Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland (2011)

For an explanation of what the Salt Mine is, check : Wieliczka_Salt_Mine.

Photos below are from the Salt Mine.

There are 378 steps to get down to the mine. At 14 steps for a flight of stairs, that would be 27 flights of stairs. There is an elevator that can be used for those too disabled to get down that many steps. My cane and I made it down by ourselves. Fortunately, at the bottom, there are elevators for everyone to get back to the top.

Photo below: Salt pillar.
That's how the salt was mined. It was drilled out in columns, with circular saws.

Photos below: The next two statues are made of wood.

Photo below: The chapel room, from above.

Photo below: Chandelier made from crystals made of salt.

Photo below: The ever-present Pope John Paul II.

From Krakow, I took a train to Wroclaw.

2011 Trip