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300 Tent Craft: Erect a tent, having selected location. (She may have the help of one girl.)

301 Take proper care of tent for one week.

302 Wood Craft: Make a shelter and bed of material found in the woods.

303 Build a tree house large enough for two girls to sleep in.

304 Sleep: Make a bed on the ground and sleep out of doors on it for any five nights.

305 Packing: Pack a horse and tie a squaw hitch.

306 Fire Lore: Build an open fire in wind and rain with material found out of doors, and build a proper bonfire. No fire is credited until it is properly left or put out.

307 Make two good devices for holding a pot over a fire and two for holding a frying pan over a fire. 

308 Make fire without either fire or matches.

309 Cooking: Do all the camp cooking without help or advice for one day for four or more persons. This includes getting wood, and making an open fire. Suitable character, variety and amounts of foods are to be furnished. The menu must be written; quantities and price stated.

310 Make a bean hole at least 18" x 18", and cook one mess of beans for meeting of Camp Fire.

311 Weather Lore: Know the meaning of weather signals, and the meaning of clouds, wind and temperature.

312 Keep a scientific record for a month. This consists of temperature, wind direction and velocity, clouds, character and quantity, duration of rainfall, fogs or mist.

313 Read United States Weather Map for a month and report, for each day, comparative record of home point with some distant point.

314 Indian Craft: Track two miles.

315 Know twenty-five signs of the hand sign language.

316 Know six blazes.

317 Know three ways the Indians have of testing eye-sight.

318 Make bead-band at least eight inches long.

319 Make a totem.

320 Make an Indian bed.

321 Make an Indian tepee.

322 Make a willow Indian bed.

(For above honors in Indian Craft see "The Book of Woodcraft" by Ernest T. Seton.)

323 Knots: Tie ten standard knots. (Following list is suggestive.)

Tie two ends together--square and square bow, single bend or bowline (easily untied), alpine, kite string. Tie a rope to a post or rail or about itself--half hitches (fasten boat or clothesline), clove hitch (fasten horse), midshipman's or rolling hitch (tent rope). Whip a rope to prevent unraveling, with needle and without needle.

Make knots at the end of a rope--wall knot, crown, back splice.

Make fancy or heraldic knots--carrick bend, love knot (for trimming pillows, shirt waist or dress). Make trick knots--Tom fools' or sailor handcuff, cabin boy's knot. Weave ropes, twine or yarns, together-make a plait of three or more strands; make a sennit. Make splices; eye, short and long.

324 Construct a reflecting oven and bake biscuits in it.

Camp Fire Girls Handbook
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