Will of John Payne, Senior (1776 - 1864)

I, John Payne Sen of the County of Livingston and State of Illinois, do hereby make and declare this my last Will and Testament, in manner and form following To wit,

First, it is my will that my Funeral expenses, and all my just debts (if any) be fully paid.

Second, After the payments of such funeral expenses and debts, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Jane Payne, her heirs and assigns forever, the farm on which we now reside, situate in said county, and known and described as follows. To wit, The S of Lot No 2, of the SW fraction of fractional section 19 in Township 27 north of Range 5 E of the third P.M. containing 45 acres more or less, and the S of the E of the SE of Section 24 Township 27 North of Range 4 E containing 40 acres more or less. Also all the Timber land that I own in Eppards Point Grove situate in section 20 in Township 27 North of Range 5 East containing 4 acres more or less. For further description see Deed made by T. B. Craycraft + Wife made to me. And also one horse & buggy, two cows, and all the household & kitchen furniture, to her and her heirs forever.

Third, All the remaining balance of my Estate both real and personal, I give and devise to my nine children Viz, Sabrina P. Miles, Peter Payne, Delila Douglass, Morgan L. Payne, William M. Payne, Squire L. Payne, Hester Thompson, John Payne Jr., and Martin Payne. Their heirs and assigns forever. To be equally divided among them.

And lastly, I hereby constitute and appoint my two sons, Morgan L. Payne and Squire L. Payne Executors of this my last Will and Testament, Revoking and annulling all former Wills by me made, and ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof, I the said John Payne Sen, have hereunto set my hand and seal, this 16th day of February AD. 1859.

John Payne   (Seal)

Jane was the second wife of John Payne. They married Feb. 12, 1857, when he was almost 81 years old. When they married, Jane was 45, the widow of John McCachran, and the mother of three McCachran children.

One of Jane's children, Mary Ann McCachran, had on June 4, 1857, married John David Payne, the son of Squire Lee Payne, and grandson of John Payne, Sr.

By the time John Payne, Sr., signed the above will, Jane's daughter Mary Ann was six months pregnant with Addie W. Payne (born May 10, 1859). Addie was great-granddaughter to John Payne, Sr., and granddaughter to Jane, John's second wife.

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