The original Alice . . .
Alice Maud Griffith, Mrs. Hubbard,

Alice GriffithAlice married past her youth and had no children. As a young woman, she supported herself as a hat maker. When hats went out of fashion, she turned to dressmaking. Her legend was that, if a woman could find a picture of the fanciest gown from Paris and bring her the picture, Alice could make the dress for the woman. When she finally married, she married a Chicago newspaper man, who drank more than a bit of alcohol, on more than an occasional basis. Alice kept sewing and didn't depend on her husband for support. She lived in a ground level apartment, in a neighborhood near the University of Chicago, amidst her boxes of fabric and buttons and thread.

In the middle of the Great Depression, she let a University of Chicago student sleep on her sofa. He had a scholarship to cover the tuition, but he had no money to pay for a room. Years later, he repaid her by naming his only daughter after her.

Her most famous quote: "I'd rather be fat than wrinkled!"

The original Alice with her parents and siblings

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