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My gedcom files are at two internet sites:'s WorldConnect, and Both sites make reasonable efforts to omit information about living people.

I update the sites periodically as information is added, evaluated, and corrected. Thus, my genealogical research will survive my death. The same gedcom file is uploaded to both of those sites, but each site uses its own format to display information. The gedcom file has the names of over 10,000 people. Common surnames are Hufford, Cripe, Payne, Hukill, Beard, Brevard, O'Neal, Hooker, Keim, Todd, Griffith, Grannis, Holly, Bull, Doyle. Much of the information from the 1909 "The Hufford Family" can be found in this gedcom file.

At the worldconnect site, there are an additional two special gedcom files:

HUFFORD genealogy has descendants of Hans HOFFART, b. 1554 in Schwaigern, Germany. One descendant was Christian HOFFART, b. 1716 in Schwaigern, d. 1788 in Maryland. In 1909, a descendant published THE HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY. My database will attempt to include all descendants listed in that book (with corrections) and will attempt to include all other descendants born with the Hufford name (or variations of the name).
NOTE: The HUFFORD genealogy gedcom is a FREE DOWNLOAD!

The Alice Lake file deals with Alice (Mrs. Henry) LAKE. In about 1651, near modern-day Boston, a mother of five lost her baby to death. After her baby died, she imagined she saw the baby. Because of that, she was accused and convicted of being a witch, and she was executed. The claim in the town of Dorchester, MA, was that the devil was coming to her in the form of her deceased, beloved child. The Alice Lake file shows many of her descendants and many families intermarried with her descendants. The common surnames in the file are Lake, Borden, Butts, Earle (Earl, Earll), Corey, Stafford, Brayton, Cornell, Sanford; the file has names of over 900 people. For the Alice Lake story, check my research: Alice (Mrs. Henry) Lake

Previously, my "Carroll County Connections" (CCC) file was available online. However, the CCC file has been removed from general access. It was based largely on "The Hufford Family" book and on research shared by many other genealogists. Easy access to census records as found on has revealed too many errors in the CCC file to keep the file posted for general use. The file has been removed from the arena of the casual genealogist so as not to perpetuate errors. As time permits, information from the CCC file will be verified, corrected, and added to the "AMB research" file, which ultimately will work its way into the HUFFORD genealogy file.

Any genealogist is welcome to the fruits of my research and to the results of my best genealogical guesses, but please remember to verify with primary sources.

Best wishes, good hunting, and remember this:

You can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends.
You can even pick your friend's nose.
But you can't pick your ancestors.

Alice Marie Beard,
Bethesda, MD

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