Sports & Games Craft: Adventure Club,
from the Adventure Trails book

Number Requirement in Brief
SG-101 Take part in two active games.
SG-102 Learn two new games from other countries.
SG-103 Learn to play a game that can be played by a disabled person; then, teach it to him/her.
SG-104 Teach or lead two games at a meeting.
SG-105 Take part in a game leadership workshop, game demonstration, or exhibition.
SG-106 Creat a jump rope routine to music.
SG-107 Learn three singing games and teach them to children.
SG-108 Play two games using a ball.
SG-109 Read the rules of a new game and play it.
SG-110 Make up your own game.
SG-111 Learn a new card game.
SG-112 Learn two kinds of solitaire.
SG-113 Learn a new board game.
SG-114 Learn two new word games.
SG-115 Learn to play a video game.
SG-116 Make a piece of equipment to use for a game.
SG-117 Participate in a play day or field day.
SG-118 Help plan a play day.
SG-119 Construct and fly a kite.
SG-120 Build two models from kits.
SG-121 Learn some new Frisbee tricks.
SG-122 Put together two jigsaw puzzles of 500 pieces or more.
SG-123 Build a vehicle with wheels.
SG-124 Play two snow games.
SG-125 Build something out of snow.
SG-126 Sled, toboggan, or snowshoe three times.
SG-130 Make up and do an exercise routine.
SG-131 Walk regularly for fitness.
SG-132 Practice regularly a sport of your choice.
SG-133 Learn some warm up and cool down exercises.
SG-134 Explain the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
SG-135 Ride a bike for fitness.
SG-136 Tour a fitness facility.
SG-137 Know how to care for common sport injuries.
SG-138 Take an exercise or fitness class.
SG-142 Learn how to fish.
SG-143 Make a live bait container.
SG-144 Show how to tie a hook, sinker, and bobber.
SG-145 Make two types of artificial bait.
SG-146 Learn about bait.
SG-147 Know the fishing laws in your area.
SG-148 Learn about the fish in your area.
SG-149 Learn how to take a fish off a hook.
SG-150 Know the safety rules for swimming and diving.
SG-151 Identify some objects under water.
SG-152 Pick up some objects from water.
SG-153 Do two kinds of floats.
SG-154 Put on a life jacket and float for 5 minutes.
SG-155 Jump into water.
SG-156 Swim using legs only.
SG-157 Jump into deep water and swim to shallow water.
SG-158 Swim, float, or tread water for 10 minutes.
SG-159 Change body position from front to back while swimming.
SG-160 Swim 50 feet.
SG-161 Keep afloat while fully dressed.
SG-162 Do two dives.
SG-163 Show how to rescue someone without getting into the water.
SG-164 Have a swimming party.
SG-165 Participate in a water event.
SG-166 Learn and teach two water games.
SG-167 Show how to use mask, snorkel, and fins.
SG-168 Learn how to use scuba equipment.
SG-169 Learn some synchronized swimming stunts.
SG-170 Put together a synchronized swimming routine to music.
SG-171 Explain small craft safety rules.
SG-172 Know two knots used in boating.
SG-173 Show how to properly get in and out of a boat.
SG-174 Know the rules of the road for boating in your area.
SG-175 Name the parts of a boat.
SG-176 Tell the meaning of nautical terms.
SG-177 Send and receive messages using signal flag code.
SG-178 Send and receive messages using wigwag or morse code messages.
SG-179 Learn international distress signals.
SG-180 Visit a light house or Coast Guard station.
SG-181 Help a boating instructor with a class.
SG-182 Explain to someone else boating safety measures.
SG-183 Demonstrate rowing a boat straight and doing some turns.
SG-184 Row a boat to a specific destination.
SG-185 Show how to paddle a canoe.
SG-186 Demonstrate paddling strokes with a partner.
SG-187 Tip a canoe and right it again.
SG-188 Paddle a canoe a half mile with a partner.
SG-189 Show how to repair and take care of a paddle.
SG-190 Show how to rig a small sail boat.
SG-191 Demonstrate some sail boat movements.
SG-192 Show how to sail up to a mooring and secure the boat.
SG-193 Sail a boat a half mile.
SG-194 Capsize a sailboat and right it again.
SG-195 Learn how to take care of sailboat equipment.
SG-196 Build and sail a model boat.
SG-197 Explain safety practices for water-skiing.
SG-198 Water-ski with two skis.
SG-199 Water-ski on a slalom ski.
SG-200 Learn two water-skiing tricks.
SG-204 Explain archery safety rules.
SG-205 Know the parts of a bow and arrow.
SG-206 Know how to pull arrows out of a target and scoring.
SG-207 Explain how to aim and how distance changes how you aim in archery..
SG-208 Earn an archery rating.
SG-209 Participate in a archery tournament.
SG-210 Learn basic baton twirls.
SG-211 Make up and perform a baton twirling routine.
SG-212 Participate in a baton twirling event or parade.
SG-213 Show how to take care of your bike.
SG-214 Demonstrate some important bike safety practices.
SG-215 Participate in a bike safety project.
SG-216 Explain bike racing safety.
SG-217 Improve your time or performance in a bike competition.
SG-218 Show how to select a bowling ball.
SG-219 Know how to score a bowling game.
SG-220 Demonstrate how to approach the foul line in bowling.
SG-221 Improve your bowling score.
SG-222 Learn some new cheerleading jumps or stunts.
SG-223 Make up an original cheerleading routine.
SG-224 Teach a cheerleading routine to a friend.
SG-225 Practice golf putting.
SG-226 Learn about different golf clubs.
SG-227 Practice golf regularly at a driving range.
SG-228 Improve your golf score.
SG-229 Learn how to score a golf game.
SG-230 Caddy for several golf games.
SG-231 Do some stretching exercises for gymnastics.
SG-232 Learn how to be a gymnastics spotter.
SG-233 Do some tumbling skills.
SG-234 Do some stunts on gymnastics equipment.
SG-235 Make up a gymnastics routine.
SG-236 Do some stunts on a trampoline.
SG-237 Show how to approach, catch, lead, and tie a horse.
SG-238 Show how to saddle and bridle a horse.
SG-239 Mount and ride a horse.
SG-240 Trot, canter, and gallop.
SG-241 Feed and water a horse.
SG-242 Show good grooming and handling of a horse.
SG-243 Find the height of a horse by hands.
SG-244 Ride a horse on the terrain in your area.
SG-245 Learn to tell the difference between several breeds of horses.
SG-246 Participate in a horse show.
SG-247 Explain rifle safety rules and show how to safely load and unload a gun.
SG-248 Learn two positions for holding and shooting a rifle.
SG-249 Practice and improve your shooting score.
SG-250 Know the safety rules for roller skating or ice skating.
SG-251 Skate forward and backward and stop.
SG-252 Skate forward and backward in a dance position with a partner.
SG-253 Perform two skating stunts.
SG-254 Participate in a skating show.
SG-255 Play two games on skates.
SG-256 Make up a skating routine to music.
SG-257 Show a younger child how to skate.
SG-258 Have a skating party.
SG-259 Learn about protective equipment for skating.
SG-260 Learn how to ride a skateboard.
SG-261 Learn some new skateboard stunts.
SG-262 Show that you know how to ski.
SG-263 Ski down a slope.
SG-264 Learn about trail markers and trail maps.
SG-265 Ski cross country.
SG-266 Learn how to care for ski equipment.
SG-267 Wax your own skis.
SG-268 Know what to do for a skiing accident.
SG-269 Set and meet a goal in track and field.
SG-270 Show how to warm up and cool down for a track and field event.
SG-271 Participate in a track and field event.
SG-272 Participate in a public fun run.
SG-273 Volunteer to help at a race.
SG-274 Learn skills from two different track events.
SG-275 Learn skills from two different field events.
SG-279 Play a game of badminton.
SG-280 Show a badminton serve.
SG-281 Put up and take down a badminton net.
SG-282 Show how to bat, catch, and throw.
SG-283 Show how to pitch.
SG-284 Teach someone how to catch, throw, or bat.
SG-285 Know how to take care of baseball or softball equipment.
SG-286 Improve your average in basketball.
SG-287 Know how to do some basketball skills.
SG-288 Learn a ball handling drill for basketball.
SG-289 Explain basketball rules.
SG-290 Explain the rules of flag football and play several games.
SG-291 Learn the names of the offensive and defensive positions in football.
SG-292 Learn how to punt, pass, catch, and kick a football.
SG-293 Draw several football plays and try them out.
SG-294 Practice some football drills and exercises.
SG-295 Explain football signals and penalties.
SG-296 Demonstrate several handball serves.
SG-297 Learn three kinds of handball shots.
SG-298 Play several handball games.
SG-299 Play several games of racquetball.
SG-300 Do some racquetball serves.
SG-301 Play a game of ice or field hockey.
SG-302 Demonstrate how you can handle a puck.
SG-303 Wear proper hockey gear and show how to take care of it.
SG-304 Demonstrate proper field hockey skills.
SG-305 Learn how to dodge, tackle, and take the ball in field hockey.
SG-306 Learn three basic soccer kicks.
SG-307 Describe how indoor soccer is different from outdoor soccer.
SG-308 Practice heading a soccer ball.
SG-309 Show how to control a soccer ball.
SG-310 Do drills to dribble and pass a soccer ball.
SG-311 Teach a soccer skill to someone else.
SG-312 Explain the rules of soccer.
SG-313 Play tennis.
SG-314 Learn to do tennis serves.
SG-315 Learn two tennis swings.
SG-316 Master two tennis shots.
SG-317 Learn some table tennis shots.
SG-318 Teach someone to play table tennis.
SG-319 Show how to serve and volley in volleyball.
SG-320 Show how to bump and set up in volleyball.
SG-321 Explain the rules of volley ball.
SG-325 Read the history of your favorite sport.
SG-326 Keep statistics on your favorite sportsperson.
SG-327 Read the sports page regularly.
SG-328 Collect and organize sports cards.
SG-329 Work out the averages of a sportsperson.
SG-330 Organize or participate in a sports trivia contest.
SG-331 Serve as scorekeeper for a game.
SG-332 Keep statistics for a game.
SG-333 Serve as referee for a game.
SG-334 Help coach a team of younger athletes.
SG-335 Make charts of player positions to help teach younger children about the game.
SG-336 Learn about a successful sports figure.
SG-337 Learn the origin of sports terms.
SG-338 Serve as a sports announcer.
SG-339 Write a sports story.
SG-340 Learn how the Olympic Games began.

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