Citizenship Craft: Adventure Club
from the Adventure Trails book

Number Requirement in Brief
CT-101 Keep your own area neat.
CT-102 Make your own identification card.
CT-103 Help plan and carry out a special family event.
CT-104 Find out about fingerprinting.
CT-105 Make a list a things you can do to be a good citizen and do one of them regularly.
CT-106 Learn about an older family member's life.
CT-107 Do a new chore regularly.
CT-108 Decide on family rules.
CT-109 Read or watch the news for a week.
CT-110 Make a list of rights you think children should have.
CT-111 Trace your family tree back 3 generations.
CT-112 Learn something about one of your ancestors.
CT-113 Hold an office in your club.
CT-114 Host a meeting at your home.
CT-115 Do something for your leader.
CT-116 Learn to do a flag ceremony.
CT-117 Write about something you did in Camp Fire.
CT-118 Make a display about Camp Fire.
CT-119 Take a trip to your council office.
CT-120 Be in charge of a special cermony.
CT-121 Find a way to say thank you to someone who has helped your club.
CT-122 Present a skit or talk that tells about Camp Fire.
CT-123 Help during a district or council event.
CT-124 Read the history of Camp Fire in Wo-He-Lo.
CT-125 Write a letter to your council board of directors and tell them what you like Camp Fire.
CT-126 Do a ceremony on patriotism or good citizenship.
CT-127 Do a skit about good citizenship.
CT-128 Improve your study habits.
CT-129 Help your teacher for a month.
CT-130 Make friends with someone new.
CT-131 Help out at a neighborhood event.
CT-132 Accompany someone younger or disabled to and from school for a month.
CT-133 Improve your grades.
CT-134 Draw a map of your neighborhood.
CT-135 Help out another organization.
CT-136 Pick up litter in your area for one week.
CT-137 Serve in your school for one month.
CT-138 Volunteer to do yard work for a month.
CT-139 Write articles for a newsletter.
CT-140 Help clean off graffiti.
CT-141 Be a tutor for a month.
CT-142 Help with a school event.
CT-143 Take a poll of your friends on an issue.
CT-144 Help beautify your community.
CT-145 Visit a place in your community you have never been before.
CT-146 Volunteer to help senior citizens.
CT-147 Visit a place which provides public services.
CT-148 Learn how your community began.
CT-149 Go someplace using public transportation.
CT-150 Learn about Indian names used in your community.
CT-151 Make a map of your community showing where free things are.
CT-152 Learn about another neighborhood in your community.
CT-153 Enter an event to raise money for a special cause.
CT-154 Do a service project for your community.
CT-155 Participate in a community parade or celebration.
CT-156 Take a visitor to an interesting place in your community.
CT-157 Learn about the ethnic groups in your area.
CT-158 Learn about the Native Americans who lived in your area.
CT-159 Volunteer at your local library.
CT-160 Attend a town meeting.
CT-161 Write a thank you letter to an outstanding person in your community.
CT-162 Visit a local organization that provides services to Native Americans.
CT-163 Choose items to be put in a time capsule.
CT-164 Find out about the League of Women Voters.
CT-165 Volunteer to do something for disabled people in your community.
CT-166 Invite a public official to one of your meetings.
CT-167 Help with a community fund-raising project.
CT-168 Learn about the American Indians living in your community today.
CT-169 Write a letter to a local government official about an issue concerning children in your community.
CT-170 Find out how people register to vote.
CT-171 Watch a court session.
CT-172 Interview a person involved in the community.
CT-173 Volunteer to help children in your community.
CT-174 Find out what is being done in your community about an issue that is important to you.
CT-175 Visit a state or national historical site.
CT-176 Draw a map of your state.
CT-177 Draw your state flag.
CT-178 Write a letter to one of your state representatives.
CT-179 Write a letter to your congressman.
CT-180 Write a letter to one of your senators.
CT-181 Write to your governor or to the President.
CT-182 Tour your state capitol or the nation's capitol.
CT-183 Tell the meaning of symbols on our flag, seal, or money.
CT-184 Learn about places to visit in your state.
CT-185 Read the history of your state or nation.
CT-186 Learn when your state was admitted and the symbols of your state.
CT-187 Learn about a national park or forest.
CT-188 Keep track of national news for a week.
CT-189 Learn about running for public office.
CT-190 Follow a campaign election.
CT-191 Prepare a presentation about your vacation.
CT-192 Visit a state or federal office.
CT-193 Read an important national document.
CT-194 Visit a state or national agency that serves Native Americans.
CT-195 Learn some useful phrases in different languages.
CT-196 Learn about the flags of some foreign countries.
CT-197 Collect postcards from different countries.
CT-198 Collect stamps from different countries.
CT-199 Collect coins from different countries.
CT-200 Learn how people live in another culture.
CT-201 Attend a naturalization ceremony.
CT-202 Do something for someone who has just become a citizen.
CT-203 Learn what documents you need to travel to another country.
CT-204 Find out about a hero from another culture.
CT-205 Follow a news event in another country.
CT-206 Learn about a world service organization.
CT-207 Volunteer to help people in another country.
CT-208 Visit the U.N. or the consul office of another country.
CT-209 Share your views on a world issue.
CT-210 Work on a project for world hunger.

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