Business Craft: Adventure Club,
from the Adventure Trails book

Number Requirement in Brief
B-101 Open a savings account and learn about interest.
B-102 Make and follow a savings plan.
B-103 Find out about financial services.
B-104 Follow a purchase plan.
B-105 Ask an adult how he/she keeps track of income and expenditures.
B-106 Create a personal budget.
B-107 Learn about credit cards.
B-108 Borrow money from a family member and pay interest on it.
B-109 Make something and price it to sell.
B-110 Work as a salesperson at a money-making event.
B-111 Participate in a fund raiser.
B-112 Make a plan to donate money to your church or synagogue.
B-113 Learn about travelers' checks.
B-114 Learn about a contract.
B-115 Draw up a contract with a family member to do some kind of service.
B-116 Learn about the stock market.
B-117 Visit a stock exchange.
B-118 Figure the cost of owning a pet.
B-119 Find out about insurance.
B-120 Go with your family for a major purchase.
B-121 Learn about selling or buying a home.
B-122 Learn about the cost of living in the past.
B-123 Comparison shop.
B-124 Get information from three stores on one item and make a chart.
B-125 Compute tax on an item.
B-126 Eat at a restaurant, figure the tip, and pay the bill.
B-127 Write a business letter requesting product information.
B-128 Write a business letter stating dissatisfaction with a product.
B-129 Buy a product with a rebate coupon and send it in.
B-130 Buy a mail order item.
B-131 Send in a warranty card.
B-132 Swap services for something you want.
B-133 Organize and use coupons.
B-134 Compare prices between a full-service grocery store and a warehouse store.
B-135 Compare prices between a grocery store and a convenience store.
B-136 Compare prices between a grocery store and a food cooperative.
B-137 Compare prices between different brands at the same store.
B-138 Find out how much money your family spends on food and figure out how to lower the bill.
B-139 Find out how much your family spends monthly on utilities.
B-140 Watch TV commercials at different times of the day and try to figure out who they are marketing to.
B-141 Write your own ad for a product.
B-142 Review your recent purchases and decide if they were good or bad.
B-143 Pretend to spend $500.
B-144 Be treasurer of your group for one month.
B-145 Be in charge of refreshments for four Camp Fire meetings.
B-146 Be part of the Camp Fire product sales.
B-147 Sell tickets to a Camp Fire event.
B-148 Help make a budget for a Camp Fire outing.
B-149 Keep a record of your own expenses on a club trip.
B-150 Learn how a Camp Fire store operates.
B-151 Learn about the council's finance committee.
B-152 Work as a sales person at a council event.
B-153 Participate in a club fundraiser.
B-154 Serve on the purchasing committee for a club event.
B-155 Learn how to run a formal business meeting.
B-156 Learn the proper way to introduce a special guest at your meeting.
B-157 Write a letter to a business asking for a tour, then write a thank-you note afterward.
B-158 Make a calling chart for your Camp Fire club.
B-159 Learn how to take minutes at a meeting.
B-160 Learn how to lead a discussion.
B-161 Be in charge of a committee.
B-162 Read about the development of computers.
B-163 Watch how information in entered in a computer.
B-164 Learn how a computerized check-out system works.
B-165 Find out how computers are used in business.
B-166 Collect information on different kinds of computers.
B-167 List items in your home that use microprocessors.
B-168 Talk to someone with a computer-related occupation.
B-169 Learn how information is encoded on punch cards.
B-170 Learn something from a computer.
B-171 Write a story about how computers will be used in the future.
B-172 Survey people of different ages about how they view computers.
B-173 Learn flow chart symbols used by a computer programmer.
B-174 Take a course on how to operate a computer.
B-175 Write a computer program.
B-176 Visit a computer store.
B-177 Learn about computer software.
B-178 Make a computer wish list.
B-179 Read a computer or video game magazine.
B-180 Make up your own computer game.
B-181 Compare video games.
B-182 Learn to operate a business machine.
B-183 Visit a job placement agency.
B-184 Talk to someone in a business career you are interested in.
B-185 Read the help wanted ads and look at some jobs that might interest you.
B-186 Talk to someone who interviews job applicants.
B-187 Ask someone to explain payroll deductions to you.
B-188 Write a story about yourself in a business job in the future.
B-189 Talk to someone with a home business.
B-190 Get a Social Security card and memorize your number.
B-191 Find out about unemployment services.
B-192 Talk to a working parent and one who stays home to care for children.
Find out what they like and dislike about their lifestyles.
B-193 Tour a workplace and talk to people in a variety of jobs.
B-194 Find out the laws in your state about young people working.
B-195 Read the "Situation Wanted" ads and write your own "Situation Wanted" ad.
B-196 Spend a day on the job with someone.
B-197 Talk to people who do and don't belong to a union and get their opinions on unions.
B-198 Find out about businesses owned by men and by women.
B-199 Locate three consumer representatives.
B-200 Find out what a not-for-profit agency is.
B-201 Take a behind-the-scenes tour of a business you like.
B-202 Trace a product to its original source.
B-203 Find out about repair places in your community.
B-204 Talk to store managers about shoplifting.
B-205 Visit an advertising agency.
B-206 Learn about the Better Business Bureau.
B-207 Find out about the notary public.
B-208 Visit a communications business.
B-209 Learn about products manufactured in your area.
B-210 Learn how angry customers are handled.
B-211 Find out how merchandise is ordered.
B-212 Learn about postal package rates.
B-213 Learn about sending letters and packages to a foreign country.
B-214 Write for free government pamphlets.
B-215 Learn about business insurance.
B-216 Help someone new learn about local businesses in your area.
B-217 Learn how to get gas and electricity hooked up for your home.
B-218 Learn how to use a telephone directory.
B-219 Use the yellow pages.
B-220 Learn how to start a business.
B-221 Learn how someone keeps up to date in their field.
B-222 Learn about your chamber of commerce.
B-223 Learn how a store is made safe for shoppers.

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