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Divorce decree, Ann Smith vs. William Smith, dated 11-April-1947. Plaintiff given care, charge, and custody of two minor children of the parties: Billie Ann Smith, aged 3 years; and Jo Ellen, aged 2 months. Defendant given the right to visit the home of plaintiff to see said minor children at reasonable times.

Application for Marriage License -- Female: Application for License for marriage of Elizabeth Ann Smith to Miles G. Beard, dated 15-November-1949.

Application for Marriage License -- Male: Application for License for marriage of Miles G. Beard to Elizabeth Ann Smith, dated 15-November-1949.

Marriage License for Miles G. Beard and Elizabeth Ann Smith: authorized 15-November-1949; certified 19-November-1949.

NOTA BENE: Descendants of Elizabeth Ann Doyle are eligible for membership to the Mayflower Society (thru George Soule and thru Richard Warren) and to the D.A.R. (thru Peter Earle, Orange Co., NY). To gain membership, one must prove true descent at each generation. The documents are provided here to make that proof easier. The documents would prove to a pedigree verifier that Elizabeth Ann Beard was the same as Elizabeth Ann Smith, who was the same as Ann Smith, who was the same as Elizabeth Ann Doyle. She was Mrs. William Smith from 1942 to 1947; she was Mrs. Miles Beard from 1949 onward.

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