yrs;
    born Hester A. Bulla, dau. of James Bulla & Sarah Carlyle.
  • Malissa Ridgill; B-7
    d. 1-Feb-1842; age 1 [or 4] mo. 27 dys.
  • Theodore Ridgill; Left Fence-2;
    husband of Hester Bulla;
    Died June 6, 1847
    Aged 50 ys. 9 ms. 23 ds.





  • Elizabeth Smith, dau. of J.E. & R.; E-6
    d. 15-Jul-1851; age 4 mo.
    Dau. of James E. Smith & wife Rebecca Nice;
    James E. Smith was a brother of Richard Smith (d. 1873).
  • Elizabeth Smith (or Eliza, or Louisa): see GUINN, Eliza
  • George H. Smith, son of J.E. & R.; E-7
    d. 21-Aug-18??; age 2 yrs. 4 mo.
    Son of James E. Smith & wife Rebecca Nice;
    Rebecca was dau. of William Nice & wife Lydia Weaver.
  • Hannah Smith, wife of Richerd; D-6
    d. 21-Feb-1870; age 63 yrs. 1 mo
    On husband's stone, name was engraved as "Richard."
    Mother of Eliza, Rachel, Lewis, Mary Jane, & John Smith.
    Born Hannah JACK, dau. of John Thomas Jack & Elizabeth Todd Smith;
    granddau. of Elijah Smith & Hannah Todd;
    great-granddau. of David Levi Todd & Hannah Owen,
    who were also the great-grandparents of Mary Todd/Mrs. Abe Lincoln.
    (For more information, see
  • Mary Jane Smith: see CAMPBELL, Mary Jane
  • Rachel Smith: see BEARD, Rachel
  • Rebecca Smith, wife of J.E.; E-5
    d. 5-Oct-1865; age 51 yrs. 6 mo.
    Wife of James E. Smith; James was the brother of Richard H. Smith.
    Dau. of William Nice & Lydia Weaver
  • Richard H. Smith; D-5
    d. 2-Oct-1873; age 73 yrs. 10 mo.
    Husband of Hannah Jack; son of Joseph Smith;
    father of Eliza, Rachel, Lewis, Mary Jane, & John Smith.
    (For more information, see


  • Josephine St. John, dau. of James & Rachel; H-1
    d. 6-Aug-1869; age 15 yrs. 5 mo.
    Dau. of James St. John & Rachel Beard.
  • Rachel St. John, wife of James, & dau of John & Sophia Beard; H-1
    d. 12-May-1854; age 21 yrs. 7 mo.
    Born Rachel BEARD; dau. of John Beard & Sophia More.

STEWART [or STEWARD, same family, spellings vary]

  • Mary A. E. Stewart, dau. of Wm. & Sally; D-13
    d. 22-Jan-1844; age 2 yrs. 2 mo.
    Dau. of William Steward & Sally More.
  • Rachel Stewart, infant dau. of Wm. & Sally; D-12
    Dau. of William Steward & Sally More.
  • Sally A. E. Steward, wife of William, and dau of S. & E. More; F-11
    d. 2-Mar-1852; age 30 yrs. 4 mo.
    Dau. of Samuel More & wife Elizabeth.
  • William Steward; D-14
    b. 22-Feb-1820; d. 2 Nov 1860
    Husband of Sally who died 1852.
    William is on the 1860 census of Clay Twsp., Carroll Co., IN, on the same page as Eli Beard, brother of John M. Beard (1823-1904).

UNKNOWN TRAVELER [no stone information]

  • Unknown traveler.
    Died sometime around the 1850s and was buried by John M. Beard. There was a cholera epidemic at the time, and the disease was so feared that the traveler -- who had asked to spend the night in the barn -- was quickly buried with no attempt to learn who he was. The man was unknown to the community. It was never known where he was coming from, or where he was going to.



The grave yard is shaped like a shoe box. You will enter at the narrow end of the "shoebox," at the left side of that end. You will see concrete pillars, about five feet high and a foot in diameter. (They were formed by pouring cement into a mold made with corrugated steel.) At the narrow end of the "shoebox" which you will enter, there will be three of those concrete pillars. The two outer pillars mark two corners of the cemetery; the third one--perhaps 12 feet to the right of the left corner--is at the gate entrance.

The letters refer to arbitrarily-defined long rows, from one narrow end to the opposite narrow end. As you stand at the gate entrance, looking straight across to what would be the opposite narrow end, the rows begin on your left. In this system of trying to locate a grave, the rows are arbitrarily "Left Fence, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, and Right Fence." Each stone in each "row" has a number.
In each row, number 1 is the stone closest to the narrow end at which you entered the grave yard. Certainly some (or many) of these stones have been moved from the actual burial spot. The following locations were correct in the summer of 1988:

(1) Sarah C., dau. of Erastus & Catharine Ann Nice.
[long space]
(2) Theodore Ridgill [midway along the fence]
[long space]
(3) Francis M. Brackney [almost to the opposite narrow end]

(1) Shelby Sheilds
(2) Harry E. More
(3) Author (or Arthor) A. More
(4) Eli More
(5) Angeline More, wife of Eli More
[Top portion of this stone gone. Could tell it was her stone only be comparing dates against old list.]
(6) Lucy Jones
(7) Virgil R., son of E. & A. Moore
(8) Rosey E., dau. of J.M. & Josephine More
[long space]
(9) John Brackney (metal stake marker, War of 1812)
(10) Mary, wife of John Brackney

(1) Nathaniel R. Campbell, member Co. A. 116th Reg. Ind. Vol.
(2) Eliza, wife of Thomas W. Guinn
(3) Samuel L., son of J.W. & (?) J. More
(4) Samuel More, Esq.
(5) Elizabeth G., wife of Samuel More
(6) Hester, wife of Theodore Ridgill
(7) M. Ridgill
(8) Lucinda, dau. of ___ ___ Brackney
(9) Julia, dau. of J. & M. Brackney
(10) John W. Brackney
(11) Hernando Cortez Hannum [Stone was leaning against back fence.]

(1) Rosy, wife of Solomon Fritz
(2) Sarah A., wife of Nathan Ashba
[end of what I'm calling "row C"]

(1) William Nice
(2) Lydia, wife of Wm. Nice
(3) Jemima, wife of Uriah K. Bulla
(4) Priscilla, wife of Erastus Nice
[long space]
(5) Richard H. Smith
(6) Hannah, wife of Richerd Smith
(7) Annie May Garst, aged 2 yrs, 20 mo; died May 16, 1864
[Stone is broken; only dates remain. Can tell whose stone it is by comparing dates to old list.]
(8) Joseph Garst
(9) Mary Jane Campbell
(10) George W., son of A.M.& M.J. Campbell
(11) James, son of A. & A. Bates
[previous list shows "John"]
(12) Rachel, infant dau. of Wm. & Sally Steward
(13) Mary A.E., dau. of Wm. & Sally Stewart
(14) William Stewart

(1) Daisy D., dau. of Z. & M.C. Dawson
Zachariah Dawson
[shared stone]
(2) Reuben Brackney
(3) James Bulla (stone propped in base of tree)
(4) Sarah, wife of James Bulla (stone was shattered 1997 by falling tree)
[long space]
(5) Rebecca, wife of James Smith
(6) Elizabeth, dau. of J.E. & R. Smith
(7) George, son of J.E. & R. Smith

[long space]
(1) P. Mentzer
(2) Frances, wife of Alexander Morrow
(3) John McCouch
[long space]
(4) Francis M. Murphy
(5) David Alvin, son of Alexander Jr. & Abigail Murphy
(6) Joseph R., son of ___ & M.A. Murphy
(7) David W., son of D.C. & S.J. Ridgill
(8) Elmira, dau. of D.C. & S.J. Ridgill
(9) Sarah, wife of A. Murphy
Alexander Murphy
[shared stone]
(10) Isaiah, son of A. & S. Murphy
(11) Sally A.E., dau. of S. & E. More, wife of Wm. Steward

(1) George W.
Mary A.
children of D.G. & N.J. Shigley
[shared stone]
(2) Albert A., son of David & Margretann Lecklitner
[long space, clear to opposite narrow end]
(3) Leota J. dau. of W. & A. Murphy

[long space, half-way to opposite narrow end]
(1) Josephine, dau. of James & Rachel St. John.
(2) Rachel, wife of James St. John, dau. of John & Sophiah Beard
(3) John Beard, died 1854

[long space, not quite half-way to opposite narrow end]
(1) John M. Beard
Lydia A. his wife
Rachel his wife
[shared stone]
(2) Hulda, dau. of J.M. & L.A. Beard
(3) Calvin, son of J.M. & L.A. Beard
(4) Amanda J. dau. of J.M. & L.A. Beard
(5) Diantha, dau. of J.M. & L.A. Beard

[long space, half-way to opposite narrow end]
(1) Lydia Ann, wife of John M. Beard
[This was her original grave stone.]
(2) Flora Bell, dau. of J.E. & M.J. Mooney
[long space, clear to far narrow end]
(3) Heaster L. dau. of Daniel & Mary Pippinger

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aerial view
Photo above is an aerial view with the red "A" marker showing the site of the Beard Cemetery. The cemetery is in the woods, behind a farmer's field. There is no road to the cemetery.
CLICK HERE to see how to drive to Beard Cemetery.


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