Below is a transcription of the marriage license and marriage certificate of Miles G. Beard and Elizabeth Ann Smith (ne้ Doyle). Reproduction of actual document follows transcription.

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Marriage License

The State of Indiana
To Any Person Empowered by Law to Solemnize
Marriage, Greetings:

You are hereby authorized to join together as Husband and Wife

Miles G. Beard


Elizabeth Ann Smith

and of this, together with your Certificate of Marriage, make due return within THREE DAYS, according to the laws of the State of Indiana.

WITNESS, Dwight L. Matthews, Clerk of the St. Joseph Circuit Court and the Seal thereof hereto affixed at South Bend, Indiana,

this 15 day of November A.D., 1949.

Dwight L. Matthews Clerk

by Maurice G. Leiser Deputy

The above License and the following Certificate must be returned to the Clerk's office within THREE DAYS with the blanks filled with the NAMES and DATES, and signed by the person solemnizing Marriage. -- Acts 1913, Page 680.


Marriage Certificate

State of Indiana, St. Joseph County, ss.

I, Harold K. Joyce of said County, do hereby certify that on the 19th day of November A.D., 1949, I joined in marriage Miles G. Beard and Elizabeth Ann Smith by authority of law and License from the Clerk of St. Joseph Circuit Court.

Given under my hand this 19th day of November, 1949.

Rev. Harold K. Joyce

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