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Any article in the following groups must show skill, ingenuity and taste. Each article must be worthy of honor. When the designs in clay modeling, brass work, silver work, batik work, stenciling, leather work, embroidery, or bookbinding are symbolic of the Camp Fire Girls, two honros are given:

400 Clay Modeling: Model an individual cereal bowl, plate, or cup and saucer, having on it original designs.

401 Brass Works: Make a brass or copper bowl or vase having on it original designs.

402 Silver Works: Make three pieces of silver jewelry such as bracelet, ring, pin, hat pin, with original designs.

403 Basketry: Design and make a basket.

404 Wood Carving: Make a useful piece of furniture.

405 Carpentry: Make and stain a piece of "Box furniture."

406 Repair and finish off, or paint, an article of furniture, or a floor.

407 Toys: Dress dolls, or make picture books or toys and send to hospitals and settlements where they are wanted.

408 Make a doll's house of four rooms and its furnisings.

409 Candles: Gather bayberries and make one 6" candle (dipped).

410 Gather bayberries and make four 6" candles (molded).

411 Batik Work: Design and dye three articles for use.

412 Dyeing: Dye material for a dress or three smaller articles, each of different color.

413 Painting: Stencil, wood block, paint on cina, three serviceable articles with original designs.

414 Leather Work: Make three articles with original designs in cut leather at least one of these to be lined with silk harmonizing in color.

415 Bookbinding: Bind a book, sewing the back, and having lined cover and original cover designs.

416 Photography: Take a dozen photographs, develop and print them.

417 Decorating: Keep and decorate an individual "count" for six months.

418 Decorate a "buffalo robe" with a totem and at least twenty pictographs illustrative of your Camp Fire activities.

419 Knitting: Knit or crochet three articles.

420 Sewing: Make two articles of underwear, using hand or maching or both.

421 Make a shirt waist.

422 Make a dress.

423 Make a set of baby clothes.

424 Make a ceremonial dress.

425 Trim a hat.

426 Make a hat.

427 Draw an original design for a table runner, sofa pillow, curtain border or some serviceable household decoration and embroider the article, using not over twelve hours for completing the embroidery.

428 Draw an original monogram or design, suitable for marking household linen or lingerie, and embroider it on six articles, using not over two hours to complete the embroidery on each.

429 Embroider a shirt waist or dress with original design, the embroidery to be completed in twelve hours.

430 Use all the attachments of a sewing machine, and clean and keep it in order for three months.

431 Save nine stitches once each week for three months.

432 Know the prices and widths and uses of the following materials: Six common cotton materials. Four common linen materials. Four common wollen materials. Four common silk materials.

433 Identify twelve kinds of lace and tell the reasonable price and appropriate use of each (Hand made lace and machine made lace after the same style may each be counted.)

434 Know how pattern is made in cloth, be able to compare four common textile materials; know their origin, how the material is prepared, and how the weaving is done.

435 Make a skirt.

436 Make any other garmet as difficult to make as those already listed.

437 Making a key: Make a key for a lock as difficult to fit as a Yale lock.

438 Make and put on a warp and weave some article with original design. (Cardboard or box weaving, hanging warp or loom.)

439 Shingle a hundred square feet of roof.

440 Carve and decorate three wooden articles with original designs. (Wooden spoons, salad fork and spoon, salad bowl, etc.)

Camp Fire Girls Handbook
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