The John PAYNE Family,
Vemilion Co., Illinois

NOTE: The following was based on an article that appeared in the Illiana Historical & Genealogical Society Quarterly, vol. 13, no. 4, published 1977; 19 E. North Street, Danville, Illinois. The article itself was based on research done by the late Joseph Cortland Payne. As it appeared in the Illiana Quarterly, it had been complied by Mrs. Gertrude D. Carter. Corrections and several additions are the result of research by Alice Marie Beard.

The John PAYNE Family were prominent people in the affairs of Vermilion County, Illinois, from the earliest development of the county. John Payne, Sr., was born in New York on May 1, 1776; died May 10, 1864, Pontiac, Livingston Co., Illinois, and was buried in Payne Cemetery, Eppards Point Township, Livingston Co, Illinois. He married Hannah EARL about 1795-1797, probably in his home state. She was born Mar. 20, 1776, New York; died Mar. 15, 1856 in Vermilion Co., Illinois, and was buried in "John Payne's Graveyard," a cemetery just north of where the Vermilion Co. Poor Farm was. The cemetery is now known as Songer Cemetery. (Click for Hannah's findagrave memorial.)

[Hannah Earl's ancestor chart can be found at
THIS PAGE (click). Hannah was the three-greats-granddaughter of a woman executed as a witch in about 1651 in Boston, Massachusetts: Alice (Mrs. Henry) LAKE]

The Payne family left New York about 1812, coming across to the Ohio River, then down the river to an early small settlement which later became the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. They remained in southwestern Ohio until sometime after 1815 when they went down the river to the settlement of Rising Sun, then located in what was first Dearborn Co., Indiana, and later Ohio Co., Indiana. They may have gone to this location before this territory became the state of Indiana in 1816. Beckwith's History of Vermilion County says the John Payne Family came to Illinois in 1827, but later county historians say some of the children reached Vermilion Co. in 1830.

John Payne, Sr., settled on land southwest of where the city of Danville was established in 1827, in what was then Danville Township, just west of where the town of Tilton, Illinois, is now. It was then called "Payne's Point." This same land is now in the northeastern part of Catlin Township, Sec 24. On this same land about 1856-1860 the Vermilion County Poor Farm was established.

John and Hannah (Earl) Payne were the parents of 12 children. Sabina, Elias, Lockey, Delilah, Peter Earl, Morgan Lewis, Esther, William Milton and Squire Lee were all born in Orange Co., New York. Cynthia, John Jr., and Martin were born in Ohio. Elias, Lockey, and Cynthia must have died in Ohio or Indiana; there is no record of them in Illinois. The six oldest children married before coming to Vermilion Co., Illinois.

Peter Earl Payne left the Vermilion Co. area and went west to California; no further information on Peter. Morgan Lewis Payne was in Vermilion Co. until about the late 1840s; he then went to Texas for a time, and he later settled at Pontiac, Livingston Co., Illinois. His younger brother, Squire Lee, also settled in Livingston Co., near Chenoa. John Jr., lived in Vermilion Co., was in Texas from 1849 to 1854, then lived in Danville where he was mortally wounded in a riot in the summer of 1865. Martin Payne left the county, settling in Oregon Territory.

John was widowed in March 1855, when he was almost 79 years old. In February 1857, two months short of 81 years old, John married a 45-year-old widow with three children: Jane, the widow of John McCACHRAN. Property records from 1859 show that the octogenerian and his young wife were living in Livingston Co., Illinois, near his sons Morgan L. and Squire L.

John died in 1864. His remains were interred in Livingston Co., in Eppard's Point Township, on County Road 950 N, between 1300 East and 1400 East, on the north side of the road and next to a creek. The small cemetery is called "Payne's Cemetery," and his grave stone reads, "John Payne, died May 10, 1864; aged 88 years, 10 days." The grave stone is decorated with a Mason symbol. (
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John's children who reached maturity were named in his will, which can be found

The following records of the Payne children and some of their descendants have been compiled from the "Histories of Vermilion Co., IL," (1875-1879-1889-1903-1911), from U.S. Census records, from military records, from land records, from estate settlements, and from various primary sources. Please keep in mind that this record is not complete and that many families are not carried down to present times.

NOTE: In the 1850 Census, John Sr. and his wife Hannah have two grandchildren living with them: Squire Payne, aged 21 years, was the son of their son Peter E. Payne. "Pamela" Payne, aged 7 years, was "Permelia," daughter of their son John Payne Jr.

1) Sabina Payne was born Mar. 14, 1797 in Orange Co., New York. She married Nelson MILES before they came to Illinois, probably in Ohio County, Indiana. Nelson Miles was born Mar. 5, 1795; died May 14, 1856, and is buried in Songer Cemetery. John Payne Jr., was the administrator for Nelson Miles' estate and was instructed by the will to sell the land left by Mr. Mills. This was done in 1857.

After her husband's death, Sabina moved to St. Louis, Missouri. At age 73, Sabina appears on the 1870 census in St. Louis, living with 52-year-old Lizzie Phillips and Lizzie's husband (first initial "A."), and their 20-year-old son, John. It is unknown but likely that Lizzie Phillips was a daughter of Sabina. This compiler found no record of when Sabina died or where she is buried.

Sabina and Nelson's known children:

....A) Nancy Jane Miles: born about 1828; married Stephen COX Mar. 19, 1846, in Vermilion Co., Illinois.

.......1) John M. Cox: born 1849 in Illinois.
.......2) William W. Cox: born 1851 in Vermilion Co., Illinois.

....B) Catharine Miles: born Mar 1834; alive for 1900 census; married Isaac T. GOWEN Oct. 24, 1850, in Vermilion Co., Illinois. Catharine is on the 1880 census in Henry Co., Missouri.

.......1) Charles A. Gowen: born 1853 in Illinois.
.......2) Ella J. Gowen: born 1856 in Missouri; married James H. WELLS.
.......3) Sherman Gowen: born 1865 in Missouri.
.......4) Thomas Gowen: born May 1872 in Missouri.
.......5) Libby Gowen: born 1874 in Missouri.

2) Elias Payne was born Dec. 11, 1798 in Orange Co., New York. He must have died in New York, Ohio or Indiana, some time before the family came to Illinois.

3) Lockey Payne was born Sept 15, 1800, in Orange Co., New York. There was no record on him in Vermilion Co., Illinois.

4) Delila Payne was born July 6, 1801, in Orange Co., New York, and died Oct 9, 1857, in Catlin Twp., Vermilion Co., Illinois, and is buried in Songer Cemetery. She was married about 1819-1820 near Rising Sun, Ohio Co., Indiana, to Thomas W. DOUGLASS, who was born Apr. 17, 1798, near the Penobscot River area in Maine; he died Oct 23, 1864 in Catlin Twp., Vermilion Co., Illinois, and was buried next to Delila in Songer Cemetery. The Douglass Family came to Sec. 24, Catlin Township, Vermilion Co., at about the same time the John Payne Sr. family arrived. The Douglass' probably lived where the early County Poor Farm buildings stood on the north side of the highway just west of Tilton.

After the death of Delila (Payne) Douglass in 1857, Thomas Douglass married (license issued in Danville, Feb. 24, 1858) Almira (GREEN) OLMSTEAD, born 1803 in Vermont, the widow of Stanley Olmstead, and the mother of 10 Olmstead children. The Olmstead family had been living on the north side of the Salt Fork River in the Batestown area west of Danville. Almira (Green) (Olmstead) Douglass died in 1899 and was buried next to her first husband, Stanley Olmstead, in the Oakhill Cemetery near Batestown.

Delila Payne and Thomas DOUGLASS were the parents of eleven children:

....A) Elizabeth Douglass: died before 1903.

....B) William Harrison Douglass: born May 18, 1821. Marriage license was issued on Dec. 15, 1842, for William H. Douglass and Charity Douglass. They were first cousins; their fathers were brothers: Charity's father was Jeremiah Douglass, the older brother of Thomas W. Douglass.

....C) John Milton Douglass: born Aug. 23, 1823, Ohio Co., Indiana; married Nov. 14, 1844, (license issued Nov. 11, 1844) to Mahala BURROUGHS, born Apr. 5, 1824, daughter of Jesse Burroughs & Mary C. WILSON. Mahala (Burroughs) Douglass died Oct. 10, 1887; John M. Douglass married (2nd) Laura A. STONE, of Irish Grove in Sangamon Co., Illinois, Nov. 30, 1892. John and Mahala were the parents of nine Douglass children listed in 1860 census:

........1) Judith T. Douglass: born 1846, Illinois; married Joseph TRISLER.
........2) Winfield S. Douglas: born 1848, Illinois; married Elizabeth "Lizzie" CLARK, daughter of Silas Clark.
........3) Mary Delilah Douglass: died Aug 22, 1852; age two years; buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, west of Catlin, Illinois.
........4) Thomas Wilson Douglass: died in infancy.
........5) Clarissa Douglass: born 1855, Illinois; married James CLIPSON, son of Wm. and Matilda Clipson, of Catlin Twp., Vermilion Co., Illinois.
........6) Mahala Douglass: born 1857 in IL; married Charles BYERLEY, of Catlin Twp., Vermilion Co., Illinois.
........7) Permelia Douglass: died Jan 18, 1859; age three days; buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, west of Catlin, Illinois.
........8) Armilda Douglass: married Richard O'CONNELL.
........9) Hester M. Douglass: died Feb. 29, 1865, age three days, buried Mt. Vernon Cemetery, west of Catlin, Illinois.

....D) Emily Jane Douglass: born Feb. 1, 1826, Dearborn (later Ohio) Co., Indiana; married (license issued Feb. 4, 1844) John CAMPBELL, born 1823 in Ohio. Emily and John were the parents of three children in the 1850 Census:

........l) Edward Campbell: born 1845, Illinois.
........2) Sarah Campbell: born 1846, Illinois.
........3) Fred Campbell: born 1850, Illinois.

....E) Clarissa A. Douglass: born Nov. 27, 1829, in Indiana or Illinois; married (license, Oct 3, 1847, Vermilion Co.) to Cushing H. DOUGLASS, born 1823 near Bangor, Maine; reportedly, he was a relative. They lived in Adams Co., Wisconsin, for 12 yrs. then moved back to Catlin Twp., Vermilion Co., Illinois. Clarissa and her husband had four daughters:

........1) Abbie Ann Douglass: born in Stoughton, Dane Co., Wisconsin; married Oct 5, 1868 to John TRISLER, born Dec 18, 1842, son of Joseph Trisler & Elizabeth WELLS.
........2) Hortensia Douglass: married Ed RUBY; moved to New Mexico.
........3) Clara I. Douglass: died when one year old.
........4) Florence Douglass: married Theodore TERPENING, a druggist in Catlin, Illinois. They were the parents of seven Terpening children: Max M., Pansey P., Don D., Hal H., Ray R., Thelma A., and Mary C.

....F) Hannah E. Douglass: born Aug. 18, 1831, Illinois; (census gives her birth as 1832); married Lewis SONGER, born 1831 in Illinois to Samuel M. SONGER and wife Sarah PARKER. Marriage license was issued Apr 5, 1849. Hannah and Lewis are on a deed from 1855 with Thomas & Delila Douglass, John Payne Sr., John Payne Jr., Samuel Songer, and others in a transfer of land for an addition to John Payne's Graveyard (Songer Cemetery). Some time after the death of Lewis Songer (no record was found), Hannah Songer was living with some of her children in Kansas. Hannah and Lewis were the parents of five childen on the 1860 census, all born in Illinois:

........l) Hester E. Songer: born 1850
........2) Mary C. Songer: born 1853
........3) Sarah D. Songer: born 1855
........4) Alice Songer: born 1857
........5) Josephine Songer: born 1859

....G) Hester M. Douglass: born Oct. 7, 1834, Illinois; married Dec. 9, 1852, to William A. CHURCH, born July 13, 1833, in Illinois. They were the Manager and Assistant Manager of the County Poor Farm at one time. They were the parents of five children:

........1) Sarah D. Church: born 1854; married Jarred ACREE; parents of eight Acree children.
........2) William J. Church: born 1856; married Clara BOGGESS; parents of six Church children.
........3) Laura Angelina Church: born 1858; married Alonzo BUSHY; parents of seven Bushy children.
........4) Thomas W. Church: born 1860; married Hannah SHELTON; parents of one son, Fay Church, living south of Westville, Illinois.
........5) Charles S. Church: born after 1860; married Ella WRIGHT; they lived at Sidell, Illinois; parents of four Church children.

....H) Stewart Douglass: born 1837 (1860 Census gives birth as 1835) in Illinois; married 1859 to Ann ---, born 1842.

....I) Erastus Thompson Douglass: born Oct. 3, 1839; died 1892, Vermilion Co.; married Sarah L. PARKER on March 19, 1865, in Vermilion Co.

....J) Harriet Angeline Douglass: born Feb. 1842, Illinois; she 1st married James KEENEY; license issued Oct 29, 1860; Keeney died in 1878. Harriet 2nd married Mr. KINGMAN.

....K) Ithamore E. Douglass: born Nov. 27, 1844, Illinois. He married Elizabeth Indiana PATE on Feb. 17, 1867, in Vermilion Co. Elizabeth was the daughter of Davis W. and Mary Ann Pate. Ithamore and Elizabeth moved to Kansas about 1871.

This DOUGLASS family that Delilah Payne married into and helped to form was a prominent family in Vermilion Co.

5) Peter Earl Payne was born Feb. 9, 1804, Orange Co., New York. He came to Vermilion Co., Illinois, with the rest of the Payne family. There are no records of him or his wife in any of the county records, census reports, or county histories. It is assumed that he left Vermilion Co. for California, as Beckwith states. Peter's wife was Elizabeth AGUE. In addition to the two children detailed below (Manerva and Squire), one researcher lists three other children: Margaret (m. Theodore LYMAN in 1848), Delila, and Julia (m. FLEMING).

....A) Manerva Payne was married (license issued Jan. 27, 1848) to Hugh WRIGHT, son of Wm. Wright & Ellen WATERS, who came from Bourbon Co., Kentucky, to Rush Co., Indiana, in 1827, then on to Vermilion Co., Illinois in the 1830s. The Wright family first settled in the area near the village of Denmark, across the river northwest of Danville. They later went to Carroll Township, near Indianola, Illinois. Manerva and Hugh were the parents of six Wright children:

........1) Margaret Wright
........2) America Wright
........3) Mary Wright: married Samuel A. OLIVER; moved to Texas.
........4) Fannie Wright: married Henry RADYMAKER.
........5) Frank Wright
........6) Clarissa Wright: married Staunton FOSTER; lived at Armstrong, Middlefork Township, Vermilion Co., Illinois.

....B) Squire L. PAYNE was born July 17, 1830. He married Susan Elvira DONAHOO Feb 10, 1853 in Ringgold Co., Iowa. Susan was b. Nov 9, 1837, Vermilion Co., Illinois, dau. of Henry Donahoo and Telitha SPRADLING.

6) Morgan Lewis Payne was born April 20, 1805, Orange Co., New York. He first married Rebecca ADAMS on July 20, 1826, Ohio Co., Indiana, before the Payne family came to Illinois. Morgan second married Sarah BARKLEY on Dec. 9, 1849, in Greensburg, Decatur, Indiana.

Morgan and Sarah are on the 1850 U.S. Census in Grant Co., Kentucky.

Morgan L. Payne became Captain of a Company of Militia from Vermilion Co., in the Black Hawk War in 1831-1832. Men from the county were called out to the village of Chicago (then a part of Vermilion Co.) to protect it from Black Hawk's Indians. They went to the settlements at Naperville, Joliet, and Kankakee, the settlers having fled these areas for Chicago. After the area had been cleared of Indians, Capt. Morgan L. Payne was stationed in the Naperville-Joliet area to erect a fort and return the settlers to their homes. He and his men spent 30 to 40 days there before they were released to return to their homes in Danville. Captain Morgan L. Payne took an active part in trying to get the "Northern Cross Railway" (later called the "Wabash Railroad") built from Danville to Springfield. (This railroad is still in use in 1977, with tracks crossing the former Payne land just south of the Vermilion Manor Rest Home, the Poor Farm Lands of early days). He became involved in a law suit in 1836 over a right-of-way dispute which developed into a fist-fight with the landowner. Abraham Lincoln was at the time the circuit Judge for the District including Vermilion Co.; Lincoln was the presiding judge over the trial that was held in Danville. Lincoln never forgot the pluck and tenacity shown by Mr. Payne. As a result of right-of-way difficulties, the railroad company went broke and its investors and backers went bankrupt. M. L. Payne lost everything he owned, and it was several years later before a railroad was ever built. Morgan Payne joined many others who thought they might become rich in Texas. He and his younger brother, John Jr., both went to Texas and were soon involved in the War with Mexico over the liberation of Texas lands. Captain M.L. Payne commanded a company in Texas until his enlistment ended. He returned to his old Indiana home where he raised another company, remaining in the conflict until Texas was liberated. He returned to farming, probably in Livingston Co. When the Civil War broke out, he raised a company which did gallant service for the Union. Once when he was home on furlough, Mr. Payne did not get back to his company in time; consequently, he was mustered out of service. He began trying to get the "mustering out" order set aside by getting all the names of the officers on his petition which he sent to Washington, DC, to his old Danville friend, Ward Hill Lamon, Lincoln's former law partner and personal body guard. When Lincoln saw the petition Captain Morgan L. Payne had sent, he asked Lamon if this was the same Payne who had been in the law suit in Danville years before. On learning that they were the same, Lincoln said, "This is the kind of man we need out there fighting," and M.L. Payne was restored to his former rank and commission. After the Civil War, Capt. Payne returned to farming in Livingston Co., then invested in a hotel in Pontiac, Illinois, county seat of Livingston Co. He again lost all he owned when a disastrous fire struck the building. After that, Morgan L. Payne became Constable, then Deputy Sheriff at Pontiac. By this time, he was 70 years old, but had to do something to make a living. He died about 1878. (The information is from Beckwith's History of Vermilion County, published 1879.)

According to Civil War records, Morgan enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Captain on March 1, 1862; was commissioned in Company G, 53rd Infantry Regiment Illinois on April 30, 1862; resigned from Company G, 53rd Infantry Regiment Illinois on June 14, 1863.

Morgan died April 29, 1878, in Livingston Co., Illinois.

Morgan and his wife Rebecca had the following children:

....A) George Payne:

....B) Artemisia Payne:

....C) John A. Payne:

....D) James Payne:

Morgan and his second wife, Sarah, had at least seven children:

....E) William S. Payne: born 1850 in Kentucky.

....F) Lydia Hattie Payne: born 1852 in Kentucky.

....G) Hannah D. Payne: born 1856 in Illinois.

....H) Anna Eliza Payne: born 1858 in Illinois.

....I) Bernard H. Payne: born 1859 in Illinois.

....J) Jane Payne: born 1861 in Illinois.

....K) Belle: born 1864 in Illinois.

7) Esther Payne, born March 17, 1807, Orange Co., New York, was married about 1823 (probably in Ohio Co., Indiana) to John THOMPSON who was born May l, 1796, in Pennsylvania. (Census 1860) (Beckwith states he was born in Erie Co., Pennsylvania, May l, 1797). He served as a courier in the War of 1812 when only 16 years old, crossing into Canada at Niagara Falls on Oct 12, 1812, helping to seize Queenstown Heights. He volunteered to go with the assaulting forces, ever after carrying an ugly saber scar on his left arm. He taught school and traveled over 13 states and the upper British Provinces before he was 27 years old. In 1823 John Thompson moved to Dearborn (later Ohio) Co., Indiana, where he married Esther Payne. They came to Vermilion Co., Illinois, in the fall of 1831, settling on a farm 2 miles north of Catlin, Illinois. John Thompson died there Sept. 13, 1861. He was an Assessor, a County Commissioner, a farmer, and a teacher. After his death Esther (Payne) Thompson married the widower John FINLEY in July 1870. Esther died March 17, 1899, in Danville. She was buried beside her first husband in Springhill Cemetery, Danville.

Esther and her first husband (John Thompson) were the parents of eight children as listed in the 1850 Census:

....A) Melissa Thompson: born 1824, Dearborn (later Ohio) Co., Indiana; married (license issued Jan 13, 1842) Sale S. RAY, born 1820 Indiana. They were the parents of John Ray, born 1843 Illinois, and Martha Ray, born 1849 in Illinois. (1850 Census).

....B) Martha A. Thompson: born May 11, 1827, Dearborn (later Ohio) Co., Indiana, married Nov 17, 1844, to Wilson BURROUGHS, who was born Nov. 21, 1825, the son of Jesse Burroughs & Mary C. WILSON. He enlisted in 1862 as a Captain of Co. E. 73rd Illinois Inf., then became a Major on Dec. 18, 1864, and was mustered out of service June 1865. He farmed until 1867. He then moved to Fairmount, Illinois. Both Wilson Burroughs and his wife Martha died in 1912 and are buried in Greenview Cemetery at Fairmount. They were the parents of six children, four living to maturity:

........1) Melissa Burroughs (b. 1847) married Isaac N. WILCOX in 1867 in Vermilion Co., Illinois. They were the parents of Harry B. Wilcox.
........2) Esther Mary Burroughs (b. 1852) married William WITHERSPOON in 1872 in Vermilion Co., Illinois. They were the parents of Stella, Wilson W., and Myrtle Witherspoon.
........3) Ellsworth Thompson Burroughs (b. 1865) married Laura CUSTER in 1877 in Champaign Co., Illinois. They were the parents of Fred and Frank Burroughs, living near Westville, Illinois.
........4) Newton W. Burroughs (1867-1946) married Matilda "Tillie" E. COX in 1891 in Vermilion Co., Illinois; their daughter Cecil T. was born in 1892; Newton was widowed by the 1900 census. Newton secondly married Maude BARKER (1870-1953) in 1903. Newton and his 2nd wife were buried in Greenview Cemetery, Fairmount, Vermilion Co., Illinois.

....C) Lewis M. Thompson: born May 31, 1829, Dearborn (later Ohio) Co., Indiana; died April 2, 1913, in Rossville, Illinois. He married on Aug 13, 1848 (License issued Aug 7, 1848), to Judita Ann BURROUGHS, daughter of Jesse Burroughs & Mary C. WILSON. Soon after theri marriage, they settled on a farm in Ross Township, southeast of Rossville, Illinois, and northeast of Danville; they remained there until 1873 when they moved into Rossville, Illinois. Lewis was Clerk of Ross Township from 1854 to 1862; he was Tax Collector twice. In 1863 and 1864, he was Road Commissioner for Ross Township. He taught school one term in the township. Louis and Judith A. (Burroughs) Thompson were the parents of six Thompson children:

........1) Viola Thompson (b. abt 1856)
........2) Mary Thompson (b. Oct. 12, 1847; d. Apr. 1879) married the Hon. Charles A. ALLEN, Congressman. They were the parents of John and Lawrence Allen.
........3) John Thompson (b. abt 1860)
........4) Etta Thompson (b. abt 1863)
........5) Lena Thompson (b. abt 1865)
........6) Hattie Thompson (b. abt Feb. 1870)

....D) Sylvester D. Thompson: born 1835, Illinois; married Margaret H. WOODBURY. (License issued Dec. 6, 1855).

....E) Philander Thompson: born 1837, Illinois; dead by 1879.

....F) Mary Helen Thompson: born 1840, Illinois; died Aug. 24, 1888; buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Danvilld. She married the Rev. Isaiah VILLARS in 1858 in Vermilion County, Illinois. (In God's Acre Cemetery at the west edge of Catlin, Illinois, is the grave of H. Chase Villars, son of I.& M. H. Villars: d. Mar 9, 1862; age 2 years 8 months.)

....G) Harriet M. Thompson: born Dec. 31, 1842, Illinois; died July 12, 1921, Vermilion Co., Illinois. She married Dr. John McELROY, who was a physician and surgeon in the Civil War, 125th Reg't Illinois Vol., under Col. O.F. Harmon of Danville. After the war, he practiced medicine at Rossville, Illinois.

....H) John P. Thompson: born 1845, Illinois. (1860 census gives birth date as 1846). Dead by 1879.

8) William Milton Payne was born May 14, 1809, Orange Co., New York; he died Nov. 17, 1897; interment at Spring Hill Cemetery, Danville, Illinois, in a family plot with his son Asa. William married July 29, 1830, in Dearborn (later Ohio) Co., Indiana, to Eliza HAMILTON, born 1815, Hamilton Co., Ohio, died Apr. 22, 1890. William M. Payne was raised principally in Indiana, coming to Vermilion Co. with the family. He had gone back to his old home in the summer after the family came to Illinois, and it was then that he married Eliza, daughter of Asa & Mary Hamilton, natives of Nova Scotia and England respectively. (A cousin of hers, Joseph G. English, became an early president of the First National Bank in Danville, Illinois.) Wm. M. Payne was the teacher of the first school in the southwestern part of Danville Township, at Payne's Point. About 1835 or 1836, he managed a distillery in Danville and once took a flat boat of cargo to New Orleans by way of the Vermilion, Wabash, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. He was frequently entrusted with affairs of Vermilion Co., where he served as Assessor & Tax Collector from 1651, as Assessor from 1854 to 1856, as Sheriff from 1862 to 1864 and as Commissioner of Highways. He was serving as Sheriff when his younger brother, John Jr., was shot during an argument which took place on the square in Danville. All this developed into a riot between the Northern & Southern sympathizers by the next morning. When Sheriff Payne attempted to put down the riot, another man was shot before he could get the two groups separated. This took place in August 1865. Early deeds of the county show William. M. Payne buying real estate sold for taxes and selling it later. At this time many families were selling their property so they could move farther west. Some deeds show transfers of property from one member of the Payne family to another, or from fathers to their sons. In the 1850 census William M. Payne is listed as a farmer; in the 1860 Census he is listed as a Pork Merchant.

William M. & Eliza (Hamilton) Payne were the parents of ten children; seven were living and listed in the 1860 census:

....A) Hamilton W. M. Payne: born Sep. 2, 1832, in Vermilion Co., Illinois; died June 17, 1919, in Vermilion Co., Illinois. He married (license issued April 29, 1852) Mary H. GUYMAN, born 1833, died Dec. 5, 1890, age 57 years, 2 months, 16 days; she was the daughter of Noah and Lura Guyman, early settlers of the Catlin, Illinois, area. Lura Guyman, known as "Grandma Guyman," had been the earliest doctor the people of "Butler's Point" (Catlin, Illinois) had ever known. Hamilton Payne was a prominent farmer in Catlin Township, a member of the Catlin Grange, No. 4, Patrons of Husbandry, an active member of the early Catlin Agricultural Fair and active in community affairs. The 1860 Census shows that he and his family were living on the Guyman Farm in Catlin Township. Hamilton was buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery, in Vermilion Co., Illinois; Mary H. (Guyman) Payne was buried in Gods Acre Cemetery, west of Catlin. They were the parents of four children, three of whom were living in 1860:

........1) Galen I. Payne: died Apr 5, 1854, age 11 months, 28 days, buried in Gods Acre Cemetery, Catlin, Vermilion Co., Illinois.
........2) Noah Milton Payne: born 1855, died Dec. 1, 1942, in Vermilion Co., Illinois; married Clara Cornelia CHURCH on Apr. 4, 1878. Clara was born 1853 and died 1934. Both were buried at Oakridge Cemetery in Catlin, Illinois.
........3) Lura E. Payne: born July 19, 18578; died April 21, 1928. She married George TRIMMEL, who was born July 20, 1850, died May 1, 1930. Both were buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery, in Oakwood, Vermilion Co., Illinois.
........4) Jessie L. Payne: born Jan 19, 1857; died Sep. 1, 1937; married John Garrett REDMOND of Catlin on Sep. 5, 1877. John was born April 1, 1851, and died Aug. 4, 1934. Both are interred at Pate Cemetery, Vermilion Co., Illinois.

. . . . . Records indicate that Hamilton married a second time. There is a marriage record in Vermilion Co., Illinois, for Hamilton M. Payne and Anna SHIPPS, Dec. 29, 1879 (Vol. D, page 50, license # 2196). The 1880 U.S. Census of Helena, Lewis & Clark Co., Montana (June 3, 1880) lists 48-year-old Hamilton M. Payne (b. in IN; father b. in New York, mother in Indiana) with 20-year-old wife Anna (b. Illinois), and son Turner, age 2, born in Illinois. It is a match for Hamilton, except for his mother's birth place; other records indicate that Hamilton's mother was born in Ohio, rather than Indiana. Based on the records, a fifth child of Hamilton M. Payne is listed here:

........5) Turner Payne: born 1878, Illinois.

....B) Christopher Payne: born 1834, Illinois. His name appears on early deeds of transfer of property from his father to him.

....C) Linneaus T. Payne: born July (or Sept) 15, 1837; died Oct. (or Dec.) 19, 1859, at 1 year, 3 months, 4 days; buried Hooton Cemetery, south of Danville, Illinois. (difficulty reading gravestone)

....D) Mary A. Payne: born 1839, Illinois. She was married (license issued Dec. 25, 1856) to Jester HEDGE who must have died by 1860. That Census shows that Mary A. Hedge and her daughter were living with the Hamilton M. Payne family in the Noah & Lura Guyman household in Catlin Twp., Vermilion Co., Illinois.

........1) Lucy B. Hedge: born 1858, Iowa.

....E) Asa Payne: born 1841, Illinois. His name appears on property deeds along with that of his father, William. M. Payne. His body was buried at Springhill Cemetery in Danville. Company C, 12th Infantry, Illinois; he enlisted in the same company, on the same day as Abel Wade Payne. They were first cousins, their fathers being brothers.

....F) Irena Payne: born 1843, Illinois; married Alexander DENNY.

....G) William W. Payne: born Jan. 10, 1846; died Jan. 19, 1846; buried Hooton Cemetery south of Danville, Illinois.

....H) Clara Payne: born 1847, Illinois; on October 21, 1867, she married Daniel A. CHILDS in Vermilion Co., Illinois. He was born 1843 in New York.

....I) Charles E. Payne: born 1849, Illinois.

....J) Hill L. Payne: born 1856, Illinois.

9) Squire Lee Payne was born Jan. 29, 1809, Orange Co., New York. He came to Illinois with his family when he was 18 to 20 years old, and he served in the Black Hawk War in the unit lead by his brother Morgan Lewis Payne. Squire first married in Vermilion Co. (license issued Sept 6, 1832) to Charity REYNOLDS, born April 24, 1812; died Jan. 10, 1850; buried Songer Cemetery; with Charity, Squire had five children. On June 27, 1850 a marriage license was issued to Squire L. Payne and Margaret CRAYCRAFT (his 2nd wife). The 1850 census was taken after Squire's marriage to Margaret. Margaret shows on the 1850 census as "Marg. Payne," 17 years old, the same age as Squire's son Thomas (from his first marriage).

The 1850 Census lists the five children from his first wife:

....A) Thomas Payne: born 1833, Illinois.

....B) John David Payne: born 1836, Illinois. [
* See note below.]

....C) Martin O. Payne: born 1839, Illinois (misspelled "Marvin" on census).

....D) Weattly Payne: born 1844, Illinois.

....E) Harriet Payne: born 1849, Illinois; 11 months old on the 1850 census.

* NOTE: On June 4, 1857, in Livingston Co., Illinois, Squire Lee's son John (b. 1836) married Mary Ann McCACHRAN; Mary Ann was the daughter of John & Jane McCachran. Mary Ann's mother was the 2nd wife of John Payne, Sr.; the elder couple had married only four months before the younger couple. The groom in the elder couple was 81; his bride was 45. So, the 45-year-old widow married an 81-year-old man, and four months later her daughter married the 81-year-old man's grandson. ... John David Payne was deputy sheriff in McLean Co., Illinois, in 1870. John David and his wife had two daughters: Addie and Anita. Addie survived to maturity, married Frank DUNN in 1875, and had daughters Anita (b. 1876) and Garnet (b. 1878), both alive for the 1900 census (Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Ward 19, District 171). Thus, while John Payne, Sr., and his 2nd wife had no children together, one of his grandsons married one of her daughters, and that union produced descendants.

At one time Squire Payne was Highway Commissioner of Danville Township. He must have left Vermilion Co. about 1854-1855, settling on a farm near Chenoa in the southern part of Livingston Co., Illinois. For the 1860 census and 1870 census, Squire was in Eppard's Point, Livingston County, Illinois, with more children from his second marriage:

The children of Squire and his wife Margaret Craycraft are below:

....F) Albertine Payne (daughter): born July 1855, Illinois; she 1st m. George W. SHELTON in 1875 in Livingston Co., Illinois, and had four children: Charles, b. 1875; Frank, b. 1877; Clara, b. 1888; and Edna, b. 1890. In 1898, in Vermilion Co., Illinois, she 2nd married William HAWKINS.

....G) Florence H. Payne: born Aug. 30, 1857, Illinois; she 1st m. William SELLMAN in 1878 and had daughter Eva I., b. 1880. In 1883, she 2nd m. Marion BURROUGHS, grandson of Jesse Burroughs and Mary Wilson, the couple with three other children who also had married PAYNE descendants -- Mahala Burroughs, Wilson Burroughs, and Judith Burroughs. Marion Burroughs was the son of Jesse & Mary's son Leander Burroughs (1830-1867). With her 2nd husband, Florence had five children: Chester (b 1884), Squire (b. 1886), Eunice (b. 1887), Guy (b. 1892), and Jean (male, b. 1896). Florence and her husband Marion Burroughs were buried at Oakridge Cemetery, in Catlin, Illinois.

....H) Margaret Elvira Payne: born Sep. 17, 1859, Illinois; died Jan. 9, 1932, in Livingston Co., Illinois. On Nov. 8, 1877, in Livingston Co., Illinois, she married George Oren REED. Children: James L., Thomas Edward, Robin Dale, Otie L., Squire Oren, Eva Cora, Ben K., Fred George, Margaret P. (who married Omer ASPER), and Helen R.

....I) Matilda A. Payne: born June 2, 1861, Illinois; died March 13, 1882. (m. William NUNNELLY).

....J) Lucy E. Payne: born 1863, Illinois.

....K) Franchon C. Payne (daughter): born Nov. 14, 1869, Illinois; on Dec. 30, 1886, in Livingston Co., Illinois, she married Charles B. CORE. One son known: Glenn, b. 1888 in Kansas.

Squire and Margaret divorced Oct. 13, 1870, in Livingston Co., Illinois. Squire married his third wife on July 19, 1871, in White Co., Indiana. Wife #3 was Eliza B., a woman who came into the marriage with a daughter named Mabel BURKEY. Squire died in Cook Co., Illinois, on Feb. 7, 1884, while visiting his son Thomas. Squire's body was interred at Payne Cemetery, Eppards Point Township, Livingston Co., Illinois, on his own farm.

Beckwith's "History of Vermilion Co.," written in 1879, describes Squire L. Payne as operating a large stock farm near Chenoa, Illinois.

10) Cynthia Payne was born on Sept. 15, 1813, perhaps in Ohio. There is no record of her in Vermilion Co., Illinois. It is assumed that she must have died in Ohio or Indiana before the family came to Illinois.

11) John Payne, Jr., was born April 6, 1815, Ohio; died Sept. 13, 1863, Danville Township, Vermilion Co., Illinois. (Click for findagrave memorial.) He married 1st (license issued Jan. 17, 1836) Virletta O'NEAL. Virletta was born Sept. 8, 1819; died April 25, 1847; she was the daughter of William O'Neal and Melinda GRIMES. Both John and Virletta are buried in Songer Cemetery, north of the Tilton-Catlin Rd., west of Tilton in Vermiilion Co., Illinois. In 1848 or 1849 (after Verletta's death), John Jr. left Vermilion Co. and went to Texas. He and his brother, Morgan L., served in the "War of Liberation of Texas" under Sam Houston. John Jr. left his seven children in Vermilion Co. with friends and relatives. He must have returned to Illinois early in 1854; there was a marriage license issued in Danville on Aug. 31, 1854, to him and Priscilla Breezely; Priscilla's maiden name was Priscilla NIXON; she was born 1824, Ohio. After this 2nd marriage, John Jr. lived in Danville where three children were born to him and Priscilla. From about 1855 to 1860, his name and her name are found on property deeds and land transactions showing transfers of property from his father to him and the sales of property by him to others. In "Deed Book T," a notice was served for the sale of property of the estate of Nelson Miles, a brother-in-law. John Jr. was named as the administrator and was authorized in the will to sell the land. The sale was held on the steps of the Court House, Aug. 15, 1857, and Hiram Beckwith bought 30 acres at $10 an acre. In 1859, John Jr. sold lots in Danville which he had bought from his father. On Aug. 24, 1863, the first riot in the history of Danville took place with John Payne Jr. being one of the main participants. Feelings were running high between Northern and Southern sympathizers in Danville. John Jr. got into an argument on the square in Danville. Others in the fight were Lyman Guinup, a Danville businessman, and Col. Hawkins, a Tennessee soldier. The argument was over the Union & Southern cause. During the quarrel, John Jr. was shot. By the next morning people from all over the county had assembled on the square in Danville. Some were threatening to burn the town. William Milton Payne, the County Sheriff and the older brother of John Jr. was sent for. As the sheriff was on his way to the square, he asked a Mr. Lamm, a businessman, to come with him to help quell the mob. Mr. Lamm was mortally wounded by George Barker who was arrested the next day. John Payne Jr. died from his gunshot wound on Sept 15, 1865; he was buried next to his 1st wife in Songer Cemetery.

The seven children born to John Jr. and Virletta (O'Neal) Payne:

William O'Neal Payne: born April 2, 1837; died Dec. 29, 1888. (Click for findagrave memorial.) His mother died when he was only 10 years old. When his father went to Texas a year or two later, William was turned out to shift for himself. In the 1850 census he was making his home with George and Mary Rishner. In 1857 he was married to Emma GREEN, who was born in about 1837 in Jefferson or Switzerland Co., Indiana. By 1857, William O. Payne was a butcher and owned a shop in Potomac, Illinois, northwest of Danville. He and Emma (Green) Payne were the parents of five children (four sons and a daughter, only two of whom were living by 1879). In February of 1860, William O. Payne enlisted in Co. E., 149th Illinois Inf. Records show that he deserted after the war ended but before his term had expired; however, there is a military marker on his grave. Emma died in 1869. In 1871 William O. Payne married Elizabeth OLIVER, a native of Albany Co., New York. She entered the marriage with a son from a previous marriage (or relationship).

The children of William and Emma follow:

........1) Permelia "Millie" A. Payne: born Aug. 13, 1859; died March 2, 1910; buried Potomac Cemetery, Potomac, Vermilion Co., Illinois; married Sept. 5, 1876, in Vermilion Co. to William M. HOWELL. Child: John Clarence Howell, b. Dec. 9, 1883.
........2) Charles Buchanan "Charlie" Payne: born Feb. 23, 1868, Tilton, Vermilion Co., Illinois; died Aug. 7, 1941, Illinois; buried Potomac Cemtery, Potomac, Vermilion Co., Illinois; married Mar. 28, 1889, Danville, Vermilion Co. (marriage license #8040, page 116), to Mary Viola MILLS, born 1871/72 Ohio; died Jan. 5, 1924; daughter of W. C. & Sarah Mills. Children: Dolly, C. Ray, Charles, Fred W.
........3) James P. Payne: born before 1869; lived in Potomac; dead by 1911.

The children of William and Elizabeth whose names are known follow. At least four of their children died without leaving records and may never have been named:

........4) Artemesia Frenetta Payne: born June 15, 1880; died June 22, 1880, Vermilion Co., Illinois.
Mary Louise Payne: born June 1, 1883, Marysville, Vermilion Co., Illinois; died Aug. 20, 1953, Niles, Berrien Co., Michigan; buried Potomac Cemetery, Potomac, Vermilion Co., Illinois. She married Dec. 19, 1900, Vermilion Co., Illinois, to Itha Elmer DOYLE, born 1874, died Jan. 22, 1958, son of Thomas Reed Doyle & Lucy PETERSON. Lucy and her husband had five children: Lucy (m. Quick), Wm. Lester, Hettie (m. Shaner), Ralph, Elizabeth Ann (1st m. Smith, 2nd m. Beard). An interesting aside is that the first wife of Thomas Reed Doyle was Permelia Payne, 1843-1935, sister of William O'Neal Payne, b. April 2, 1857.
........6) Hettie Warner Payne: born May 5, 1885, Potomac, Vermilion Co., Illinois; died about 1958, Gary, Indiana; married three times. First married Nicholas BATY of Bismark, Illinois; Baty was born Oct. 8, 1876; died Nov. 25, 1918. With Mr. Baty, she had a son and a daughter: Helen V. (b. 1903) and Harold E. (b. 1906). After Mr. Baty died, Hettie married Bert Fornam DAVIDSON, a widower with three children. That 2nd marriage ended in divorce. She third married a Mr. TICKNOR.

....B) Alonzo Grimes Payne: born May 20, 1838; died March 4, 1905. (Click for findagrave memorial.) He married Jan. 2, 1859, Bloomington, McLean Co., Illinois, to Rhoda GREEN, daughter of William and Eliza Green of Madison, Switzerland Co., Indiana. Alonzo and Rhoda were the parents of five children, all five who were living in 1879. A.G. Payne was a member of the Danville Masonic Lodge, No. 82, and the Catlin Lodge, No. 285. He enlisted in the Union forces on Sept 14, 1861, as a Pvt. in Co. C., 5th Illinois Cav.; he became a Sgt. on March 15, 1865; re-enlisted Jan. 1, 1864; appointed Quartermaster Sgt. on Sept. 1,1864; appointed 1st Sgt. on Feb. 17, 1865; appointed 1st Lt. on May 19, 1865; appointed Brig. Provost-Marshall on Aug. 25, 1865; appointed Capt. of Co. D. on Oct 4, 1865. He was in the siege of Vicksburg and Champion Hill; at Yazoo City; Jackson, Mississippi; Grand Gulf and other battles. He was mustered out at Springfield, Illinois, Oct 27, 1865. Part of the time when he was in service his wife, Rhoda, was with him. After the Civil War, the Paynes settled on a farm in Catlin Township, Vermilion Co., Illinois. They lived there until 1871 when they moved into Catlin. A.G. Payne became a partner with J.M. Crutchley in the mercantile business in Catlin, Illinois. He was a member of the Catlin Grange, No. 4, Patrons of Husbandry, a member of the Catlin School Board and a trustee on the Catlin Town Board when the town was organized and incorporated on Mar. 24, 1865. He died March 4, 1905; Rhoda (Green) Payne died April 30, 1915. Both are buried in Springnill Cemetery, Danville, Illinois. Their five children follow:

........1) Margaret M. Payne: born Oct. 22, 1859; died Mar. 4, 1863; buried Springhill Cemetery, Danville, Illinois.
........2) Charles W. Payne: born July 17, 1867; died .Aug. 13, 1939; married to Mary McCLINTOCH; both are buried in Springhill Cemetery, Danville, Illinois. (no children)
........3) John Howard Payne: born May 9, 1869, Vermilion Co., Illinois; died Dec. 11, 1898; buried Springhill Cemetery; married about 1890 to Carrie Edna GILGIS, born Feb. 1, 1870, near Indianola, Illinois; died Dec. 12, 1959, San Antonio, Texas; buried next to her parents, Joseph Gilgis and Matilda McFARLAND, Woodlawn Cemetery, near Indianola, Illinois. John Howard Payne and Carrie Edna Gilgis were the parents of Joseph Gilgis Payne who was born Oct. 19, 1891, and died Nov. 20, 1957. Joseph Gilgis Payne was married June 6, 1914, Guthrie, Oklahoma, to Elizabeth BERN, born Feb. 14, 1891, Rochester, New York; died 1946. Joseph Gilgis Payne and Elizabeth Berne were the parents of Joseph Courtland Payne, born Oct. 7, 1918, Blackwell, Oklahoma; died Aug. 29, 1982, San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas. [NOTA BENE: Mr. Joseph Courtland Payne was a major contributor to this Payne family history; this history is based largely on his research.]
........4) Harriet A. (Hettie) Payne: born Oct. 24, 1875; died Nov. 5, 1878; buried Springhill Cemetery, Danville, Illinois.
........5) Udocia V. Payne: born Sept. 28, 1878; died May 27, 1955; buried Springhill Cemetery, Danville, Illinois. Never married.

....C) Malinda Payne: born 1840, living with James and Polly Waters, Indianola, Carroll Township, Illinois, when the 1850 census was taken; dead by 1911.

....D) Abel Watkins Payne: born 1841; died March 8, 1923. (Click for findagrave memorial.) Abel was living with Stephen and Mary Cox when the 1850 census was taken. (Mary Cox and Abel Payne were first cousins; Mary was born Mary Miles, daughter of Nelson Miles and Sabina Payne.) Abel enlisted in Co. C. 12th Illinois Vol. during the Civil War, serving in the 8th Illinois and 37th Illinois Reg'ts. He was wounded in battle at Pea Ridge, Arkansas, and was discharged. He reenlisted in the 17th Illinois Cav.; when that term was up, he reenlisted for the 3rd time. He was held prisoner in Andersonville Prison for 17 months. After the Civil War, he returned to Vermilion Co. where he worked in the coal mines near Danville for a time. On Oct. 10, 1865, he married Harriet Geneva BALSIR of Indiana. He rented land in Newell Township, Vemilion Co., near Bismarck and became Justice of Peace in that township. Abel and Harriet were the parents of one son:

........1) Thomas Louis Payne: born Oct. 25, 1872, Tilton, Vermilion Co., Illinois; died after Jan. 13, 1947.

Abel and Harriet divorced on October 14, 1889. Two days later he married Elizabeth A. (Oliver) Payne, widow of his brother, William. O. Payne, and became the stepfather of his two nieces. Abel and Elizabeth had no children.

....E) Permelia Ann Payne: born June 7, 1843, Danville; died Dec. 14, 1935, Oto, Woodbury Co., Iowa; buried under the name "Permelia Malcolm" in Peiro-Bethel Cemetery, Woodbury Co., Iowa. (Click for findagrave memorial.) In the 1850 census, "Pamela" Payne born 1843 was living with John, Sr., and Hannah Payne; that was Permelia with her name misspelled. In the 1860 census, Permelia Payne (age 16) was living with the Samuel Songer Family. She married May 17, 1864, Vermilion Co., to a man using the pseudonym Thomas Reed DOYLE; there is no indication she ever knew the name was false. By this man, she had two children. She and the man separated; no record of divorce has been found, but Thomas went on to marry three more times in Vermilion County. Permelia secondly joined with Joseph MALCOLM (1835-1914). By Joseph, she had five children.

Children of Permelia and "Thomas":

........1) Addison Ithamore Doyle: born Jan. 26, 1865, Danville, Illinois; died July 1954 Anthon, Woodbury Co., Iowa; married May 23, 1886, to Alice Eroa ROGERS, born Jan. 5, 1867; died Mar. 23, 1902. Four children: William Raymond, Thomas Jasper, Mabel Theresa, and Clyde Fay Palmer.
........2) Francis Marion Doyle: born Aug. 27, 1866, Caitlin, Illinois; died Jan. 31, 1940, Minneapolis, Minnesota; buried Anthon, Woodbury, Iowa; married 1896 Myrtle Estella BAYS, born 1876/77; died Dec. 23, 1930; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Anthon, Woodbury Co., Iowa. Four children: Alta Leola, Gladys Marion, Opal, and Myrtle.

Children of Permelia and Joseph:

........3) Clara Delilah Malcom: born Jan. 5, 1869, Montgomery Co., Iowa; died Mar. 28, 1933, Decatur, Burt Co., Nebraska; married Jan. 2, 1889, to Harcourt Palmer Potter ROGERS; marriage ended in divorce in 1912; divorce file # 2887, District Court, Burt Co., Nebraska, papers filed Oct. 19, 1912; Clara remarried the same man, and the second attempt at marriage ended with a divorce Jan. 30, 1920, Burt Co., Nebraska. Five ROGERS children, all born in their first attempt at marriage: Gilbert, Isora Valentine, Myrtle Irene, William Perry, and Charles Arthur.
........4) George William Malcom: born Dec. 25, 1870, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa; died Sep. 18, 1959, Woodbury Co., Iowa; married Mar. 18, 1894, to Minnie Matilda Jane HUMPHREYS (1872-1963).
........5) Harriet May Malcolm: born Mar. 8, 1872, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa; died Feb. 4, 1937, Wilmar, Los Angeles Co., California; married Henry W. DRAKE, born Nov. 16, 1871, Fairbanks, Sullivan Co., Indiana; died Dec. 7, 1950 or 1951, Los Angeles, California.
........6) Charles Alonzo Malcolm: born July 22, 1874, Avoca, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa; died May 1, 1966, Lynch, Boyd Co., Nebraska.
........7) Lenore Laurina Malcolm: born July 26, 1879, Avoca, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa; died Feb. 13, 1961, Correctionville, Woodbury Co., Iowa; married Oct. 6, 1895, to Otto Nicoli JORGENSEN, born Dec. 28, 1862, Arendal, Norway; died Jan. 15, 1935, Correctionville, Woodbury Co., Iowa. Four Jorgensen children: Lillian (an attorney in California), Marguerite H., Otto Norman, and Harold L.

....F) Addison C. Payne: born Feb. 1844 in Illinois; died Jan. 24, 1909, Iowa; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Mt. Ayr, Ringgold Co., Iowa. (Click for findagrave memorial.) Married 1st to Sarah GUYMAN, born 1850 in Illinois; with Sarah, he had two children. Sarah was the daughter of Franklin and Mary Guyman. Addison married 2nd, in 1896, to Lizzie A. (last name unknown), who was born July 1855 in Iowa.

From the 1887 book "Biographical and Historical Record of Ringgold and Decatur Counties, Iowa" at pages 382 and 382:

ADDISION C. PAYNE, one of the leading agriculturists of Ringgold County, now living in Mt. Ayr, is a native of Vermillion County, Illinois, born February 29, 1844, a son of John Jr. and Letta (O’Neal) Payne. The grandfather of our subject, John Payne Sr., was a native of New York, and one of the early settlers of Vermillion County, Illinois, where his son John was born. Addison C. was left an orphan at an early age, his mother dying when he was about four years old and his father being killed during the late war in the riot at Danville, Illinois. At the age of five years he was bound out to John E. Cooper, a practical farmer and stock-trader of Vermillion County, with whom he remained for sixteen years, and during this time received a limited education in the common schools. On attaining the age of twenty-one years he started out in life for himself without means, and the two years following was employed on a farm, receiving $20 a month the first year, and the second year his wages were increased to about $33 a month. He was married in September, 1867, to Miss Sarah H. Guymon, of Vermillion County, her father, Frank Guymon, being now a resident of Carroll County, Missouri. They are the parents of two children – Alta and Ora V. In the spring of 1867 Mr. Payne went to Madison County, Iowa, and during that summer broke prairie, and the same fall bought wheat, which he sold at Des Moines. He then began dealing in cheap land, in which enterprise he made his first money. After his marriage, he removed from Madison to Adams County, where he purchased a farm, and after breaking his land sold it. In 1869 he assisted in laying the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, and acted as paymaster of three divisions of surveying companies, locating the road from Afton to Council Bluffs. He also furnished supplies for the three companies of surveyors, each company composed of twenty men, and furnished his team for the sum of $100 a month. In January, 1871, Mr. Payne purchased a farm in the east part of Ringgold County, which he sold in the fall of the same year, and bought land in Grant Township, this county, and to his original eighty acres he has added until he now owns 640 acres of choice land and was there actively engaged in dealing in cattle until when, on account of failing health, he left his farm and removed to Mt. Ayr, where he has since lived somewhat retired, though still looking after his business interests and trading in stock on a small scale. Mr. Payne may be classed among the self-made men of this county, having by his own energy and industrious habits accumulated a competency for his declining years. Besides his large farm in Grant Township, he owns other land in the county, his real estate covering 1,000 acres.

........1) Alta PAYNE: born 1872, Iowa.
........1) Ora Virgil PAYNE: born Feb. 3, 1883, Iowa; died Oct. 16, 1975, San Bernardino, California. Married Viola (last name unknown) in about 1909; they divorced before 1930, with no indication of children.

....G) George Payne: born & died April 25, 1847; buried with his mother in Songer Cemetery, Danville, Vermilion Co., Illinois. (His mother died with his birth; his name is below hers on the headstone.)

The 3 children born to John, Jr,. and Priscilla (Nixon) (Breezley) Payne follow:

....H) James Buchanan Payne: born Mar. 11, 1857, Danville, Vermilion, Illinois; died Feb. 23, 1939, Potomac, Vermilion Co., Illinois; buried Potomac Cemetery, Potomac, Illinois. (
Click for findagrave memorial.) James married Hettie O. WARNER. Hettie was born 1857, died Nov. 18, 1932. James worked as an insurance man in Potomac, Illinois. One child reached adulthood: Lena V.

....I) Carrie Harriet "Hattie" Payne: born about Nov. 1859 (1860 census lists her as seven months old); died 1892; buried Potomac Cemetery, Potomac, Vermilion Co., Illinois. (
Click for findagrave memorial.) Hattie married on March 19, 1879, to James Monroe BARROWS, a medical doctor. Dr. Barrows was born 1851 in Hilleboro, Highland Co., Ohio. One Barrows child: Vernie, Sr.

....J) Mary A. Payne: married Mr. Smith. Mary died before 1939.

In the 1860 census, Hill Payne, 17 years old, was living with John, Jr., & Priscilla Payne. This was the youngest son of William M. Payne (b. 1809).

12) Martin Payne was the youngest child of John, Sr., and Hannah (Earl) Payne. Born Feb. 25, 1817, Dearborn, Hamilton Co., Ohio; died July 22, 1900, Albany, Oregon; buried at the Masonic Cemetery in Albany, Linn Co., Oregon. He first married (license issued Vermilion Co., Illinois, April 19, 1838) Mary PRICE. She was born 1821 in Virginia. Martin and Mary (Price) Payne and their family left Vermilion Co., Illinois, in early March of 1851, in a train of covered wagons drawn by ox-teams, and they traveled the Oregon Trail to Oregon. [To read an account of that journey written by the daughter of Mary Price's brother, click here: The Covered Wagon. To read a diary of another traveler on the Oregon Trail, check this site on the internet: Coon Oregon Trail Diary.]

The children of Martin and Mary are listed on the 1850 census for Vermilion Co., Illinois, and on the 1860 census for Linn Co., Oregon:

....A) Zarilda Payne: born Jan. 13, 1839, Illinois; died Jul 17, 1889, Linn Co., Oregon; married Ellis Lewis KNOX (1831-1894) on April 5, 1857, in Linn Co., Oregon. Children: Dewit, Ida, Clarence Ellsworth, and Delos.

....B) Morgan Payne: born Feb 16, 1840, Danville, Vermilion Co., Illinois; died Jul 14, 1923, Lakeport, Lake Co., California. Married Harriet M. DAWSON (1854-1922) on March 20, 1870 in Albany, Linn Co., Oregon. Children: Clara Edith, Annie, Mary Belle, Edgar Martin, Ashley Morgan, Ida Dawson, Marion Francis, Alice Eva, Irwin Earl, and Alan Edward.

....C) Susan Jane Payne: born March 24, 1841; died Feb. 28, 1845; buried Songer Cemetery, Vermilion Co., Illinois.

....D) Nimrod Prosper Payne: born abt 1843, Illinois. Married Rosina (last name unknown). One child known: Herschel C., born June 1892, in Oregon.

....E) George Payne: born abt 1846, IL; died after 1934, Albany, Oregon.

....F) William Erastus Payne: born abt 1847, Illinois.

....G) Matilda "Lil" Ann Payne: born abt Dec. 1849, IL, died June 8, 1933; married Feb. 27, 1867, to John Darian PARSONS. John was born June1839, Devonshire, England; died Dec. 24, 1925, Albany, Oregon. Fourteen Parsons children; nine names known: Charles, Laura, Frederick W., Sarah Estella (m. Herman Vance TARTAR), Bessie F. (m. Walter W. HOLLOWAY), George, Winnie, Elmer, and Ida.

Martin 2nd married Emma S. Busby (dau. of William R. BUSBY and Meridela TWITCHELL) in about 1880, about two years after his first wife had died. Martin was 63; Emma was about 20. Three children were born to Martin's second marriage:

...H) Everite I. Payne (male): born Nov. 1880, Oregon.

...I) Marguerite G. Payne: born Aug. 1883, Oregon.

...J) Frankie E. Payne (female): born May 1885, Oregon.

CLICK HERE for tombstones for the John PAYNE family.


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