Outdoors Craft: Adventure Club,
from the Adventure Trails book

Number Requirement in Brief
O-101 List things on the ground.
O-102 Write about something you see in nature.
O-103 Create art from something in nature.
O-104 Recognize state flower, bird, and tree.
O-105 Learn about dams.
O-106 Know animals in your area.
O-107 Learn about how animals protect themselves.
O-108 Look for signs of animals.
O-109 Find animal homes.
O-110 Track an animal.
O-111 Cast an animal track.
O-112 Learn about local snakes
O-113 Visit a fish hatchery.
O-114 Observe some birds.
O-115 See birds get food.
O-116 Learn birds by their call.
O-117 Watch a bird's nest being built.
O-118 Look for birds' nests.
O-119 Learn what local animals do in winter.
O-120 Find out about bird beaks.
O-121 Find out about hawks and owls.
O-122 Learn about annual and perennial plants.
O-123 Learn about wild flowers.
O-124 Learn about the importance of plants.
O-125 Bloom something early.
O-126 Identify some plants.
O-127 Identify some dangerous plants.
O-128 Learn to tell the difference between some poisonous and non-poisonous plants.
O-129 Learn about local useful plants.
O-130 Learn about different plant growing conditions.
O-131 Learn about ferns.
O-132 Identify some trees.
O-133 Learn how wind effects trees.
O-134 Learn about some fish.
O-135 Study some fresh water creatures.
O-136 Make a nature scrapbook.
O-137 Collect poetry about nature.
O-141 Join a nature club.
O-142 Learn about wildlife organizations.
O-143 Keep a local area clean.
O-144 Find out about local endangered species.
O-145 Read about an extinct animal.
O-146 Learn the Conservation Pledge.
O-147 Learn how trees preserve resources.
O-148 Plant and care for a tree.
O-149 Plant a cover crop.
O-150 Make a conservation poster.
O-151 Learn out about minimum impact camping.
O-152 Make a bird feeder.
O-153 Put out bird food in an interesting way.
O-154 Make a bird bath.
O-155 Learn about Woodsy Owl.
O-156 Participate in Keep America Beautiful week.
O-157 Learn about your state's conservation laws.
O-161 Arrange some wild plants.
O-162 Make jewelry from natural things.
O-163 Make a letter opener from something in nature.
O-164 Decorate stationary with natural prints.
O-165 Decorate something with a leaf rubbing.
O-166 Tie-dye using natural dyes.
O-167 Make a sculpture from natural things.
O-168 Weave a mat from natural grasses.
O-169 Weave a basket from natural materials.
O-170 Make a friendship stick.
O-171 Make a musical instrument using natural materials.
O-172 Create something from natural materials.
O-175 Demonstrate pocket knife safety.
O-176 Demonstrate saw safety.
O-177 Sharpen a knife.
O-178 Find out about fire regulations.
O-179 Make matches waterproof.
O-180 Make a wood fire.
O-181 Protect a woodpile.
O-182 Cook something in coals.
O-183 Make a cooking fire.
O-184 Make three different kinds of fires.
O-185 Make and use a reflector oven.
O-186 Make and use a charcoal fire.
O-187 Cook over a charcoal fire.
O-188 Teach someone else how to build a fire.
O-189 Make and use fire starters.
O-190 Build a fire for a special ceremony.
O-191 Collect and pack food for an outing.
O-192 Make and use a tin can stove.
O-193 Help make a one-pot meal.
O-194 Cook potatoes or corn outdoors using two methods.
O-195 Cook fish outdoors.
O-196 Cook a meal without using utensils.
O-197 Cook a foil dinner.
O-198 Cook using the sun.
O-199 Cook two Dutch oven recipes.
O-200 Make up an outdoor cooking recipe.
O-201 Clean up and dispose of garbage after an outdoor meal.
O-202 Cook a meal in a fireplace or grill.
O-203 Cook a meal with dehydrated or freeze-dried food.
O-204 Make something to carry camping supplies.
O-205 Make a dunk bag.
O-206 Cook an outdoor meal for your family.
O-207 Cook an outdoor meal in rain or snow.
O-208 Create your own outdoor cooking activity.
O-211 Collect and learn about ropes and cord.
O-212 Learn about slip and square knots.
O-213 Learn about hitch knots.
O-214 Learn about the clove and taut hitch knots.
O-215 Learn about the bowline knot.
O-216 Learn about the sheet bend.
O-217 Make something useful using knots.
O-218 Make something with macrame.
O-219 Make something useful with lashing.
O-220 Make something useful with another kind of lashing.
O-221 Lash a table.
O-222 Whip the ends of a rope.
O-223 Teach two knots.
O-227 Make a camping bag.
O-228 Make a simple pack.
O-229 Demonstrate proper clothing and equipment.
O-230 Make a list of outdoor behavior rules.
O-231 Make a list of safety and courtesy practices for outdoors.
O-232 Share your safety rules with your family.
O-233 Pack and use your own bedroll.
O-234 Pack and use a sleeping bag.
O-235 Take a rain or snow hike.
O-236 Go on a hike.
O-237 Sleep out in the backyard with your club.
O-238 Make and use an equipment list.
O-239 Take an overnight camping trip.
O-240 Go camping for at least two nights.
O-241 Camp with your family for at least 5 nights.
O-242 Help set up a trailer tent.
O-243 Help out another camping group.
O-244 Choose a good sleeping spot.
O-245 Set up a poncho shelter.
O-246 Select a good location for a tent.
O-247 Learn about different tents.
O-248 Show how to adjust a tent during rain.
O-249 Make a handwashing station.
O-250 Learn about a gas lantern.
O-251 Set up an outdoor dish washing station.
O-252 Learn how to keep food cool without ice.
O-253 Learn how to purify water.
O-254 Improve your camp site.
O-255 Hike and pick up trash.
O-256 Make and follow a trail.
O-257 Draw a map of an outdoor place.
O-258 Use a compass.
O-259 Use a map to locate a trail.
O-260 Learn how to find north.
O-261 Learn the difference between magnetic and true north.
O-262 Take and follow a bearing.
O-263 Play a game with others using a compass.
O-264 Use a compass for more than a mile.
O-265 Look at a topographic map.
O-266 Understand map symbols.
O-267 Create your own hiking or camping activity.

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