Creative Arts Craft: Adventure Club,
from the Adventure Trails book

Number Requirement in Brief
CA-101 Make a drawing for a repeat design.
CA-102 Express emotions with color.
CA-103 Make up a message using symbols.
CA-104 Make a picture using colored sand or salt.
CA-105 Finger paint or sponge paint.
CA-106 Design with spatter paint.
CA-107 Make a chalk drawing.
CA-108 Use a design for another country.
CA-109 Paint a scene.
CA-110 Make sun prints.
CA-111 Make a crayon rubbing.
CA-112 Make ink sketches.
CA-113 Make sketches of your life.
CA-114 Make a poster for Camp Fire or school.
CA-115 Make and decorate something.
CA-116 Make a holidy decoration.
CA-117 Blow out or decorate an egg.
CA-118 Decorate a piece of kitchen equipment.
CA-119 Make a paper doll that looks like you.
CA-120 Make a map and color it.
CA-121 Paint a familiar landscape.
CA-122 Decorate a window.
CA-123 Make a picture book.
CA-124 Make a place for a family art gallery.
CA-125 Paint something for outdoor use.
CA-129 Show how to use a camera.
CA-130 Learn how to take a picture under different lighting conditions.
CA-131 Take a time exposure.
CA-132 Learn how photographs are developed.
CA-133 Develop your own photos.
CA-134 Index slides of your family.
CA-135 Learn to operate a slide projector.
CA-136 Make box or pinhole camera.
CA-137 Print a photo on cloth, glass, wood, or metal.
CA-141 Do a string sculpture around a balloon.
CA-142 Tie-dye something.
CA-143 Weave something off-loom.
CA-144 Weave something using a loom.
CA-145 Make something out of braiding or knotting cords.
CA-146 Design and embroider or applique something.
CA-147 Make something from spool knitting.
CA-148 Knit or crochet some squares to make something.
CA-149 Stitch a design using any kind of needlepoint or crewel.
CA-150 Make a banner or flag with your club symbol on it.
CA-151 Make a fabric toy.
CA-152 Show how to string a loom.
CA-153 Use surface printing to make a design on something.
CA-154 Dye something using natural dyes.
CA-155 Watch a demonstration of carding and spinning yarn.
CA-159 Use a potato or carrot for block printing.
CA-160 Mount symbols designs on block for all over block printing.
CA-161 Make pictures out of torn paper or string.
CA-162 Use kitchen items to make prints.
CA-163 Use nature items to make prints.
CA-164 Use a printmaking technique.
CA-165 Use a printmaking technique to make greeting cards.
CA-166 Make a collage.
CA-167 Make party decorations from paper.
CA-168 Print your own stationery from print blocks.
CA-169 Do a silk screen design.
CA-170 Visit a printmaker.
CA-171 Make something from papier-mache.
CA-172 Help someone younger make something from boxes.
CA-173 Make your own paper.
CA-174 Make your own paper with an embossed design.
CA-175 Visit a paper mill.
CA-179 Make your own clay.
CA-180 Dig some natural clay.
CA-181 Make a clay pot.
CA-182 Make jewelry from clay.
CA-183 Make a pot using a potter's wheel.
CA-184 Make a clay gift.
CA-185 Make designs in clay with objects.
CA-186 Make, glaze, and fire a piece of pottery.
CA-187 Help make a home made kiln and use it.
CA-188 Make sand candles.
CA-189 Visit a gallery or pottery studio.
CA-190 See pottery from other cultures.
CA-191 Make something from plaster.
CA-192 Carve something from soap or wax product.
CA-193 Make candles.
CA-194 Make something from tissue and wire.
CA-195 Make a wire sculpture.
CA-196 Make something from aluminum foil.
CA-197 Make something from natural materials glued together.
CA-198 Make a decoration for a special occasion.
CA-199 Make a mosaic.
CA-200 Customize a model.
CA-201 Sculpture something from leftover plastic pieces.
CA-202 Carve something from balsa wood.
CA-203 Form a shape from string dipped in plaster.
CA-204 Model a piece of jewelry from any clay-like substance.
CA-205 Watch a potter at work.
CA-206 Watch a sculptor at work.
CA-210 Decorate something with paint or carving.
CA-211 Customize a go-cart.
CA-212 Make a wall decoration.
CA-213 Make a stained glass window.
CA-214 Make a mosaic.
CA-215 Make a piece of caged jewelry.
CA-216 Make some wire figures.
CA-217 Burn a design into wood.
CA-218 Make a simple game or toy.
CA-219 Make or decorate a wood item.
CA-220 Decorate a glass or plastic item.
CA-221 Decorate a metal item.
CA-222 Make an article out of leather.
CA-223 Decorate something with symbols.
CA-227 Teach a camp song.
CA-228 Help make up a club song.
CA-229 Learn to sing or play two Camp Fire songs.
CA-230 Learn a folk song from another country.
CA-231 Make and use a rhythm instrument.
CA-232 Listen to and describe the instruments in your favorite song.
CA-233 Learn how to handle tapes or CDs and players.
CA-234 Arrange and catalogue a tape or CD collection.
CA-235 Plan a musical program.
CA-236 Learn some rounds.
CA-237 Compose an original piece of music.
CA-238 Make a water glass xylophone.
CA-239 Learn to play reveille or Taps.
CA-240 Learn to sing three new songs.
CA-241 Listen to a recording of classical music.
CA-242 Listen to a concert.
CA-243 Listen to some selections with a story.
CA-244 Listen to five different kinds of music.
CA-245 Identify several orchestra instruments.
CA-246 Sing in a choir.
CA-247 Participate in a musical performance.
CA-248 Form a Camp Fire singing group.
CA-249 Talk to a professional musician.
CA-254 Act out a story.
CA-255 Act out a phone conversation.
CA-256 Improve your diction.
CA-257 Do a dramatic reading or one-act play.
CA-258 Make a speech using a microphone.
CA-259 Be in a choral speaking production.
CA-260 Make a speech about something that concerns you.
CA-261 Make up and perform an original skit.
CA-262 Act out a favorite story.
CA-263 Recite a song, poem, or story from another culture.
CA-264 Make and use a puppet.
CA-265 Make a stage and scenery for a puppet show.
CA-266 Make a mask.
CA-267 Plan a talent show.
CA-268 Start a costume box.
CA-269 Dramatize an historical event.
CA-270 Learn how to create a favorite character.
CA-271 Be in a drama or theater group.
CA-272 Do a clown act.
CA-273 Videotape a performance.
CA-274 Do a mime act.
CA-278 Demonstrate different rhythmic steps.
CA-279 Use physical movement to express the moods of different kinds of music.
CA-280 Make up a dance to tell a story.
CA-281 Make up a dance to go with choral speaking or a poem.
CA-282 Help younger children make up dance movements.
CA-283 Watch a live ballet.
CA-284 Attend a dance performance.
CA-285 Improvise a dance.
CA-286 Make up a dance from a picture.
CA-287 Learn ice or roller dancing movements.
CA-288 Learn to dance two circle dances.
CA-289 Learn five basic square dance steps.
CA-290 Learn to call a square dance or teach someone some square dance steps.
CA-291 Learn a folk dance of another culture.
CA-292 Learn an American folk dance other than square dance.
CA-293 Teach a folk dance to someone else.
CA-294 Learn three basic ballet or tap steps.
CA-295 Learn a new popular dance step.
CA-296 Be in a dance performance.
CA-297 Learn popular dances from the past.
CA-301 Write down the sounds you hear and write about it.
CA-302 List things that are your favorite color and write a poem about them.
CA-303 Write a group poem.
CA-304 Write a poem for a ceremonial.
CA-305 Read poetry from another culture.
CA-306 Read some poems to young children.
CA-307 Read and write some hiaku.
CA-308 Share a poem with a group.
CA-309 Keep a journal.
CA-310 Set your own poem to music.
CA-311 Collect poems and song lyrics.
CA-312 Describe your feelings during a physical activity.
CA-313 Describe tastes and smells.
CA-314 Write a character sketch.
CA-315 Describe an unusual use for an ordinary object.
CA-316 Cut out a photo from a magazine and write your own story about what is happening.
CA-317 Describe a familiar place from an unfamiliar point of view.
CA-318 Write a story about an event in your life.
CA-319 Submit a story or poem you wrote to a publication.
CA-320 Write your own news story.
CA-321 Write about a Camp Fire event and send it to the newspaper.
CA-322 Describe the difference in news coverage between an event you saw on TV news
and the same event as written about in the newspaper.
CA-323 Learn how to do and write and interview.
CA-324 Have a book party.
CA-325 Write a children's book.
CA-326 Write a play.
CA-327 Write a story or play about an event in your life.
CA-328 Read The Camp Fire Mystery about the Bobbsey Twins.

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