Witchcraft cases in 17th century New England
(other than Salem 1692 executions)

The following information is from John Putnam Demos' book Entertaining Satan: Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England, 1983, Oxford Univ. Press, (Appendix A, pp. 402-9):

In addition to those executed in Salem in 1692, there were 16 persons executed as witches in New England: 14 women, 2 men.

A = Accused. There is evidence of accusation or suspicion, with no recorded court action.
C = Complaint. Some formal step was taken towards prosecution (petition, deposition).
I = Indictment/Presentment. Accused appeared before the courts, preliminary to trial.
T = Trial. A formal trial was held on the charges.
Q = Acquitted at trial.
V = Convicted at trial.
V* = Verdict reversed
F = Confession. The accused confessed to the charges.
X = Execution. The accused was executed for the crimes.
S = Slander. Legal action was initiated by accused witch, not alleged victim.
R = Repeater. Suspect had been in court on similar charges before.
? = Data is not confirmed.

Year Name Place Result
1638 Jane HAWKINS Boston, MA C,I
1640 Anne HUTCHINSON Aquiday, RI A
1640 (male) COLLINS Aquiday, RI A
1640 (male) HALES Aquiday, RI A
1647 Alice YOUNG Windsor, CT C,I,T,V,X
1647? Elizabeth KENDALL Cambridge, MA C,I,T,V,X
1648 Margaret JONES Charlestown, MA C,I,T,V,X
1648 Thomas JONES Charlestown, MA C,I
1648 Mary JOHNSON Wethersfield, CT C,I,T,F,V,X
1649 (female) MARSHFIELD Springfield, MA S
1650 Alice STRATTON Watertown, MA S
1650 Jane JAMES Marblehead, MA S
1651 Jane JAMES Marblehead, MA S,R
1651 Joan CARRINGTON Wethersfield, CT C,I,T,V,X
1651 John CARRINGTON Wethersfield, CT C,I,T,V,X
1651 Mary PARSONS Springfield, MA C,I,T,Q
1651 Hugh PARSONS Springfield, MA C,I,T,V*
1651 Sarah MERRICK Springfield, MA A, ?C
1651 Bessie SEWELL Springfield, MA A, ?C
1651? Mrs. Alice LAKE Dorchester, MA C,I,T,V,X
1651 (female) BASSETT Fairfield, CT C,I,T,V,F,X
1652 Alice STRATTON Watertown, MA C,I,R
1652 John BRADSTREET Rowley, MA C,I,T,Q
1653? (female) KNAPP Fairfield, CT C,I,T,V,X
1653 Jane COLLINS Lynn, MA C,I
1653 Agnes EVANS Gloucester, MA S
1653 Grace DUTCH Gloucester, MA S
1653 Elizabeth PERKINS Gloucester, MA S
1653 Sarah VINSON Gloucester, MA S
1653 Elizabeth GODMAN New Haven, CT S
1654 Lydia GILBERT Windsor, CT C,I,T,V,?X
1654 Mary STAPLES New Haven, CT S
1655 Elizabeth GODMAN New Haven, CT C,I,T,Q,R
1655 (female) BAILEY New Haven, CT C,I,T,Q
1655 Nicholas BAILEY New Haven, CT C,I,T,Q
1655 (female) BATCHELOR Ipswich, MA C
1656 Jane WALFORD Portsmouth, NH C,I,T,?Q
1656 (female) EVANS Portsmouth, NH A
1656 Eunice COLE Hampton, NH C,I,T,Q
1656 Ann HIBBENS Boston, MA C,I,T,V,X
1656 Mary PARSONS Springfield, MA S
1657 William BROWN Gloucester, MA C, ?I
1657 William MEAKER New Haven, CT S
1658 Elizabeth GARLICK Easthampton, NY C,I,T,Q
1659 John GODFREY Andover, MA C,I,T,Q
1659 John GODFREY Andover, MA S,R
1659 (unk) (unk) Saybrook, CT C,I
1659 Winifred HOLMAN Cambridge, MA C,I,T,?Q
1659 Mary HOLMAN Cambridge, MA C,I,T,?Q
1659 Elizabeth BAILEY York, ME C,I,T,Q
1660 Winifred HOLMAN Cambridge, MA S,R
1660 Winifred HOLMAN Cambridge, MA C,I,R
1660 (female) HOLMES Scituate, MA S
1660 Katherine PALMER Wethersfield, CT C
1661 Margaret JENNINGS Saybrook, CT C,I,T,Q
1661 Nicholas JENNINGS Saybrook, CT C,I,T,Q
1662 John GODFREY Haverhill, MA C,I,T,Q,R
1662 John GODFREY Haverhill, MA S,R
1662/3 (female) EVANS Portsmouth, NH C,?I,R
1662 Judith VARLET Hartford, CT C,I,?T,?Q
1662 Mary (Mrs. Andrew) SANFORD Hartford, CT C,I,T,V,?X
1662 Andrew SANFORD Hartford, CT C,I,T,Q
1662 (female) AYERS Hartford, CT C,I,T (escaped)
1662/3 Elizabeth BLACKLEACH Wethersfield, CT C
1662/3 John BLACKLEACH Wethersfield, CT C
1662/3 James WAKELEY Hartford, CT C,I (escaped)
1662/3 Rebecca GREENSMITH Hartford, CT C,I,T,V,F,X
1662/3 Nathaniel GREENSMITH Hartford, CT C,I,T,V,X
1663 Mary BARNES Farmington, CT C,I,T,V,X
Jan. 1663 Elizabeth SEAGER Hartford, CT C,I,T,Q
July 1663 Elizabeth SEAGER Hartford, CT C,I,T,Q,R
1664 Mary HALL Setauket, NY C,I
1665 John GODFREY Haverhill, MA C,I,T,Q,R
1665 Elizabeth SEAGER Hartford, CT C,I,T,V*,R
1665 James WAKELEY Hartford, CT C,I,(escaped),R
1665 Mary HALL Setauket, NY C,I,T,Q,R
1665 Ralph HALL Setauket, NY C,I,T,Q
1665 (female) GLEASON Cambridge, MA C,I
1667 Jane JAMES Marblehead, MA S,R
1667 Edith CRAWFORD Salem, MA S
1667 Hannah GRISWOLD Saybrook, CT S
1667 William GRAVES Stamford, CT C,?I
1668 Katherine HARRISON Wethersfield, CT C,I,T,V*
1669 Thomas WELLS Ipswich, MA C
1669 Jane WALFORD Portsmouth, NH C,?I,R
1669 Robert WILLIAMS Hadley, MA C,I,T,Q
1669 Sarah DIBBLE Stamford, CT A
1669 Susannah MARTIN
(executed 1692, Salem Trials)
Amesbury, MA C,I,?T,?Q
1670? Ann BURT Lynn, MA C,I,?T,?Q
1671 (unk) (unk) Groton, MA A
1672 Katherine PALMER Newport, RI S,R
1673 Eunice COLE Hampton, NH C,I,T,Q,R
1673 Anna EDMUNDS Lynn, MA C,I
1673 (female) MESSENGER Windsor, CT S
1674/5 Mary PARSONS Northampton, MA C,I,T,Q,R
1676 Mary INGHAM Scituate, MA C,I,T,Q
1677 Alice BEAMON Springfield, MA S
1678 (female) BURR Wethersfield, CT S
1679 (unk) (unk) Northampton, MA C
1679 Caleb POWELL Newbury, MA C,I,T,Q
1679 Elizabeth MORSE Newbury, MA C,I,T,V*
1680 Rachel FULLER Hampton, NH C,I,T,Q
1680 Isabella TOWLE Hampton, NH C,I,T,Q
1680 Eunice COLE Hampton, NH C,I,T,Q,R
1680 Bridget OLIVER
(aka Bridget BISHOP;
executed in Salem 1692)
Salem, MA C,I,?T,?Q
1680 Margaret GIFFORD Lynn, MA C,I
1681 Mary HALE Boston, MA C,I,T,Q
1682 Hannah JONES Portsmouth, NH C,I
1682 (unk) (unk) Hartford, CT A
1682 (female) (unk) Kittery, ME A
1683 James FULLER Springfield, MA C,I,T,Q
1683 (female) TRAVALLY Southampton, NY S
1683 Mary WEBSTER Hadley, MA C,I,T,Q
1685 Mary WEBSTER Hadley, MA S,R
1687? Rachel CLINTON Ipswich, MA C
1688 (female) GLOVER Boston, MA C,I,T,V,F,X
1688 (female) (unk) Boston, MA C,I
1688 (female) (unk) Boston, MA A
1688 (female) (unk) Boston, MA A
1689 (female) (unk) Boston, MA A,R
1689 (female) BOWDEN New Haven, CT S
1691 Mary HALE Boston, MA C,I,R
1691 Mary RANDALL Northampton, MA C,I
1692 Mercy DISBOROUGH Fairfield, CT C,I,T,V (reprieved)
1692 Elizabeth CLAWSON Stamford, CT C,I,T,Q
1692 Mary STAPLES Fairfield, CT C,I,R
1692 Mary HARVEY Fairfield, CT C,I
1692 Hannah HARVEY Fairfield, CT C,I
1692 (female) MILLER Fairfield, CT A
1692 Winifred BENHAM Wallingford, CT C,I
1692 Hugh CROASIA Stratford, CT C,I
1693 (female) (unk) Boston, MA A
1693 (female) (unk) Boston, MA A
1697 Winifred BENHAM Wallingford, CT C,I,T,Q,R
1697 Winifred BENHAM, Jr. Wallingford, CT C,I,T,Q

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