Sarah Catharine Cripe:
Mrs. Andrew Hufford
& Mrs. John Thomas

- by Alice Marie Beard

Sarah Catharine Cripe Sarah Catharine Cripe was born into a Brethren family in 1833 in Rossville, Indiana, a town which even in 1997 has only one flashing light. At 16 she married Andrew Hufford, a young man from another local Brethren family. She birthed their first of 14 children a year later.

In 1864, at age 31, she delivered a baby who died the same day. The baby was buried among family at the Pleasant View Cemetery, Rossville, Clinton Co., IN. At 43, she delivered her 13th child; at 48, her 14th child.

Eight months after giving birth at the age of 48, she lost her husband in an accident as he was working to dig a well on their property. She had him buried next to the baby they'd buried 17 years before.

Sarah Catharine was a 48-year-old widow with an 8-month-old baby, a 5-year old, a 12-year-old, a 15-year-old, a 16-year-old, and an 18-year-old. She had children older than that who certainly helped out the widow woman and her children, and she was surrounded by family -- both hers and her late husband's. Still, she was a 48-year-old widow with an 8-month-old baby in the dead of winter in the corn-belt of Indiana.

Two-and-a-half years later, she married again on May 18, 1884, in Carroll Co., IN, to John H. THOMAS. All that is known about Mr. Thomas is that he was Brethren, and that he survived Sarah Catharine when she died 23 years later. She was buried with her first husband and the baby they lost in 1864.

Her obituary was found glued to the inside cover of the Bible of
her daughter Elizabeth. The obituary appeared to have been cut from a church bulletin:

Thomas, Sister Sarah Catharine, nee Cripe, died at her home in Pyrmont, Ind., Feb. 2, 1907, of paralysis, aged 73 years, 1 month and 8 days. She was born in Clinton County, Indiana. She was married to Andrew Hufford at age of 16. Soon after she, with her husband, joined the Brethren church, and remained faithful. To this union were born fourteen children, all living but one. The father died Dec. 6, 1881. She was married a second time to Bro. J. H. Thomas, who survives her. Some time before her death she called for the elders and was anointed. Services by A. G. Crosswhite at the Pleasant View church.

For information on Sarah Catharine with her husband Andrew and their children, click here: Andrew Hufford

Below is information on Sarah Catharine with her parents and siblings:

BORN: 18 Jan 1808, Montgomery Co., IN
DIED: 15 Feb 1865, Howard Co., IN
BUR.: Miller Cemetery, Howard Co., IN
MARR: 28 Feb 1833, Carroll Co., IN
FATHER: John CRIPE, Sr. [1785-1863, known as C-82 among Cripe researchers]
MOTHER: Elizabeth --- [8-Oct-1788 - 29-Jun-1856]

BORN: 29 Jun 1814, Ohio
DIED: 20 Sep 1882, Clinton Co., IN
BUR.: Latshaw Cemetery, Clinton Co., IN
FATHER: Samuel DANIELS [bef 1795 - bef 1840]
MOTHER: Sarah COCHRAN [bef 1797 - aft 1840]

1) Sarah Catharine CRIPE
BORN: 26 Dec 1833, Rossville, Clinton Co., IN
DIED: 2 Feb 1907, Carroll Co., IN
Andrew Hufford
MARR: 6 Jul 1850, Clinton Co., IN
MARR #2: 18 May 1884

2) George William CRIPE
BORN: 25 Mar 1836
DIED: 27 Jan 1899, Clinton Co., IN
MARR: 3 Apr 1859, Clinton Co., IN

3) Lucy J. CRIPE
BORN: 19 Aug 1838
4) Elizabeth M. CRIPE
BORN: 13 Feb 1841
DIED: 2 Oct 1875, Ross Twp., Clinton Co., IN

5) Esther CRIPE
BORN: 10 Jul 1843
6) David CRIPE (twin)
BORN: 24 Jan 1846
7) Isaac CRIPE (twin)
BORN: 24 Jan 1846
8) Sophia CRIPE
BORN: 14 Jul 1847
DIED: 1889, Clinton Co., IN
BUR.: Pleasant View Cemetery, Clinton Co., IN
MARR: 6 May 1864

9) Mary J. CRIPE
BORN: 7 Jun 1852
DIED: 1919, IN
BUR.: Pleasant View Cemetery, Rossville, Clinton Co., IN
MARR: 20 May 1869

10) Daniel CRIPE
BORN: 6 May 1857



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