Below is a transcription of the divorce decree for the marriage of William Smith and Ann Smith (ne้ Doyle). Reproduction of actual two-page document follows transcription.

Date: April 11, 1947

Ann Smith
William Smith

Separation No. 74498

Comes now the plaintiff and files amended complaint for absolute divorce, which said amended complaint reads in the words and figures following, to-wit: (H.I.)

And now the defendant files answer to plaintiff's amended complaint, which said answer reads in the words and figures following, to-wit: (H.I.)

And now this cause being at issue is submitted to the Court for trial, finding, and judgment without the intervention of a jury; and the court having heard the evidence and being duly advised in the premises, now finds for the plaintiff, that the allegations of the complaint are true and that the plaintiff is entitled to a divorce from the defendant on the grounds set forth in her complaint.


No. 74498 Continued (Ann Smith - Divorce)

IT IS THEREFORE CONSIDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED by the Court, that the bonds of matrimony heretofore existing between the plaintiff and defendant be and the same hereby are dissolved and that the plaintiff, Ann Smith, be and she hereby is granted a divorce from the defendant, William B. [sic] Smith, on the grounds set forth in her complaint.

IT IS FURTHER CONSIDERED AND ADJUDGED by the Court that the plaintiff be and she hereby is given the care, charge and custody of two minor children of the parties:
Billie Ann Smith, aged 3 years; and
Jo Ellen, aged 2 months.

And now the Court orders the defendant to pay to the Clerk of the Court for the use of plaintiff in the support and maintenance of said minor children, the sum of $12.00 each week, the first payment to be made April 12th.

And the Court gives the plaintiff all of the personal property and appliances now in her possession as her sole personal property.

Defendant is given the right to visit the home of the plaintiff to see said minor children at reasonable times.

NOTE: According to an American Institute for Economic Research conversion table found here, CLICK, $12 in 1947 would be equal to $102.94 in 2005.

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