Miss Emily K. Davidson:
A genuine reason to remember!

by Frank Cackowski

Most individuals think of a teacher when asked to name someone who has made a significant  impact on one’s life.  In my case, there are two high school teachers and a college professor who continue to provide latent everlasting impacts on this retired teacher.  Since I spent 32 years in a high school setting, their impacts are even more powerful and meaning.

Affectionately dubbed “Miss Emmy,”  she was the extreme provider of self-confidence to all who made the annual class plays part of their high school experience. Whether one worked on, off or behind the stage, Miss Emmy made everyone feel that they were a vital part of the performance.  During rehearsals she would stress everyone out and during the performances she would disappear.  We didn’t know we were ready, but she did.  She had confidence in our abilities, and she allowed us to “experience the feeling.”  Oh, what a great experience!

Her love for drama carried over into her classroom presentations on literature.  She initiated creative discussions on poetry and essays that I have not witnessed since being in her classroom.  I can still hear her high-pitched voice coupled with her dramatic flair as she saturated us with her dynamic methods.

Miss Emmy made me believe in myself and made school a really happy place.  My only regret is that I never told her so.  God Bless you Missy Emmy!

Frank Cackowski
MHS Class of 1961

Emily "Miss Emmy" Davidson
born June 29, 1901;
died January 24, 1981

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