Co. K; 8th Illinois Regiment Roster

These are the men of K Company, 8th Illinois Regiment, Infantry. They fought together and died together during the Civil War.

There are 271 names on the list. When known, the man's place of residence at the time of enlistment is included.

Ackerman, William B. Peoria
Adams, Abraham  
Alvorul, Theodore  
Anderson, James M. Rural
Arnold, Benjamin  
Ayers, John W. McLean Co.
Babbitt, John W. Bloomington
Bailey, Harvey Bloomington
Bailey, Henry H. Pleasant Hill
Bailey, Robert Bloomington
Ballard, John P. Bloomington
Balliet, James H. Lynn
Barron, Joseph Sharon
Batterton, Ira A. Lexington
Batterton, John McLean Co.
Baxter, Erastu  
Baylor, Albert S. Bloomington
Beale, William H. Peoria
Belcher, Oscar S. McLean Co.
Bingham, Frank M. Bloomington
Blind, Philip Peoria
Botts, Samuel Bloomington
Bowers, Richard  
Boyer, Jacob W. McLean Co.
Brandt, Jacob Peoria
Bray, James N. McLean Co.
Brennan, John Panola
Brooks, Stephen B. Lexington
Brooks, William T. McLean Co.
Brost, Christian Clarion
Brown, John Bloomington
Butler, James Bloomington
Campbell, Thomas Bloomington
Carman, James McLean Co.
Carman, Vatchel McLean Co.
Carr, George W. Bloomington
Cassady, Hugh Lexington
Chausse, Beneventure  
Clark, Benjamin F. Lockport
Clark, Charles M. Aledo
Clark, Charles M. Bloomington
Clark, George  
Clemings, William C. Peoria
Cloud, Balis McLean Co.
Cloud, George Peoria
Cloud, Gilbert Tazewell Co.
Cloud, William Tazewell Co.
Colp, Henry Fairview
Combs, Edwin C. Pleasant Hill
Congleton, Oliver P. McLean Co.
Conklin, Albert C. Bloomington
Conley, John  
Converse, Charles S. Bloomington
Cooper, William  
Corcoran, Thomas C. Ohio
Corman, Archibald L . Bloomington
Cornwall, David Bloomington
Cornwall, Frank Bloomington
Cornwell, Dave Bloomington
Cornwell, Frank Bloomington
Cox, Daniel McLean Co.
Cross, Termain McLean Co.
Cruse, George W.  
Culbertson, James Shipman
Cummings, John Bloomington
Cunningham, John Oakley
Datson, David  
Dawson, John B. McLean Co.
Delany, James  
Denham, John H. Lexington
Dennison, Noah W.
[Captain Dennison. FrankTom spelled it "Denison."]
Dillon, Orange W. Bloomington
Douglass, Fletcher Bloomington
Drakes, James W. Bloomington
Drysdale, William  
Ducheane, Alexander Bell Plain
Dunkle, William A. Lexington
Delong, Adam  
Eddy, Albert S. Bloomington
Edwards, Abraham  
Ela, Richard Bloomington
Eskeneigo, Wilmer E. Martin
Fisher, Henry Bear Creek
Fisk, Thomas Bloomington
Fitch, Samuel D. Bloomington
Folsom, David P. Bloomington
Forgarty, Jeremiah Peoria
Frazier, John M. McLean Co.
Gallaway, George W. Peoria
George, Henry  
Gibbs, George  
Gibson, James Bloomington
Goodman, Jonathan Ursa
Goudy, Robert L. Wapella
Graff, Ernst Bloomington
Greenman, Jeremiah Bloomington
Gunn, William A. McLean Co.
Halderman, James S. Bloomington
Hall, Harley S. McLean Co.
Hamilton, Orange L. McLean Co.
Hammer, Henry Pineville
Hanane, James M.  
Hand, Anthony W. McLean Co.
Harvey, William H.
[Captain Harvey]
Hawk, John W.  
Hayden, Charles C.  
Hayden, Charles C. McLean Co.
Hayes, Charles Bloomington
Hazelbaker, Sidney J. McLean Co.
Heath, Joseph Bloomington
Hedge, Joseph  
Hedger, John I. Bloomington
Hemphill, Daniel Zanesville
Henderson, William C. Canton
Henline, Lytle R. McLean Co.
Heritage, George Bloomington
Hinshaw, William Woodford Co.
Hobert, Charles Bloomington
Hobert, Gilbert J. McLean Co.
Hodges, Thomas S.  
Hogue, William  
Holderness, William H. McLean Co.
Holmes, Albert B. Bloomington
Horrop, William Bloomington
Howell, Joseph G. Bloomington
Hoy, Adam M. Roanoke
Hunter, William D. Bloomington
Hutchinson, Andrew McLean Co.
Hutchinson, James J.  
Ingalls, Francis D. McLean Co.
Jenks, Melville Bloomington
Jesse, James W. McLean Co.
Jeter, Montel B. Bloomington
Johnson, Andrew F. Danville
Johnson, Hezekiah McLean Co.
Johnson, Hiram W. Bloomington
Johnson, Stephen Bloomington
Keeran, Samuel T. McLean Co.
Keith, Price Bloomington
Kideer, Lesmore D. Bloomington
Kincaid, Wallace S. Bloomington
Landis, Abraham Wataga
Landis, Jacob McLean Co.
Lange, Otto Bloomington
Larimer, James R. Bloomington
Larrimore, William R. H. Bloomington
Lawrence, Allen T. Bloomington
Lawrence, Jonas A. Bloomington
Leonard, Francis  
Leonard, John L. Bloomington
Loving, James McLean Co.
Lozer, John Galva
Mahan, John H. Lexington
Mahan, William J. McLean Co.
Marion, George
[Frank Reed/Tom Doyle spelled it "Marren."]
Marion, George. McLean Co
Marks, John Bloomington
Marshall, James  
Matheney, Ashford R.  
Mercer, Robert F. McLean Co.
Miller, Samuel C. Peoria
Miller, William McLean Co.
Minor, Cyrus A. Peoria
Moore, James P. Bloomington
Moore, William Oxford
Morgan, John Henry
Morgan, Sid O. Bloomington
McCartin, Patrick  
McClellan, George P. McLean Co.
McClung, Thomas J.
[Lieutenant McClung. Frank/Tom spelled it "McClun."]
McClure, Thomas J. Bloomington
McCormick, Michael Mendon
McCullough, James V. Lexington
McCullough, Obediah McLean Co.
McGavitt, James Bloomington
McGrath, James Peoria
McHenry, James Peoria
McIntosh, John W. Bloomington
McReynolds, Jonathan McLean Co.
McReynolds, L. A. McLean Co.
Noe, Smith W. Bloomington
Orange, Lucas Oxford
Palmer, Elias McLean Co.
Palmer, Hiram B. Canton
Parker, Joseph C. Pleasant Hill
Philbrook, Edwin McLean Co.
Provost, Henry C. Bloomington
Purcell, William D.  
Reaves, John C. McLean Co.
Reed, Frank Frank
[later known as "Tom Doyle"]
McLean Co.
Reynolds, Curren L. Berwick
Rhodes, James M. McLean Co.
Richards, Samuel D. McLean Co.
Richel, Cyrus Taylorville
Ridel, Thomas Le Roy
Rinehart, Edward D. Bloomington
Ritter, David J. McLean Co.
Roads, David McLean Co.
Roberts, Lawrance Bloomington
Roberts, Lawrence McLean Co.
Roberts, Oscar A. McLean Co.
Robertson, John H. McLean Co.
Robins, Frank K. Palestine
Robinson, John A. Bloomington
Rooker, Thomas McLean Co.
Rowland, John W.  
Rowley, Edward O. Bloomington
Rupert, Andrew  
Rush, Jehu L. McLean Co.
Russel, George S. McLean Co.
Ryan, James Westfield
Sager, John W. Bloomington
Sanderson, Rolf Bloomington
Saunders, W. R. McLean Co.
Scott, George Mendon
Scott, Waveland  
Seegrass, Jefferson  
Sellerds, Frank Bloomington
Shannon, William Bloomington
Shenessy, James McLean Co.
Sherwood, Warren Centralia
Shoup, Samuel F. Bloomington
Shoupe, John L. Bloomington
Smally, John A. McLean Co.
Smith, Adolph Lacon
Smith, Calvin D. McLean Co.
Smith, George W. Cazenovia
Southerland, George McLean Co.
Spainhor, George Bloomington
Spaulding, Justin L. Bloomington
St. James, John McLean Co.
Starall, Malcolm  
Stephenson, James C. McLean Co.
Stephenson, George W. Bloomington
Sterns, Joseph  
Stillhammer, Charles McLean Co.
Stillhammer, Henry McLean Co.
Stipp, John M. Bloomington
Stone, Gilbert C. McLean Co.
Stubbs, John Millbrook
Sunderland, William McLean Co.
Sweetzer, Algernon C. Bloomington
Taylor, John Centralia
Thomas, David Bloomington
Thomas, Stephen R. Bloomington
Tower, Patrick Butler
Trimmer, John McLean Co.
Vandenburgh, Abram Bloomington
Vilton, Elijah South Fork
Wahl, Gabriel McLean Co.
Walling, John M. Canton
Washabaugh, Henry Union
Weddle, George Bloomington
Weppert, John Bloomington
West, John T. Union
White, William Bloomington
Wiley, Anderson Martin
Wiley, John S. McLean Co.
Wiley, Joseph S. Rural
Wiley, Robert N. Martin
Wiley, Thomas J. Bloomington
Wiley, Thomas J. Jonesboro
William, James Pleasant Ridge
Williams, John H. Bloomington
Wilson, William Irving
Winkler, William  
Wiswell, Benjamin F. McLean Co.
Woertz, John G. McLean Co.
Wood, John K. Bloomington
Work, Samuel A. McLean Co.
Wormick, William Seminary

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