Below is a transcription of the application for marriage license of Miles G. Beard to Elizabeth Ann Smith (ne้ Doyle). Reproduction of actual document follows transcription.

Application for Marriage License -- Male

Application is Hereby Made for a License for the Marriage of

Miles G. Beard to Elizabeth Ann Smith.

Upon the Following Statements of Facts Relative to Said Parties

1. The full Christian and surname of the man is Miles G. Beard

2. Color: White

3. Where born: Indianapolis, Indiana, Marion Co.

4. When born: April 14, 1918

5. Present residence: 1218 Kinyon St., So. Bend, Ind.

6. Present occupation: Ball Band, Mish.

7. If no occupation, what means has the male contracting party to support a family?

8. Is the male contracting party of nearer blood kin to the female contracting party than second cousin? No

9. Full Christian and surname of father: George I. Beard

10. Color: White

11. Birthplace: Rossville, Ind.

12. Occupation: Constr. Engineer

13. Residence: 1218 Kinyon, So. Bend

14. Full Christian and maiden name of mother: Bernice Griffith

15. Color: White

16. Occupation: Housewife

17. Birthplace: Locheil, Indiana

18. Residence: 1218 Kinyon St., So. Bend

19. Has the male contracting party been an inmate of any asylum or home for indigent persons within the last five years? No

20. If so, is he now able to support a family and likely to so continue?

21. Is this his first marriage? Yes

22. If not, how often has he been married?

23. Has such prior marriage or marriages been dissolved?

24. If so, how?

25. When? Where

26. Give the names and ages of minor children of the male applicant from all former marriages.

27. Are any or all of these children either wholly or partially dependent upon you for support? State their names:

28. Are you supporting them and are you complying with all Court Orders issues for their support?

29. Is the male contracting party afflicted with epilepsy, tuberculosis, veneral or any other contagious or transmissible disease? No

30. Is he an imbecile, feeble-minded, idiotic or insane, or is he under guardianship as a person of unsound mind? No

Signature of Applicant: Miles G. Beard (signed)


Miles G. Beard deposes and says that he has personal knowledge of the facts above states and that they and each of them are true.

Miles G. Beard (signed)

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 15 day of November, 1949.

Dwight L. Matthews

Clerk, St. Joseph Circuit Court

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