Home Craft: Adventure Club,
from the Adventure Trails book

Number Requirement in Brief
H-101 Draw pictures of people in your family.
H-102 Write a poem about your family.
H-103 Make a photo album or collage of the achievements of family members.
H-104 Give a gift you made yourself.
H-105 Do something special for a family member.
H-106 Make and decorate a bulletin board.
H-107 Work with your family to save money for something special.
H-108 Make a calendar or book of family birthdays and special events.
H-109 Make up a family shield.
H-110 Make a "good deed" coupon book.
H-111 Observe someone caring for an infant.
H-112 Visit a preschool or daycare center and observe different age groups.
H-113 Read some books to a small child.
H-114 Teach some games to young children.
H-115 Prepare a nutritious snack for a young child.
H-116 Feed a baby or toddler.
H-117 Do two craft activities with a young child.
H-118 Teach a young child their phone number and street address.
H-119 Learn about children's clothing.
H-120 Entertain a small child.
H-121 Make up a story for a young child.
H-122 Learn about child-proofing a home.
H-123 Learn how to properly use a car seat.
H-124 Put a child to bed.
H-125 Dress and undress an infant or small child.
H-126 Learn about toy safety.
H-127 Take a child care course.
H-128 Start a babysitter's file.
H-129 Volunteer to entertain children at a Camp Fire event.
H-130 Make a chart with emergency phone number.
H-131 Talk with your family about how to handle emergencies.
H-132 Know what to do when you are home alone.
H-133 Plan escape routes in case of a fire.
H-134 Plan what to do in case of an earthquake or violent storm.
H-135 Learn about fire hazards in the home.
H-136 Learn how to put out various fires.
H-137 Know when it's time to ditch an electrical appliance.
H-138 Learn about poisonous substances around the house.
H-139 Know how to call poison control.
H-140 Learn how emergency personnel handle poisonings.
H-141 Learn how to read the poisoning information on labels.
H-142 Learn what needs to be in a first aid kit.
H-143 Put together a first aid kit for the home.
H-144 Put together a first aid kit for traveling.
H-145 Talk about home accidents.
H-146 Learn how to care for minor injuries.
H-147 Learn how to take care of yourself in different kinds of weather.
H-148 Learn how to treat shock.
H-149 Learn how to help the victim of choking.
H-150 Learn how to give mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.
H-151 Take a first aid course.
H-152 Know what precautions to take in your home before leaving town.
H-153 Help inventory the family valuables.
H-154 Make a get well card for someone who is ill.
H-155 Learn how to use a thermometer.
H-156 Make an activity box for a child who is confined in bed.
H-157 Prepare a meal tray for someone who is confined in bed.
H-158 Entertain someone who is sick.
H-159 Make a follow chore schedule.
H-160 Learn how to sort and wash laundry.
H-161 Learn how to use a coin laundry.
H-162 Hand wash three special care items.
H-163 Iron four different kinds of clothing.
H-164 Fold the family laundry.
H-165 Learn how to use a vacuum cleaner.
H-166 Clean a linoleum or tile floor.
H-167 Learn to take care of several different types of metal pots.
H-168 Set the table for a week.
H-169 Learn how to use a dishwasher.
H-170 Wash dishes by hand.
H-171 Defrost a refrigerator or freezer.
H-172 Empty out the garbage on a regular basis.
H-173 Know how to clean different types of surfaces.
H-174 Learn how to change a light bulb.
H-175 Read a book on household hints and try some.
H-176 Help prepare your home for a new season.
H-177 Clean the inside and outside of the family car.
H-178 Help with car maintenance tasks.
H-179 Take care of the family pet.
H-180 Clear off snow and ice in front of your home.
H-181 Make a chart showing the four food groups.
H-182 Keep a food diary for a week.
H-183 Make a menu plan for three days.
H-184 Follow your menu for a day.
H-185 Learn about what vegetarians eat.
H-186 Plan a vegetarian meal.
H-187 Visit a health food store.
H-188 Make a main dish using cheese or eggs.
H-189 Learn to clean and cut fish.
H-190 Make three main dishes using hamburger.
H-191 Cook meat three different ways.
H-192 Cook a prepared frozen dinner.
H-193 Make a fruit drink.
H-194 Make a salad.
H-195 Make two types of salad dressings.
H-196 Cook vegetables three different ways.
H-197 Cook two boiled meals.
H-198 Prepare and eat a new fruit or vegetable.
H-199 Learn how to prepare a fruit or vegetable for freezing.
H-200 Learn how to wrap foods for freezing.
H-201 Prepare hors d'oeuvres or appetizers.
H-202 Learn how to do canning.
H-203 Make two kinds of breads, cookies, or cakes.
H-204 Make home made ice cream.
H-205 Make two pies.
H-206 Make two kinds of candy.
H-207 Use a microwave oven to cook.
H-208 Make some sandwich fillings.
H-209 Make up your own recipe.
H-210 Make your own lunch to take with you.
H-211 Make two meals using leftovers.
H-212 Make your own breakfast.
H-213 Make a food gift.
H-214 Enter a food competition.
H-215 Make a dish for a special diet.
H-216 Start a recipe collection.
H-219 Prepare two foreign foods.
H-221 Make and use a grocery list.
H-222 Cook a meal with your Camp Fire friends.
H-227 Decorate a cake.
H-223 Make party invitations.
H-224 Make party decorations.
H-225 Lead some party games.
H-217 Visit a gourmet food shop.
H-218 Visit an ethnic food store.
H-220 Visit a food processing plant.
H-226 Use some customs from another country at a party.
H-228 Make place cards.
H-229 Arrange and decorate a table.
H-230 Make a flower arrangement.
H-231 Make a snack and bring it to a meeting.
H-232 Plan and cook a special meal.
H-233 Give a surprise party for someone.
H-234 Write a thank you note for a party you attended.
H-235 Make something to decorate your room.
H-236 Rearrange your room.
H-237 Visit a home show.
H-238 Interview an interior designer.
H-239 Buy something for your room from a second hand store.
H-240 Set up a special place in your room for your hobby.
H-241 Visit a fabric store.
H-242 Visit a paint store.
H-243 Frame and hang a picture.
H-244 Help paint, refinish, or upholster a piece of furniture.
H-245 Help paint or paper the walls of a room.
H-246 Help with a home repair task.
H-247 Help repair a piece of furniture or small appliance.
H-248 Learn how to operate a power tool.
H-249 Show how to use five tools.
H-250 Visit a lumber yard or hardware store.
H-251 Make a record of your immunizations.
H-252 Collect pictures of different hairstyles.
H-253 Draw a picture of a hairstyle and clothes you think will be used in 50 years.
H-254 Visit two types of places that sell clothes.
H-255 Plan a wardrobe.
H-256 Find out what colors look best on you.
H-257 Visit a hair stylist.
H-258 Help shop for health and beauty aids.
H-259 Find natural substitutes for cosmetics, health and beauty aids.
H-260 Brush and floss your teeth correctly.
H-261 Show how to protect your skin in different kinds of weather.
H-262 Learn how to take care of your face.
H-263 Repot three plants.
H-264 Make a chart of water and light requirements for various house plants.
H-265 Follow a schedule for watering house plants.
H-266 Grow plants in a container.
H-267 Grow plants from cuttings and seeds.
H-268 Visit a greenhouse.
H-269 Work regularly in a family garden.
H-270 Do a yard task regularly.
H-271 Visit an orchard.
H-272 Learn the difference between annuals and perennials and grow one of each.
H-273 Harvest and plant wild seeds.
H-274 Plant a tree or bush and care for it for one season.
H-275 Learn how to prune or trim bushes.
H-276 Start plants indoors.
H-277 Prepare a garden for winter.
H-278 Make a terrarium.
H-279 Draw a small garden plan.
H-280 Make a border for a garden.
H-281 Care for and store garden tools.
H-282 Learn about garden chemicals.
H-283 Experiment with natural methods of pest control.
H-284 Start a compost pile.
H-285 Enter a plant you have grown in an exhibit or garden show.
H-286 Give a plant you have grown as a gift.
H-287 Talk to a gardener or landscape designer.
H-288 Participate in a flower festival.
H-289 Equip a sewing box.
H-290 Thread a needle and knot a thread.
H-291 Learn how to sew on various fasteners.
H-292 Learn how to do several hand stitches.
H-293 Adjust the hem of a skirt or pants by hand.
H-294 Name and describe the different parts of a sewing machine.
H-295 Demonstrate some skills needed to operate a sewing machine.
H-296 Do some machine stitching.
H-297 Visit a fabric store and pick a pattern.
H-298 Choose some material for a sewing project.
H-299 Prepare fabric for sewing.
H-300 Lay out, pin, and cut out a garment.
H-301 Baste a sewing project.
H-302 Sew a piece of clothing.
H-303 Sew something for a gift or to sell at a bazaar.
H-304 Learn to do a mending job.
H-305 Make a trapunto picture or a pillow top.
H-306 Embroider or applique something.
H-307 Make a needlework project from a kit.
H-308 Make something from patchwork.
H-309 Knit or crochet a small item.
H-310 Create your own activity to make your home a happier place.

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