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Camp Fire Girls Handbook




600 Fill a regular position for four months, earning ten dollars a week or less.

601 Fill a regular position for four months, earning more than ten dollars a week.

602 Not employed in regular position, for every dollar earned for the purchase of own Camp Fire outfit.

603 Earn three dollars and give it to some philanthropic, church, or community interest.

604 Earn at least five dollars in any line other than regular employment, e.g., chickens, bees, garden, getting subscribers to books, magazines or papers, making and selling Christmas presents, fancy work, jewelry, toys, dolls.

605 Save ten percent of your allowance for three months.

606 Make an article entirely or in part in regular employment, showing skill, speed and taste.

607 Plan expenditure of family under heads of shelter, food, clothing, recreation, miscellaneous.

608 Live for one year on an allowance covering all personal expenses. Keep full account.

609 Keep a bank account and set aside a definite amount per month for a year.

610 Serve as Treasurer of your Camp Fire or for any other organization, really handling money for a year, keeping accounts.

611 Be "one time" for business morning and afternoon every working day for three months.

612 For not borrowing money or articles of wearing apparel for two months.

613 Attend a class or lecture at least four times each month for three months, the object being to make your services to your employer more valuable.

614 Keep a bank account, either for yourself or some other person, for three months; draw checks, endorse checks, make deposits, and balance check book with bank book each month.

615 Write a paper of not less than 1500 words on Business Pension Systems for Women in this and other countries.

616 Write a paper of not less than 1500 words on Insurance Systems for Women in Industries in this and other countries.

617 Describe the work of three organizations interested in labor conditions of women--such as Women's Trades Union League, National Consumers' League, National Civic Federation, etc.

618 Write a paper of not less than 1500 words describing your State labor laws affecting women, girls and children, including age restrictions, hours of labor, wages, etc., making suggestions for amendments to improve working conditions in your own community.

619 Write a paper of not less than 1000 words describing your State laws affecting the property rights of women.

620 Write at a regular Camp Fire meeting--

1. A business letter ordering a list of books; also make application for the money order to be enclosed.

2. A telegram of a business nature, general contents to be given by the Guardian.

3. An application for a position as clerk in a department store.

621 Write 500 words on a typewriter from a daily paper in ten minutes.

622 Write from dictation twenty letters in shorthand and transcribe notes at a rate not less than 30 words a minute.

623 Go away on a vacation of not less than two weeks on money you have earned.

624 Get three new subscriptions to "Wohelo."

Camp Fire Girls Handbook
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