Camp Fire Emblems

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and for meanings of the symbols used,
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Program Level Insignia:

STARflight, Adventure, Discovery, Horizon
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Adventure Level Year-long Projects,
once called 'requirements for passing rank':

Trail Seeker, Wood Gatherer, Fire Maker
CLICK for Adventure year-long projects emblems

Discovery Level Year-long Projects:

Discover Camp Fire; Discover Yourself: STAR Project
CLICK for Discovery year-long projects emblems

Horizon Reflection Projects:

Horizon Reflection: Me, Choices/Decisions, My Way, Making It
CLICK for Horizon Reflection project emblems

Outdoor Progression:

Outdoor Progression emblems
CLICK for Outdoor Progression emblems

Swimming Progression:

polliwog, frog, fish, flying fish, dolphin
CLICK for Swimming Progression emblems

Torch Bearers:

Torch Bearer emblems
CLICK for Torch Bearer emblems

Camp Fire Projects:

Camp Fire project emblems
CLICK for Projects emblems

For Tenure:

Traditional tenure emblems: 3, 5, 7, 10
CLICK for traditional tenure emblems

Private Issue:

Since the first Camp Fire leader, Hitena, leaders have made their own "private issue" emblems for special occasions. Hitena -- Charlotte Vetter Gulick -- was known to have embroidered leaves on her ceremonial gown, leaves she had collected on a hike with her Camp Fire Girls.
CLICK for a sample of private issue emblems

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