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700 Participate in organizing and carrying through a proper celebration of any national holiday. In each case the history of the day must be known.

701 Organize and take part in a proper celebration of some historical event of local or national significance.

702 Contribute some service to your community in connection with
Street Cleaning.

703 Beautifying front yards.

704 Conservation of streams.

705 Conservation of birds.

706 Conservation of trees or forests.

707 Do voluntary work for three months in connection with a playground, a settlement, or an organization, such as the Charity Organization Society, Society for Improving the Conditions of the Poor, Children's Aid Society, etc.

708 Tell the history of your own locality and what occurred on each historical spot.

709 Tell the history and meaning of the National flag and of the flag of the country from which your ancestors came.

710 Know the flag and rules of ten nations.

711 Indian Lore: Buy and own a genuinely Indian made article, basket, bead work, silver work, pottery, stone work, blanket; and know to what tribe its maker belongs, what materials were used in its construction, and how it was made (The best way to help an Indian girl or woman is to buy the things she makes. It means food and clothing to her and her family.)

712 Know the location, history, and present condition, both economic and religious, of the tribe where your Indian article was made.

713 Know the uses, meaning of the design or symbols used (if possible), or something of the ceremony in which it is used, if it is a ceremonial basket, of your Indian article.

714 Be able to sing 6 genuine Indian songs at Camp Fire gatherings.

715 Be able to tell Indian legends at Camp Fire gatherings.

716 Know the meaning of 10 Indian symbols or designs.

717 Be able to name the Indian tribes that originally inhabited your State, the tribes and number of members now living there, and their economic and religious condition.

718 Give brief accounts of the lives and activities of 5 great or well-known Indians, men or women.

719 Be able to distinguish from each other the baskets of 10 different tribes.

720 An honor in patriotism may be given to:
Each member that participates in giving a party or dance in which the girls and boys are about equal in number and in which at least two of the following dances are learned and danced by all: Virginia Reel, Portland Fancy, Lady of the Lake, Howe's (or Hull's) Victory, Pop Goes the Weasel, Chorus Jig, Lancers, Boston Fancy, French Reel, German Hopping Dance, Varsouvienne, Furetur, Gottland's Quadrille. This honor may be repeated four times in any one year, provided new dances are used each time.

721 Prepare plans designed to improve the conditions under which girls work in your community.

722 Be familiar with your national history as it affects woman's welfare.

723 Pass a satisfactory examination upon "The New Relation of Woman to the World."

724 State the location and function of ten institutions, public and private, in your community for all kinds of relief and betterment.

725 State two public services done:
For the people of your locality by the federal government, by the State government, and by the city or township government.

726 Write a paper of not less than 1500 words describing present immigration to this country, its advantages and disadvantages, and some of the problems created thereby.

727 State the laws in regard to fire protection of public places in your locality.

728 Describe Boards of Health and Labor Department requirements affecting ventilation and sanitation in stores and factories employing girls and women in your State.

729 Teach a class of not less than three, once a week, for eight months in connection with a church, tabernacle, settlement, Young Women's Christian Association, Young Women's Hebrew Association or other educational or social institutions.

730 Belong to such a class for eight months and miss not more than five meetings.

731 Attend a service ten Sabbaths in three months.

Give brief account of the life and service of:

732 Five religious leaders.

733 Five missionaries.

734 Five educators.

735 Five great women.

736 Five statesmen.

737 Five scientists.

738 Three inventors.

739 Five musicians.

740 Five artists.

741 Identify three masterpieces of each of five well-known artists.

742 The same for five musicians.

743 Give the history of five great heroes of your own race.

744 Commit to memory the preambles to the Constitution, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence.

745 Commit to memory one hundred verses of the Bible or an equal amount of other sacred literature, as hymns, Thomas a' Kempis, etc.

746 Swat at least twenty-five flies every day for one month.

747 Know the names, homes and occupations of grandparents and great-grandparents; this to include the maiden names of the grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

Camp Fire Girls Handbook
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