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Trees: Identify and describe any fifteen trees in such a way as to assure future recognition:

500 In Summer.

501 In Winter.

502 Ten additional trees.

503 Plant properly five trees at least one foot high where they are needed.

504 Flowers: Identify and describe twenty wild flowers.

505 Identify and describe fifteen additional wild flowers.

506 Ferns: Identify and describe ten ferns.

507 Grasses: Identify and describe ten grasses.

508 Mosses: Identify and describe ten mosses.

509 Birds: Identify and describe twenty wild birds.

510 Identify and describe fifteen additional wild birds.

511 Erect a bird box and have it used.

512 Tell the value of two birds to man from personal observations and notes.

513 Keep notes from personal observation of the raising of a family of birds.

514 Have a "lunch counter" used by at least four kinds of birds.

515 Butterflies: Identify and describe ten butterflies.

516 Moths: Identify and describe ten moths.

517 Stars: Know the planets and seven constellations and their stories.

518 Tramp Lore: Make a satisfactory note book from your own observations while on tramps. This may be on stones, birds, trees, streams, erosion of the earth, or habits of animals.

519 Garden: Do all the work in a successful garden. This may be for use or beauty, or both.

520 Keep written records of completion of different divisions of work and financial account of expenses.

521 Write history of garden at end of season, not less than 1500 words.

522 Identify ten common weeds; tell how to remove and eradicate them.

523 Identify ten harmful garden bugs and insects, and tell how to combat them.

524 Raise flowers or vegetables in accordance with modern principles, getting cash results, e. g., violets, strawberries, celery, mushrooms.

525 Have a successful window garden properly balanced in color or a garden furnishing garnishing for the table. Practical results must be secured.

526 Raise a crop of sweet corn, popcorn, or potatoes.

527 Make a record of processes, history of growth, cost, gain, or loss.

528 Raise at least two vegetables: Make note book record of growth and cost.

529 Can, pickle, and preserve the product to an amount of two quarts canned, two quarts pickled and two quarts preserved.

Carry on experimental gardening as follows:

530 (a) Plant a plot with seed treated with bacteria solution and another plot with seed not so treated. Record results as to amount of crop, size of product, taste and palatableness.

531 (b) Plant a plot with pedigreed seeds and another plot with unpedigreed seeds. Record results.

532 (c) Plant two plots. Treat one by dry farming methods, and the other by usual methods. Record results.

533 (d) Make tests of the value of irrigation.

534 Distinguish eight varieties of apples, and tell the good and weak points of each.

535 Be a member of a Corn and Tomato Canning Club, canning two dozen quart jars of products raised yourself. (For information write the Department of Agriculture at Washington, under whose supervision these clubs have been arranged. They aim to make the girls financially independent.)

536 Bees: Do all the work of the successful hive of bees for a season and know the habits of honey bees.

537 Animals: Demonstrate the nature and value of some one factor in heredity or environment in some strain of animals, e.g., chickens, dogs. (Effect of health, breeding, endurance, length of life, color, form or effects of altered food, exercise, out of doors.)

538 Be a member of a Girls' Poultry Club and clear at least $10 in one year. (See note under Garden: Canning Clubs.)

539 Hatch and raise to six weeks one dozen chickens from fifteen eggs set under a hen or in an incubator.

540 Distinguish six varieties of hens, and tell the good and weak points of each variety.

541 Distinguish six varieties of cattle, and tell the good and weak points of each variety.

542 Have a bird bath used by at least four kinds of wild birds.

543 Identify ten varieties of mushrooms.

544 Know songs and calls of ten diferent wild birds.

545 Keep a list with dates of all wild birds seen during one season.

546 Record from personal observation the food of six different wild birds.

547 Identify ten plants by their odor.

548 Identify ten plants by their feeling.

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