Puzzle of The Rev. Rufus W. Hufford

The query came not about Rufus, but about Rufus' son. Rufus' great-grandson was asking the question, and he didn't even know about Rufus. However, Rufus was an easy find. The real puzzle was who was Rufus, and did he connect to Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, Rufus descended from Christian.

My father: Howard Saylor Hufford, married Caroline Augusta Muhlenberg in the 1940s. His sister was Clara Louise Hufford. His mother was Mary Saylor Hufford. His father was Henry K. B. (Baumgartner?) Hufford. They were mostly of the Berks Co., Pennsylvania, area.

They all were in Egypt in 1929, leaving Egypt's Port Said in December 1929 and arriving in New York in January 1930:

  • Henry K. B. Hufford, b. 13-Oct-1890, Easton, Penn.;
  • wife Mary S. Hufford, b. 20-Jan-1890, Reading, Penn.;
  • son Howard S. Hufford, b. 13-Feb-1921, Washington, D.C.;
  • dau. Clara L. Hufford, b. 20-Nov-1923, Washington, D.C.;
  • sister Anna L. Hufford, b. 13-Oct-1879, Reading, Penn.

Home address in Reading, Pennsylvania, was 407 Walnut St. A notation indicates that Henry was in the military.

In 1930, the family was in San Francisco. Henry was in the medical corps with the U.S. Army. Father born in Ohio; mother, Pennsylvania.

In 1920, they were in Washington, D.C., and Henry was identified as a medical doctor, working for the U.S. government.

In 1917 when he completed his Draft Registration Card, he was a resident physician at Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia

In 1910, he was in Berks Co., Pennsylvania, with his parents and siblings: father, Rufus W. Hufford (61, b. Ohio; Rufus' father b. Penn.; mother b. Ohio); mother, Clara L. Hufford (61, b. Penn.; parents b. Penn.); sister Anna L. Hufford (30, b. Penn.); sister Jane (29, b. Penn.); sister Josephine M. (27, b. Penn.); sister Clara M. (25, Penn.); and sister Elizabeth (24, b. Penn). The parents were each in first marriage; married 32 years. Rufus was a clergyman at a Lutheran church; the three oldest sisters were all high-school teachers. There was another child in that sibling set; that's clear because the mother reported having birthed seven children, with seven still living. (The 1920 census shows full name: Rufus Ward HUFFORD, b. abt 1848, Ohio.)

1900, he was in Berks Co., Pennsylvania, with his parents and all of his siblings. The seventh sibling was Rufus Jr., b. 1887.

1890, Henry's father (Rufus) was in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania, listed on the Veterans Schedule. He reported that he elisted Oct. 13, 1863, and mustered out Nov. 14, 1865. He served in Company A, 12th Ohio Cavalry.

1880, Henry's father Rufus was in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He was 31, married to Clara, with daughter Anna just a baby. Occupation: clergyman.

From about January 1774 until March 1875, Rufus was in Cincinnati, Ohio, as the pastor at First English Lutheran church.

1870 census: Rufus was in Clark Co., Ohio. There's a difference in middle initial, but the circumstances are such that a middle initial would have been an easy mistake: It was a list of students at a university. Rufus F. Hufford, 22, b. Ohio. He was one of a long list of students at Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio. Wittenberg College is now Wittenberg University; it's affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The school's "original focus was the training of Lutheran ministers," according to their web site. In other words, it's a no brainer that the Rufus at the school in 1870 is the same Rufus who went on to be a Lutheran clergyman. In 1870 he reported himself as born in Ohio.

When Rufus W. Hufford enlisted in Company A, Ohio 12th Calvalry Regiment, on 1-Oct-1863, he reported his age as 18. In truth, he was only 16, but he was not the only underage kid to lie to give military service. The regiment drew from the state at large and was organized at Camp Cleveland, from Aug. 7 to Nov. 24, 1863.

Who was Rufus' father? The answer is found in Lutheran Ministers of Berks County: Sketches of the Lives of Those Who Have Lived and Labored in This County, by John William Early, 1981:
Rev. Rufus Ward Hufford, D.D. -- Dr. Hufford was born near Bucyrus, Ohio. He is the son of Thomas Hufford and wife Jane (née Norris). His early years were spent on the farm. He attended the common schools of the vicinity and afterwards, Vermillion Institute, a preparatory school at Haysville, Ohio. He graduated from Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio, 1873. He obtained his theological training at the Seminary of the same place and was ordained by the Synod of East Pennsylvania in September, 1876. Prior to his ordination he supplied pulpits at St. Paris and Cincinnati. He was pastor of St. John's, Easton, twelve years, and St. Matthew's, Reading, eight years. He married Miss Bomgardner, of Lancaster, Pa. He received the usual degrees of A.B. and A.M. from his Alma mater, and in 1891, D.D. honorary. He was president of East Pennsylvania Synod three times; delegate to the General Synod half a dozen times; member of the Board of Foreign Missions (Gen. Synod); trustee of the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg many years. He is an occasional contributor to church papers and the Review. He delivered the Holman lecture on the ninth article of the Augsburg Confession at the Seminary at Gettysburg. Outside of his own church he was trustee of Hope Mission and president of the Reading Ministerial Association.

So, we're looking for Rufus Ward HUFFORD, born in about 1848 in Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio, to Thomas HUFFORD and his wife Jane NORRIS. Thomas would have been born 1825 or before, in Ohio or Pennsylvania; likely on Ohio census for 1850. Probably in Crawford County; adjacent counties are Seneca to north, Huron to north east, Richland to east, Morrow to southeast, Marion to southwest, and Wyandot to west. In Wyandot County were several descendants of Christian II, son of Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern. In my database, I found that Christian II had a son Peter (b. 1788) who married Catharine MYERS in 1811 and had a son Thomas who married Jane. No dates for Thomas or Jane, and no maiden name for Jane. HOWEVER, that's where I started looking.

That Thomas had these siblings: Eliza, Jeremiah, Rollin, and John B. All three of Thomas' brothers moved to Iowa.

There was a Thomas & Jane Hufford couple in Jefferson County, Iowa, for the 1870 census. Thomas was 49 (b. abt 1821, in Pennsylvania). Jane was 47 (b. abt 1823, in Ohio). Their children were Elizabeth (17) and Elma (9) both born in Ohio. In other words, in 1853 and in 1861, at least Jane (whom I'm considering as the mother of Rufus) was in Ohio. So, we've got a man and woman with the right names, of the right age, in the right state, and born in the right states. Thomas was a farmer; value of real estate was $3,000.

Looking back at the 1880 census record for Rufus, it shows that Rufus' sister Elma is living with him. The Elma living with Rufus in 1880 is a match for the Elma living with Thomas and Jane Hufford in Iowa in 1870.

Conclusion: Yes, Howard Saylor Hufford b. 1921 was a descendant of Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern, and here's Howard's ancestral line:
Howard > Henry > Rufus > Thomas > Peter > Christian II > Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern.

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